Kidstir Cooking Kits: Educational Fun in the Kitchen

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I love it when I come across something that excites me this much.  I can’t express enough how enthusiastic I am about Kidstir cooking kits.  This last month, Judah and I had a blast together in the kitchen where he learned cooking skills through his personal cookbook from Kidstir.

Kidstir Cooking Kits ReviewKidstir is a start-up company, run by other moms, and offers monthly hands-on kits that educate kids in the kitchen. With a subscription that’s less than $20/month, each child receives a welcome kit that includes their very own cookbook binder along with a couple of activities and kitchen tools to get them started.  Each following month, a kit is sent with a scavenger hunt shopping list, three cooking projects that build into the pages of the binder, and kid-sized tools.

Kidstir Cooking Kits ReviewWe received a Welcome Kit and one monthly cooking kit to review, and I can honestly say that I’m going to sign Judah up for the subscription.  He has learned so much already, and we haven’t totally completed every activity yet!

Kidstir Cooking Kits ReviewWe first opened the Welcome Kit and personalized it by filling out the questionnaire inside and wrote Judah’s name on the cover.  He was super proud to have his own cookbook!  Dividers are included in the book and you fill them with pages from each month’s kit.

Kidstir Cooking Kits ReviewAlso included in the Welcome Kit were a couple of tools to help with the kit’s recipes.  Judah was most excited about the pastry brush, until he dug deeper into the box and found the paper straws, lips and mustache!

Kidstir Cooking Kits Review

Yes, we were a little silly in the kitchen that day! 😉

Kidstir Cooking Kits ReviewNot only is Judah learning essential cooking skills, but he is also opening up to tasting different kinds of food!

For example, the first section in the Welcome Kit introduced Judah to “Appetizers” and included a recipe for “Tiny Toasts”.  The educational pages explored different ideas for topping the toasted baguettes and encouraged us to taste each option, while explaining the ingredients included.  We made and tasted guacamole, tapenade, hummus and pesto!  Pictured above is guacamole, but I was surprised that Judah LOVED the pesto!

Kidstir Cooking Kits ReviewWe shopped for our ingredients for the Tiny Toasts and Judah went right to work (after I sliced the baguette, of course).  🙂

Kidstir Cooking Kits Review

Kidstir Cooking Kits Review

Kidstir Cooking Kits Review

Kidstir Cooking Kits ReviewSuccess!  He was so proud!

Kidstir Cooking Kits ReviewThe paper straws were for a recipe to make an orange fizz drink.  I won’t ruin all of the details for you, but this was a very fun educational experience of making a sweet fizzy drink, even for me!

Kidstir Cooking Kits ReviewAfter completing the Welcome Kit activities, we moved on to the first monthly kit.

Kidstir Cooking Kits Review

This kit was all about healthy snack recipes, while supplying us with kid friendly scissors (to cut herbs), a jar of honey (for the granola bar recipe) and mini fish cookie cutters so we can make homemade goldfish crackers!  So fun!

Kidstir Cooking Kits ReviewSo far, we made a homemade ranch dip and ate lots of fresh veggies with it.  I didn’t take photos of it because I wanted to just enjoy our time together.  But, believe me when I say that Judah did a great job of snipping the herbs with his new scissors and was enthusiastic about seasoning it to taste with salt, pepper and fresh garlic.  He was proud to announce to his daddy that he made dip!

Kidstir Cooking Kits ReviewJudah loves looking through his cookbook every day, finding what new activities are waiting for us!

Kidstir also offers extra activities and downloads on their website.  If you are interested in having fun in the kitchen while educating and empowering your kids with food, sign up here for a Kidstir cooking kits subscription and use promo code SEEDED25 to receive 25% off the first month of your subscription.  (Updated 10/30/14)

Disclosure:  This is not a paid promotion.  I received a Welcome Kit and cooking kit from Kidstir for review.  All opinions are honest and my own.  

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  1. Oh my goodness! I can’t wait to check this out! My girls already cook with me a lot, but I’d love to do something that’s geared towards them. It seems like a great way to get them to try new things, too, which I can always use help with!

  2. I just signed up, and just so all of your readers know, the coupon code you listed didn’t work, but 25OFF did work!

    • Nikki Gladd says:

      Thank you, Becky! I just realized that coupon code is good only through June (oops!) and waiting to get a new one hopefully! We’ll go with 25OFF for now! 🙂

  3. sue gladd says:

    I am so excited for Judah ‘s new learning experiences in the kitchen with Kidstir and am confident that great things will be happening in the future because of this program. You’re such a great mom, Nikki. Xo

  4. This is so precious! I love the idea!

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