DIY Homemade Ranch Dressing


Last fall, I was on a kick for making my own homemade condiments.  Each recipe I tried was successful.  Then, when our move to Mississippi was confirmed, I stopped my new-found love of do-it-yourself concoctions because I knew they would all be wasted as they wouldn’t survive a 3-day journey across the country. Now that […]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies


We have all heard it by now.  Paula Deen has type 2 diabetes.  So, maybe this isn’t a good recipe to follow her announcement yesterday, because it’s as sinful as any of Paula’s best dishes.  But, we need our cookies and life goes on.  Just resist the temptation to eat these every day…”y’all!”  😉 If […]

Ranch-style Snack Pretzels


You almost didn’t get this recipe today.  All odds were counting against it because one, I never planned to post about these pretzels this week since I made them for the first time only last weekend.  And, two, when I finally decided to start editing the photo for it, I realized I lost about 25 […]

Breakfast Bumpy Cake


My sister occasionally posts on Facebook that she is making “bumpy cakes” for breakfast.  I had no idea what bumpy cakes were, but the image that always popped in my head was a chocolate cake, like this.  I could not fathom why in the world she would be making that for breakfast!  Was it a […]

Lemon Garlic Baby Potatoes


This transition in moving from the west coast to the south is keeping me busier than I expected.  Judah and I are in Michigan right now with my family while Ben is driving the moving truck from the Golden State to the Magnolia State.  We’re having a great time, but I am antsy to get […]

Quiche Lorraine


I’m a little afraid to admit it.  This is the first quiche I have ever made.  I loved it so much that I made it twice in two weeks.  The first time I served it to a bridal party that stayed in our home the night before the wedding.  We gobbled this up in the […]