The Viking Cooking School [Greenwood, MS]

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Last weekend, I visited the town of Greenwood, Mississippi to attend a cooking class at the Viking Cooking School.  It was a birthday present from the hubs.  I had a great time at Viking Range! Want to know more?

Viking Range Mac n Cheese

Viking Range, a division of Middleby Corporation, manufactures high-end kitchen appliances with their headquarters located in Greenwood, Mississippi.  The headquarters, along with six other locations, includes the Viking Cooking School where classes are offered for the novice to the seasoned cook.  Ben surprised me with reservations to attend a hands-on class where we learned to whip up true southern recipes based on the movie, The Help.  Have you seen it??

The Help was filmed in Greenwood and is only an hour-and-a-half drive from our home.  The class started at 10:00 AM, so I headed out the driveway at 8:00 AM thinking it would take a few extra minutes to actually find where I was going!  😉  I was wrong.  GPS took me right where I needed to be.  I parked on the street and headed into the building marked “Viking Range” where I could look through the glass windows and see this:

Viking Range Kitchen

…our classroom.

Our instructor was Chef Lauren, who was the sweetest gal!  At the beginning of class, she rounded up all of the students and handed us a booklet of the recipes we were going to be making.  She then gave us a nice little run-down of the first two recipes – cornbread and biscuits.  YUM!  This was the pattern for the rest of the 3 hours of class.  Chef Lauren would go over a couple of the recipes, we would then divide into groups and each have our turn to help stir, pour, fry, boil, shape dough, etc.

Viking Range Chef Lauren

It was fun to get our hands dirty, but it was very nice that all of the ingredients were measured for us and anything that needed to be chopped or shredded was already done!

Viking Range Collard Greens Collage

I loved chatting and making new friends during the class.  In fact, I was one of only two of us that were not part of a bachelorette get-together.  What a fun idea for the bride-to-be!  The ladies were super sweet to include me in their celebration! And, guess what?  They traveled from practically EVERYWHERE!  One gal came from Germany where her husband serves in the United States Air Force, a few drove from Alabama, two from Nashville, one from D.C. and a few from Texas, I think?

Viking Range Hands OnI got to know a little about each student.  It truly was like standing around your kitchen island in your own home, chatting away while you cooked together!

Viking Range Biscuits

Let me tell you about the biscuits we made.  Best.biscuits.EVER!  I cannot even start to explain how light and fluffy they were, and EASY, too!  I loved using the cookie scoop to scoop the dough and dump it into a cloud of flour, then gently shaping each dough ball into the round cake pan. Totally my go-to recipe for now on.

Viking Range Students 2

Okay, don’t these ladies look like they should be on a cooking show?  And, see there!?  I was not the only one using my phone to take pictures and post on Instagram!  Speaking of IG, click here to see a video of us frying up the chicken.

Viking Range Fried Chicken

Check out that load of fried goodness! (Yes, I did smell like fried chicken when I came home.)  🙂

Viking Range Finished Meal

And, our finished meal. (Fried chicken, collard greens, macaroni and cheese, light and fluffy biscuits and cornbread.)  At the end of class, we sat down together and enjoyed our creation!

Viking Range Group Photo

This class was such an enjoyable event!  The classroom was clean, the instructor was fun, steps were efficient and the sweet tea was excellent! 😉  I hope to take more classes in the future, and maybe bring a friend with me next time!

The Viking Cooking School is located at:

325 C Howard Street
Greenwood, MS 38930

Visit Viking Range for more information.  (Class schedules, registering information and other locations).

I also included a street view and clickable map for you:   😉

View Larger Map

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  1. I hope you got to eat that plate of food too. It looks delicious. I took a class once at the CIA in New York. So much fun!

  2. I have always wanted to do this! There used to be a Viking cooking school in Ridgeland, but apparently it is now closed. 🙁 Gonna have to get Ben to drop a hint to Nathan.

  3. Looks like fun! What a yummy-looking dinner you made!

  4. I love taking cooking classes! So fun to meet new people that want to cook and learn.

  5. Ohhhh how fun!! What a great gift idea and that food… gah! Such a lucky girl you are 🙂

  6. Oh wow! I bet it was so much fun 🙂 I love doing these kinds of things! That plate is filled with tasty goods, that fried chicken looks perfect!!

  7. Niki,
    I love your post! I am so glad you were able to join us for the cooking class, too. We had a lot of fun didn’t we? Hope we can keep in touch.
    Make some collard greens this week!
    Back to Germany tomorrow!
    Angela D

    • Hi Angela! Thanks for checking out the blog! I’m really glad we met!

      I actually forgot to bring home my packet of recipes from class, so I’ll have to track it down to make the collard greens again. 😉 Safe travels back to Germany!

  8. Can you email me the recipe for biscuits? I drove from Amory, Ms to Greenwood for a medical visit for my mother and on the way back home I drove through the downtown area and was like ” WHAT IN THE WORLD Is Viking doing here?” turns out its the world Headquarters. Thanks

    • I don’t think I can email the recipe, as it was part of the class registration cost, but I do plan to post my own adaptation of it soon. It IS surprising to see Viking right in the middle of Greenwood! 🙂

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