Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller Review

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Baby Jogger offered me a discount on their City Mini GT stroller, however, the opinions expressed are genuine and I really do love my stroller!  Before approaching Baby Jogger about a review, I took time to research all of the strollers out there and this one excited me most.  I am very happy to share my joy over this product with you, and hope it benefits you.  Enjoy the video!  (It’s my first iMovie creation ever…so please be kind!)  😉

Other things I love about my City Mini GT stroller:

  • It has two windows on the shade
  • The height of the stroller is perfect
  • It’s light weight
  • Folds up very easily
  • Full recline so toddler can sleep
  • Very comfortable for toddler
  • Optional adapter can be purchased to attach most infant carriers
  • The tires are not huge, so it is not bulky when folded up
  • Tires are rubber, not plastic

Seriously, I love it!

If you have a City Mini or City Mini GT, share what you love about yours!

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  1. Hey Nikki! I love your blog but have never commented before. I know this is not at all important on a food blog but you are really pretty. The new blog looks great. Keep up the amazing work. 🙂

  2. Danielle H. says:

    We have a city mini double and love it. I love that I can steer it with one hand and the best thing is the sun shades. We live in Arizona and the big sun shade is a necessity!

  3. That is the cutest video I’ve ever seen!!!!!! Sounds like it’s worth the price – love the features!

  4. Have it and love it! Use it every day!!

  5. Oh my gosh such a cute video! My stroller days are done but that one is nifty! Do people say nifty anymore? 😉

  6. You are the cutest!! I am in stroller shopping mode – a little overwhelming even the 3rd time around!

  7. Love it! You are so adorable my sister.

  8. I wanted to comment I too have a City Mini and also love it. I was neck and neck with the Britax BAgile which was $70 less and still went with the City Mini

    . The few downfalls, and I do still live my City… Are as follows as I feel they are important:

    At 8 months my baby is still pretty small for it. They offer a carseat holder, but it is $60, plus tax, plus shipping extra. On top of the strollers moderately high price tag to start with. I bought a snap n go for the same cost and am very pleased with it. Knowing I could resell that to recoupe some cost when I am done with it he snap but likely not the converter in our market.

    It does not come with a cup holder for mom. I have tried to go without but it is necessary. That too comes at an additional cost of I believe $20-30. If you google there are other more reasonable options that woe too.

    It does not come with a child snack bar, again that is an extra cost of I believe $20/30. I imagine down the road we will purchase this too.

    I just feel for the cost it should have those things standard, however the similar competitor brands don’t either.

    The basket under it is also nice but does not fit my larger (Coach brand for an idea on size) diaper bag. I would think the same for the other premium bags friends use; but I haven’t tried those in it to see.

    Another huge selling point for me is we can take the front wheel off and it fits in a large suitcase for airline travel. I then just wear baby in an ergo at the airport with the hope my stroller will get less beat than if I were to plane side check it.

    Overall I love my City!

    • Thanks, Jen. All great points! And, yes, as you stated, this rings true for most strollers in this same price range. I bet it’s so that we have the option to have or not have these things, as some people may not want the additional features. For example, I know many who do not want the parent console, or want the option to choose a particular style that works best for them.

      Glad you love your City Mini! (And, what a great idea to fit it in a large suitcase rather than let it get beat up at the gate check in. Thanks for that tip!) 🙂

  9. Nice video review of Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller.i like that.

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