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TCHO Chocolate – “Nutty”

I received more TCHO chocolate the other day. What’s that you say? How am I getting all of this FREE chocolate!? Well, it all began in the land of BlakeMakes where I became a Sooper Hero; meaning I would receive samples of new food, taste it and blog about it. This land of Blake Makes is almost a perfect world…

TCHO began with two flavors of chocolate, “Fruity” and “Chocolatey”. Now they developed their third flavor of chocolate called “Nutty” and sent me a taste. And, wow, was this even better than the last two? Or, am I just loving ALL of their chocolate? I crave more every day!

I made some cookies with this last batch. I’ll post them tomorrow as we are on vacation right now in Branson, MO and I have little time to post.

So, please stay tuned… you do not want to miss out on this cookie recipe! You may have seen it out there in the blog world. I’ll give you a hint, it includes only 4 ingredients.

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