Saturday Seeds

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Happy 4th of July weekend!  This is already a very busy summer!  We spent two weeks in North Carolina visiting friends and family and I feel like I’m still recovering from that trip back in JUNE!  I’m going to post more on that later and share with you some fun places we discovered.  For now, let me show you a few photos from our fun in the sun!

Judah Knee BoardJudah loved the pool at our beach house and was so proud he learned to stand on the boogie board.

DSC_8389The beach house included jet skis we could use for free!  Uncle Clayton and Auntie Heather took Judah out for his first run…
DSC_8418…then he wanted to go again with us.  SO fun!
IMG_7763It is priceless to have your own private pool even when you’re at the beach, for those days you don’t want to deal with the sand.  Nana loved swimming with the grandkids!
IMG_7829My sweet little beach boy.  Love him.
IMG_7835Drink break at the beach with cousins!
IMG_7879I ran my very first 5K in Wilmington during our time at the beach, with my two lovely sisters-in-law.  They are married to Ben’s two brothers.  Such a fun thing to do with them! They rocked!IMG_8032Family photo while jet skiing.

IMG_8105Uncle Joel met Simon for the first time.  We love “Uncle Pépé!”IMG_8142The kids and I spent a few days in Winston-Salem at my sis/bro-in-law’s house while Ben traveled to California for work.  We had fun eating popsicles with cousins and neighbor friends!
IMG_8163If Judah could swing every day with his cousin, Avery, then he would feel complete.  😉

Soon I’ll write a separate post on places to eat and things to do in the Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach area.  This was our second time there, and this time I feel like we got to venture out a bit more than two years ago.  I’m excited to tell you about our favorite places!  Until then, keep reading to learn about some of my favorite products lately:

Favorite Things Lately:

Kidoozie Build A Road X-Track - Endless fun for kids at only $30 that includes two battery operated trucks that drive the custom built tracks.Kidoozie Build A Road X-Track – We spent a couple of days at our friends’ house in Raleigh during our North Carolina trip.  While there, Judah played nonstop with this Kidoozie Build A Road X-Track.  It’s a flexible car track built without tools and completely interchangeable.  Kids can easily click together the pieces and use their own imagination to create the race tracks.  This inexpensive set includes two battery operated trucks that drive the tracks.  I decided to order his own set on Amazon and received them within two days from our Prime account.  He and the neighborhood friends have been enjoying them a TON!  Easy clean up, too, as we can just throw it all in a storage bin at the end of the day, ready to rebuild a new track tomorrow!

Pley Lego Rental - Like Netflix for LEGOPley – Ben just discovered this new company that rents LEGO sets for a subscription price.  It’s like Netflix for LEGO.  Sign up and receive a box that includes all of the pieces of a LEGO set.  Put it together and when you’re done, take it back apart then mail it back when you’re ready for your next set.  We received our first box this week and already sent it back out in the mail Thursday!  Ben and Judah had so much fun putting together a firetruck with our first mail order.   This is a great option for those who love LEGO building, but can’t afford buying the pricey sets.  But, if you like to collect and keep your LEGO sets, and build cities, etc. this might not be for you.  If you want to check it out, please use this link so we can get credit for referrals.  🙂

Keep your produce fresh with Food HuggersFood Huggers – Keep your produce fresh with these silicone wrappers that wrap your leftover fruits and veggies.  Before I found these, I would place my cut fruits and veggies into a plastic zipper bag and they didn’t last much longer.  Since using the Food Huggers, my produce is staying more fresh longer.   I’m especially excited about the Avocado Hugger because we all know how quickly a cut avocado goes bad!  This helps preserve it until I’m ready to use it again, in a reasonable time frame, of course.  🙂  I also love that these are reusable, reducing the amount of plastic baggies I’m wasting, and they also nestle into each other to make for easy storage.  This is a great unique gift option for the foodie in your life.

Garden Safari Vegetable Soup Kitchen Club KidsGarden Safari Vegetable Soup, Kitchen Club Kids (Volume 2) – Last year, I introduced you to Kitchen Club Kids and sent a copy of their first book to a friend of mine who was expecting her first baby.    They recently came out with their second book!  Kitchen Club Kids books are children’s recipe books that interactively teach your child how to make a certain dish.  The first book was making fruit salad.  This second volume is how to make vegetable soup.  You will love the illustrations and step-by-step instructions in this adventurous book that encourages kids to pick out their veggies for the soup.  I’m such a big fan of this series, and cannot wait for their third volume (baking bread!) to release soon!

That’s it for this edition of Saturday Seeds!  Thank you for letting me share about my life and our favorite products!  Hope it helps you to find new things to enjoy in your home!

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  1. Looks like such a great trip! I’ve got to get some of those food huggers, I find myself in need of something like that all the time! And so neat you can rent legos, what a genius idea!

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