April Fools! Spaghetti & Meatballs… or not?

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Spaghetti Cupcakes

Spaghetti & Meatballs like you’ve never tasted it before!  I just made this for our small group Bible study tonight.  Gotta run or we’ll be late!  I’ll post the recipe for this deceiving dessert ( yup! DESSERT!) when I get home.  For now, can you guess what this really is?

  • *UPDATE**

Okay, I’m back!  This is actually a concoction of cupcakes, frosting, strawberry preserves and chocolate hazelnut truffles!  The idea came from my Hello, Cupcake! book.  Although I’ve had the book for almost a year now, this is only the second time I’ve used a recipe from it!  I’ve got to start using it more!

When I found out that our small group bible study was going to be meeting on April Fools Day, I knew I had to make one of the cupcake treats from this book.  This spaghetti one was perfect because it’s actually very easy!

Just bake some cupcakes (to save time I used a vanilla box mix). Then, frost the cupcakes with a thin layer.  You don’t even have to frost them nicely since they’ll be covered up. Place on platter. Use a pasta bowl if you can, for an authentic look.

spaghetti cupcakes 2

Tint the rest of frosting with cocoa powder and yellow food coloring.  Using a ziplock bag, pipe the frosting in spaghetti squigglies to your heart’s desire! Pile it up!

spaghetti cupcakes 3

In a small bowl, mix up the truffles with the strawberry preserves.  Dump some of the preserves onto the “spaghetti.” Place the “meatballs” one by one on top of the “sauce”.  Grate some white chocolate over the meatballs (for a Parmesan cheese look).  That’s it!

spaghetti cupcakes 3

Click here for a printable recipe.

When piping the frosting into the spaghetti shapes, use a freezer ziplock bag and not a regular ziplock bag because the regular ziplock bag is wimpy and will break… allowing a blog of frosting to almost ruin your creation (yes, this happened to me…luckily I was to fix it):


I think it turned out great!  The small group loved it and thought it was a great April Fools treat.  Did you fool anyone today?

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  1. lovestoeat says:

    LOL i saw that in hello cupcake…yours are perfect!! you did a fantasic job…

  2. brannyboilsover says:

    So cute! Chocolate truffles with fruit preserves on top of an iced sponge cake?

  3. Are they the cupcakes from Hello Cupcakes? I made the corn on the cob cupcakes today. Your spaghetti (or whatever it is) is really cute!

  4. That turned out so cute!

  5. Awesome! Those look so real 🙂 I love the Hello Cupcake book but I haven’t made anything from it yet.

  6. what a cute idea!

  7. That turned out awesome & really did look like spaghetti & meatballs!!

    That “blob” has happened to me to….I don’t even use baggies anymore…hadn’t thought about using the freezer ones.

  8. That’s seriously fabulous. Love it.

  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! That is super cute! I am putting this on my must make list!

  10. I hate April Fools Day, but this is one trick that I would actually enjoy. 🙂

  11. I love it! You are such a fantastically creative person. I didn’t get those genes in our family. I’m just glad you did to make up for it. Love you sis! P.S I laughed out loud at the blob picture and the fact that you labled it.. ha!

  12. oneordinaryday says:

    I love that book! My kids and niece and nephews did this at Christmas to trick my sister. She played along and the kids had a great time.
    Your’s looks awesome!

  13. My daughter has begged me to make these cupcakes from the book and I’ve yet to get around to it….your look fabulous and so much fun!! I can’t wait to show her your post! Great idea with the pasta bowl!

  14. These are so cute!!!!

  15. Sue gladd says:

    You are so amazing Nikki!

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