Saturday Seeds: Labor Day, A Book About Boys, A Children’s Book and My New Target Find

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What did you do for Labor Day weekend?  Growing up in a small town of Michigan, Labor Day weekend was one of the best.  Every year we had a carnival, talent show, parades, fireworks, beauty pageant… you name it!  Such FUN memories!

Labor Day Parade, Belding, MIThis photo is me and my cousin after one of our Labor Day Parades in high school (and my wee little sister).  Yes, I was a band geek through and through!

I’ve learned something about Mississippi, and maybe this is can be a general assumption for the deep south — There are absolutely no festivities, parades, celebrations, etc. during Labor Day weekend!  If you want to do something fun, you’ve got to plan it yourself!

Lesson learned.  Next year, who wants to be in my parade?  😉

That's My Son - How Moms Can Influence Boys to Become Men of Character, by Rick Johnson

Since there was nothing else to do this weekend (haha) I got to add some reading to my schedule.  I finished this book, That’s My Son: How Moms Can Influence Boys to Become Men of Character.  My  mother-in-law gave me this book when Judah was born almost 5 years ago!  The other day I finally picked it up and read it right before bed for a few nights, taking notes with my pen.  There was so much I underlined!  I think I didn’t read it until now because it helps to actually live with a son for a few years and learn his personality before you can really identify with the author’s points.

Not only did I learn a lot about my sons by reading this book, but I learned a lot about boys and men, in general.  It also helped me to understand my husband a little more, and to be even more patient with him.  For example, Johnson told a story to explain male vs female and how the male gender thinks differently than female.  He went on about how men could be looking for something and not find it although it’s right in front of their face, while women normally don’t do that.  I can’t even count on my fingers how many times Ben and Judah have done that!  HA!

This book was also an encouraging read in challenging mothers to accept the role as the person God put in their sons’ lives to teach, love, respect and discipline.  Our goal is to raise a man who nurtures and provides for his family, leads nobly in his church, and who respects and protects the people in his life.  I would love to give you a bullet point list of everything I underlined, but instead, I think you should get the book and read it if you are raising sons.  It’s definitely not the most in-depth book about boys (I actually wanted him to go a little further into the chapter about boys and sex, because this is an area I’m dreading to address!) but it is a great start and also a nice resource to turn back to down the road when the boys are older.

Little Elliot Big City

You may have seen me post this before on my Instagram account, but that was when this book was in pre-order.  Little Elliot, Big City is now finally released and you can get it on Amazon!  It’s a super sweet children’s book about a little elephant (Elliot) in a big city, who just wants a cupcake and makes a new friend in the meantime.  I love the beautiful artwork page by page and enjoy reading this to both of my boys.  If you have any friends who have a kid named Elliot (of their own name is Elliot) this would be a fun gift for them, too!

Threshold Windham File CabinetI recently bought this Threshold Windham File Cabinet for my home office and LOVE it.  Mine is the off-white (Shell) color, but they have other super cute colors, as well.  If it would’ve worked with my color scheme, I would have picked the teal, yellow or red.  But, I stayed with the Shell to match the trim in my office and it’s PERFECT.  It’s just the size I needed to keep myself organized.  Great quality for the price, too!  We have a Target RED debit card, so also got free shipping and 5% off!  Do you have a Target RED card?  You can set it up so it’s just a debit card from your checking account, not a credit card.  You get free shipping with every online order and 5% off your entire purchase both online and in store!  Pretty nice!

That’s it for this edition of Saturday Seeds!  Don’t forget, you have two more days to enter my giveaway for a $100 Shutterfly gift card and jars of peanut butter.  Click here.  Now I’m off to enjoy the weekend!  Hope yours is wonderful!!

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  1. I love how that cabinet doesn’t look like typical office furniture! Thanks for the book idea – I have a 5 year old son. This summer I read Dr. Dobson’s Bringing Up Boys and it was very helpful & will be a great resource to me for the future.

  2. The reason there are no Labor Day festivities in the South is because it is still 120304304 degrees outside. Wait for October. You will find these things under labels like “fall festival” and “school carnival”. We just have to wait til we can walk outside again without feeling like we’ll melt in 5 seconds. 🙂

    • haha! I know, I know… On that note, come with us to Broadmoor’s fall festival in October! We went last year and it’s SO fun and FREE!!!

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