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How to Cut and Dice a Pineapple

Diced Pineapple

Please don’t make fun of me.  Well, you can make fun of me, but don’t let me hear you.  :) Six years ago I was making dinner for some friends and included fruit cocktail as a side dish.  This was before Pennies on a Platter, and definitely at a time when I barely knew a thing in the kitchen.  This was quite obvious because after dinner one of my friends asked if I forgot to “core” the pineapple.  Forgot!?  Well, no I didn’t forget!  I just didn’t know that I needed to!!  Ah-ha!

Since then, I’ve been bashful of the pineapple and only bought it already diced, ready to use.  The other day while grocery shopping I decided that I needed to face my fear and learn how to cut up my own pineapple.  It would definitely save me money!  And, with Google, I knew I could find myself a video tutorial, right?

Well, ladies and gents, I am proud to announce that I have battled my enemy and pineapples are now my friend!  In fact, I can’t believe how easy it is to cut one up and dice it.  I’m so embarrassed that I put this off for so long.  Seriously, I can work with yeast, decorate with royal icing, make an insane German Chocolate cake and yet I couldn’t cut up a pineapple?  Darrr!  ;)

In case you are like me I was, I decided to photograph my steps and post them for you.  Actually, I hope there are some of you out there that can use this information, because if I’m the only one that had no clue how to cut up a pineapple, then I will really feel like a ding dong!  Not that being a ding dong is uncool…

How to Cut and Dice a Pineapple


Tools Needed:
Pineapple (really!)
Sharp Chef’s Knife
Cutting Board
Paring Knife (optional)


Step 1:  Slice off the top and bottom of the pineapple.


Step 2: Discard the stalk.  It’s not tasty.


Step 3:  Stand the pineapple on its bottom and cut off the skin…


…digging deep enough to rid most of the brown eyes.


Step 4:  Discard the rind (skin) or save it and make tepache.


Step 5:  Using a paring knife, or an apple corer, dig out the rest of the brown eyes, if needed.


Step 6:  Let’s get rid of that ring in the center there, known as the core. (Yes, this is the part I forgot six years ago that started my avoidance of pineapples.)  There are two ways you can do it:


Coring Option #1: Place pineapple on its side and slice into rings, using your paring knife to cut out the core for each piece.  You can just stop here and use the pineapple rings to top your teriyaki hamburger or bake your pineapple upside down cake.  Or go ahead and dice them up.


Coring Option #2: Stand pineapple on its bottom and slice around the core lengthwise.  (Cut the fruit away from the core.)

Diced Pineapple

Step 7:  Dice up that pineapple.  Enjoy and make some salsa!  (Recipe soon to follow!)

Tomorrow – come back and see how my little Judah reacted to the taste of this pineapple.  :)

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  1. I should be sleeping after working 14hours but instead I am reading this with a smile on my face and missing my favorite ding dong friend ;)

  2. I have always used Option #2, but I like Option #1! Thanks for an informative post!

  3. The hubs and I both hate pineapple, so I’ll never have use of this tutorial, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Glad you’ve finally been able to conquer the pineapple! =]

  4. Did you read my mind? I don’t like pineapple but both my husband and daughter too (we too introduced before 1 year) and I got a cheap fresh pineapple I was clueless. I asked my mom the other day, but your pictures helped!

  5. I just cut up my first pineapple on Sunday or Monday. I did not know what to do, but I did a pretty good job! Thanks for putting this tutorial up because there are lots of people that have no clue! :)

  6. You’re actually better off using a large serrated knife because when you use a chefs knife you lose a lot of the the good parts. The serrated helps you just cut off the skin and eyes while not chunking it off.

  7. Another thing you can do with the rind is chop it up and blend it with water to make juice! Just don’t forget to strain it before you drink. ;)

  8. I’m glad you figured out how to core a pineapple. =) But I grew up in the Philippines, surrounded by pineapples, and I have to speak out: you’re cutting off way too much of the fruit! I found another blog that shows the method I grew up with:

    • Thanks, Maya. However, his method is extremely similar. The only difference is how we tend to get rid of the “brown eyes.” I realize in one of my photos it looks like a lot of fruit is cut off, but it certainly isn’t going to waste. :) Thanks for sharing!

  9. teachermarianyc says:

    I just learned how to make a pineapple “juice” from my Bolivian mother-in-law. Boil the skin and core of the pineapple with a cinnamon stick and some cloves. Drain and chill the liquid. It makes a very refreshing juice (which in my opinion doesn’t need additional sugar), and also makes your house smell amazing!

  10. tiffany says:

    i didn’t know how to cut a pineapple either until my sister-in-law told me. lol. love fresh pineapple.

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