Lindy’s Scones Giveaway – CLOSED

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Lindy's Scones2Tell me if you’ve heard this as many times as I have in the last week:  “I can’t believe it’s almost November!”  And now it’s actually arrived.  Halloween is over and it is time to start thinking (if you haven’t already) about the holidays.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner.  Are you ready?

To welcome in this festive time of year, I wanted to do a little giveaway for you.  A friend of mine runs an excellent Etsy shop, Lindy’s Delights, where her main products are scone mixes.  I’ve had my fair share of her scones and they.are.amazing.  She keeps it simple for the consumer so that all we need to add to the mix is the cream and vanilla.  Quickly pat it into a circle, cut into wedges then bake in the oven.  Within minutes you can impress your guests with a scrumptious breakfast or tea time treat!

Lindy's Scones4If you’re looking for a gift from your kitchen, Lindy packages her scone mixes in darling paper bags with adorable tags, so they can make the perfect gift or party favor.  In fact, I bought a few packages to give as gifts to some fellow food blogging friends at a conference I’m attending this weekend!

Lindy's Scones3My favorite mix used to be the Orange Chocolate Chip, up until the season changed and now I’m hooked on her Apple Pie a la Mode.   This mix includes chunks of apples, chewy caramel bits and white chocolate chips that all come to life once the liquid ingredients are added.  Because this is the time of year when pies are abundant, I thought giving away one of these Apple Pie a la Mode mixes to a lucky reader is appropriate.  Here are the rules:

To enter the contest, please visit Lindy’s Delights and then come back here and tell me which scone mix could become your favorite.  Only one entry per person, and the contest is open only to readers in the United States.  Please leave your comment by Sunday, November 6th at 9:00 PM PST.  I’ll randomly choose and announce the winner next week.  Good luck and happy November!!

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  1. Everything in her shop looks delicious! At first I was thinking the Cinnamon Apple scone mix sounded the best, but then I saw the Apple Pie a la Mode scone mix and knew that would be my favorite 🙂

  2. The Apple Pie a la Mode sounds too good, that would definitely be my fav 🙂

  3. Coconut chocolate chip….definitely!

  4. Hard to choose. All of the apple mixes sound yummy. But I would try Apricot Cream.

  5. Apricot Cream sounds divine!

  6. I completely think that Caramel Apple Scone Mix could very well become my favorite 🙂 Thank you so much for this giveaway and the chance to win 🙂

    green_eyed_princesss at msn dot com

  7. Oh wow… They all sound so tasty. I would have to pick the cherry cheesecake flavor if I was forced I think.

  8. Coconut chocolate chip sounds so good

  9. I love baking and eating scones! Yummmmmy! The triple chocolate chunk scones or the dark chocolate raspberry scones sound delicious!

  10. Kristen Hacker says:

    I think that the caramel apple or the orange cranberry sound amazing. Full of fall flavor.

  11. Ooooo, dark chocolate raspberry looks awesome!! I would love to try that!

  12. Oooh, thanks for sharing! I would have to go with Banana Chocolate Chip scones as my favorite. Though, you can never go wrong with any scone.

  13. Cherry Cream Cheese! …although the triple chocolate looks delightful!

  14. My goodness how can one choose? They all look delish! “Apricot Creme” if I could only pick one.

  15. Jill Thomas says:

    Lemon Blueberry sounds delicious, but then again, they all do! Yummy!

  16. Ooh! The cherry cream cheese sound sinfully delicious!! Thank you!

  17. Orange cranberry are my favorite scones. I think the triple wildberry would be my next pick.

  18. Caramel Apple sounds yummy!

  19. Anita McCrackin says:

    WOW so many great ones to choose from how could you ever just pick one!!! I will have to narrow it down and say the APRICOT CREME looks to me to be the one I would buy over and over again!

  20. Jan Fisher says:

    I think the lemon blueberry sounds heavenly with a cup of coffee!

  21. Triple wildberry! To me, cranberries give the look and flavor of the holidays!

  22. MMMM Dark Chocolate Raspberry sounds so good.

  23. The chocolate raspberry sound scrumptious!

  24. Oh my!!! Coconut Choc chip would probably be my favorite, but the cinnamon apple ones look good too!

  25. Caramel apple
    Cranberry orange

  26. They all look delicious, but the Dark Chocolate Raspberry has my vote!

  27. I would *love* to try the cheery cream cheese scones…cherry flavored anything is my favorite!

  28. The Banana Chocolate Chip scones sound wonderful… I love that combination! 🙂

  29. I’m guessing “ALL OF THEM!” is not a good answer… so I’ll say Caramel Apple!

  30. all Lindy’s flavor combos sound so goooooddd…but i would think cranberry orange could become my favorite. thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  31. Mmmm coconut chocolate chip please!

  32. They all look yummy! But if I had to choose one that I could make first it would be the cherry cream cheese scone mix!

  33. Coconut Chocolate sounds so yummy!

  34. Wow, they all sound delicious, but I think I would go with the dark chocolate raspberry! That is my favorite combination and I’m sure would be amazing in a scone.

  35. The coconut chocolate sounds delicious, but then again they all do! How can anyone decide!?!

  36. Ha, I was just saying to myself as I read the title – what a nice giveaway bag. Eeeek, I can’t wait to get one from you! (don’t enter this comment as a giveaway!!!) Mmmmm, this sounds fantastic!

  37. They all sound so delish,but the Dark Chocolat Raspberry sound so yummy. Marie

  38. dark chocolate raspberry!

  39. They all sound amazing, I am thinking that the Cherry Cream Cheese is a must try though!

  40. Oh, my goodness! They all look so yummy! I think the lemon blueberry intrigues me the most… however, the triple chocolate chunk would probably be the instant favorite (it’s an addiction, I can’t help it!).

  41. Obviously the triple chocolate chunk mix caught my eye first!

  42. It’s a toss up between the apricot creme and blueberry white chocolate! They both sound heavenly!

  43. cindy hamilton says:

    mmmm, dark choclate raspberry!

  44. All of them sound amazing, but i think my favorite would probably be lemon poppyseed!

  45. So many wonderful scone choices! The triple chocolate scones sounds fabulous for girl friends but for just friends I would pick the lemon blueberry. Really great combinations.

  46. They all look delicious but I think I’d like to try the Cherry Cream Cheese.

  47. Cherry Cream Cheese….. but Apricot Crème is a very close second!

  48. Apple Pie A La Mode sounds delicious for the time of the season!

  49. The cinnamon apple scone mix sounds fabulous. It was a close call, though, between that and the cherry cream cheese.

  50. They all sound delicious, but I’d have to choose the triple chocolate scone…I KNOW that would be my favorite 🙂

  51. I think the triple chocolate or the apple pie ala mode would be FABULOUS! My mouth is watering right now thinking about them!

  52. The dark chocolate raspberry looks really good!

  53. There are several that sound really yummy to me, but that was an easy choice…dark chocolate raspberry!

  54. I would love to try the Cinnamon Apple scones

  55. Apple pie a la Mode for sure! I LOVE apple pie and those look amazing. But blueberry could be a close second! 🙂

  56. Anne Marie says:

    It was a tough choice, but I’d have to go with triple chocolate chunk! You can never go wrong with triple chocolate!

  57. Blueberry scones!

  58. Lemon blueberry sounds so yummy!

  59. The triple wildberry looks delicious!

  60. My favorite scone mix I saw was the mix for the Lemon Blueberry! Yummy 🙂

  61. They all look so good,but the cherry cream cheese scone sounds devine!

  62. ooooh, white chocolate blueberry looks divine! 🙂

  63. libby rouse says:

    apple pie a la mode sounds delicious

  64. Carly Romero says:

    Triple chocolate chunk…oh my!

  65. Definitely the lemon blueberry scones! Yummmmmm, my favorite 🙂

  66. Apricot cream!

  67. Orange Cranberry is my current favorite but Apricot Cream calls to me as well.

  68. My mouth is watering over the caramel apples scones…

  69. Anything will apples sounds wonderful — especially cinnamon apple (such a good combination of flavors!). However, my husband is always partial to lemon poppyseed!

  70. Since I always have someone sleeping over the night before Thanksgiving, and because I am always busy putting together Thanksgiving dinner at the same time someone is looking for breakfast, I love the idea of these quick fix scone mixes. Lemon blueberry made my taste buds sit up and take notice!

  71. I could fall in love with the Cream Cheese Cherry Scones! They sound ahhhmazing!

  72. There are multiple ones that sound so yummy. I love anything Cranberry & Orange so those would definitely work. Yum yum yum!

  73. Wow! They all sound so yummy. My favorite would be the apricot creme scone mix.

  74. Cranberry Orange! All sound so delish!

  75. Hayley Johnson says:

    Although I’m addicted to chocolate; the blueberry looks delicious

  76. Cherry cream cheese!….great combination

  77. I think I would love the Blueberry White Chocolate. They sound yummy!!

  78. The orange chocolate sounds fabulous…that’s been one of my favorite combos since my sister brought back orange twix from England. And my nickname is Lindy!

  79. MMM..Triple Choc chunk sounds awesome..

  80. They all sound amazing!!! My favorite would probably be the Apple Pie a la Mode!

  81. The Cherry Cream Cheese Scone sounds delicious.

  82. It is hard to choose which would be the best because they all look great. I think the triple wildberry wil be my choice.

  83. I have a pretty big feeling that the Coconut Chocolate Chip Scones would be pretty seriously addictive!

  84. Ummmmmmmmm, yes! They all look fantastic! Cinnamon apple sounds perfect right now …

  85. It’s a tough tie between coconut chocolate chip or cinnamon apple scones! Scones have been my big pregnancy craving and I am loving them so much!

  86. Coconut chocolate chip sounds great!

  87. Lorrie Runion says:

    Orange Chocolate Chip!!

  88. Oh my, the Triple Chocolate Chunk Scones sound amazing!

  89. I’d love to try the apricot creme!

  90. Julie Pagenkopf says:

    Definitely the coconut chocolate chip. Followed by maybe the orange chocolate chip, triple chocolate, and blueberry.

  91. The triple berry scone mix looks delicious. So does the one with apples and caramel.

  92. Apricot Cream Scones sound so “to die for”! That would be my favorite

  93. Banana chocolate chip – YUM! What a great idea for fast cooking of something homeade!

  94. Oh my goodness! Caramel Apple looks soooooo good!

  95. Melissa Herrmann says:

    The coconut chocolate chip scones look wonderful!

  96. Heather Taylor says:

    The caramel apple scones look wonderful.

  97. I Love lemon so her lemon one looks awesome! but given the fall season the orange cranberry looks great too!

  98. The Lemon Poppyseed sounds the best, because it also comes with a recipe for Lemon Creme which sounds super yummy!

  99. The Apricot Creme Scones sound amazing! I absolutely love the flavor of apricots.

  100. The Apricot Creme caught my eye right off the bat. Yep, Apricot Creme it is.

  101. It’s hard to choose. They all sound so good, but I think I’d pick triple wildberry. Sounds so yummy. Thanks for the chance to win.

  102. I would probably enjoy fixing any of them, but the Blueberry White Chocolate looked especially intriguing. Yum!

  103. Ah 3 way tie between dark chocolate raspberry, blueberry white chocolate, and chocolate chunk!

    They all look and sound delicious!

  104.!! I went to Lindy’s Delights expecting a few yummy scone mixes but never expected the incredible variety I found. They all sound so good it was a real challenge to decide. I think the one I would totally fall for would be the cherry cream cheese but the coconut chocolate chip could give it a run for its money…and maybe the cinnamon apple….oh my!!

  105. Caramel Apple Scone Mix. Sounds delicious. The whole family loves scones!

  106. I already know I love the orange chocolate chip and triple chocolate chunk….yes, I’m a chocolate girl! If I’m in the mood for fruity though, I will take the apricot. Yummy!

  107. Jodie Skanderson says:

    So…hard…to…pick…just…one… Okay after too much pondering I would pick the lemon poppy. 🙂

  108. Triple Chocolate Chunk!!! Hi Nikki!
    I finally figured out why I always felt so behind on your blog. I had bookmarked your page for page 3 instead of the 1st page of your blog! I have been following for a few months.
    Judah is getting so big and so handsome!