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Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie

Can you find key limes in your grocery store?  One of the things I’ve noticed (and liked) about living in the South is having access to certain produce that I couldn’t easily find in the Midwest.  Key limes being one of them!  However, the crazy thing about Key Lime Pie is you do not have […]

Fried Cinnamon Apple Hand Pies for Jessica’s Virtual Bridal Shower


Today is a special day as we celebrate my friend, Jessica, who authors the food blog, My Baking Heart.  She’s getting MARRIED this month!  I’m so excited for her!  We got to meet in real life almost a year ago at the Foodbuzz Festival.  She and her mom (the Paula Deen look-alike) were so much […]

Roasted Banana Cream Pie with Butterscotch Ganache


Today is Pi Day, did you know?  Typically, every year I forget about this celebrated day until I open my Google reader and find many food bloggers posting a pie recipe.  Get it? Pi or Pie? Pi Day is not really to celebrate the food, pie, but instead is a day for mathematicians to recognize […]

Pumpkin Pie


When I was was at the Foodbuzz Festival a couple of weekends ago,  Ben decided to buy one of his favorite desserts at the store, pumpkin pie.  There was still about three-quarters of the pie left when I arrived home, and he slowly made his way through it during the week.  After the third or […]

Sweet Cherry Pie


Sweet Cherry Pie, homemade with fresh cherries, can be a bit tedious but is well worth the steps involved.  This still sounds strange to me, coming out of my mouth, as I’m embarrassed to admit that up until only months ago I thought I did not like cherries.  Even more embarrassing is the reason why.  […]