Pillsbury® Funfetti® Lil’ Donut Kits {Celebrate the Lil’ Things}

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The J.M. Smucker Company compensated me to promote its Pillsbury® Funfetti® Lil’ Donut Kits products. All opinions are honest and my own.

Pillsbury Lil Donut Kit

Recently, Pillsbury Baking introduced a new product in stores that lets you make fresh donut holes right in your home kitchen, no deep fryer or donut pan required!  Seriously, folks, this is something to be excited about!  Their new line of Pillsbury Baking Funfetti Lil’ Donut Kits includes just 3 simple steps, allowing you and your family to easily Celebrate the Lil’ Things at the start of your day.  (Or, the end of your day if you like donuts for dessert, like me!)

Pillsbury Lil Donut Kit

Pillsbury sent me samples of the 3 varieties of donut flavors – Vanilla Glazed, Glazed Chocolate and Maple Glazed – so I could put them to test in my own kitchen.

Pillsbury Lil Donut Kit Chocolate and Vanilla

My first go-round, I decided to make the Glazed Chocolate by myself so I could secretly stuff each one with a little something extra in order to surprise my husband and 3-year old (Judah) when they took a bite.  We were celebrating Judah’s first day of school.  In a few of them, I placed a mini-Rolo in the center, a mini-peanut butter cup, and then mini-M&M’s.  It was fun to bite into them and then guess what was in the center!

Pillsbury Lil Donut Kit Judah

The following week, Judah and I had fun in the kitchen making the other flavors together.  To his delight, Judah was in charge of the sprinkles.  I think about 1/4 of the sprinkles ended up in his mouth instead of topping the donuts, but it’s the “lil’ things” in life that make fun memories…right?  😉

Pillsbury Lil Donut Kit Maple

We made so many donuts that morning (all 3 varieties!) that we ended up taking what we didn’t eat to church that night.  Our church currently meets on Saturday nights, with a potluck dinner together after, so it was a perfect time to share our donut creations with our church family.  Talk about a mega-hit!  One friend even made a point to tell me that donuts are her favorite, and that these were some of the best she’s had.  She was super surprised when I told her that they were from a box mix!

Pillsbury Lil Donut Kit Playdate

Then, a few days after church, we made the donuts one more time (I know, I know!) so we could have fun baking these together with a friend during a playdate.

Pillsbury Lil Donut Kit Shiloh Mommy

We, moms, got into it, too.

Pillsbury Lil Donut Kit Judah Mommy

It’s too much fun making and eating donuts with your kids!

At the end of the playdate, I sent Judah’s little friend home with her own baggy of donuts.  (Is she not the MOST precious sweet little girl??)  Her mom texted me later to say she snuck most of the donuts from her daughter’s baggy because they were so good!  And, well, she’s pregnant, too.  😉  No worries, friend, I polished off the last one here at our house!  ha!

Pillsbury Lil Donut Kit Playdate

I just gave you some great ways to Celebrate the Lil’ Things using these new Funfetti Lil’ Donut Kits from Pillsbury.  Let’s summarize them here in a list (because I love lists!).  Here they are:

  • Stuff the middle of the donuts, before you bake them, with lil’ surprises like miniature candies.
  • Make them together with your kids and put them in charge of the sprinkles.  They will LOVE their job!
  • Share the donuts at a get-together, like a church potluck, fall party, sleep-over breakfast, etc.  Or, send them to school on your kids birthday!  Such a quick and impressive breakfast, snack or dessert!
  • Bake them with lil’ friends as a playdate activity and send them home with a treat bag of donuts.

From September 26 through November 27, you can visit www.PillsburyBaking.com to register for the Pillsbury Funfetti Lil’ Donuts Pin It Promotion and pin or re-pin a  Lil’ Donut image for a chance to win a $20K kitchen makeover!

©/® The J.M. Smucker Company. Pillsbury is a trademark of The Pillsbury Company, LLC, used under license.

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  1. Brilliant! And dangerous. I would eat about 50.

  2. Doughnut holes on demand? Well that sounds kind of dangerous 🙂

  3. Awwww such cute photos! And these donut holes? Yeah, I’m with Amy. I’ll take 51 please 🙂

  4. So fun and simple 🙂 and the little ones look so happy!

  5. Lauren Cox says:

    So, I didnt win the 20k kitchen makeover, but I did get a fun suprise in the mail! 3rd place winner…free box of Funfetti Lil Donuts. Woo Hoo! I never win anything 🙂

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