The Ugly-Where Chair Review: The Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair at a Discount

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Looking for a discount for Pottery Barn’s Anywhere Chair?  You’ve found the best deal right here and!

The best discount you will find for Pottery Barn's Anywhere Chair. More than half off their retail price!A couple of years ago, I almost gave up on my desire for Judah to have one of the PB chairs because they were quite a bit out of my price range.  It wasn’t until I came across that I found a way to buy one within my budget!

Of course, I was initially skeptical because of the great price and the “ugly” name.  But, once we received Judah’s chair and saw that it was the same great quality, I was sold!  You can click here to see more about Judah’s chair from a couple of years ago.  See below that he still fits in it almost 3 years later!  (We have the “Regular” size chairs, but UglySofa also offers the “Mini” and the “Oversized”.)

The cheapest everyday discount for Pottery Barn's Anywhere Chair!My plan was to write another post about the update we’re doing on Judah’s room and show you that we got a second Ugly-Where chair for Simon.  We’re running a little behind on that project, though.  Ben is building bunk beds because the boys are now sharing the room.  He’s almost done, but then we have a few more ideas to complete the room, including tearing down those beautiful book shelves! (Nooooo!!!  But, we need the space.)  I’ll write a new post when the room is done, so you can see the before and after pics, but I wanted to at least share with you again about finding these chairs at a great price in case you were looking at them for Christmas.

The biggest discount on Pottery Barn's Anywhere Chairs.I decided not to have our chairs monogrammed, but the offer is FREE with  Y’all can’t beat it.  I kind of wish I would’ve put their names on them now.  But, hey, next time!  😉

The biggest discount on Pottery Barn's Anywhere Chairs.The boys use their chairs all of the time.  We have movie nights where the kids drag their chairs to the living room and watch a movie with some good ol’ popcorn!

The best deal on Pottery Barn's Anywhere Chairs.When you receive the chair, it comes in a little box as pictured above.  You won’t believe that the big chair is fitted into that small box and you REALLY won’t believe that the chair will come out and take shape, but it does!  It’s pretty fun for the boys to unpack and watch it all unfold.

The best deal on Pottery Barn's Anywhere Chairs.Judah’s chair is now almost 3 years old and has experienced a TON of beatings from the boys jumping all over it and it’s STILL in great shape!  Look, it even has the Pottery Barn tag on it.  So,  yeah… same chair.  Now go order one and feel great about that extra cash in your wallet this Christmas! 🙂

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  1. How did you get the buy one get one offer?

  2. Evelyn Rondinel says:

    how old is your son? debating on getting the standard size vs the oversized

  3. Could you tell me how long it took to get your chair in? I ordered one today for my son’s 2nd birthday coming up next week and I’m wondering if it will make it on time. I ordered from ugly sofa because I googled pottery barn anywhere chair reviews and it pulled up your blog. Thanks for the info! 😉

    • Hi Alicia,
      I cannot remember exactly how long it took, but I sort of remember that it took a little longer than I expected. You might want to contact them and ask. They are super nice and might even expedite your order if you tell them your situation. 🙂 No promises, but worth a try maybe? Good luck!

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