Anna’s House [Grand Rapids, MI]

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A quaint and cozy restaurant in the northeast side of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Anna’s House was recently titled “Michigan’s Best Breakfast Joint”.

Anna's House: Grand Rapids, MI - Review by @SeededTable

I first heard of Anna’s House after doing a quick Internet research on breakfast places in the Grand Rapids area.  We were in town visiting family in Rockford, MI and we wanted to take my parents somewhere special to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.  We were also going to surprise them with a very cool gift that I’ll reveal below.  However, we didn’t want a pricey menu and at the same time wanted unique dishes.  After seeing they were voted the #1 Breakfast Joint in Michigan, I was convinced we needed to give Anna’s House a try.

I was initially disappointed that the restaurant was situated in the northeast side of Grand Rapids, on rugged Plainfield Ave., instead of nestled in a cutesy downtown corner or an east side village.  HOWEVER — The restaurant location was perfect for us (closer to my parents’ home and parking was easy) and was actually very cute.  The exterior structure looks as if it used to be a Pizza Hut or other sort of chain type restaurant, except that it is now painted yellow and actually pretty cheerful!  I regret not snapping a photo of the outside.

Anna's House - Breakfast in Grand Rapids, MI

But, I did manage to snatch a photo of these two cuties waiting for their food.  🙂

Typically, I review the menu of a restaurant online before arriving, just so I have somewhat of an idea of what I’d like to order and not be rushed.  After browsing through their menu on their website, I didn’t quite understand the hype of their “best restaurant” title and found that the items listed were very typical for any breakfast joint.  Little did I know that I would be blown away by their “Specials” menu that was not listed on their website!  I was one very giddy lady when we sat down and I was handed this:

Anna's House in Grand Rapids, MI - review by @SeededTable

Now that’s what I’m talking about!  Take a look at THOSE dishes!  After much contemplation, I ended up ordering the “All Shook Up” which is a waffle with peanut butter and bananas, then sprinkled with bacon pieces.  It was amazing, friends.  I did see another table ordered the Breakfast Lasagna, which is one of the favorites.  It looked ridiculously good and I vowed to order it the next time I visit.  BUT… one person can not and should not eat the entire lasagna alone.  It is HUGE and definitely meant to be shared.

The "All Shook Up" from Anna's House in Grand Rapids, MI - Waffles topped with bananas and peanut butter, sprinkled with bacon.

I honestly can’t remember what everyone else ordered…sorry!!  But, I do know out of the six other adults I dined with, all six of them really enjoyed their breakfast choices.  My little sister also ordered from the specials menu, but I believe everyone else ordered from the regular menu and were delighted.  One of the reasons I don’t quite remember, is because we used this outing as our opportunity to present our parents with a fun anniversary gift (from me and my two sisters):  A paid family trip to Walt Disney World!

Here is their initial reaction:

Surprising parents with anniversary gift for family trip to Walt Disney World.

Then a few seconds after it all sunk in:

Parents reaction to anniversary gift of paid trip to Walt Disney World.

My parents are the best people in the world.  No contest.  😉

Anyway, back to Anna’s House.  🙂  The interior was funky yet sweet.  Bright colors, happy atmosphere.  But, it was cramped and busy busy busy!  That’s typically a good sign, though, and means something there must be good!  In this case, a lot was good!  The service was great (coffee never got cold) and the food was wonderful (hot, fresh, fantastic).

My only complaint?  It took a long time to be seated and the waiting area was cramped.  There was a long bench to sit and wait, but it also lined the very narrow path to the restrooms so we had to keep standing up to let people through in order to get to the restrooms.  Not too fun when you also have a couple of toddlers and a baby in a carseat blocking the way.

If I remember right, they do not take reservations.  First come, first served, baby!  Worth the wait, though, in my opinion.

Anna’s House
3874 Plainfield Avenue Northeast
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
(map it!)
(616) 361-8500

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  1. Hi Nikki,

    The restaurant sounds amazing! I live in Grand Haven and love to hear about good places to eat nearby. I’m not sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but glad I did. 🙂 What a sweet (and fun!) gift you gave your parents. Take care.

  2. They just opened a second Anna’s House on E. Beltline near Woodland Mall just a few minutes from my house!! Can’t wait to check it out!

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