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Roasted Root Vegetable and Hot Dog Skewers (Plus 4 More 30-Minute Meal Ideas with Alexia Foods)




Struggling to feed your family quickly while still keeping your meals well balanced? Read on for five 30-minute balanced weeknight meal ideas using Alexia Foods.

Families are busier than ever these days, finding it difficult to get dinner to the table on a normal weeknight. It’s even more challenging to serve a quick dinner that is well balanced. So many times are we tempted to quickly make a grilled cheese sandwich, hot dog or macaroni and cheese, throw it on a kids plate and call it a night. I’m here to encourage you that with just a few stocked Alexia products in your freezer, you can be ready with a more-creative, well-balanced meal for your family even on the busiest of weeknights.

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Slow Cooker Cream Corn - creamed corn just like Rudy's BBQ!

Slow Cooker Cream Corn (Rudy’s BBQ Copycat)



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The best ever creamed corn recipe similar to Rudy's BBQ Restaurant.  Made in the slow cooker with just a few ingredients! I guess I don't know if this is supposed to be called "cream" corn or "creamED" corn.  It … [Read More...]

Snap Circuits, Jr. - Christmas gift idea

Saturday Seeds (Black Friday Thoughts and Christmas Gift Ideas)




Thanksgiving is next week!!  AHHHHH!!!  Is that how you're feeling, too, right now?  What are you serving?  Are you hosting?  Traveling?  Shopping? Judah had his Thanksgiving party at school this week where … [Read More...]

Gingerbread Biscotti

Gingerbread Biscotti



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Gingerbread biscotti are twice-baked cookies with a spiced holiday aroma filling your kitchen.  Perfect for dipping into your hot morning coffee during these cold winter days! Ben and I have done a lot of talking … [Read More...]

Five Cheese Fifteen Minute Mac n Cheese

Five-Cheese, Fifteen-Minute Stovetop Mac ‘n Cheese



With five different creamy melty cheeses and just 15 minutes of your time, this delightful macaroni and cheese dish will entice your family to gather "Back Around the Table". You probably can tell from the title of my … [Read More...]

Chessmen Cookies Banana Pudding

Chessmen Cookies Banana Pudding



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A thick and creamy banana pudding topped with hearty and buttery store-bought cookies for a lovely display. Yesterday.  Let's talk about yesterday.  Yesterday was one of only two days each week where I have four … [Read More...]

Pailles with Raspberry Jam + Dorie Greespan's Baking Chez Moi cookbook giveaway with Driscoll's Berries #RaspberryDessert @driscollsberry @doriegreenspan

Pailles Recipe #RaspberryDessert – Plus a Driscoll’s Berries and Cookbook #Giveaway!

These Pailles are sugar-dusted puff pastry sandwich cookies with a raspberry jam filling.  A delectable French dessert you can easily make in your own home. Oh, Dorie Greenspan.  Who doesn't love her?  She recently … [Read More...]

Giant Double Chocolate Bakery Cookies

Giant Double Chocolate Bakery Cookies

These gigantic cookies are doubly good with enormous chocolaty taste, just as you find in your favorite bakery!  I love love love a good chocolate cookie, especially a DOUBLE chocolate cookie -- a chocolate … [Read More...]

Candied Roasted Root Vegetable Parfait Collage #stonyfieldblogger

Candied Roasted Root Vegetable Yogurt Parfait



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Diced small, roasted quickly and candied up with a sweet syrup, root vegetables can actually become one of your favorite toppings for yogurt!   (Note: I accidentally grabbed the wrong container for the photos. … [Read More...]

Kidstir Cooking Kits: October Review

Kidstir Review: October Cooking Kit



8 Comment

I’m proud to be a Kidstir Ambassador where I get to tell you about my favorite educational cooking kits!  For less than $20/month, your child can build his/her own cookbook and receive fun new kitchen projects to … [Read More...]

Halloween Costumes - Fireman and Policeman

Saturday Seeds: Halloween Costumes and Favorite Things



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Are you ready for Halloween?  We decided to ditch the Pac-man idea Judah had a few months ago, because he changed his mind for some reason and now wants to be a Power Ranger.  BUT... we went through a few other of his … [Read More...]

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