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Family-Friendly Austin: Where to Eat with Young Kids [Austin, TX]



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Our list of family-friendly places to eat in Austin, Texas.  These restaurants are great for kids!

When we travel, we like to check out the best places to eat in the area.  It’s a hobby both Ben and I enjoy.  When the kids are with us, though, there are some challenges.   For example, we cannot eat at a restaurant that has a wait for more than 20 minutes.  Judah would be fine waiting longer, but Simon is definitely on a very short time limit.  He’d reach his limit before we’re even seated!

So, when we have the kids we plan to visit restaurants that are family friendly, yet still known for serving exceptional food.  If you’re visiting Austin, TX with your kids and looking for enjoyable kid-friendly places to eat, then read on!  Today I’m listing a few of our favorites where kids are comfortable, having fun, and enjoying the food, too!

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Family Friendly Places to Eat in Austin, TX

Family-Friendly Places to Eat in Austin, TX: Rudy's BBQLet’s start with what Austin is known for: it’s barbecue!  You may have heard of Franklin’s Barbecue and other wildly popular local favorites, however, most of them have lines out the wa-zoo which means a very long wait.  For Franklin’s, a normal wait time is 2-3 hours!  That is definitely a no-can-do for my kids!

So, we ventured out to find just as great barbecue that doesn’t also include the hassle of its popularity.

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