Saturday Seeds

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We drove up to Michigan for Ben’s fall break and spent time with my family, enjoying the beautiful fall that only Pure Michigan has to offer.   What did we do while there?  Let’s take a quick look…

judah and evan cousinsJudah got some quality kid time with his little cousin.

rockford harvest festival judahWe attended a fall festival in my parents’ home town where the kids trick-or-treated and played fun games.

fire breathing dragon art prizeSaw a fire-breathing dragon at ArtPrize.

robinettesWolfed down a ton of donuts and cider.

robinettes family photoAttempted a family photo.

movie foodSaw the movie Gravity (for FREE) and paid only $5 for this load of cinema food.  (That’s the sweet deal about having a 19 year old sister who works at the theater.)  😉

bestiesCar broke down in Nashville, where we ended up “stranded” for three days with my best friend…in my favorite city…eating glorious food.

surprise!Surprised my parents with their anniversary gift (all-expense paid trip to Disney World with the entire family, from their kids).  🙂

Recently On Seeded at the Table:

This section highlights the recipes posted recently on Seeded at the Table and other updates to the blog, if any.

Krusteaz Sugar Cookie Party Squares
Sugar Cookie Party Squares – Krusteaz Molten Deep Dish Sugar Cookie mix lets you quickly bake these bars with a layer of chocolate filling in the middle and party flavors all around!

Home-Style Chili Cornbread Squares
Home-Style Chili Cornbread Squares – Home-style chili over top a hearty layer of cornbread, served with your favorite chili dressings! It’s a meal in one.

Buckeye Brownies
Buckeye Brownies – Buckeyes and brownies go together like chocolate and peanut butter! And this has all four!

Pumpkin Frosty Dessert
Pumpkin Frosty Dessert – The popular Wendy’s Frosty Dessert, now in Pumpkin!

Cheddar Bay Biscuits Chicken Pot Pie
Cheddar Bay Biscuits Chicken Pot Pie – My favorite homemade chicken pot pie, crusted with cheesy garlic biscuits (a copycat recipe of Red Lobster’s Cheddar Bay Biscuits.)

Lemon Cupcakes with Candied Lemon Chips
Lemon Cupcakes with Candied Lemon Chips – Zesty lemon cupcakes, topped with fluffy vanilla cream frosting and candied lemon slices.

Loving Lately:
Here I will share with you my favorite things of late, along with other snippets that have caught my eye from some of my favorite blogs and websites.



HomeGoods – Our favorite store ever.  Since we moved into our house in January of this year, we have been stopping at HomeGoods almost at least once per week.  Sometimes we’ll get something for the house, sometimes we are just browsing for inspiration and fun.  Seriously, though, we get excited every chance we get to stop in!  Ben even loves going, and he hates any other shopping.   They have unique home decorations for low prices.  If you are familiar with Joss&Main, don’t buy anything from them.  Instead, look at your local HomeGoods store because chances are they will have the same item for a much lower price!


KIND Healthy Snacks – The kind people at KIND Healthy Snacks (see what I did there?)  😉 sent me samples of some of their products.  My family enjoys the Healthy Grain Granola Clusters as a morning cereal or snack in our yogurt, but the major crowd pleaser was this cube of a variety of their KIND bars.  Ben and I loved going through the different flavors, picking our favorites (a-hem, Fruit & Nut Delight).  They arrived just in time for our road trip to Michigan, too.  PERFECT road trip fuel! And, this variety pack cube is an amazing gift for the healthy aware people in your life.  I plan on ordering one for *someone* for Christmas!

Cereal Sweets and TreatsCereal Sweets & Treats Cookbook – My friend, Jessica, is now a two-time cookbook author.  Um, hello!  Awesome, girl!  I couldn’t be more ecstatic for this super sweet (yet sassy!) lady.  Not only do I love both of her books, I adore her!  I am in awe of her success and her business savvy self.  Even though she is WAY younger than me, I totally look up to her.  Now, as far as this sweet cereal book?  The recipes are scrumptious, for reals.  I made the Fruity Pebble Marshmallow Treats for Judah a few weeks ago and he loved them.  You will find other fun ideas like Fruit Loop Popsicles, Golden Grahams S’mores and Candied Cheerios Chex Mix.  I’ll be referring to this book a lot when deciding on treats to send to school with Judah, because what kid doesn’t love a Lucky Charms Cupcake?

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  1. Oh my gosh…that anniversary gift. And THAT picture of your parents. The emotion. You win!! <3

  2. How fun to surprise your parents like that!! very awesome!!

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