Penny’s Weekend Garnish

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This Week on Pennies on a Platter
This section highlights the recipes posted this week on Pennies on a Platter and other updates to the blog, if any.

Angel Food Cake – A light and spongy cake that doesn’t make you feel 10 pounds heavier.

Strawberry Glazed Angel Food Cake – My favorite version of strawberry shortcake, if you will.

Crunchy Apple Slaw – Perfect accompaniment to your barbecue.

Dug Out from the Archives
Let’s dig into the archives and reconsider some of the older recipes on Pennies on a Platter that we ate this week. (Some of which I plan to re-post with new photos and better directions in the near future.)

Oatmeal Raisin Sandwich Cookies – Made these for a bake sale in Glendale today.  Ben was very happy as he was asking for these again last week.  So, of course, I left a few behind for him.  🙂

Apricot and French Dressing Crock Pot Chicken – After making this many times last year, I forgot all about this recipe after our big move to California.  Glad I dug it out and made it again for dinner this week.  We love this one!

Caught My Eye
I love reading other blogs and websites, and often bookmark their recipes, products or reviews. These are a few that top my list from the week.

Gina’s Skinny Recipes – Right now I am in the mood to add some healthier recipes to my menu.  So, I’m hitting up this recipe blog for some new ideas!  Starting with these two recipes this weekend.

My Life as a Pastor’s Wife and Food Blogger
Want more insight into my life as a Pastor’s wife, mom, friend, relative and food blogger? Then, read on! If not, ignore this section. 🙂 This is a place for me to write what’s on my mind and journal some of the crowning moments of my week.

As I mentioned last week, my little sister was in town visiting during her spring break.  We spent her first day touring Paramount Studios, then the next day laying low and experiencing In ‘n Out for her first time.

in outSaturday we headed to Six Flags to hit up some roller coasters, but unfortunately the park was so packed and the lines were so long that she only made it on TWO rides! We did manage, however, to take Judah on some fun little kiddie rides. (Don’t make fun of my reptile neck. In fact, just ignore it and focus on Judah’s priceless smile.)


carouselThe next day we spent the morning at church, then did a little bit of hiking nearby that gave us an amazing view of our mountains.  Later in the evening we stayed in for girls’ night with frozen yogurt and a chick flick.

MOUNTAIN VIEWMonday, we headed for a packed full day trip to Las Vegas to see the extravagant hotels.  It was difficult to get a still photo of me and Judah in front of the famous “Welcome to Vegas” sign.

vegasOf course, a Vegas trip isn’t complete without visiting the M&M and Coca-Cola stores.

COCA COLA MMWe even had our rounds of 16 different international drinks. A few of them weren’t too tasty, as you can tell by my little sister’s expression…

INTERNATIONAL DRINKSTuesday was beach day, then Wednesday she headed home.  I have to say, my little sister was very lucky with the warm weather we had out here during her visit, because it has since been cold again and we even had flurries yesterday! We certainly miss her, though. Judah woke up from his nap the day she left, looking for her in our guest room and the guest bathroom. He really warmed up to her that week and we can’t wait to see her again soon!

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  1. will try the angle food cake,..

  2. I love seeing what everyone bookmarks from other blogs. Gina has so many good-looking recipes!

  3. I’m not sure what town you live in, but judging from your pictures, and proximity to all the fun places you visited, I’m guessing I probably grew up close to you guys. We were there this last week visiting. :0)

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