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Pumpkin Applesauce


Near the beginning of the fall season, I was debating whether I should focus more on apple recipes or pumpkin recipes this year.  And I’m not just talking about for this blog, but for the treats I make at home in general.  I was in the middle of my mindful debate when I came across […]

Homemade Baby Food: Egg Yolk Omelet


As promised last week, I have this one last baby food recipe to share.  Judah is a very good eater, and I’m so happy that I was able to make most of his baby food during these past few months.  Now he is able to eat most everything we eat, but I still have to […]

Homemade Baby Food – A Giveaway! (CLOSED)


UPDATE 10/25/10:  This giveaway is now closed.  The winner will be announced tomorrow. Judah is now eating a lot of the food that we eat, which makes things much easier for me.  But, it also means I don’t have many more favorite homemade baby food recipes to share.  In fact, I believe I only have […]

Homemade Baby Food: Finger Toast


Homemade baby food does not just include purees.  Now that Judah is able to pick up food with his fingers and feed himself, finger toast has become one of our favorites.  I’ve only served it for breakfast, but you can certainly accompany these with lunch or dinner, too. Up until recently, I would cut the […]

Homemade Baby Food: Pineapple


You saw my lengthy previous post on how to dice a pineapple.  Now, go ahead and use this information to dice it up for your baby, if you think he is ready (*see below).  Judah is now almost 10 months old and eating finger foods.  I’m still serving him some purees, as well, but he’s […]

Homemade Baby Food: Butternut Squash Puree


Even here in Southern California, fall is in the air.  I love this season.  After moving here a few months ago from the Midwest, I was concerned I would miss out on the crisp air, apple harvest, football and other fall favorites.  But, today I had my fill as my new friends and I made […]

Homemade Baby Food: Sweet Potato Puree


Sweet potato puree was Judah’s first vegetable, and as most babies, he loves it.  I’ll either serve him the sweet potato alone, or mix it with chicken, peas, broccoli or rice.  When I introduced broccoli, it was too strong of a taste for him so I mixed it with the sweet potato and he was […]

Homemade Baby Food: Cinnamon Applesauce


My husband surprised me last week for my 30th birthday.  He sent me back to Chicago to spend the weekend with my girlfriends.  I didn’t know about it until the day before my flight!  Little did I know, my girls back home had been planning this with him since before we even moved.  Love it! […]

Homemade Baby Food: Mom’s Favorite Purees


Apples, butternut squash and sweet potatoes are my favorite purees.  Why?  Because I think they are the easiest to prepare, besides the avocado and banana previously posted.  For the butternut squash and sweet potatoes, I just roast them for about an hour in the oven then scoop out the flesh and mash with a hand […]

Homemade Baby Food: Judah’s First Tastes (Avocado & Banana)


After feeding Judah store bought oatmeal and rice cereal, I started him on homemade baby food that did not need to be cooked.  Bananas are the most popular fruit to start with your baby, as they are high in nutrition and super easy to prepare.  Wait for it to ripen, then peel and mash!  You […]

Homemade Baby Food: Freezer Friendly Facts


Freezing homemade baby food has become a fun obsession.  As I mentioned in the last post, taking just a few hours out of a day to make a large bulk of baby food will reward you with weeks worth of supply.  And, it’s easier than you may think. For your baby’s first tastes (fruits and […]

Homemade Baby Food: The Basics


Your own adventures in homemade baby food will be very smooth and easy if you know some simple basics.   It took a little thought to figure out how to put these points together into a post.  I’ve decided that a list is the best way to go this time.  Below, are the basics of homemade […]

Homemade Baby Food: An Intro


Time to move on from only a bottle or nursing, and thinking about making homemade baby food?  Sounds intimidating, doesn’t it?  What if I said vegetable puree instead?  Does that sound just as scary?  Probably not.  And, guess what?  If you have that down, you also have homemade baby food down. On the other hand, […]

Pumpkin Puree


I’m addicted to pumpkin puree.  Maybe it’s the pregnancy, maybe it’s not.  But, I had a hard time reserving this pumpkin puree as an ingredient for my recipes rather than just eating it straight.  The texture is so smooth and I can not wait to make this as baby food next Fall. Making your own […]