Key Lime Pie Ice Cream and a Giveaway!

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Key Lime Pie Ice CreamLemons and limes are the refreshing tastes of the summer, along with a big scoop of ice cream.  A few years ago I thought about turning key lime pie and ice cream into one, but I never did try it.  Why oh why did I take this long to finally give in?

At the LA food blogger meeting I attended a few weeks ago, a fellow food blogger, Nancy, brought us each a bag of beautiful juicy key limes from Melissa’s produce.  Of course, I had to finally make this ice cream!  The recipe is very simple with few ingredients.  As with any ice cream recipe, you do need to have patience as the batter chills in the fridge before you’re able to freeze it.  But, rest assured, this particular tangy ice cream is well worth the wait!

Because I’m sharing so many ice cream recipes this month, I want to also share my ice cream maker with you!  One lucky reader will win a Cuisinart Ice Cream maker by heading over to my Facebook page.  The contest rules will be posted on the page later today, which means you will want to visit and “like” it so you will be notified right away when the contest begins.

Key Lime Pie Ice Cream

Printable Recipe

Yield: 6 servings

1 (14 oz.) can sweetened condensed milk
1 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream
1/2 teaspoon lime zest
2/3 cup lime juice
4 to 6 graham crackers, coarsely chopped

In a medium bowl, mix all the ingredients together except the graham crackers.  Chill overnight in the refrigerator.  The next day, freeze according to your ice cream maker’s manufacturer’s instructions.  Stir in the graham crackers and transfer to a freezer container.  Freeze for several hours.

Source:  Adapted from The Neely’s, via The Food Network.

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  1. This looks great! I think key lime pie ice cream is a wonderful idea… it’s tart, sweet and creamy all at once! YUM!

  2. I have never had the pleasure of having a Key Lime anything as far as i know, but limes are among my favouurrite flavours. Sadly I dont have an ice cream maker but one day when I finally buy one, this will be making an appearance! :)Lovelylovely recipe indeed

  3. I asked for an ice cream maker for my birthday, and it seriously can’t come soon enough with all the wonderful ice cream flavors I’ve been seeing on your site!

  4. Ummm this looks so delicious

  5. This ice cream sounds incredible! I love key lime pie and never even thought to make it into an ice cream flavor. Genius! I have to make this! 😀

  6. Love this ice cream.

  7. mmm can’t wait to try this treat, thank you!!

  8. Brenna J says:

    I just found your blog via Annie’s Eats and I can’t wait to keep reading along! This ice cream looks fabulous as do so many other recipes you have posted!! Very nice pictures also!! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  9. This is even easier when you mix slightly softened vanilla ice cream with frozen pink lemonade concentrate. Put in a chocolate cookie crust and refreeze. It’s great to put in small paper cups or in a pie pan.

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