SOL REPUBLIC Tracks Air Wireless Headphones #GIVEAWAY

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Happy last day of January!  Tomorrow is the Super Bowl, and although I haven’t posted anything new lately for football food ideas, you can find quite a few recipes in the right sidebar, and also by checking out my Recipe Index at the top menu bar.

Track Air Headphones #Giveaway Sol Republic  SeededAtTheTable.comToday, I am bringing you a fun giveaway sponsored by SOL REPUBLIC.  We’ve been using these exact headphones the last couple of months, including during our trip to Disney.  They are wireless, comfortable, cool looking and there is a 100-day money back guarantee!  There is 15 hours of battery life and the sound is unbeatable.

These Tracks Air Wireless Headphones retail just under $200, but would you like to win them instead?  Leave me a comment below and tell me your favorite way to use headphones.  Is it while on a trip on the road, in an airplane, or on a bus?  Commuting to work on the subway?  Jogging/working out?  At your desk?

I’ll pick ONE winner randomly in one week.  Contest ends 2/7/2015.  Open to US residents only, age 18 or older.  Winner will be contacted on 2/8/2015 by email, so make sure you leave a valid email address!  Winner will have 48 hours to respond or a new one will be chosen.

Enjoy the Super Bowl tomorrow!  Who are you rooting for!?

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  1. Cherrie Huerkamp says:

    My absolute favorite way to use headphones is while I am taking a
    Bubble bath! Ha Raising four boys can be overwhelming, so when I am
    Ready to relax, I close myself off in my bathroom,
    Draw my bath water, and put my headphones on and drift off
    To la la land…..

  2. I use them at my desk and at home all the time!

  3. I use them at night to watch tv on my laptop so I don’t disturb my sleeping husband!

  4. I use headphones quite often when traveling. But my favorite or most frequent is at work. I work in a call center type environment and while I am not on the phone myself, I appreciate having something enjoyable to listen to.

  5. Tracey Vuolo says:

    My favorite place to use headphones is on the airplane. I find my ears don’t pop as much! My most favorite place though is in the car when I’m with my husband or my father……to avoid listening to my husband’s ESPN radio or my dad’s boring talk radio!
    I have heard great things about these headphones!

  6. Diane Hutchings says:

    Watching movies!

  7. Headphones are for keeping on my ears so I think my kids are being quiet.

  8. Arryn parker says:

    I use Headphones every night to watch Gilmore Girls on my laptop while my husband does his homework. I also run three times a week and use earbuds for that. Wireless would be great!!

  9. Nate Thompson says:

    I use headphones working out or running!

  10. TIsha Brown says:

    my favorite way to use headphones is running:)

  11. Sandy Headtke says:

    I use headphones while I’m on the trreadmill.

  12. On the airplane or on a road trip for sure. Although it would be great to have a wireless pair to use while working out.

  13. Nancy Street says:

    I use headphones at the gym but the cord is always in the way! Cordless would be awesome and I’d probably have more music in my life that way.

  14. I use them while traveling and while the kids are sleeping!!

  15. Lacey Madden says:

    I would love to try these! I would love to take a set like this on a road trip!

  16. I actually don’t use headphones very often but would love to start!!!

  17. I am a grad student and I love wearing headphones writing papers and studying at home.

  18. Amy Lassley says:

    I like to use headphones while taking a bath. Yay for quite time!

  19. Danielle H says:

    Have my husband use them when he is listening to his podcasts so we don’t have to!

  20. I use them on the treadmill

  21. Deb Jackson says:

    I like the kids using them when I am studying.

  22. I like headphones when I’m traveling – especially on the airplane!

  23. I probably wear headphones 6-8 hours a day. Wireless, would change my life!!!!!! No mor off and on if I want to be more three feet from my desk. But my favorite use is listening to music early in the morning while I read.

  24. Jonathan Holmes says:

    I’d love to get a pair of these to use while working out!

  25. I would love to win these for my mom. She loves to listen to music while she’s cooking!

  26. Jonathan Hunt says:

    I most frequently use my headphones to listen to catechisms and scripture while going for a walk or diving to work and school! Bluetooth headphones would be great!

  27. when I am at work, I put my headphones on while writing music and to keep out the sounds of elementary grade violinists practicing

  28. those would be so awesome while running!

  29. As a stylish way to listen to tunes

  30. Brison Shumpert says:

    My favorite way to use headphones is during walks around the downtown area when I’m running (well, walking…) errands at work. It’s like the music takes me to an island somewhere, and I’m enabled to escape the cares of the world momentarily.

  31. Addison Canevaro says:

    I use headphones when I’m doing the 30-minute free run on Wii Fit Plus.

  32. abraham armenta says:

    Definitely when working out and sermon prep.

  33. Dennis Conroy says:

    I use headphones to listen to easy classical music while studying for courses at seminary. [:-)

  34. My favorite way to use headphones is using them E-v-e-r-y-D-a-Y[!] at the coffeeshop to block out the sound of everyone else while I study. But my least-favorite part is using these wired (non-bluetooth) headphones like a peasant! A Peasant~! :]

  35. at work—brewing!

  36. Derrick Bright says:

    I like to use my headphones to listen to different podcasts or to listen to a show on the computer.

  37. I love using headphones during hard runs or workouts. I also like to listen to music, shows, or videos on my computer using headphones.

  38. Headphones are my savior on my public transit commute to and from work on a daily basis… if I wasn’t able to listen to my music during the 1.5+ hour round trip I’d go crazy!

  39. I enjoy using them while on a road trip! 🙂

  40. Patti Vabales says:

    Hey Nikki! I use headphones to do my job, listening to phone calls in a call center!

  41. Melodie Mach says:

    My favorite way to use headphones is to relax in a chair listening to the oldies.

  42. I like wearing headphones when I’m cleaning the house!

  43. I like to use them when working out!

  44. Jan Johnson says:

    We don’t have TV so I use them to watch shows or DVDs on the computer and I’ve used headphones for 22 years as a medical transcriptionist. Mine are worn out so I would love to win these!

  45. I would love to use them while I am walking or crocheting/knitting.

  46. When I work out!

  47. I use my headphones for running. Music motivates me to run faster and longer.

  48. Carly Orris says:

    I use them in the car for movies! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  49. On my treadmill! I couldn’t make it through without my music.

  50. Our lawn takes hours to mow, and nothings better than headphones to make the time go faster. great giveaway item… thanks

  51. While walking or traveling!

  52. I love to use headphones on an airplane – makes the time go by so much faster!

  53. Listening to an audiobook while doing housework, or better yet, while cross country skiing!

  54. I would use then at my desk at work and at home while rocking and cleaning house!

  55. Rebecca Decker says:

    I use mine on my lunch break at work and while I work out.

  56. I use them while working out.

  57. my grandson lives with me. He is 9 yrs old enjoy tv shows that I dont. I want to listen to music while I sew. I am using some older head phones now. The cord always gets hung up unless I put it down my shirt. Then the Velcro ( to wrap it up) irritates my skin.

  58. cindy skarin says:

    Hmmm,what don’t i use headphones for! Listening to audio books, for music on walks,
    movies on airplanes, to let my son borrow so I don’t have to my listen to him and his online friends play video games!

  59. Listening to Guided Meditation while commuting….. om….

  60. Gina Florencia says:

    Pretty neat !! I’ll use them to watch movies! And music, thanks… Gina F

  61. I use headphones to listen to audio books from the computer without bothering those watching TV.

  62. Love using headphones while on the computer looking for recipes!!!

  63. Angie Jerde says:

    I love to use them while out walking or exercising! Thanks for the giveaway!

  64. My favorite is when I am at home and either i don’t want to bother anyone else or I want to escape the noise from the rest of the house and focus on just my music. Traveling is my 2nd favorite.

  65. I use headphones when I’m watching shows on my laptop. Helps cut the background noise and helps me hear conversations on the shows.

  66. I love to use headphone while on my laptop either doing work or watching movies/shows.

  67. At home when I want the house to be quiet!

  68. I can’t go on a airplane without headphones… a definite must!

  69. travel.

  70. I use headphones when I watch a movie on my iPad.

  71. angela lazo says:

    my favorite way to use headphones is by listening to relaxing music while on bed waiting for sleep to come find me.

  72. I love my dead phones because they block out the squeaking of my elliptical thereby removIng an excuse not to exercise (cause I really don’t need any help coming up with more excuses).

  73. RANA DURHAM says:

    I would use the Sol Republic Tracks Air Wireless Headphones while I am cleaning homes at work

  74. jogging

  75. I’d use them while sewing. Time flies when you’re in the zone with good music. #GoHawks

  76. Alessandra says:

    I use them while working out and cleaning the house!

  77. I have to use them while watching movies on my laptop because I’m hard of hearing. Would love to try these.

  78. I love those! So pretty and I love the white color! I really love to listen to music with headphones at the gym obviously and also when i walk my dog. I also love to listen to headphones at night at home while on the couch with my family. This would be so awesome to win because I’m starting back college in the summer!

  79. I love listening to music by the pool or beach! 🙂 Thanks for chance to win, they look awesome.

  80. Ashley Bree Perez says:

    I love listening to music when I am working out and when I am on the bus heading home 🙂

  81. I wear them almost all day at work, everyday. So I don’t have to hear people’s idiotic conversations!

  82. Deb Jackson says:

    This would be fabulous for the kids to watch movies while I study. This would be great.
    mrsrodjac3 at

  83. Debbie Bonavita McCarthy says:

    I use them with my iPad to watch Netflix in bed

  84. Kaye Killgore says:

    I would love to use them at my desk and while exercising.

  85. I use them on my iPad to watch movies.

  86. I use them at my desk and with my laptop for watching music videos

  87. Brandon Kaawaloa UPHIKode says:

    SOL Republic Wireless Headphones GiveAway:
    I normally use Headphones on the bus, While waiting for work to start or between classes at school.

    I Like using Headphones because earphones fall out of my ears when I’m on the go.

    SOL Republics are really good, I like them a lot 🙂

  88. Great for Hubby when he’s watching tv. It’s a win/win!

  89. While cleaning house

  90. I like to use them at my desk and exercising.

  91. At my desk listening to music!

  92. I would like to say while excercising, but usually it is while drifting off to sleep listening to Narnia audiobooks or Dateline Mystery

  93. During air travel they are a must. I’m usually friendly, but sometimes you just want to sit on the plane and read!

  94. Brenda Haines says:

    I like using my headphones when everyone else decides that they need to be in the same room as me lol I can get my work done and/or watch movies 😉 without being disturbed or disturbing. 🙂

  95. I use headphones at my desk to distract from all the people walking around!

  96. Rachel Tilly says:

    My favorite way to use them is when I am working out in the elliptical machine–the music distracts me from the monotonous task and before I know it the time is up!

  97. Amanda Williams says:

    i love using earphones at my desk.

  98. I use them while traveling and walking the dog. I would love a wireless pair to try.

  99. I use headphones constantly, especially between classes when I listen to music and when I’m skyping with my friends.

  100. Amber Norfleet says:

    My favorite way to use headphones is to connect to my IPod when I am out for a winter walk….Music keeps my feet moving. And up here in these quiet Alaskan sideroads, all I have to do is keep a sharp eye out for moose! 😉

  101. I use them to watch TV and listen to music.

  102. Nancy+Loring says:

    I use headphones while I am cleaning my house. With 4 kids under the age of 10 they know how to make a mess. I get more housework done when I am listening to music.

  103. I would use the headphones when I travel and when I workout!

  104. Lindsey Calubayan says:

    I would sport the Tracks Air when I am at the gym and when I am doing homework 🙂

  105. I would use these on the airplane to see my grandsons. Also in the kitchen while cooking.

  106. I use them while running the most but also love them on an airplane.

  107. At the gym is when I prefer these big headphones that’ll cover up my ears because I don’t usually like the music the gym plays but unfortunately it’s often on loud. With better headphones I can tune it out with my own music!

  108. I use headphones when parents turn on the tv so loud, almost every nights 🙁

  109. listening to a new album from one of my favorite artists

  110. While on a trip!

  111. I like to use earphones at my desk. No one else can disturb me when I have work that has to be done. That way I can think more clearly and not be disturbed by peripheral noise.

  112. I like to have earphones to use at my desk. The peripheral noise stops me from thinking clearly and earphones filter that noise out and then I can think more clearly.

  113. I commute in to work on the bus every morning and wear headphones to finish waking up and get me ready for the day ahead.

  114. I use them on long transcontinental flights we take to see my husband’s family!

  115. LynneMarie says:

    My favorite way to use headphones is when I’m lying in bed at night. I like to listen to music for about 30 minutes before going to sleep.

  116. Use headphone for music when i’m on bus.

  117. Nancy+Loring says:

    I like to use headphones while I am cleaning the house. Listening to music makes the job so much better. Plus I don’t bother anyone else in the house with my music.

  118. tina reynolds says:

    I love using them when working out or cleaning the house

  119. I use them to watch movies on the laptop

  120. I wear headphones while walking on the treadmill!

  121. I listen to audiobooks using headphones while cleaning and cooking

  122. I enjoy using headphones when traveling with others when I don’t want to listen to their music or when I want to listen to an audiobook.

  123. Sol Republic headphones look so much better than most others, definitely worth buying even if you don’t win them.

  124. Amazing #giveaway, I’m using this headphones while working – they are great!

  125. I use them to watch movies on my macbook.

  126. On the airplane or on a road trip for sure. Although it would be great to have a wireless pair to use while working out.

  127. I might have to give these a try. Never really considered buying this brand to be honest before. The last pair I bought were the Plantronics Backbeat Pros, which have been pretty awesome though. Interesting post and comments though

  128. Hey hey Nikki…Do you have any other headphone giveaways this year in 2017? I am putting together a compilation of headphone giveaways …sort of a roundup

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