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New Year New Logo

I’ve been so excited for this day to come.  Definitely meant to post this a little earlier today, but my family came in for a weekend visit so I was hustling to get ready for their arrival.  Now that they’re here, I told them I have to take a few minutes to write my post…because I’ve been looking forward to it for a few weeks now.

Hopefully, you, my dedicated readers, have been in anticipation of my previous post regarding a new “someone” who will be joining us soon.  Well, that someone is here, and her name is Penny.

Meet Penny:


Penny is going to be around for a while.  If she has a good response from you, I think I’ll keep her ‘hired’ for quite a long time!  :)  She’s going to be giving us more Penny Pinching ideas while gracing her beautiful self on the Pennies on a Platter banner. (Do you like the new banner?)  She’ll switch outfits once in a while for the seasons and holidays….  And, she might even have a few give-aways for YOU this year!

Thanks to my friend, Rebekah Canavan, for creating Penny.  She did a marvelous job, exactly what I was dreaming up.  Thanks Rebekah!

So, please stay tuned.  You’ll start to see Penny popping up in a few other places… like Facebook!  Will you be her friend?

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  1. penny is cute! :-)

  2. how cute!

  3. fingers80 says:

    Oh my gosh, she’s adorable! Please keep us updated about the Facebook group. I will totally join.

  4. I love her!! What a perfect logo!

  5. Yay Penny! I love the new look!

  6. Penny ROCKS!!!!!

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