Saturday Seeds + A Word About Bullies

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Judah Preschool 3

Judah started school this week.  His first day, he was excited, then nervous, then excited again, then scared again.   On the drive there, he mentioned how Daniel Tiger was scared about school, too.  That seemed to help. When we arrived and walked into his classroom, his fears immediately subsided once he met his nice teachers.  He quickly forgot about me and I had to track him down to get a hug goodbye.  Which one of us has separation anxiety?  Not him.

Even though I’m confident he will do well and have a great time with his teachers and classmates, when I let myself think about it, I’m a little nervous about him being out of my site/control/authority/protection…should I go on?

Judah Preschool 3

Protection.  That’s my main concern.  Although Judah is confident and tough, he is pretty sensitive.  And, even though most kids seem to get along with him very well, I still worry about how others may treat him.  I worry about bullies.  Ugh.  Bullies.Judah Preschool 3

The other day at Chick-fil-a, a couple of brothers older than Judah were making fun of his name.  They asked him his name, and they repeated with “Tooters!?  HAHA!  Your name is TOOTERS!”  They were clearly trying to be mean, but Judah didn’t catch on.  He just laughed and went along with it.  It took all I had in me to stop from thinking of mean names to call them!

Judah Preschool 3

Then yesterday, I read a Facebook status update from a friend (Michael) that hit home for me.  It was a reminder that we are, unfortunately, going to find bullies everywhere we go – all ages, all sizes, all genders.  But, it was an even more important reminder that we should use these moments to teach our kids how to appropriately and lovingly YET daringly deal with a bully.

I asked Michael’s permission to share his story:

This morning, I was out for a jog. I’m reclaiming my health…for me, my family…I want to stick around to see my kids (yikes, that’s pluralized) play sports, graduate college, get married, have kids of their own. You, my friends, have undoubtedly seen my posts (“Just finished week 5 day 3 of C25K”) telling you of my progress. ***side note – the C25K stands for Couch To 5K***

As I’m jogging – around 6:45 am – I’m nearing the end of my 2+ mile jaunt (2 miles in 5 weeks is a huge accomplishment for me) and I’m passing a school bus stop. There are about 10 kids in this pack waiting for their bus. Among them is a rather obese woman who is, despite being among children, smoking a cigarette. I pass no judgement on those who smoke or are overweight. We all have our “things” and I am no different.

However, as I pass them, she begins to yell “You can do it BIG GUY!” But not in a encouraging manner. It was more mockery than anything. Then her (also obese) child starts making a mock-running gesture…trying to get the other kids to laugh. Mirroring her actions towards me.

I had my in-ear headphones in, but they had slipped out a bit, from all the sweat and unhealthiness oozing from my body. I could hear her mocking…no…bullying me from her street corner.

A part of me wanted to stop and walk over to her and her chubby kid, knock the cigarette out of her mouth and give her a piece of my mind. (I can have a fairly intimidating stature…so I know that would have scared the you-know-what out of her) I also thought about flipping her the bird, but then what message would that have sent to the innocent children waiting for their anxiety ride to school.

But I thought, “No. If I stop now, I won’t finish my goal.” Even though I was frustrated with what had just happened, I couldn’t let her have my mind because I needed my mind to stay focused on what I’m trying to accomplish.

It made me sad for her child though. So very sad. And for other children who grow up in toxic environments like that one.

Every day, I try to make a conscious decision to teach Miles about how to respect and love people. And, honestly, it frightens me for him to keep growing up, with the inevitability that he, too, will be bullied for doing something healthy, or right, or respectful, or honorable. And that’s what has been breaking my heart all morning.

I’m a grown man, and I can take all the ridicule that the world has to offer. I wanted to go back and invite said lady to come run with me Monday morning, but I didn’t want to incite an argument in front of those children (no less, her child who doesn’t really understand the situation). Also, I wouldn’t want her “company” to bring me down…in thought and in time/distance (she couldn’t keep up with this “big guy”).

So…here’s the positive spin. Teach your children to love and respect people. Not just in lesson or lecture. But by your actions. Our kids will mirror everything we do. EVERYTHING. Personally, I want my kids (whoa…again pluralized) to mirror a Mommy and Daddy that LOVE people REGARDLESS of age, race, gender, socio-economical status, sexual/marital preference, political affiliation, religion (or lack of), or whatever group people associate with.

That’s not to say we shouldn’t impart our values on our children. I’ll leave you to determine how that fleshes out for your family. But…

That’s how we change the world.

Jesus asked God to forgive the people that were killing him…WHILE they were killing him. So, the least…no, the BEST, I can do is forgive a woman, who is most likely insecure with her situation, that is poking fun of me while I’m out trying to better myself.

Teach your kids. Show your kids. Love is a verb.

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So I searched Amazon and found this John Deere Nap Mat instead.  It was more expensive, but way cuter, way more comfortable, and comes with a built in blanket.  I love how it rolls up and then velcros for easy transport.  Judah loves it, too.  He leaves it at school in his cubby, with his name on it.  But, he talks about it all the time.  There is a girl version, too!  (The price of the mat has risen since I bought it…but keep it on your wishlist and watch for it to drop again!)  😉  Great gift idea, too!!

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  1. That is one thing I have always dreaded, the day my daughter comes home upset because she has been bullied. My heart breaks thinking about it.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the bullying fears and story. Both were beautifully written and carry such important messages. Bullying comes in all shapes, colors and sizes these days – and can be seen everywhere from the street corner, to the fast food stop, to the line at the grocery store. But to fight this type of behavior with a full and happy heart – and to not give back angry words which would never help the situation, I applaud you and your son. And thank you for sharing this.

    I rarely write comments, but your posting today really touched my heart and I wanted to take a moment to say thanks!

    Have a super Sunday!

  3. Thank you! This needed to be shared and said – both for children and for adults. People don’t realize that bullying exists as rampant as it does in todays world and that adults are just as guilty, if not moreso, as children – the children learn from the adults. I applaud you for your reaction – that took courage and love.

  4. I loved your post and Michael’s! All you can do is teach your children what is right, and hope others do the same. As a Mom of three grown kids, they do face bullies at every age. I have lost many a nights sleep over petty and down right mean behavior that my children witnessed in their lives – even in college. One of the hardest things about being a parent is letting them handle it on their own. I gave them advice, and backed off. Judah is adorable, and if he has humor, that’s half the battle. He will be just fine!

  5. Judah is one of the cutest kids ever!

    And thank you for sharing the post from Michael – He is strong and definitely encouraging. Bullying is so real and very easy to see in ministry but DOING something about it is almost as tough. Great post, Nikki.

  6. You have such a cute little guy! Thanks for sharing your friend’s facebook status. I’m proud of him for getting himself in shape and ignoring those who mock him in the process!

  7. Your boys are SUPER CUTE! I also worry about my kids as they start to enter “the world”. Bullying can be so devastating. I’m 37 and still revert back to elementary/middle/high school when I come across adult bullies.

  8. Angie Landon says:

    That post got me all teary. But the bullying thing scares me too even though our little guy is only 21 months. It’s never too early to start teaching that bullying is wrong and also how to avoid it or get out of a situation. I know when I think about bullying I first think of it coming from kids but the sad truth is that too many adults are the bully’s in this society and the kids learn from that. It’s heart breaking. 🙁

  9. What a cutie pie! I, too, worry about my son and possible bullying situations.

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