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Slow Cooker Red Beans and Rice + $100 Gift Card Giveaway

After a little prep and the quick help of Success® White Rice, you can have this Cajun red beans and rice dish slowly cooking in your crock pot, ready for a weeknight dinner for these busy back-to-school days. Slow Cooker Creole Red Beans and Rice
Every once in a while, I like to try a new dish that is traditional to our new home state of Mississippi.  When we first moved here, I made Jambalaya and Mississippi Mud Cake.  I’ve conquered Chicken ‘n Dumplings and even took a southern cooking class. Today, I’m telling you that I dove into the world of red beans and rice.  It’s not my favorite dish on this earth, but I enjoy that it’s an inexpensive one, easy to whip up, and I always love a mound of rice on my plate!

Slow Cooker Creole Red Beans and RiceYou do need to soak the beans overnight, then quickly boil them for about 10 minutes in the morning before tossing them in the slow cooker.  But, it then cooks all day while you’re at work or running your errands.  Then, the rice comes together very quickly, just a 10-minute boil on the stovetop or microwave, when using Success White Rice.  Shaving 15 more minutes from getting dinner to the table to your hungry kids who’ve been studying hard at school… right?  ;) Slow Cooker Creole Red Beans and RiceI like that no measuring is required when using Success Rice.  And if you’re not quite ready to serve dinner that quickly, the white rice can sit for up to 30 minutes in hot water, without the heat from the stove before being served, making it foolproof! Do you take any shortcuts when cooking dinners?  Some are worth taking, and some may hurt the outcome of your dish.  With Success Rice, the prep is very convenient without sacrificing its great taste or quality, making it an excellent source of complex carbohydrates and is gluten free, fat free, cholesterol free and sodium free! Slow Cooker Creole Red Beans and RiceThere are three additional varieties of Success Rice  - Success Jasmine Rice, Success Basmati Rice, and Success Whole Grain Brown Rice.  Success White Rice and Success Brown Rice come in two different sizes – 14 oz. or 32 oz.  Visit their website for recipe inspiration and more information, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Slow Cooker Creole Red Beans and RiceUntil then, take a culinary visit to the Cajun south and try this red beans and rice recipe, using the convenience of both your slow cooker and Success Boil-in-Bag White Rice!


What shortcuts do you take when cooking or entertaining?  To enter for your chance to win a $100 gift card, please leave a comment below answering this question.  One winner will be randomly chosen.  Good luck!  Oh, and make sure you click here to snatch a coupon!  :)

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Slow Cooker Red Beans and Rice

Slow Cooker Red Beans and Rice

After a little prep and the quick help of Success® White Rice, you can have this Cajun red beans and rice dish slowly cooking in your crock pot, ready for a weeknight dinner for these busy back-to-school days.

  • 1 lb dried red kidney beans, rinsed and soaked in water overnight
  • 3 celery ribs, chopped
  • 1 green bell pepper, seeded and chopped
  • 1 red bell pepper, seeded and chopped
  • 1 yellow onion, chopped
  • 3 garlic cloves, pressed
  • 1 tablespoon Creole seasoning
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 6 cups chicken broth
  • 13 oz. smoked turkey sausage, thinly sliced (or andouille sausage)
  • Cooked white rice
  • Garnishes: hot sauce, sliced green onions, diced red onion

Drain the beans and transfer to a medium-sized pot. Cover with water and bring to a boil. Let boil for at least 10 minutes. Drain and transfer to a 6-quart slow cooker.

Add the celery, bell peppers, yellow onion, garlic cloves, Creole seasoning, bay leaves and chicken broth to the slow cooker. Stir to combine. Cook on high for 8 hours. When 2 hours are left, add the sausage.

After the 8 hours of cooking, remove the bay leaves and transfer about 2 cups of the bean mixture into a bowl (avoiding any of the sausage). Mash with a fork. Return mashed bean mixture back to the slow cooker and stir to combine. Let cook on high for another 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare your rice and garnishes. Serve the bean and sausage mixture over the hot rice with optional garnishes.


Use Success® White Rice for convenience. Season bean mixture to taste with other optional spices, such as cayenne pepper if you like it more spicy. The andouille sausage will also add more heat. I make mine with a little less spice to make it more kid-friendly.

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  1. I try to do as much cooking and setting up the night before so that there is less to do the day of and I can spend time with my guests as much as possible.

  2. Sandy Headtke says:
  3. Sandy Headtke says:

    Do all the prep work that you can earlier in the day. Give guest a chore, it makes them feel they have a part in it.

  4. I try to do as much as possible the day before. Slow cooker comes in handy too.

  5. Hmmmm I don’t take many shortcuts! I suppose the biggest one is using storebought chicken broth-i use it all the time in almost everything!

  6. I try to use semi-homemade recipes. For example I made a Pudding Poke Brownies dessert a month ago for a work birthday celebration. I made the pudding from scratch but used a brownie mix for the bottom layer, it saved a lot of time and everybody loved the creation!

  7. Here is my tweet:
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I agree. I try to do as much of my prep work before time. Using the crock pot can be a huge help, too!

  9. I get the pasta sauce cooking early in the day so it will almost be ready when the kids are home, or I use the rice cooker so the rice is done sooner.

  10. I like to try and prep as much as I can beforehand and make cooking less stressful :)

  11. I take shortcuts with some store-bought ingredients. I make homemade gravy for a biscuits & gravy dish, but just buy the Pillsbury Biscuits. It takes a bit of stress away from meal-time preparation.

  12. My slow cooker is my shortcut. Love throwing everything together and setting it to cook!

  13. prepping ahead! I also love when guests contribute their own dishes!

  14. I love Success Rice. I use it several times a week…WHAT A TIME SAVER!!!!!
    I swear..if I see the words…”Red Beans and Rice”, I can’t help but think of Sir Mix a Lot, “Baby Got Back”..LOL I have issues!

  15. I try to prep a lot ahead of time. I also freeze staples like shredded chicken for use later on!

  16. The shortcuts I take when cooking or entertaining, is always prepping early. Seasoning and making the food early, then getting décor in order, all a day before.

  17. I use canned beans and tomatoes to save time when cooking

  18. I do a lot in advance but realistically, there will be cooking to do when guests arrive so I just try to make the kitchen welcoming enough that friends gather as we finish preparations!

  19. My biggest shortcut is buying frozen pies at Thanksgiving. I think they’re just as good as the pies made from scratch, but a lot less work!

  20. tweet–

  21. Heather Taylor says:

    I try to make things that freeze easily and have those done ahead of time and for some recipes, like pies for holidays, if I am the one entertaining I will cut corners and buy a store bought crust or pick parts of the recipe that won’t suffer if they are store bought versus homemade.

  22. CR Williams says:

    I don’t usually take any shortcuts, I usually plan ahead.

  23. CR Williams says:
  24. I like to use Crescent rolls to make easy appetizer dishes when I’m having company.

  25. Jessica To says:

    I’ll get something already made like the dessert or appetizer to save time!

  26. I prechop items that need to be chopped the night before. It saves so much time!

  27. To save time when entertaining I buy some of the food already prepared and I use a lot of paper products to help with clean up.

  28. I do as much advance prep as possible, and I always set out all of my serving dishes and utensils with post-it labels to note what food goes where.

  29. I use canned chicken broth and prep as much as I can early!

  30. prep everything a day before

  31. I get all my prep work done ahead of time and getting all my bowls, dishes, etc all out as well and setting the table the day nefore.
    If possible I will make, freeze items ahead of time

  32. When entertaining I like to use high quality prepared foods to mix in with freshly cooked.

  33. I try to prep as much as I can ahead of time!

  34. Involving your children with helping prep food or setting the table.
    Using my crockpot to slow cook meats!

  35. I use store-bought broths. No time to make homemade!

  36. I plan ahead and do as much as I can the days leading up to the big day.

  37. Looks fab! Hubby loves red beans. Hoping the kids will love it too.
    Happy Wednesday!

  38. Love a good spicy dish but love a quick to make one best! Perfect for crazy school nights!

  39. Ok this needs to be added to our meal plan asap!! My boys would go crazy for this!!

  40. I try to do as much beforehand as possible and think of foods that I can make before and not have to reheat!

  41. I sometimes buy those salads in a bag to save time. So easy–and don’t we all love that!
    Thank you

  42. I try to make things ahead of time, and use some pre-made products.

  43. Angie Jerde says:

    I try to write out lists, get all the shopping done a few days prior and do as much prep as I can before hand. Do whatever I can for it to be as less stressful possible and be able to enjoy it myself!

  44. i use store brands

  45. Prep as much as I can the night or hours before the gathering!

  46. I’ve learned to choose recipes that can mostly be made ahead so that I can spend time with my guests rather than slaving in the kitchen. These beans and rice look fantastic!

  47. This looks super tasty! I like to use my slow cooker as a shortcut while entertaining.

  48. This sounds amazing! I love red beans and rice. Pinned!

  49. This is my kind of dinner – so awesome!!

  50. I always try to prep things ahead of time. i chop all my ingredients so they will be ready to go when I start cooking.

  51. It’s been so long since I’ve made red beans and rice. My husband loves it and I will have to try yours soon!

  52. My shortcuts aren’t creative, but I do try to plan ahead, and make ahead as many things as I can. Also, for anything that is to be done that day, I try to have mis en place (sp). Takes much of the stress off trying to pull off having things from scratch, but I feel so much more pride in the results and that it is healthy, too.

  53. I try to prep as much the night before and lay out of the serving dishes on the table as well so that there is a spot for everything (and I don’t forget to put something out last minute) when it comes time to serve!

  54. Shortcuts I take while cooking are make ahead meals and weekly meal planning and meal prep!

  55. I’m a list maker so before I do anything, I plan it all on paper. It really does help me save time; from the grocery list to planning backwards from the time I plan to eat to make sure I haven’t forgotten a dish.

  56. melissa herrmann says:

    I like to prep around lunch time or before if possible so that the right before dinner time doesn’t get quite so hectic.

  57. Tonya Atkinson says:

    I like to purchase pre-made mixes

  58. i have never used a slow cooker! i would love to try some new things to save time after work making dinner!

  59. I try to keep a well stocked pantry so I don’t need to run out for something when the inspiring recipe catches my eye, and keep plenty of canned tomatoes and stock on hand.

  60. I like to do the prep work with my husband the night before and then use the slow cooker to make as many meals as possible.

  61. I use canned beans,frozen chicken and my crock pot!

  62. Sometimes I use stir-fry meal kits or frozen ones from Trader Joe’s….then eat with rice.

  63. I do as much prep as I can in the daytime while the kids are at school or occupied. Then when it gets time for dinner I can just pop it together and be done.

  64. Rachel Tilly says:

    Do as much as I can before the guests gets there! Buy boxed salad so I don’t gabe to chop…do as much prep as I can ahead of time.

  65. Susan Smith says:

    I try to do as much cooking and setting up the night before so that there is less for me to do the day of the event and I can spend time with my guests.

  66. Susan Smith says:
  67. I am all about shortcuts – sometimes that is the only way to get dinner on the table. Love this!

  68. sheena little says:

    I always buy frozen peppers & onions blend, a great beginning for many kinds of recipes and dishes..

  69. I prepare ingredients ahead and have them frozen for later cooking.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  70. -

  71. I’m not afraid to make food ahead of time and freeze it!

  72. I use pre-packaged foods frequently, but as bases and fillers for more individualized dishes. I like to make it my own, whatever I make.

  73. i prepare as much as possible before entertainment starts.

  74. I’ll serve some store bought desserts.

  75. I Always use recipes that I have made a few time so there isn’t a chance of mistakes

  76. My biggest short cut is using the crock pot and microwave!

  77. i use store bought pre cut veggies

  78. I do as much prep and cooking a day or so ahead of time; prepare the table if I can; just what ever I need to do to make the day easier.

  79. My little town market will precut my veggies for me

  80. my fave shortcut is buying pre-chopped veggies like onions and peppers

  81. I’ll use pre-chopped frozen vegetables when I’m in a hurry to make a dish!

  82. I prepare any chopping or dicing the day before and anything else I can when entertaining.

  83. The only real shortcut I know is a way to peel hard-boiled eggs that is super quick. Otherwise, for parties and such, we’re always really casual so our guests join us in the kitchen and help out.

  84. I try to prepare as much as I can in advance so it doesn’t get to crazy when the guests arrive!

  85. Kimmy Ripley says:

    I always use my slow cooker when preparing for a party! It is so simple and easy to use. Just drop the ingredients in and let them cook.

  86. I like to prepare some things ahead of time or buy things already prepared like already cut/washed veggies or fruit platters.

  87. Using packaged rice saves a ton of time!

  88. Do all the prep work the night before.

  89. I use oven to cook a lot . save my time.

  90. i love rice and cheese

  91. Love prepping ingredients ahead of time if possible!


  92. Deb Anderson says:

    I try to plan menus with dishes I can make in advance and freeze, then thaw or cook just before serving. Saves time and stress!

  93. I use frozen prepared foods

  94. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I cook thinks ahead and refrigerate or freeze and then focus on the other things I can’t!

  95. Stephanie Phelps says:
  96. To save time on cooking, I like to buy some pre-made or pre-prepared items to cut down on time. It is still homemade, just with a little help.

  97. Janice Cooper says:

    I make prepare some dishes a day earlier. I always like to buy certain prepared meals or desserts to save time one cooking.

  98. Janice Cooper says:
  99. I like to make as much as possible the day before.

  100. paige chandler says:

    I use help from the store. Bag lettuce and pre cut veggies

  101. Stephanie V. says:

    prepare, chop and make desserts the day prior – makes the day of more bearable!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  102. Elizabeth Drake says:

    Chicken with bell peppers on brown rice!

  103. Cindy Merrill says:

    Everyone should have a bread machine-you can make dough for bread sticks, rolls or even a braided fruit wreath for special events-saves time and money! I have two, which I use constantly during the holidays.

  104. I usually prepare everything the night before.

  105. Margaret Smith says:

    I look for simple items that can be prepared ahead of time.

  106. Margaret Smith says:
  107. David Fultner says:
  108. David Fultner says:

    I always have frozen left over broth. This save times cooking

  109. Kristi Sorg says:

    Try to set up and prepare as much as you can the night before. Refrigerate and heat and serve the day of, its still homemade, just not right that day made.

  110. I try to do as much as possible the day before.

  111. I try to prepare as much of the food ahead of time.

  112. My most frequent shortcut is to just order pizza and everybody is happy.

  113. Some things I prepare a day in advance.

  114. jose benavides says:

    I cook big amounts and then freeze them to have for later

  115. julie hutchinson says:

    buy pre cut vegetables saves a lot of time

  116. I love buying the rotisserie chickens from the grocery store. Having part of the meal cooked for me saves lots of time and it’s always easy to add a few frozen veggies into the mix. Quick and easy is my motto! ;) Thanks.

  117. g. penrod says:

    I try to find things that I can fix ahead an I wound tire of.

  118. Tari Lawson says:

    When pressed for time, I will use pre-cooked chicken products to get a meal on the table quicker.

  119. Cynthia C says:

    I look for recipes that can be prepared in advance so I’m not stressed the day of the event.

  120. Cynthia C says:
  121. prep everything a day before

  122. Anastasia Falling says:

    I’m a terribly and lazy cook, so my shortcuts are… “Order out” or “Potluck” so everyone else can bring something to help fill out the meal lol :)

  123. Anastasia Falling says:
  124. Adrienne gordon says:

    i use the microwave a lot.

  125. Cathy Truman says:

    I like to make lists of everything I need and how much time to make everything.
    I cook and prep ahead of time.

  126. Barbara M says:

    I like to buy the frozen onions and mushrooms for a good shortcut in cooking.
    No chopping necessary!
    thank you

  127. Barbara M says:
  128. I chop, peel, and have everything ready to go mis en place! I try not to cook ahead, because things aren’t quite as fresh and magical.

  129. I prepare things that I can make in advance so I don’t feel overwhelmed right before the party.

  130. Barbara Fox says:

    I use packaged instant gravy…just like my husband’s grandmother did :)

  131. mickeyfan says:

    I do as much ahead of time as possible, and if someone offers to bring something, I surely let them!

  132. I love Southwest Veggie & Rice Casserole. :)

  133. Sue Barney says:

    I make and prep what I can the night before to make things more organised less hectic .

  134. Sarah Hirsch says:

    it depends on the situation, sometimes no shortcuts, sometimes we order in the whole meal

  135. Janet Woodling says:

    I cook ahead most of the time. Family meals or entertaining can be prepared or semi prepared days earlier. The freezer is my friend.

  136. Michelle Levine says:

    I do part of my food prep the day before a dinner party.

  137. Theresa Jenkins says:

    shortcuts I take when cooking >>I’m the almost homemade cook…use frozen , canned , boxed when I can to can down on prep or cook time

  138. Theresa Jenkins says:
  139. Depending on the occassion you can ask your guests to bring a dish. This way you know that everyone has atleast one thing that they like. Thank you!

  140. Sindy Murray says:

    I use my slow cooker, rice cooker, and bread maker a lot. I also try but have failed couple times to make some of the food ahead of time or at least cut vegetables and put them in Tupperware.

  141. Sindy Murray says:
  142. I use boil in the bag rice when I need to make rice

  143. Sharon Harmon says:

    I always make-ahead the parts of the meal the night before. It really cuts down on time spent on cooking the day of the meal!

  144. As a from-scratch cook and baker with the luxury of time, I don’t use a whole lot of shortcut products, but some that I do use are canned beans, bagged croutons, jarred pasta sauce, and frozen ravioli.

  145. I shared your slow cooker recipe and this Success Rice promotion on Twitter. Here’s the link:

  146. I actually don’t have any real tips, I just start early enough & make sure I have plenty of time! If there’s something I can safely do before hand, like peeling/chopping/marinading, I will do that though!

  147. Alex Bradley says:

    I love my crock pot and try and use it for everything. Plus my husband and I split all the prep work.

  148. Susan Chester says:

    I usually buy a pretty cake or pie for dessert to save time.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  149. Great food shots!

  150. I take shortcuts by doing as much prep in advance as I can.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  151. tweet–

  152. I try to get all the prep work and set up done the night before.

  153. Oh I try to get as much done ahead of time as I can, and LOVE to use the slow cooker! I love that I can get the clean up done ahead of time and not have the mess! Always a plus!

  154. Kathy Pease says:

    I like to season and use instant mashed potatoes are a great breading for fish and poultry

  155. Kathy Pease says:
  156. Alyce Poalillo says:

    I do as much of the prep and cooking ahead as I can. I also make lists and time out all the meals components so I now when to start each one. I get creative on cooking methods as well using the crock pot, the fryer and the toaster over in addition to the stove.

  157. beth shepherd says:

    I try to do as much prep work I can the day before.

  158. maria cantu says:

    Do as much prepping the day before the event.

  159. Robby Rob says:

    lots of prep work and do dishes as I move along. I’d rather be down to 1 pot in the sink at the end than 20

  160. Robby Rob says:
  161. I always prep/cook as much as I can in the week before the event.

  162. Lauren Olivia Wood says:

    I use partially prepared ingredients for large-batch dishes like entrees and desserts!

  163. I make lists and prepare as much as I can ahead of time.

  164. I use paper plates and plastic wear whenever I can. Less dishes.

  165. I try to do all the shopping and prep work the day before.

  166. Allison Kusel says:

    I do as much prep work as I can the day before so I don’t have as much to do the day of

  167. Kimarie Stebbins says:

    I def start cooking the night before. Especially dips. They taste better the next day anyways.

  168. Cody Anderson says:

    I always make meals that can be prepared the night or morning of the event. This makes hosting less stressful.

  169. Terri Moore says:

    The short cuts I take when I’m going to be entertaining is buying bagged salad mix and shredded cheese (usually I grate it myself). I also like to buy a pie for dessert from the bakery, with ice cream on the side.

  170. I prep ahead of time the nights before.

  171. I do as much as I can the day before we entertain so I’m not as stressed on the actual day.

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