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Southern Sweet Tea


If you grew up anywhere besides the South, you might have been taught that iced tea is seasonal…only for the summer months.  Your mom probably brewed it in a pitcher bathing in the hot sun on your back porch, then served it unsweetened.  I remember my mom doing this, and I loved it. It wasn’t […]

Green Monster Smoothies


Interesting title, huh?  This is part of Judah’s breakfast practically every morning.  Judah is a great eater, but I have found it difficult to get enough green veggies into him each day.  He loves carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, etc.  But, when it comes to the leafy greens, I just can’t figure him out. It was […]

Sparkling Italian Lemonade

Sparkling Basil Lemonade feature

Have you ever started something, maybe a job, a task, a trip, or a hobby, where you didn’t know how it was going to end up or even how you were going to get there, but you blindly jump-started it and took off?  Then, at some point later you looked back and thought “I am […]

Iced Coffee


**This recipe has been updated.  Please click here for the newest version.** If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, a few months ago you probably noticed my update about enjoying a vanilla iced coffee that I made at home.  Iced coffee is an addiction for me during the spring and summer months, and I […]

Strawberry Agua Fresca


If you did a search on here for beverages, you would find a very short list.  I really want to make a change to that, especially after guzzling this fresh strawberry drink the other week.  Now I have a catalog of homemade drink recipes I want to try, from lemonade variations to cocktails even.  I […]