Saturday Seeds: Halloween Costumes and Favorite Things

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Are you ready for Halloween?  We decided to ditch the Pac-man idea Judah had a few months ago, because he changed his mind for some reason and now wants to be a Power Ranger.  BUT… we went through a few other of his ideas, first.  Let me tell you the story, while you also take a look at our Halloween costumes from past years…

Chick-fil-a Cow Halloween CostumeA few weeks ago I bought Judah a cheap ninja costume from Dollar Tree just for play around the house.  He loved it so much that he kept saying he wanted to be that for Halloween now.  Then the other day he mentioned he wanted to be a police man again (one of his costumes from last year) and in the same breath he mentioned Super Man (another costume from last year).  This week, it’s all about Stink Bomb (a Skylander).

Halloween Costumes - Fireman and PolicemanSo, yesterday, we were at Walmart to pick out a couple of birthday presents for parties this weekend and we saw the Stink Bomb costume.  Of course, they didn’t have his size.  So I looked on their website where the size was also not available.  After checking, I found it in his size ON CLEARANCE (woop!) for just $12.00!  BUT… the fastest/only delivery option was for Wednesday or Thursday (free with my RED debit card).  His school party is on Thursday and we have a couple of costume parties this weekend and week.

Halloween Costume - SupermanI ordered the Stink Bomb costume, but after we left Walmart we headed to Target just to see if they possibly had his size at the store so not having to wait for shipping.  They did!  Well, at least we thought so.  The packaging was for Stink Bomb in size 4/6, but when we opened it up, it was a totally different character (Night Shift) inside!  And, it was broken.  🙁  I’m so glad I opened it in the store before purchasing it!

Halloween Costume - Kid Chef CostumeWhile at Target, Judah saw the red Power Ranger costume and was super excited about it.  I let him get it since it was just $20.00 and I know he will play dress up with it through out the year.  So, for our Halloween parties, he’ll be the red Power Ranger, and for actual Halloween, I’m guessing he’ll be Stink Bomb.  Unless he changes his mind again… but he’s only allowed to change it to something we already own! No more buying costumes!  (And, I’m totally not a crafty DIY’er when it comes to costumes.)

Halloween Costumes - TV Show Chuck (Morgan and Anna)Ben and I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in a long time.  Actually, I think we’ve only been in costume together once, and it was a few years ago in California.  We were HUGE fans of the TV Show “Chuck”.  Ben was the character Morgan from the show and I was his girlfriend, Anna.  We threw these costumes together at last minute… kinda lame!  haha!  I think this was the year 2010.

Are you dressing up for Halloween?  Tell me about your costumes!

Let’s talk about a few of my favorite things lately…

Dessert Mash-Ups

Dessert Mash-Ups – Do you love cinnamon rolls and cookies?  How about Cinnamon Roll Cookies?  Maybe you prefer a brownie and cookie…”brookies”!  What happens when a scone marries a donut?  You have a sconut!  These are just a few of the dessert mashups represented in Dorothy Kern’s (Crazy for Crust) newly released cookbook.  A fun book to flip through, you can find many creative ideas and even get inspired to mash up your own favorite desserts!

My Yellow Balloon - a children's book that helps prepare little hearts for a time of grief and loss.My Yellow Balloon – This children’s book is precious.  The story is about a boy who learns to deal with loss through his favorite balloon.  I won’t ruin it for you, but this book is very touching and is a creative way to prepare little hearts for a time of grief before they even experience it.  It’s an opportunity to talk to your kids about tragedy, big and small.  I also love the illustrations that really make the book come to life!

The Lemon Bowl - Liz della CroceThe Lemon Bowl – If you read more food blogs than just mine, then chances are you have come across or are an avid reader of The Lemon Bowl.  Liz, the author of The Lemon Bowl and my good friend, is one of the most positive and friendly people I know.  Not only is she beautiful, she is tough, smart, a great mom and the best cheerleader ever.  Always ready with encouraging words, I am extremely thankful for having this lovely lady in my life.  If you are one of those few people who do not yet know about her, then please go on over and visit her blog!  She publishes healthy recipes that are very do-able in your home kitchen!  She’s even maintained a 60+ lb. weight loss!  Such an amazing lady!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. love the halloween pics…makes me want to go dig up a few pics of my kiddos…who are big now and don’t dress up any more…boo! Well Cece still does and she ditched her pac man idea also to be a spy! I had many a year of running in circles trying to figure out what everyone was going to be!

    Yeh! Liz…love her too. Great shout out to a great friend. I back up everything you said. Ditto. 🙂

  2. Love all of Judah’s past costumes! So cute! Can’t wait to see his pics from this year! I’ve had the hardest time deciding what Sophie should be since she is still just crawling and not walking, I finally settled on a snow white onesie because I know she will keep it on. I tried a cute bee costume with a hood on her and she just screamed, haha!

  3. I LOVE all of your costume pics, including yours and Ben’s “Morgan” and “Anna”! Simon must have SO much fun with a big brother like Judah who never misses a trick. Can’t believe how cute that little blonde Cow is or what a hunk that little Superman is!

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