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Gingerbread Biscotti



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Gingerbread biscotti are twice-baked cookies with a spiced holiday aroma filling your kitchen.  Perfect for dipping into your hot morning coffee during these cold winter days!

Gingerbread BiscottiBen and I have done a lot of talking lately about challenging ourselves.  We have witnessed others who are currently struggling or have struggled in the past with self-satisfaction and direction on where their lives are headed.  Each scenario draws a common theme leading to an absence of yearning to learn or working hard towards the next step in life.  We both decided we want to always be mindful that every chapter in life is a learning process and there is always room for improvement… always.

For example, as our kids grow, we need to continuously learn how to parent.   How you communicate to a 4 year-old is much different than how you would communicate to a 1 year-old.  The way you discipline changes, the way you express your love is different, the overall way you interact is a new phenomenon.  Sure, maybe we think we know what we’re doing at this moment, but what about when our kids are teenagers?  Totally different bag, man!

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Five Cheese Fifteen Minute Mac n Cheese

Five-Cheese, Fifteen-Minute Stovetop Mac ‘n Cheese



With five different creamy melty cheeses and just 15 minutes of your time, this delightful macaroni and cheese dish will entice your family to gather "Back Around the Table". You probably can tell from the title of my … [Read More...]

Chessmen Cookies Banana Pudding

Chessmen Cookies Banana Pudding



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A thick and creamy banana pudding topped with hearty and buttery store-bought cookies for a lovely display. Yesterday.  Let's talk about yesterday.  Yesterday was one of only two days each week where I have four … [Read More...]

Pailles with Raspberry Jam + Dorie Greespan's Baking Chez Moi cookbook giveaway with Driscoll's Berries #RaspberryDessert @driscollsberry @doriegreenspan

Pailles Recipe #RaspberryDessert – Plus a Driscoll’s Berries and Cookbook #Giveaway!

These Pailles are sugar-dusted puff pastry sandwich cookies with a raspberry jam filling.  A delectable French dessert you can easily make in your own home. Oh, Dorie Greenspan.  Who doesn't love her?  She recently … [Read More...]

Giant Double Chocolate Bakery Cookies

Giant Double Chocolate Bakery Cookies

These gigantic cookies are doubly good with enormous chocolaty taste, just as you find in your favorite bakery!  I love love love a good chocolate cookie, especially a DOUBLE chocolate cookie -- a chocolate … [Read More...]

Candied Roasted Root Vegetable Parfait Collage #stonyfieldblogger

Candied Roasted Root Vegetable Yogurt Parfait



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Diced small, roasted quickly and candied up with a sweet syrup, root vegetables can actually become one of your favorite toppings for yogurt!   (Note: I accidentally grabbed the wrong container for the photos. … [Read More...]

Kidstir Cooking Kits: October Review

Kidstir Review: October Cooking Kit



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I’m proud to be a Kidstir Ambassador where I get to tell you about my favorite educational cooking kits!  For less than $20/month, your child can build his/her own cookbook and receive fun new kitchen projects to … [Read More...]

Halloween Costumes - Fireman and Policeman

Saturday Seeds: Halloween Costumes and Favorite Things



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Are you ready for Halloween?  We decided to ditch the Pac-man idea Judah had a few months ago, because he changed his mind for some reason and now wants to be a Power Ranger.  BUT... we went through a few other of his … [Read More...]

Home Tour: We use our bonus room for three uses in one! A DIY built-in murphy beds and shelves, along with a full bathroom turns this into a guest room, while it's also a theater room and a playroom!

Home Tour: Our Bonus Room – Guest Room, Theater Room and Playroom All in One!



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A homemade built-in murphy bed, custom made movie screen, play table with toys and a full bathroom allows our bonus room for three uses:  Guest room, theater room and play room all in one! (The photos in this post are … [Read More...]

Smores Graham Cracker Cookies Bars - Graham cracker dough baked in a pan with the usual S'mores fixins.

S’mores Graham Cracker Cookie Bars



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Graham cracker dough baked in a pan with chocolate chips and Mallow Bits for the ultimate S'mores cookie bars. Our weather is SO beautiful right now!  In Mississippi, you need to take advantage of the very few fall … [Read More...]

Boo Berry Donuts - using General Mills Monster Cereal collection and Pillsbury Grands! Blueberry Biscuits!

Boo Berry Donuts



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The General Mills Monster Cereal collection is back with new illustrations from DC Comics!  I put the classic blueberry flavored cereal to use in these frighteningly delicious Boo Berry Donuts! When we returned … [Read More...]

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