K-Cup Ambassador: Introducing Wellness Brewed

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Green Mountain Wellness Mailer

If you follow me on any of the social media outlets, you know that I love my Keurig machine and use it every day. And, if you haven’t forgotten, you know that I’m a K-Cup Ambassador for Green Mountain Coffee.  This means, I receive a mailer from them each month to sample different K-Cup packs sold from Green Mountain Coffee.

My goal is to share with you my favorite brands of K-Cups as I sample them.  Some of the K-Cups I’ve tried I have liked better than others.  But, last month I have to say was one of my favorites.  Each K-Cup Ambassador received a Wellness Brewed beverages mailer that included a variety of Wellness Brewed K-Cup packs, along with a plant starter kit with basil, parsley and marigold seeds, to get our backyard garden started.  (Yippee! Spring is around the corner!)

Although the K-Cup packs in this mailer consisted of a variety of teas, fruit drinks and coffee, it is the coffee that I get most excited about.  There were two different roasts: an Antioxidant Blend, and a Focus Blend, both by Green Mountain Coffee.  The Antioxidant Blend provides 10% daily value of antioxidant vitamins C and E (per 8oz serving), while the Focus Blend provides 50mg L-Theanine (per 8oz serving) that helps you zero in on the things that matter most in your day.

You can choose to believe me or not, but I found that the Focus Blend really did help me to focus! 🙂

Judah Herbs Peat Packets

I can’t write this post without sharing the fun Judah and I had planting the seeds included in the mailer. Along with the seeds were peat pellets and pots so we could get started right away. Judah had a blast watching the pellets grow in the water and then breaking the dirt up into the pots.

Look!  It only took a few days for our seeds to sprout!  Judah was so proud.

Green Mountain Wellness Mailer

Thank you, Green Mountain Coffee, for providing a fun learning activity for me and my boy, and for introducing me to another favorite coffee blend, the Green Mountain Coffee Focus Blend.  I’ll be ordering more for those tough, need-to-really-get-my-work-done days! 😉

And, to my readers, next week I’ll be reviewing another favorite K-Cup coffee blend!  Check out today’s Instagram post for a preview and a special discount code!

Do you have a favorite K-Cup pack you want to share?

Full Disclosure: I am partnered with Green Mountain Coffee Family of Brands to serve as a K-Cup Ambassador and report on my first hand experiences of the Keurig brewer and a variety of K-Cup packs. In return, Green Mountain Coffee compensated me with a Keurig brewing system and monthly deliveries of K-Cup products.  Although the products are supplied by Green Mountain Coffee, the views and opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I’m in love with my Keurig as well! I’ve been wondering about the Wellness varieties…will have to try them soon. And yay! Spring is almost here!!!!

  2. I just love seeing Judah’s sweet smile. What a fun project for the two of you. He’s going to be so proud when you get to use some of those herbs!

  3. Love Judah’s cute little t-shirt! He definitely looks like he was having fun.

  4. I received a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas and have been enjoying a cup, or two or three, of perfectly brewed coffee everyday since. It didn’t take but one cup of the Green Mountain coffee which came in the sample box with the coffeemaker, to make a believer of me. Since Christmas I have tried half a dozen Green Mountain varieties, including the half-caf. I have yet to find one I didn’t like. I like a rich, bold cup of coffee and that is what I get with Green Mountain. With any coffeemaker, it is all a matter of proportions: water to good coffee.

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