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Blog Awards

It is fun to receive these ‘unofficial’ blog awards from fellow bloggers, because it assures me that my time spent taking photos of my food and risking a cold meal is totally worth it because YOU enjoy reading my blog!  I received these three awards recently and wanted to take some time to pass them on to some of the food blogs that I frequent.

Thanks to Michelle at Something New is Cooking for the Butterfly Award.

Thanks to Stephanie at Macaroni & Cheesecake, and Mary Ellen from Mary Ellen’s Cooking Creations for the Refreshing Blog (Lemonade) award.

Thanks to Stephanie (again) for the Fabulous Blog award.


Now, I’d like to pass them on back to the ones who gave them to me and to a few food blogs (of the many) I enjoy:

SweetTea in Texas

Offerings of a Culinary Pilgrim

Picky Palate

Baking Blonde

Closet Cooking

Thanks to everyone who has a food blog!  I know it takes sacrifice of hot meals sometimes to capture a great photo of your food to post to your blog.  But, isn’t it worth it?  Isn’t it so much fun!!?  I really love reading food blogs (have tons of you in my RSS reader) and hope you all keep up the awesome blogging!

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  1. Congrats on all the awards & to the new “winners”!

  2. culinarypilgrim says:

    Awwww….thanks. Congrats on your many awards!

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