Saturday Seeds: Live Video Chat with Santa Claus!

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Happy Saturday, y’all!  Today I’m going to tell you about a VERY cool thing we did the day after Thanksgiving.  We talked to Santa on a LIVE video chat!  You guys, it was so cool!  It’s possible I was the most pumped about this experience, but I know that my kids and Ben loved it, too.  Click the video below to watch our video chat with Santa:

How did we talk to a real live Santa over video chat?  Well, let me tell you!  You know those crazy people at JibJab (the company you probably know for their fun interactive holiday eCards that look like bobble heads)?  Well, they launched a new website this year called  Here you can schedule a LIVE video call with Santa, or purchase a pre-recorded video message from Santa, directly from the North Pole.  A few days after your LIVE call, you receive a copy of the video chat right in your email to save to your computer so you have it forever!

Before the call, parents fill out a form that answers a few basic personal questions about your kids (like, their teacher’s name, what are they’re hobbies, what makes them unique, what areas do they need to work on, etc.)  This information is used during your call so that Santa can make his conversation personalized to your kids!  It’s SO cool.  As you can see in our video, Santa talks to Judah about Miss Angela (his school teacher this year) and Skylanders (his obsession) and soccer (his sport).  It creates such a real experience for them!

Live Video Chat with Santa via HelloSanta.comYou’ll hear in the video that Judah asked Santa why he hung up during the first call?  We called twice, because our first call was a bad connection and it dropped only after the first two minutes or so.  After contacting customer service, who was very quick and helpful via email, they said to call again but to prepare my kids that Santa might look a little different. HA!  Judah didn’t even notice!!  But, he did ask Santa about the mishap and I think Santa did a great job recovering!

We absolutely loved doing this and plan to do it again next year.  Visit to schedule your call before all the spots are filled!

Next week, we’re making gingerbread houses.  What other Christmas traditions do you have?

Disclosure:  I was gifted a press pass for a LIVE call with Santa from JibJab, however, all opinion are my own.

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  1. This is super duper fun! I love those jibjab videos! I love how Santa sits there listening so attentively! with his hands folded. LOL

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