Tablefields [Greenville, SC]

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Tablefields restaurant in Greenville, South Carolina boasts “great food, local roots.”

Tablefields, Greenville, SC

We have family in North Carolina that we like to visit as often as we can.  It is a 10-hour drive (12 with the kids), so we can get there in one day.  We’ve done this road trip a few times now, and even though we still try new places, we do have our favorite stops along the way.

Tablefields, Greenville, SC

Tablefields is one of our must-stops for food.  We typically hit Greenville, SC during dinner time on our way to North Carolina.  If we have a later start on the way home, then we also stop here for lunch on the way back.

Tablefields, Greenville, SC

From fresh-cut salads, to handmade sandwiches, burgers and artisan pizzas, Tablefields offers a wide variety of farm to table entrees.

Tablefields, Greenville, SCAnd a charming atmosphere, to boot!

Tablefields, Greenville, SC

It is situated on the very busy and popular Woodruff Road, so plan for a little bit of traffic.  BUT, let me tell you a few things that make the traffic worth it:

– Tablefields uses local ingredients, highlighting farm-to-table dishes.
– Tablefields makes your meal to order, so it’s fresh!
– Tablefields also offers a grab-n-go option, for when you’re in a hurry.
– Tablefields is committed to helping their community.
– Tablefields is directly across the street from a Trader Joe’s. <score!>

Tablefields BLEAT Sandwich (Bacon, Lettuce, Egg, Avocado, Tomato)

I wish we lived near Tablefields so I could try more of their menu items, but everything I’ve ordered from there so far has been down right amazing.  A favorite is The “Bleat” Sandwich (Bacon, Lettuce, Egg, Avocado, Tomato) pictured above, and includes pecan-smoked bacon (yum!), lettuce, a fried egg, avocado, vine-ripened tomatoes and a garlic aoili (oh my!) on freshly-baked wheat bread.  Seriously the best BLT variation I’ve had!

Tablefields Black Eyed Peas Cakes

It’s hard to not order The Bleat Sandwich every visit, but I wanted to make sure I got to sample other dishes.  So I also tried their Black Eyed Pea Cakes that are topped with chunky guacamole and bruschetta.  Definitely something I want to try to recreate at home!

Tablefields Kids Meal

Judah’s grilled cheese sandwich (first visit) and PB&J (second visit) from the kids’ menu were also good! Better and healthier than your typical kids’ meals, too!

Tablefields Drinks

Now, aside from the regular fountain and other bottled drinks they offer, check out the variety of tea, water and lemonade!  I love that it feels like you’re in someone’s home for a little party with the way these drinks are served.

Tablefields, Greenville, SC

We always look forward to this part of our trip.  It actually helps the long day go by a little bit faster, because we know that a great dinner is just in the near distance.  🙂  Plus, who doesn’t love dining with that sweet face sitting across from you??

If you are in the Greenville, South Carolina area, check out Tablefields for an affordable fresh local meal.

1117A Woodruff Road
Greenville, SC 29607
Map It!
Phone: (864) 234-0916

(This is not a paid promotion.  The owners of Tablefields don’t even even know about me.  I just enjoy sharing the restaurants I love and hope you like reading about them!)

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  1. I am so getting the stuff to make myself a bleat this week ! That is my kind of sandwich. Now I’m starving for a BLEAT 😉

    • haha! I dare you to tell your kids “We’re having BLEAT tonight!” and let them start guessing what that even means! 🙂

  2. I live in Greenville and we LOVE Tablefields. Their grits are to die for and I also LOVE the cucumber water!

  3. Their mac-n-cheese is to die for…its by far the best restaurant mac-n-cheese I’ve ever had and I consider myself a mac-n-cheese connoisseur

  4. thanks for this post – I am moving just north of Greenville this summer and already have a trip to trader joe’s planned, nice to hear about this place that is so close!

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