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Penny Answers: Whipping Cream Cheese

penny-in-pinkHi Charles!  Thanks for the question.  Other readers – If you checked out my tab (titled Penny), you will see that Charles asked “I’d like to know your method for whipping cream cheese. Any additives? Milk? Cream?

It’s very quite simple, Charles, and I’ll be more than happy to answer!  Just a splash of milk will do it.  What’s a “splash” you say?  2-3 tablespoons will do just fine.  Mix in the milk (you can also use cream, but I always have milk on hand) and then use your electric mixer to whip it right up to your desired consistency.  I like to start with the lower setting and work my way to a higher speed.

Thanks, again, for the question, Charles!

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  1. Hi! When will you know that the cream cheese is whipped?

    • I followed the directions to a T and found the texture to be more like yogurt. The cream cheese is silky smooth. I whipped the cheese to form light peaks. It took about five minutes using a hand mixer. Some ingredient is needed to make it light and airy. Next time, I’ll try a little bit of fresh squeezed lemon and a dash of cream of tartar.

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