Saturday Seeds + Pregnancy Update (37 Weeks!)

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preg photo

Pregnancy Update:
Here I am just a couple of days past 37 weeks pregnant! Ben and I both thought we were going to head to the hospital on Wednesday morning after a full night of contractions. Starting at 1:00AM until 5:00AM I was awake with cramping, front and back. The same thing happened when I was 38 weeks pregnant with Judah and later that day I was at the hospital having him! Not so this time. The first hour of the contractions were medium strength and timed anywhere from 3 minutes to 10 minutes apart. After that, they spaced out and became more mild. Finally, after just 10 minutes total of sleep that night (from 4:10 to 4:20AM), I decided to get myself into the shower at 5:00AM and prepare to head to the hospital. But, yeah, the contractions stopped and here I am four days later still waiting.

There are other definite signs of early labor, though, so I could go any day. But, I’m trying not to think that way because then the days will certainly DRAG. I’m sure baby will have a sense of humor and decide to go full into his due date (May 2) instead. Really hoping not!

I had my second check-up by my OB on Monday. At my first check-up the week before, I was 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. Monday I was 2 cm dilated, still 50% effaced. Next appointment is this Monday, so we’ll see if I’ve progressed any more. Sometimes I wish I just didn’t know and labor would just happen. With Judah, I wasn’t dilated at all before going into labor. I had my OB checkup the day before where I told the doctor that I felt like the baby was coming at any time. She checked me and said “Oh no, you’re no where near ready.” But, the next day he came! (Told you so, Doc!) 😉

My energy is definitely not where I want it to be. I think because I was expecting to have the baby this week, I have been less motivated to do anything! So, I’ve been taking it easy. The weather has warmed up, which isn’t helping because I’m hot all.the.time. Right now I’m stripped down to a tank-top and shorts, no shoes, no socks with the air conditioner blasting and the ceiling fan on full speed. I have hardly any spring/summer maternity clothes because Judah was born in December (in Chicago!) and I really don’t want to spend more money for just a few more days. So, yep, taking it one day at a time here!

This pregnancy, I’m 20 pounds lighter than I was when pregnant with Judah. So far I’ve gained a total of 25 pounds, while I gained 50 total pounds my first go-round! The baby is feeling bigger this week, but I think he will weigh less than Judah’s 8 lb 9 oz. I’m going to guess he’ll come out at 7 lb 8 oz. ha! Unless he does decide to go to his due date, then I think I’ll have an 8+ pounder again.

build bear

Judah continues to be excited for “Baby Wally’s” arrival. As I told you we would, we went to Build-a-Bear and made a basic stuffed bear (well, a puppy dog, actually) that Judah will bring to the hospital for the baby. We had to explain to him that he was making the puppy for his baby brother, and I think he somewhat understands.

Here’s a super adorable video of Judah adding the heart to the puppy:

I went to a kids consignment sale here in town the other day and found a nice $5 bouncer. One other thing I picked up was a Thomas the Train scooter that sells brand new for $150, and I got it for $12 in perfect shape. Score! This will be Judah’s gift after the baby arrives. I’m going to tell him it’s from his little brother. 🙂 I also finally decided on a glider/rocker. It’s just this cheaper one that had decent reviews on Amazon that I think will last for this kid, because this is probably it for us anyway. 🙂 So far, we like it just fine and it looks nice in the nursery.

Since the date is getting so close, let’s start taking guesses on when I’ll have this baby and how much he’ll weigh! I’d love to hear what you think in the comments. My guess is sometime next week, let’s say April 19th and as I said above he’ll be 7 lb 8oz. What’s your guess??

This Week On Seeded at the Table:
This section highlights the recipes posted recently on Seeded at the Table and other updates to the blog, if any.

My lack of energy has kept me sticking to quick and easy recipes I’ve already shared. But, I did manage to give you two new recipes since the last Saturday Seeds update:
Effortless Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies – These easy peanut butter cookies only mess one bowl and one wooden spoon.
Homemade Microwave Popcorn
Homemade Microwave Popcorn – No need for store-bought and extra preservatives when you have a paper bag and kernels at home!

Some of my dearest blogging friends came together and threw me a virtual baby shower yesterday. If you are dying for some more great recipes, you need to check out their roundup of recipes (and crafts!) You can see the list of participating bloggers at the two hostesses’ blogs: Apple A Day and Sunny Side Up. Thank you, friends, for such a lovely shower!!

Loving Lately:
Here I will share with you my favorite things of late, along with other snippets that have caught my eye from some of my favorite blogs and websites.

contraction master

Contraction Master – This app is back in my life after 3 1/2 years. I used this to time my contractions when I was in labor with Judah. Makes it SO easy! I reinstalled it last week and actually used it Tuesday night. Hopefully I’ll be using it again soon! Anyway, if you are pregnant, I highly recommend this app. It will even alarm you when it’s time to head to the hospital. 🙂 (It didn’t have that feature the first time around.)


Lemon Drop Shop – My friend, Brooke, has an Esty shop of adorable party ideas including printables, invitations, props, etc. For my virtual shower, she created a super sweet collection for the theme “A Southern Gentleman”. You must check out her shop. She’s so creative!

My Life as a Professor’s Wife, Mom, Christian and Food Blogger:
Want more insight into my life as a Professor’s wife, mom, Christian, friend, relative and food blogger? Then, read on! If not, ignore this section. 🙂 This is a place for me to write what is on my mind and journal some of the crowning moments of my week.


This week Ben has been working hard on our landscaping. With spring showers and the warmer weather, plants are blooming and the grass is turning green. It’s beautiful! Judah does an amazing job helping in the yard, too. He loves scooping mulch with a shovel with daddy and Tyler (our landscaping helper).

Ben is also building us a desk for our office. It’s a large desk where we will face each other. I’ll be the main user of our home office, as Ben has his office primarily at the seminary. I can’t wait until he’s finished and we get the rest of the office decorated with our other ideas! We’ll take pictures and share on the blog when done. (And, soon I’ll share photos of Judah’s big boy room and the baby’s nursery.)

baby shower photos

The ladies at church threw me a diapers and casseroles baby shower last week. It was such a lovely time and really nice to bring home a bunch of diapers and wipes! One of the ladies made the most adorable diaper “cake” shown above. It’s a motorcycle, or maybe tricycle is more appropriate. lol!  And the hostess sent everyone home with a Mint plant as a favor.  Nice!

Hopefully, the next Saturday Seeds will announce a baby!  xoxo

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  1. Prediction: Morning of April 20th, 3:30am 7lbs 13oz 🙂

  2. Oh you poor thing – you look sooo fabulous though. My hands are starting to swell up and I don’t think I can wear my wedding ring too much longer. E-ring barely slides on and off. The last few weeks are the hardest, and it always seems like time slows down super slow, too. I’m sorta jealous that your end date is getting nearby. I’m 35 weeks today, and I have 30 days left until cupcake arrives. My c-section is set on May 13, but if cupcake decides to make an earlier appearance – that could happen as well. I shopped the clearance racks at Target for all my maternity clothes, and you might be able to find some relief…you will need nursing wear!! Have an easy week mama!!

    • Krystal, you’re getting so close, too!!! Target clearance racks were my savior the first pregnancy. I did a little more shopping on them earlier on this time around, too, but just can’t fathom buying anything more at this point. lol!

      And, hey, what’s your guess on Baby Gladd’s arrival? 🙂

  3. Those false alarms are so disappointing! He will come at the perfect time, though, I know it can be tiring hearing people say that! Hope you can stay cool and comfortable until his arrival.

  4. omg, you look so cute! Congrats for only gaining 25 pounds… pretty sure I was at least 40ish with mine. Must feel a lot better. That baby is coming any time, so good luck to you!!!

  5. April 20. 4:48pm. 8lbs 3oz. These are the stats of someone sitting in my lap right now…
    What are the odds that would happen?

    Also if baby G is born 4/20 he will share a birthday with 3 seminary friends 🙂

  6. Judah at Build a Bear – oh so sweet! You look amazing, my friend! Can’t wait to meet you and your family!

  7. Second babies are usually bigger than the first. Im thinking 8lbs. 5oz on April 18th. I should know, I have 8 children, first was born on his due date, one was 2 days late and the rest were 2 weeks early. Best advice I could give is lay on your left side during labor as much as you can, it will help it go faster.:)

    Good Luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  8. You look amazing! Are you sure you’re not just smuggling a basketball under there? 😉

    I’m going to guess April 18th, 7lbs 6 oz.

    I love the motorcycle diaper cake. Too cute!

  9. April 26th, 8lbs 4oz

  10. Hey, I just noticed you picked the glider I recommended!! I think you’ll like it.

  11. You look fantastic Nikki! Hang in there, hopefully it won’t be too much longer 🙂

  12. You wear 37 weeks well!

  13. Blessings to you! Hang in there in these last exhausting days. God is prepping you to meet that new little guy and have the energy (and sleepless routine) to soak up every moment with him. I am praying that the delivery goes smoothly with no problems.

    As for the date of his birth… I’m going to say Tuesday April 16…. perhaps late night or early morning 4/17. As for weight, I’m going with 8lbs 1oz. HUGS!!!

  14. I’m guessing 7#8oz … won’t make it to next dr.’s appt — Friday, April 19th … Can’t wait for the little guy to arrive!

  15. Just dipping my toes in here as a doula to say hang in there, it all sounds normal! Second time + mothers can hang out dilated a number of cm for days, or weeks even. That never happens with the first. At least you have part of the work done before you’re even in labor! Also, braxton hicks and warm up contractions are much much more noticeable and more intense than the first time around. So will the afterpains. So just live in denial (it’s loads of time still, we’re still 3 weeks early!) and take as many naps as possible: At nighttime you have more oxytocin when you tuck into bed as the feel-good love hormones help you go to sleep and happen in that familiar environment daily, which is why those contractions return at that time. If stop-start labor keeps going, check out, as it could be your body’s trying to re-position your baby into a better birthing position. In particular try the “Lift and Tuck” maneuver, which is very easy. x

  16. Nutmeg Nanny says:

    You look fabulous 🙂 and Judah is beaming with excitement!

  17. There’s really a safe time to deliver the baby. My sister had the same experience, but her OB made it clear that the baby needed another week before it can be born or else he will have to be incubated. I know you’re excited to see your second baby, but May 2 is almost near. The wait is almost over! I hope to see your bouncing baby soon too!

  18. Don’t pay any attention to what cervical checks say at any time….they are an unnecessary violation based on absolutely nothing! Even checks during labor are not needed and can cause undue stress on both mom and baby. As you discovered the first time, you can be closed and go into labor….likewise, you can be dilated and not go into labor for weeks!

    You look beautiful! Pregnancy suits you. I hope baby comes in a timely fashion…I know how hard those last few weeks can be! Just enjoy however long you have left…and, i dont know where you stand on the subject, but I feel like I need to share this with you…just in case!

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