Simon is 3 Months Old!

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Simon 3 Months

Ok, seriously, is my baby boy already over 3 months old?  What happened to my little newborn??

Simon is already 1 1/2 weeks past his 3 month birthday.  He is wearing 6 month size clothes (still some 3 months, too) and has lost some of his hair.  🙂  He is the sweetest little thing in the world!  No kidding.  He smiles and laughs like crazy! Happiest baby on this planet.

His eyes are still blue and getting bluer every day.  I’m thinking he might keep them! Ben’s eyes are hazel, mine are dark brown.  But, my grandmother’s eyes are blue, as well as Ben’s dad’s and both of Ben’s brothers’ eyes.  I guess we knew it was possible, but never thought we’d actually have a blue-eyed baby (or light skin and blonde hair)!

Judah Simon 3 Months

Right after I wrote the 2-month update, Simon started sleeping through the night and not waking for a feeding at all!  I can’t believe I have a baby who started sleeping through the night at TWO months old!  What-what!?  He goes to be about 7:30 PM and wakes around 7:00 AM.  But, he does wake up every once in a while and won’t go back to sleep until I put his pacifier in his mouth.  Not fun.

Simon Change is Good Onesie

Napping schedule is awesome, too.  He’ll nap at 9:00 AM for about 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours.  Then, depending on when he wakes from this nap, he will nap again between 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM and sleep for 2-3 hours!  He will then take a small cat-nap around 5:00 PM before heading to bed at 7:30 PM.  It’s a great schedule that works well for me, because Judah has either “quiet time” or nap time at 2:00 PM, which means both kiddos are napping at the same time, giving me some ME time.  (Realistically, that ME time = work time.)

Many Faces of Simon 3 Months

Here’s something funny.  When Judah was born, it was obvious right away that he has Ben’s fingers and toes.  Simon, on the other hand, totally has Ben’s dad’s exact toes (which is also the same as his Uncle Clayton’s).  I think it is so fun to compare these physical traits and see who my kids are taking after.  Right now, Judah looks so much like my maternal grandfather.  I should see if I can find a photo and post a side-by-side comparison for you to see.  🙂

Eating Habits:  We feed Simon a 6-8 ounce bottle (typically 6oz) every 3-4 hours.  When he wakes up in the morning, he usually wants the 8 ounces because he went so long during the night without a feeding.  The rest of the day, though, he seems to be satisfied with just 6 ounces.  However, when he’s going through growth spurts, he demands 6 – 8 ounces every 2-3 hours instead!

Simon 3 Months

Simon started intentionally swatting at toys and is quite entertained by his baby activity gym.  This is the one we have, and he loves it!  The sun that lights up and plays music is the star of the set, but he also seems to like the other hanging toys and often stares and swats his hand at them.

Judah Simon 3 Months

We are definitely in love with this baby.  Judah continues to be proud of his little brother, too.  I fear, though, that this time is going by way too quickly!  How can I slow it down??

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  1. My daughter is 11 and I still question how I can have time slow down just a bit.

  2. Serious cuteness overload!

  3. I can’t believe how much he’s changed since Austin! So dang cute…wish I could smooch those cheekies. Can’t wait to see him in October and Judah too ; )

  4. Both of your boys are adorable.

  5. No way to stop time so enjoy each moment with your babies–you will see in the future that matters so much more than a ring in the tub or a sticky kitchen floor. You are making memories now for yourself and your sons. They will never care if you had sparkling windows but they will remember you took them to the park.

  6. Carmela Gagliardi says:

    Your children are both so adorable, enjoy them as much as you can because they grow up way too fast!!

  7. No way!! How is that even possible?! He’s already looking so grown up and what a cute picture of your lil guys together 🙂

  8. awwwww! He (both actually) are so stinkin’ cute! I am getting my baby fix from the bloggers I follow, since my ‘baby’ is FIVE and heading to Kindergarten in a few short weeks *tears*. I’m with ya…can time slow down a little please?!

  9. He is such a cutie actually both boys are precious.

  10. Oh my goodness, he is too cute!!! And I think you’re right – I think he may be keeping those blue eyes! They look too blue now to change. 🙂 Seeing these sweet baby pics makes me super excited for my baby’s arrival! 6 more weeks!! 🙂 They do grow up way too fast.

  11. Wow – so adorable!

  12. Awww the baby cuteness overload!! I love his baby blue eyes, and I’m so happy that they’ll most likely stay for ya…but you’ll be in trouble with them later on!!

    Happy 3 months to sweet Simon, let’s start working on that time machine to freeze time, because I can’t handle our babies growing up so fast!!

  13. Such a cutie! I can’t believe how fast kids grow.

  14. What a cute little guy! Judah looks like such a proud brother.

  15. Adorabler and adorabler, Nikki!!! That Simon is a sweetheart! And I LOVED reading about your travels…:)…

    Did I tell you the Tiger Butter Crunch is from Oh My Chocolate on Kent Island? The Rocky Mt. Chocolate Factory is at the outlets 10 minutes away…

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