Starbucks K-cups Review + A Christmas Giveaway! (CLOSED)

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Starbucks K-cup3As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program, I was given the opportunity to review the new Starbucks K-cup portion packs.  Starbucks and Foodbuzz supplied me with a Keurig one-cup coffee brewer and two (16-ct.) packages of the Starbucks K-cups to try.  Although I was super excited to receive a Keurig machine because I’ve wanted one since this summer, I was equally excited to have the chance to sample the Starbucks K-cups, as I am a fan of the popular coffee chain.

Every Sunday morning, Judah and I stop through Starbucks as a treat before church.  I usually have my registered gift card with a balance I accumulated from my birthday and Christmas each year.  🙂  The rest of the week I’ll brew my own coffee at home.  Ben doesn’t drink coffee, so making a pot for one cup is difficult and sometimes frustrating.  I’ll use my French press more often than not, but was recently desiring the Keurig machine so I could avoid the fuss and clean up.

starbucks reviewWe tested the Starbucks K-cups out on Saturday morning during Judah’s 2nd-year birthday party.  (A separate post on this to come.)  🙂  The parents who were coffee drinkers really enjoyed the taste of the Starbucks portion packs and said there wasn’t much difference than ordering it from the actual coffee shop.  One of the dads, who drinks coffee every day and has a brother who works for Starbucks, said that his K-cup coffee that morning tasted about 90% equal to what he expects from the Starbucks coffee shop.  My theory is that it would’ve been 100% had I added bottled water in the brew instead of right from the sink.  Oops!

Starbucks aims to provide the same aroma, body and rich flavor through these K-cups that you would expect from a normal Starbucks experience.  Starbucks® coffee and Tazo® tea K-Cup® Portion Packs are now available on shelves at food, drug, mass, club, specialty, and department store retailers throughout the U.S. They come in five of Starbucks’ most popular coffee varieties, and two top-selling varieties of Tazo® tea. To learn more, visit

Now for the giveaway:

keurig b40starbuck k-cups

Because I’m enjoying my Keurig machine so much and because I’m loving the Starbucks K-cup portion packs, I decided to offer one to you!  One lucky reader will receive this Keurig machine and a 16-count package of Starbucks K-cup portion packs (total value over $140.00).  Here are the rules:

  • Leave a comment attached to this post and tell me your favorite Christmas/Hanukkah present ever.  I know this has nothing to do with Starbucks or Keurig and seems totally random.  But, this giveaway is my Christmas present to you, and I want to know what it’s up against! 😉  If you do not celebrate Christmas with gifts, then I’d love to hear what was your favorite gift someone has ever given you in general, whether it was for your birthday, Valentine’s Day, a “get well soon,” for a funeral, a “just because,”, or etc.
  • Include a valid email address (so I can contact you if you win).
  • Only one entry per person.
  • Contest open only to readership in the United States.
  • Comments must be submitted by Saturday, December 17th at 9:00 PM PST.
  • Winner will be chosen randomly sometime after December 17.

I’ll announce the winner sometime the week before Christmas, so make sure you check back to see if you won!

Full Disclosure:  The Keurig machine and Starbucks K-cup packs that I used for my review were provided to me by Starbucks and Foodbuzz.  The Keurig and Starbucks K-cup portion packs for the giveaway are sponsored by Pennies on a Platter as my thanks to you for reading my blog. 🙂

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  1. My favorite Christmas present ever was a dollhouse I received in first grade. I had wanted one for the longest time and that was my gift that year. I was so excited to unwrap it and cherished it for years to come! 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  2. my very first sewing machine which helped tremendously in my college years 🙂

  3. My favorite Christmas present ever is probably a Bible I was given about 10 years ago. It is precious to me. 🙂

  4. lisa cacho says:

    My favorite Christmas gift was a family trip that we took almost 10 years ago. My father had died a few months before after suffering with a chronic illness and instead of giving my kids more things (being the only grandkids/nieces they ended up with a lot of stuff) we (my mom, siblings, husband, kids and I) decided to take a 3 night trip to Disneyland in early January. We thought that this was a good way to get away together and make precious memories. My dad’s sister and her husband were able to join us and it really was just a great relaxing time. Strangely, many people commented to us how sad it would be for our kids not to open presents on Christmas morning (they didn’t seem to mind). We enjoyed it so much that we did it again this past Christmas!

  5. Rhonda Darbro says:

    I would love to win the Keurig & Starbucks K-cups!!! I have wanted a Keurig since they came out. I would say that the best Christmas gift I ever got was the KitchenAid stand mixer I received from my in-laws 20 years ago.

  6. My favorite Christmas gift I’ve ever received was the complete box set of Sex and the City. My boyfriend knows me too well 🙂

  7. What a fantastic giveaway!!!! One of the best Christmas gifts for me was back in the 1970’s, when my father bought my brothers and I a Honda Oddesey –(4 wheel ATV with a roll bar)….it was the coolest yellow and black and soooo many rides with my brothers in the snow, hot summer evenings….learning how to drive…. and those cool helmets we had to wear:) Makes me warm, fuzzy, and smile…great memories:)

  8. My first Christmas with my husband, he gave me a wonderful Grace Quilting Frame. It was so large that it was hard to hide even in pieces. I love it. Now he has dementia, and it is hard for him to make coffee. This would be a great present for him. Keurig makes a wonderful product.

  9. amy marantino says:

    a quilt that my mom made for me

  10. What an AWESOME giveaway! I have been hearing a lot about these lately! My favorite Christmas present would have to be my Kitchen-aid mixer!

  11. I’m not sure it I qualify for your drawing or not, because we are military, residents of Alaska, have a PO Box in the states as our mailing address, but are currently living in Belgium. If I don’t qualify, then have a super day. If I do qualify, here goes… My favorite Christmas present of all time is the Grandfather clock my hubby just gave me for Christmas this year. I got it early, because we got a great deal on it, and it’s more than a little difficult to wrap. He and I have been wanting one for many years, and I love the sound it makes as it sings to me all day long. <3

  12. My favorite present ever was my vitacost and I still use it every day

  13. Samantha Mummert says:

    My favorite christmas present that has stuck out in my mind was when I was little we went to sea world and I wanted this seal that made noise and I got told no by parents and I sulked the rest of the day. Then on christmas morning I opened up that seal and was so happy to see it. Still have him to this day 20 years later. Most memorable chrstimas ever.

  14. Noreen Trofholz says:

    My favorite Christmas gift ever was the year my mother gave me three of her antique Christmas Santa’s, since this day she has passed, its been 3 years, but every year I put them out at Christmas and it puts a smile on my face, one day I will give these to my daughter.


  15. As I was growing up my grandpa was one of my best friends. He had been a mechanic, but by the time I was born he just worked on cars of friends and family. We would go fishing in the summer time and I always loved to wear his mechanic’s jacket on those early mornings. It was old, worn, and navy blue with the oval name patch that read Gene. You must understand this to appreciate the Christmas part of the story. I was 15 and we exchanged gifts with my grandparents on Christmas Eve. They had saved one gift for me to open. As I sat there on the floor and tore off the wrapping paper I was completely in shock when I opened the gift to find that old mechanic’s jacket. Of course I bawled like a baby. I still have the jacket. I don’t wear it nearly as often as I used to, but that was one of the best gifts I ever received.

  16. What a fun giveaway. I’d love to have this to give my husband. My favorite Christmas present ever was probably a set of pajamas my husband gave me 5 or 6 years ago. I LIVED in them.

  17. My favorite Christmas gift was when my fiance’ surprised me by flying across the country, getting my sister to pick him up at the airport, putting himself in a wrapped box and popping out when I opened the box after coming home from work. Best Surprise Ever!

  18. My son!! Merry Christmas.

  19. My best present was a trip to Disney World

  20. I treasure a necklace my mom gave to me.

  21. My favorite Christmas present ever would have to be when I got a cotton candy maker. I don’t know why , but this one stands out as one of the most exciting Christmases I can remember. I got sugar all over the place! So fun!

  22. My favorite Christmas present was my Fiestaware kitchen dishes!

  23. A trip to Disney World

  24. Michelle K. says:

    So excited about this giveaway! My favorite Christmas present has to be either my Barbie Dollhouse I received when I was like 5 or 6 or our trip to Disney World this year.

  25. My favorite present was probably a doll I got when I was little. I loved her so much!

  26. When I was about 4 years old I got cowboy boots and a doll named Sally 🙂 I still remember how excited I felt when opening them!

  27. Oh my goodness… What a fun idea!
    My favorite Christmas present has to be my kitchen aid mixer I got last year. My “big girl” present I got at age 35 because I finally decided to start “really” cooking… 🙂

  28. My favorite gift on Christmas was probably my cabbage patch doll! I loved that doll as a kid. 🙂

  29. The best christmas present I ever got (am going to get) was/is my Kitchen Aid mixer!

  30. A gift card to Kohls…was able to pick-up a few kitchen items.

  31. best gift ever was my baby boy two years ago.

  32. My favorite Christmas gift ever is being able to spend extended time at home this year with my family. In years past I’ve been working and only been able to make the 7 hour trip for a couple of days. This year I am in law school full time, so I have no commitments to keep me away! Runner up is my Kitchen Aid stand mixer.

  33. It would have to be last christmas when we bought our house… we have had such great memories in there in only a year.

  34. My favorite present probably had to be when my boyfriend (now husband) proposed. It was early December but I still consider it an amazing Christmas present to know that I get to spend the rest of my life with the one I love!

  35. My favorite gift has to be when my son suprised me and came home for Christmas!

  36. My favorite present ever was probably when I was young and got a TV for my bedroom. After that I was able to watch 90210 with out my brother bugging me!

  37. My best gift ever would have to be my Kitchen-Aid mixer. I love that thing.

  38. My favorite Christmas gift will be coming this year. It sounds cheesy, but it has beena rough few years for our family and having everyone together will be the best gift possible.

  39. I got a Paddington teddy bear for Christmas when I was four years old. I’m 39 and I still have him. In fact, if I close my eyes, I still can picture him sitting in front of the Christmas tree.

  40. My favorite Christmsas present is a pair of uggs from my parents. They have been seriously worn, and are still the best footwear I have in my closet!

  41. We found out I was with both my daughters at Christmas time<3

  42. One of my favorite Christmas presents ever was my Cricut Cake machine!

  43. I celebrate Hanukkah, not Christmas, but my favorite Hanukkah gift is just the time I spend with my family over the holidays 🙂

  44. Love your blog! I would have to say either my Cabbage Patch Kid when I was about 10 years old, or my Kitchen Aid Mixer a few years ago.

  45. My Kindle; I love it.

  46. I got a Camaro for Christmas when I was 15. I can’t imagine a better Christmas present!

  47. My favorite gift was a beautiful diamond cross my husband got me. We told each other we wouldn’t exchange gifts so we could focus on the kids, but he snuck it into my stocking. 🙂

  48. Amber Ferrell says:

    The best Christmas gift that I have ever gotten was a homemade doll Ouse that my stepdad made for me.

  49. Thanks!! My most favorite Christmas gift ever was a puppy. 🙂

  50. My favorite Christmas present ever was 2009. My parents paid for a lot more of our wedding than originally planned (we got married on Dec 1st) and Thayer bought us our plane tickets to Miami for our honeymoon.

  51. Jeanne ODonnell says:

    The first christmas I celebrated with my boyfriend, now my husband of 30 year, he gave me a beautiful silver bracelet. It is still beautiful to me!

  52. My favorite Christmas present ever was probably the diamond eternity necklace my husband gave me a few years ago.

  53. My favorite gift i ever got for christmas was my foot massager. I have really bad feet and my parents got me a wonderful and expensive brookstone foot massager. It has been a life saver. 15 minutes in that thing and my feet feel brand new!

  54. My favorite Christmas gift was (and still is) the gorgeous 1912 oak upright piano my parents got when I was a kid, which is now in my house!

  55. A trip to Disney last year for our family!

  56. Andrea M. Johnson says:

    My favorite Christmas present was finally finding and meeting my sister in law Ellen who was put up for as a child and seeing my father in law in her features and mannerisms and the fact that she was just as musically talented as my father in law was. Unfortunately we were not able to find her before his passing but I know he was looking down on all of us enjoying her being in his home with his family on Christmas Eve playing music like he used to!

    Andrea Johnson

  57. I would say my favorite present is the coffee present I am hoping to win from your blog! 😉
    My favorite gift of all times is the gift of a baby born in a manger sooooo long ago. I am thankful for Jesus being sent into our world to save us all.

  58. JoAnne Simmons says:

    My husband and I gave each other an early Christmas present this past September with a family trip to Disney World. We love that place, and taking our two little princess girls was absolutely priceless. 🙂

  59. Favorite ever? Wow that is a tall order. Probably in my whole life the gift I got most excited about was my first American girl doll :). Recent favorite was my husband and I’s gift to our self last year of a dyson vacuum.

  60. Tara Vaughan says:

    My favorite Christmas present was my Kindle. I have read so much since receiving this last year!

  61. I think my favorite gift has to be my set of All Clad cookware…I use it every day!

  62. As a confirmed coffee lover, my favorite Christmas present of recent vintage was a burr coffee grinder. I have enjoyed that more than you can imagine 🙂

  63. When I was about 10 years old I wanted an Easy Bake Oven so bad. After opening all my presents and no Easy Bake Oven, I was heart broken and then my grandma said “Oh, wait, here’s another one.” And it was the Easy Bake Oven. I was overjoyed!

  64. I think the best Christmas (Hanukkah, for me) gift I ever received was two years ago, when my parents got me a KitchenAid stand mixer! I was blown away, and now use it all the time.

  65. My favorite gift EVER was when (back in the 1970’s) all of my brothers and sisters got different pieces from the “James West” toy sets, different characters, and cowboys, Indians, horses, and parts of their fort. All of our pieces nearly made the whole town, and caused us to play together! It was brilliant of my parents to do!

  66. My grandma gave me a realistic looking stuffed animal dog when I was 10. I named him Farfel,like the Nestle’s dog, if anyone is old enough to recall him! He has patches over a missing eye, torn nose and worn backside now and doesn’t look so lifelike anymore, but he has been a night time friend for both me and my daughter, who just had her first baby this year. My beloved grandma passed away this year, as well.

  67. I’ve received lots of favorite Christmas gifts in my life…but one of my most recent favorites was a dSRL camera gifted by my husband. BUT my most favorite gift that I’ve *given* (to my parents) was a small stocking with an ornament frame holding the announcement that they were going to be #1 Grandma/Grandpa. 🙂

  68. My childhood favorite gift was a mini cabbage patch kid from my brother. My favorite grown up one was probably a scavenger hunt one that my husband did for me!

  69. My favorite x-mas present so far was the complete box set of gilmore girls… all 7 seasons.

  70. Thanks for the offer Nikki! I’m not sure what my favorite Christmas present is ever but this year I know I’m getting a cookie cookbook that I’ve been lusting over for the past month. That will definitely be my favorite gift this year!

  71. The 1st Christmas after my father died, my husband surprised me with a book of memories of my dad. He had asked my extended family & my dad’s friends to write about my dad. They ranged from one paragraph to several pages long for each person. I cherish the book & look forward to using it to teach my kiddos about their Grandpa James!

  72. carrie gerhart says:

    My fav Christmas gift was three christmases ago…I received a personalized necklace from bel kai designs that had a tree with birds on it and the names of my family members. I’d been wanting it for years and my mother in law got it for me….I found out the same day she had breast cancer for the third time and she passed away the following march. That necklace means so much to me for so many reasons.

  73. My best Christmas was getting engaged back in 2001. It was a huge surprise.

  74. I love your blog! My best Christmas present ever would be a TV. I wanted one so bad about 10 years ago. My parents bought it for me, and I still use it today. Can I tell you my worst present? A nightlight. Yes, I’m serious. I’ve never figured out what a 27 year old is supposed to do with a nightlight, either.

  75. My favorite Christmas present so far was… camera. And it’s definitely gotten the most use of all of the gifts I’ve received!

  76. I think i have loved everything i ever received. my precious daughter bought herself one of these coffee makers and has been enjoying it (without telling her mother). I would love to have one also.
    love stalking your blog. :))) (pardon the double chin)

  77. Yay! Merry Christmas!
    My most favorite Christmas gift ever is the vaccuum my husband got for me!!! I literally cried when he brought it out of the room!!

    Oh the things that make you excited when you grow up, buy a house, and have kids!! 😉

  78. Last year was my first Christmas with my boyfriend and he completely surprised me with a gorgeous sapphire heart necklace (after making me go through about 8 boxes just to get to it!). I absolutely adore this necklace and wear it every day. It makes me think of him every time I look at it!

  79. I got a cabbage patch doll!!! I was so excited!

  80. My favorite gift ever was a leather bound journal.

  81. My favorite Christmas present ever is what I will be getting this year! Rumor has it Santa is bringing me a KitchenAid mixer and I can’t wait to get baking with it!! 🙂

  82. Diamond earrings, my husband shocked me with them, thus why it was the best.

  83. Lauren Cox says:

    My favorite Christmas present is not the presents. I look forward to spending time with my friends and family each year. I think that is the most important gift of all.

  84. Hi! Found your blog through white Queso pin. The best gift I received all come from my mom. This year, she made me a new “frankenpillow” (a mix of feather and foam pillows) to replace the one I’ve used for way too long!

  85. A Cabbage Patch Doll! I’d wanted one for months! 🙂

  86. I’d have to say the birth of my son last year. He was born on the 19th. But last Christmas, being at home from the hospital with a newborn – and our older boy, basking in the glory and majesty of Christmas together…it was *so* special. Will carry that feeling with me always. That was the best gift I’ve ever received!

  87. The best Christmas gift I ever receieved was a dishwasher from my mom. I still use it. Best gift ever.

  88. My favorite Christmas present growing up was my Big Wheel cycle. I loved that thing. Have a picture of me right in front of the Christmas tree riding it 😀

  89. My favorite Christmas present was from kindergarten, I got the coolest doll house ever. It was my great grandmothers and her father built it for her. It has been in the family the whole time. It was so much fun to play with, ok I still play with it as a 25-year old!!!!

  90. I think marrying my husband 13 years ago. We got married the week before Christmas.

  91. The best Christmas present I ever received was a blue boombox from my Aunt. I carried that thing EVERYWHERE with me so I could have a constant jam party.

  92. The year I was pregnant with my first child, my husband got me a “real” camera. The first of many, but it was a special gift. 🙂

  93. my favorite christmas gift was my camera i received a few years ago that i use almost every weekend to document everything that i do!!

  94. My favorite Christmas present was the Kindle my husband gave me a few years ago. I love it. Btw, the Troy and Abed cup is my morning coffee mug. Helps me start the day right!

  95. My favorite Christmas present was a playhouse that my Grandaddy helped put together for me. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  96. My favorite Christmas was one we didn’t exchange presents, we just went on a vacation to Disneyworld. My mother had died that year and it was going to be a rough holiday season, but the vacation made it a great Christmas!

  97. My favorite Christmas present was given to me a few days before Christmas and it was my engagement ring. He took me to look at Christmas lights and busted it out. I was so excited!!

  98. My favorite gift ever was a diamond necklace that I had told my boyfriend I like 7 months before Christmas and he remembered and got it for me.

  99. The best gift I ever got was last year I got an canon slr camera from my parents I love it!

  100. Last year I received a Nook – I take books and my own downloaded PDF documents along with me in a compact reader. Whoo hoo!

  101. That’s a tough question… I’ll go way back and say the Nintendo (original) that our parents got for my sister, brother and myself. 🙂 We were all pretty excited for that one!

  102. It’s too hard for me to choose my favorite gift ever, but my favorite Christmas present from last Christmas was definitely my kindle. I use it constantly! I love to read and it’s so convenient to carry wherever I go.

  103. Margaret Marie says:

    The best Christmas present I ever got was a plane ticket home in college. I am from south Louisiana and went to Syracuse for college. My freshman year I did not go home for Thanksgiving because of finances and I thought I could make it. I cried like a baby Thanksgiving morning! My parents got me a plane ticket home for Christmas and I got to spend the holidays with them. BEST PRESENT EVER!

  104. My favorite Christmas present ever was this beautiful doll house I got when I was a little girl – I was obsessed!

  105. I can’t remember a favorite Christmas gift, but Christmas has always been a very happy time for me. We didn’t have much growing up, so my brothers, my sister and me would all save up aluminum cans throughout the year. Just before Christmas we would take all the cans to sell. We would divide up the money and buy gifts for each other.

  106. My family has never really been big on Christmas so I don’t remember getting an AMAZING Christmas gift but I did receive an amazing graduation gift a couple of years back. My mom’s boss randomly called me over once and her husband and her handed me a gift for graduation. (that alone was a gift in itself and very unexpected) When I opened it, it was a new digital camera that i had wanted. I cried like a baby! It was an awesome and thoughtful gift that came from the heart.

  107. Favorite Christmas present ever was finding out we were pregnant with our oldest daughter. It was a wonderful surprise!

  108. edna watson says:

    Love your blog….my favorite gift would have to be my family ring…I received it when my family had just added a son-in-law and along with my two daughters it seems as though my family was complete but since then we have added grandkids and the ring just keeps on giving…. have a wonderful holiday! thanks

  109. My favorite Christmas gift was a necklace that my husband gave me. Hope you and your family have a great Christmas! Thanks!

  110. Erica Cooper says:

    My fave Christmas gift ever- when I was a kid in the first grade my mom bought me a New Kids on the Block bedset and a bunch of posters. 🙂

  111. My absolute favorite Christmas present of all time….a pearl necklace given to me by my stepfather on my 13th year Christmas. He had hidden it in a Monopoly game that I also got and once I opened the game, he just kept saying, look further, look further. It took me forever to find that neckland. I am now 43 and I still have that neckland, planning on passing down to my daughter.

  112. My favorite gift was when I was in college and thought I would not be able to go home for Christmas to see my family. A girl from my dorm told her parents about me, and they bought me a plane ticket home (my family live in Ireland so it was not a cheap present!). They had never even met me – such a generous thing to do that really shows the Christmas spirit!

  113. Scott White says:

    The best Christmas present that I ever got didn’t seem like a great present at the time. Last year, a couple of days before Christmas, I got a call back from a potential employer saying I’d been turned down. A month later they shut down because the building got struck by lightning.

  114. My best Christmas gift ever has to be my Kitchen Aid mixer, I use that appliance so often. I have had it for 8 years now, and it gets used at least once a week.

  115. great giveaway! pick me, random thingy! pick me!
    my favorite gift of all time was actually a mother’s day gift – a brand new SLR camera! woot! LOVE IT and use it every day! thanks, Nikki!

  116. My favorite Christmas present ever was the year I got my pink Huffy bike. I had waited for a new bike and I was SO excited to finally have it for my own!

  117. Vicki Lindsey says:

    My husband received a Tassimo Machine last year from my cousin Kristina. He was thrilled because, not only was it given to him for free, but they were the only ones who carried the individualized Starbucks coffee cups. How disappointed he was when Starbucks broke their contract with Tassimo and went Keurig this past year! That had been one of his favorite presents ever… One of MY favorite presents was a Journey necklace from him after a very hard year for us. Not only was it a representation of the seventh year we were starting together, but it was an unexpected surprise as well! 🙂

  118. Jessica Canale says:

    The best Christmas present I ever received came from my mother, who loves to play practical jokes during the Christmas season. She left the last present underneath the tree until everyone else was finished opening their gifts. Typically we gift underwear, socks, and other dull items of the sort as a joke in front of everyone. She handed me a long, rectangular box which looked like it was going to be another wonderful set of undergarments, and wished me a happy Christmas. Needless to say I wasn’t quite thrilled to rip off the wrapping paper, expecting another round of fuzzy socks and granny panties. When I lifted off the lid I was speechless. The entire clothing box was filled with professional portraits of my daughter. As a single mother I don’t have the financial stability to have portraits and other extravagant things done yearly. When I began going through the portraits my eyes began to tear up. This was such a special, thoughtful surprise and it meant the world to me. Not only had she snuck my daughter out to have the portraits taken, but had involved the rest of the family in picking out outfits, choosing poses, etc. It was the first time I was actually speechless from a gift and will always remember that special Christmas when I look at her pictures on the wall.

  119. My favorite gift ever was Dallas and Dixie (Barbie’s horses), which I got for Christmas when I was seven years old. I played with those horses for ages!

  120. I think the best Christmas gift I received as a kid was a Walkman. I must have been about eleven years old. I say this because I used it for SO MANY years after getting it. I think it really made me have a love for music that still hasn’t faded. I loved putting my headphones on and just zoning out on long road trips with my family. Good times!

  121. My wedding 4 years ago!! Just a bit past Hanukah 🙂

  122. My parents got us a puppy one year for Christmas and its probably the most memorable gift that I’ve received.

  123. I love my Dutch oven that I got last year. Especially when my father in law switched it with a set of encyclopedias of the same weight. I did eventually get that Dutch oven after the funny prank from him.

  124. stephanie kramer says:

    My favorite present I’ve ever gotten for christmas was a healthy baby and having my husband come home on r&r from this last deployment. My daughter was born right before christmas and I was blessed enough to get released from the hospital in time to celebrate with my family and my husband came home and I went into labor a few hours later.

  125. My favorite Christmas gift ever was my pink Barbie VW Beetle. I was about 15 years old when I got it and didn’t play with Barbies anymore but, I dreamed of having my own pink VW Beetle. And, I did…just Barbie’s size and not mine.

  126. My favorite grown up gift is my kitchen aid mixer… childhood gift was a cabbage patch doll… I loved that thing!

  127. I think it was the Christmas I was 8, my dad surprised me with a playhouse for my miniature bears. He built it himself to look just like our house (he even made little curtians out of left over fabric from our own curtians in our house.

  128. Joni Sholtes says:

    I have thought and thought about what my most favirote Christmas Gift has been, and there seem to be several. Depending on the “time I’m at in my life”. I have been so blessed in my life (but not with that coffee pot..that’s I’m dying for), this is hard for me. Actually, the best gift for me is to have family and friends to give gifts to. But, I do have to say that last year, in our family gift exchange, I received a bird feeder. I know that seems silly, as it was a very simple bird feeder. The point was, I had been wanting one for ever! I just couldn’t bring myself to spend what extra money I may have had on one. I went as far as putting one in my shopping cart once, but I put it back. I felt guilty, thinking here might be something my family needed. I love it! I enjoy watching the birds out my kitched window. Such a beautiful sight! Calm and peaceful!! Merry Christmas!!

  129. my fave gift ever was my barbie dream house!

  130. JEWELRY!!!

  131. My favorite present, was a memory book of pictures of family and friends… it had beautiful memories, inside jokes, and quotes from our times together. Merry Christmas!

  132. My favorite Christmas present this year is the ipad I’m giving my husband before he leaves for Afghanistan. It’s an early Christmas present since he’ll already be gone and it will help us keep in touch the next year- not to mention, make him VERY happy!!!

  133. One year I got diamond studs…loved them!

  134. I got the Planet Earth videos last year, and I LOVE them!

  135. My all time favorite Christmas gift was the year I got a Baby Alive doll. I remember sitting on Santa’s lap at pre-school and asking him for one. I bribed him with a little booklet about pipe tobacco I’d found at home. I was very pleased to find that the bribe worked! It probably helped that my mom witnessed the request and bribe! 🙂

  136. My favorite Christmas gift I’ve ever gotten was a Bears jersey I got a few years ago. I know that sounds a little lame, but let me explain. In my family since there are so many siblings (and now spouses), we draw names. My brother-in-law got me that year, and without prompting got me a brand spanking new authentic Bears jersey of my favorite player! I had no idea, and it was just so incredibly sweet of him. I wear it often and always think of him.

  137. My favorite Christmas present? I’ve had so many good ones, it’s hard to say. Anything that goes in the kitchen works for me! And if it’s coffee-related, so much the better!

  138. My favorite gift is my savior Jesus Christ!

  139. Getting my first bike when I was 7 🙂

  140. Lindsay S, says:

    My favorite Christmas present ever was my mother finishing my pearl necklace. We had a traditional where every birthday and every Christmas we received 1 or 2 new pearls for our necklaces (my sister and I). Mine was finally finished when I turned 20. It’s nice to have something that means a lot to myself and my family.

  141. Best present thus far: our Siberian Husky on Valentines Day! He has been the best little guy ever, even though he is not so little anymore! Love him dearly!

  142. I can’t remember my favorite Christmas gift I ever received but the best one I ever gave was an ultrasound picture to my Granny. Of course she had no idea what she was looking at but quickly realized and after the initial shock, she was very excited. Merry Christmas!

  143. I love your blog! I too have been wanting a keurig but as a stay at home mom can’t justify the expense so winning one would be great! :). My all time favorite Christmas gift was one I got when I was 7. Santa had placed a HUGE wrapped present under our tree for my sister & me. Inside the box were about 30 or 40 smaller boxes all wrapped. There were LOTS of fun things inside like paper, construction paper, scissors, glue, glue sticks, pencils, colored pencils, markers, crayons, clipboards, white boards, erasers, etc. I remember my sister & I would play for hours with all tgat stuff – playing school, office, dr, etc. I can’t wait until my girls are a little older to do this for them!

  144. My favorite Christmas present was a Super Nintendo when I was a little kid. My sister and I asked all year for it and when we finished opening our presents we were slightly disappointed that we got everything else BUT that…until my parents discovered one more present hidden way behind that tree. Low and behold, there was our Super Nintendo! I think we played it for a week straight. 🙂

  145. when i was younger all i wanted was a brown bear. Just a stuffed brown bear- When Santa brought it to me I was so excited! I still have that bear 20 years later and it is probably one of the most memorable things- There isn’t anything special- no batteries no sounds etc, just an old fashioned bear that was a gift and reminds me of Christmas.

  146. Allison Schmidt says:

    My favorite Christmas present was probably when I got my first REAL Cabbage Patch doll!–Allison

  147. I would have to say my favorite Christmas gift as a child I had ever received was my BOOM BOX. I remember setting the alarm for the next morning and waking up to Green Day blasting (Forgot to adjust the volume)!! I will never forget it. Now that I am an adult with four children we only give gifts to the children. I would love to win this!! I told my husband the other day I am ready to purchase a second coffee pot since I make his, then I get to make mine(we dont like the same coffee:-)!!!Happy Holiday and Thank you for this opportunity!!!

  148. I guess my best Christmas present ever was the puppy my husband surpised me with!

  149. hot air balloon ride!

  150. Stephanie Koenig says:

    My best gift ever would have to be my new house! That is definitely my gift this year, and it is so nice to be out of an apartment and have a place that I can actually decorate and make my own.
    That or the fisher price little people zoo I got when I was six. I loved that thing!!! House seems to overshadow all things prior. 🙂

    I came to your blog from pinterest to find the white queso recipe and I’ve found so many more since, cute blog! Great job. I will be back. 😀

  151. Jenifer Franklin says:

    My favorite Christmas gift was my first apartment. That was a present to myself. It was fun to decorate on my own for Christmas

  152. My favorite Christmas present ever would be the 12 speed bicycle that I received from my parents when I was 12. I rode that bike everywhere!

  153. The horse from Ranibow Bright. I loved that stuffed animal so much as a child.

  154. Katie wilson says:

    My favorite gift was the Barbie dream house my grandpa had built me when I was little:)

  155. The best gift I received would have to by the Rock ‘n Roll Stroller I got when I was about 7. It was AWESOME. Wish they still made them so I could get one for my daughter 🙂

  156. My favorite Christmas present has been the Christopher Radko 12 days of Christmas cookie jar. It is a beautiful piece and I had admired it for many months in a lovely store. Just before Christmas I noticed that this piece had sold at this store and I was so disappointed that I would never see it again. I unwrapped a large Christmas present from my husband and he had been the person who had purchased the cookie jar. I have decorated our house in the 12 days of Christmas for many years but this piece always makes me smile and realize what a gift my husband is.

  157. Favorite Christmas gift…. well, it’s hard to pick. I think the $40 Starbucks giftcard my husband gave me one year is in the top ten! 🙂

  158. sounds odd, but for any gift-getting occasion my favorite gift is money or gift cards! i love being able to decide when and on what to use it for and it will never result in having to be re-gifted or given away!

  159. My favorite gift was probably a set of Little House on the Prairie Books..

  160. karen danyliw says:

    My best Christmas present was a sweater that my Mom knitted for me. I had been asking Mom to knit me a red sweater for the longest time but she never got around to it. She made sweaters for both my boys when they were born but still no sweater for me. So I nagged my Mom about again. Then that Christmas I got a small bracelet sized box from my Mom as one of my gifts, and inside it was a Barbie-sized Red Knitted Sweater along with a note from my Mom telling me that I asked for a sweater but did not specify the size. It was now my issue how to figure out how to wear it.
    Now that Mom is gone,the sweater means even more to me.

  161. Nicky Reynolds says:

    My favorite Christmas present was a necklace my husband got me. It is a silver heart with the initials M&M on it. It stands for Mommy & Molly, my daughter! I love it and we just got a matching one for her this year for Christmas!

  162. My favorite Christmas present was a stuffed Ewok! It was 1986. I was 16. Mom asked what I wanted, I told her the ewok. She thought I was nuts! “I am not buying a stuffed toy for a 16 year old!!” I have 12 siblings,money was scarce!!! I woke up Christmas morning to find my Ewok! I love my MOM! BTW.. I still have that ewok. My children have enjoyed it too!!!

  163. My favorite Christmas gift was probably a doll I got when I was a little girl. Merry Christmas!

  164. Stephanie Towns says:

    The best Christmas present has to be the NASCAR tickets my father-in-law bought for me and my hubby years ago to the Las Vegas race. Huge NASCAR fan coupled with the fact that I had never been to Vegas, equaled awesome gift.

  165. My husband is an over the road truck driver who is only home one weekend a month & who doesn’t typically give the most thoughtful gifts. For Christmas last year, he gave me a gorgeous framed collage of pictures we took when I went with him on the truck around the country for 6 weeks last fall. It meant a lot to me & now hangs over our bed.

  166. My best gift ever was a photo book my roommate made me from our time at West Point through the first ten years of our families’ vacations together. We chronicled about 3 kids each and many many years – it was and still is a treasure!!

    Love this post – makes me wish for a Keurig even more!!


  167. My daughter was born just before Christmas six years ago. 🙂 Best Christmas present ever!

  168. Jenette Marie says:

    Last year my hubby spoiled me…he got me the kitchenaid mixer that I have been drooling over for years! Love it!

  169. So I just found your blog today via Pinterest. I love all your tips and ideas. Thanks! Now for the question you asked, what was my favorite all time gift. Well luckily for you, my favorite gift is not something you could buy. Last year I received the BEST gift ever…a visit from my brother and his wife. This was the best gift ever because we hadn’t really spoken in like 4 years, and they randomly showed up on my doorstep a few days before Christmas last year. We had a great 3 day visit, and it will be something I will cherish forever. If I win this give-away I will actually be giving the Kuerig machine to my mom. She has been wanting on of these forever, but neither her nor I have the money to buy one. So maybe this giveaway will be one of her favorite presents ever. Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

  170. Back in the 80’s, all of my friends had a cabbage patch doll except for me. My parents tried numerous times to buy one, however, the stores would sell out. One christmas, my relatives from rhode island mailed one to arkansas for me. I still have that doll today.

  171. About 15 years ago, my parents bought me a gold necklace with several charms to represent different aspects/memories of my life (volleyball, cross, and shamrock). They continued to add charms over the years and even though I don’t wear the necklace everyday, I will always treasure their thoughtfulness!

  172. Laura ball says:

    One of my favorite gifts was a beautiful, shiny red Kitchen Aid mixer from my hubby. He’s such a good hubby, he’s like a gift to wake up to every morning! 🙂

  173. The best Christmas present I ever received was a fiber optic peacock my grandmother used to have in her vacation home. Once she sold the home, she gave me the peacock because she knew how much I loved it!

  174. somecallmeambingale says:

    My favorite gift ever was a second semester studying abroad during college (in Kenya!!!). Granted it isn’t typical “gift”, but it was an incredibly amazing time for me as I was able to build life-long friendships, learn a lot about myself and grow in my walk with the Lord.

  175. My favorite Christmas present was my black diamond earrings 🙂

  176. Looking back on years past id have to say my absolute favorite christmas gift was last year, my best friend john came back from his 2 year tour in iraq. Christmas morning we were all sitting around the tree and opening presents, the oven timer went off to let us know the breakfast bake was ready and my mom suggested I go grab it and bring it in to everyone, so i proceeded to the kitchen where he was waiting. I was estatic!!! He couldnt have pulled it off any better, especially including my family into the surprise just made last christmas so far the best!

  177. Oh Gosh!! My favorite Christmas present…hmmm… as cliche as it may seem, my kitchenaide stand mixer! I love to bake and this was the most awesome gift I ever received!! I love it!! And I love my Momma for getting it for me!!

  178. I love how easy these K cups are! My favorite Christmas present ever is hard to pick, since Christmas is a huge part of our year in my family! Last year, though, my parents gave me a bracelet made out of a piece of my Grandmother’s silver. She died before I was born and the set of silver has already been so divided among the immediate sons that no grandchild would get much of a place setting so they had jewelry made out of a few pieces for their daughters. It is a beautiful reminder every day of a woman I wish I could have met and have recently learned I am more like than I knew! It makes me feel connected to her and Christmas in a special way.

  179. Barbie jeep when I was a little girl at my great grandma’s house on Christmas morning. It had a radio in the trunk and it was AWESOME!! 🙂

  180. My favorite Christmas present is my daughter. She was born last year on Dec 23.

  181. With out a doubt, our daughter. We found out I was pregnant with her during the Christmas holiday 2010. Best gift ever!

  182. I loved my red power wheels jeep.

  183. I guess the best Christmas present I ever received was last year when my son was born (on Thanksgiving day). We had been trying to have a child for around 4 years, and his birth was such a blessing last year and continues to be every day I wake up to see his sweet, smiling face!
    On a related note, I have started drinking a LOT of coffee since he was born because he is a LOT of work!! haha!

  184. What a great give-a-way! My favorite gift was a set of plane tickets so I could visit my boyfriend while he lived in another country for the year

  185. My favorite was my engagement ring. My now husband proposed on Christmas 11 years ago =).

  186. A doll I really wanted showed up under the tree when I was a small girl. Treasured that doll for many years.

  187. I would say the best Christmas present I ever received would be my Tiffany bracelet from my Dad 😉

  188. My favorite Christmas gift was my Macbook!

  189. I love entertaining and cooking so any gift for that is great! One in particular though is a christmas bell shaped candy dish. My mother made it before I was born and passed it down to me a few years ago when I moved into a place of my own. It’s so festive and cheeful!

  190. I don’t know that I can pinpoint an absolute favorite Christmas present but one year my mom and dad got my sister and I each a diamond pendant necklace. It means so much to me, not because of what it is but because of who it came from. I hope to one day pass it onto my kids.

  191. My most favorite gift was finding out I was pregnant with my son. We had been trying for a couple years and it felt like it was never going to happen. But on Christmas Eve 2005 I found out I was pregnant and it was the best gift I could ever receive. Now he’s 5 and we have a 4 month old daughter and our life is full of gifts everyday.

  192. My Cabbage Patch Doll many, MANY yers ago.

  193. Amanda Love says:

    My favorite Christmas present is from my fiance for our first Christmas together 3 years ago. It was at that time I knew we would get married. He gave me a round necklace with emeralds and diamonds. He put a lot of thought into the necklace and it was such a surprise – I wear it every day! I would love to win the Keurig ’cause he’s been wanting one for so long!

  194. My favorite gift was the dollhouse my dad made for me when I was a kid.

  195. My favorite Christmas present was a power drill. I had just bought my house when I was 23 and my parents bought me a power drill and warned me that I would need it.

  196. My in-laws took my husband and I to Napa for Christmas last year. That was pretty special! We’re returning the favor this year. 😉

  197. My favorite gift was a pair of blue glass earrings from my son.

  198. My favorite gift was a pearl ring my mother got me last Christmas!

  199. My favorite present was a pearl ring my mother got my last Christmas!

  200. My husband just ordered me a new piece of luggage. We are optimistic that I will travel a lot this year for health advocacy work. Fingers crossed!

  201. my favorite gift was a pretty dress when i was a young girl.

  202. Jackie Gonzales says:

    Hmmmm….my favorite gift so far is my Fiestaware dishes…I just LOVE them!

  203. My favorite Christmas gift was a claddagh ring my dad gave me when I turned sixteen. Six years later and I’ve never taken it off!

  204. I think my favorite gift is really something that wasn’t a gift to open up at all. And there were two of them. When I was younger I had two brothers, born 1 year apart, each in December. I was 7 when they were born and already learned the truth about Santa about 3 years prior from a cousin. It was so much fun to watch Christmas through their eyes and get to help put presents under the tree for them each year. It was like I was “Santa’s” little elf.

  205. My favorite Christmas gift was a Starbucks Expresso Machine several years ago. I used it every day for over six years until it recently died.(one of the sadest days of my life) Right now it’s not in my budget to buy another one. I would love a Keurig machine! Happy Holidays!

  206. every year my friends go out for a holiday meal to spend time together, the gift of time is my favorite! 🙂

  207. My favorite Christmas gift I’ve received is a pair of diamond earrings from my boyfriend (now husband). I wear them every day and they remind me of him whenever I see them.

  208. Keri Stewart says:

    My favorite Christmas present I ever received was in high school. It was a quilt handmade by my aunt Connie. She has since passed away, but I’m thankful that she took the time to make it especially for me.

  209. One of my favorites was a paid flight home for the holidays!

  210. The best Christmas gift I ever received was my guitar! My mom had very very against me learning/getting a guitar, so when my parents gave me one for Christmas, I was so surprised! I still love playing my guitar!

  211. Teresa Hahn says:

    I would have to say my favorite Christmas gift was almost 8 years ago I was blessed with my first child. Ever since then my husband and I focus on our childrens christmas wishes (we have 3 children now)instead of our own. Their faces Christmas morning means more to me than any present! I am truly blessed! I have been a coffee drinker ever since my first child has been born…caffine has been a life saver. It would be great to have a chance to win this brilliant idea of a coffee maker.

  212. Teresa Hahn says:

    I would have to say the best Christmas gift I have ever received was almost 8 years ago when my first child was born. Now we have 3 and christmas is all about making it magical for them. My husband and I don’t exchange gifts nor does Santa get us anything, we want it to be special for our children. Caffine has been a life saver ever since he was born. Many sleepless nights resulted in a pot of coffee! It would be an honor to win this brilliant idea of a coffee maker.

  213. Santa gave me a Kitchen aid mixer 20 years ago and I still use it weekly.

  214. debe campbell says:

    I hit enter before I finished :(((( …
    hope I win!!!! I have been wanting one for awhile!!!

  215. My favorite present was a surprise trip from my Fiance! 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway!

  216. Because it’s so recent…my favorite gift was given to me this year by my father, a Kitchen Aid stand mixer! I love that thing.

  217. My favorite Christmas present I ever received would have to be my KitchenAid Mixer. I absolutely love trying out new recipes with it. I would love to win this Keurig because i’ve been wanting one for some time now! 🙂
    Love the blog!!!

  218. My mother gave me a “DAUGHTERS” ring when I was 13. We didn’t have much money back then. I asked for the ring, but was told by her that because of our money situation she couldn’t get it. So back then you could look at catalogs. I remember looking at that ring in the catalog and longing for it, but knew I wasn’t going to get it. I understood about our money issues & said no more to her about it. Well to my shock on Christmas morning I got that ring. I’m now 55 years old & she has passed away. I still have the ring & still cherish it. By the way, it was the only thing I got that Christmas & that was fine. It was truly a wonderful Christmas & never will there be another like it.

  219. The best Christmas gift ever was my sewing machine!

  220. Heidi Rosenow says:

    My favorite Christmas present was when I was probably 6 or 7 from Santa Claus we woke up Christmas morning and a huge (well huge to us then) white chest (like a treasure chest) was sitting in the living room filled with dress up clothes, dresses, shoes, hats, jewelry. that had to have been the best present ever. We enjoyed that chest and many dress up days for years and years until our basement flooded and ruined the chest and clothes in it.

  221. My favorite gift is probably my bicycle that my boyfriend got me for my birthday a couple summers ago. It’s a pink beach cruiser and I ride it all the time. I love it!

  222. The ice cream maker attachment for my Kitchenaid mixer. I’ve only used it once, but the feedback was so overwhelmingly positive, I’m going to be making ice cream all winter long! Thanks for the giveaway!

  223. Kathryn Kirkdorfer says:

    My favorite Christmas present was a Kindle. I actually got it this year, but a bit early. I’ve had it a week, and can say it has far surpassed my expectations and I can’t believe I waited so long to wish for one.

  224. my favorite gift probably isn’t a real gift by some standards, rather my dog delivered a litter of puppies on Christmas Eve. I spent all Christmas morning with the puppies. It’s a memory I will treasure forever.

  225. libby rouse says:

    Mine was a 100 year old antique mantel clock from my daddy, I have had it for many years, and it still works, such a precious memory for me.

  226. My favorite christmas gift when I was seven or eight. My mother had gotten robbed when she was doing our christmas shopping a few weeks before that, so we weren’t expecting to get anything for Christmas. When I had gone to my aunt’s house, she got me this lifelike baby doll and it came with food, clothes, and a stroller. I took that thing everywhere with me 😀

  227. Jessica Rice says:

    My favorite Christmas gift EVER was when I received my first cell phone! I was either in 8th or 9th grade and cell phones were just starting to become popular with teenagers. It was early Christmas morning and a random phone number kept calling our house phone and no one was on the other line! I thought it was strange, but no big deal, we kept opening presents. I then got to the special gift and opened it to find a cell phone box! It was one of the black flip phones where the screen was just black and that greenish color 🙂 My dad called the house phone from my cell phone and said MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I screamed and flipped out. It was the one gift I truly remember freaking out about. My parents really knew how to spoil me and have fun! 🙂

  228. My most favorite Christmas gift was most definitely a karyoki machine when I was about 8 years old…. we entertained ourselves for hours!

  229. My favorite christmas present was my cat Lucy, she technically wasn’t even my present but I still love her to death!

  230. My favorite Christmas gift ever was my Cabbage Patch doll from my Grandma.

  231. My favorite gift is a ring that was my grandmother. I received it 3 years ago and it hasn’t left my finger since!

  232. My favorite Christmas present ever was my KitchenAid!

  233. Amber Alexander says:

    My very favorite Christmas gift ever is the same gift I get every year! (Lucky me!) Every year, my parents fly my family (DH, 3 kiddos and myself) out to their house in San Diego from our home in Louisville,Ky. For me this is truely the best gift, because Christmas is meant to be spent with those you love most….FAMILY!

  234. Julie @ Julie's Eats & Treats says:

    My favorite Christmas present was a pink fishing pole that my parents got me…I’m a dork, but I loved it and all the memories it’s created over the years!

  235. My favorite Christmas gift is when my whole family is together for the entire day, from breakfast to late night drinks on the pavilion. My children are grown and have their own families now, and when they are all here, I’m so happy!

  236. Megan Percy says:

    My favorite present was an international calling card (before the days of skype) so that I could call my best friend who had moved to India with her family and talk to her on Christmas.

  237. My favorite Christmas present was a train set. My grandfather always had a train set up around his tree and I LOVED them. I was so excited to get my own. That train was around our family tree for many years. I was recently considering looking for one for MY family. My little boys would love it and they always remind me of my grandfather.

  238. When I was 9 or 10, I got two electronic microphones and I absolutely LOVED them!

  239. Growing up in a family of 6 children, much less on a military budget, it wasn’t uncommon to get hand-me-downs for Christmas. However, one year me and my sisters got an easy bake oven. We baked every single one of those recipes the day we unwrapped that present. I think that little oven is what inspired me to go into a culinary arts program. Thank you, Santa 😉

  240. my best christmas present has been the gift of unlimited texting my mom has bought me for the last few years. i don’t know what i’d do without it!

  241. My favorite present ever is the Kindle I got last year. I love it!

  242. Best gift ever…hands down my easy bake oven. (22 years ago)!

  243. The best gift I have ever received is going to be a tie between the vintage singer sewing machine my grandmother gave me for high school graduation and the Kitchen Aid mixer from my parents for my 21st birthday!

  244. An hour massage! 🙂

  245. My favorite Christmas present was December 2009. I had my sweet baby boy just a week before Christmas! He was the most perfect present.

    I would love this Starbucks Keurig because I am currently pregnant with twins and stuck on strict bed rest. This would help me so much! Thank you for having such a wonderful blog that helps me pass the time and for doing this giveaway!

  246. The best Christmas present I have ever gotten is a used book store that my husband bought for me after our last child was born. I still love every day I get to “work” there! It is truly a gift that has kept on giving…it has become a part of the community, a gathering place, a place to help with fund raisers for all kinds of groups, a place to give away free coffee and smiles and a safe place for my children to hang out. I’ve been wanting to put a K-cup pot in the store for customers for a long time…they would love it…of course it is FREE coffee/tea/cider for the whole community!

  247. My favorite present was a spoon rest my daughter painted for me when she was in Kindergarten. I use it everyday and love it!

  248. My favorite Christmas gift was a brand new cookware set from my husband. He knows I love to cook and was in desperate need of new pans! My in-laws have a keurig and I’ve been wanting to get one ever since.

  249. my favorite holiday present was last year, when we found out we were expecting a little girl 🙂

    and NOW i need this coffee machine to keep up with my 4 month old 🙂

  250. My favorite present was 2 years ago, finding out our second baby was a girl. We had our big ultrasound on December 23, I can’t imagine any material gift outweighing that excitement.

  251. My favorite Christmas ever was last year while spending Christmas at a vacation home in Tennessee with our close friends we
    awoke Christmas morning to snow. We are all from southeast Tx so snow on Christmas morning is something none of us have ever seen. I loved watching my practically grown(20,18,& 16 yr. old children playing in the snow as if they were little kids again!It continued snowing for 3 days straight ! My oldest daughter has been praying for snow for Christmas since she was 5. Finally got her prayers answered at the age of 20. Beautiful,lasting memories were made last Christmas !!

  252. My favorite Christmas gift would be a Cabbage Patch doll that I wanted so badly as a little girl. I wish I still had my collection. But, the Keurig and Starbucks would make up for that loss. 🙂

  253. I hope it’s not cheating but the best Christmas gift ever was the birth of my first daughter just 2 weeks before Xmas in 1979. Christmases have never been the same. But my (4) children tell me that one of the gifts they always look forward to at Christmas are the Starbucks gift cards that I give to them. thanks for the chance to enter. I have always wanted one of these.

  254. Best ever Gift…. Jesus !!!! What a treasure and it never gets old !!!

  255. The best Christmas gift ever was the birth of my firs daughter just 2weeks before Christmas in 1979. The season has never been the same. But my (4) children tell me that one of the gifts they always look forward to at Christmas are the Starbucks gift cards that I give to them. Thanks for the chance to enter. I have always wanted one of these.

  256. My favorite gift was a couple years ago when I got several attachments for my KA mixer. LOVE those attachments.

  257. Love your coffee mug in that first picture! 🙂

    One of my favorite Christmas gifts was the America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook. I got it a few years ago, and I get frequent requests from my family to make something from the “red book”!

  258. Brianne Waldman says:

    A new computer!

  259. Laura Davis says:

    My favorite present ever was my digital camera.

  260. Laura Davis says:


  261. My favorite Christmas gift ever was the Baby Alive & a Cabbage Patch Doll.

    My mom took me to Cozumel Mexico for my sweet 16, that was the best EVER!!!

  262. My favorite christmas present was a kitten.

  263. My favorite or perhaps most memorable Christmas when I was a child was the year that I received a green Schwinn Sting Ray girls bicycle. Not a hand-me-down from my older brother, this was the real deal. I put more miles on this bicycle than I can remember and have a lot of great memories of my childhood and growing up and getting around on that bike!

  264. I would have to say my favorite Christmas present would have to be beautiful necklast I received from my husband with the birthstones of our daughters in it.

  265. Jennifer P. says:

    My favorite Christmas present I have ever received was from my sweet husband. We had only been dating for two years and he was very clever in getting my gift. He took a picture of myself and my dad, who passed away when I was in seventh grade, and had it made into a beautiful large, framed charcoal drawing. The picture is my favorite of us from a wedding I was a flower girl in when I was 4 years-old or so. I will never forget opening that present Christmas morning and my mom, grandmother and I getting teary-eyed at how perfect it was.

  266. My favorite Christmas gift was my firstborn son 21 years ago. 🙂 Best gift ever!

  267. The morning I woke up to a banana bicycle under the tree about 45 years ago!

  268. My favorite Christmas gift was an Easy Bake Oven.

  269. The most amazing and magical christmas gift I ever received was when I was 7 and Santa brought me the cutest puppy that I had ever seen … and I promptly named him JOLLY.

  270. My all-time favorite gift was given to me by my mom the Christmas before I got married. It was a binder filled with a compilation of recipes from our entire family. What a blessing!

  271. My favorite Christmas gift was the cookbook that my parents gave me last year. As a senior in college, I use it all the time because I know I’ll need to use my cooking skills a lot more in the near future!

  272. My most memorable and cherished Christmas gift was given to me by my husband in 2007. He was hopitalized with end stage cancer and had no way of going out and purchasing something and didn’t have internet in his room, so he had my brother order it for him online. Tony’s doctors decided to release him from the hospital on Christmas Eve so that he could spend his last Christmas at home with the family. He seemed so ancy and kept looking out of the window for the UPS truck…which never showed up. Christmas Eve and Day came and went and he felt horrible that what he tried to surprise me with never arrived on time. I was just happy to have him home with me. But on December 26th, a beautiful robins egg blue box tied with a bright red ribbon arrived at my door with a gorgeous onyx bracelet inside. I will cherish it forever.

  273. My Kitchen Aid mixer from my grandma. She knew how much I wanted one and went to all ends to pass the tradition on. It’s a beauty!

  274. My favorite Christmas gift was the PC game Zoo Tycoon. I have always loved animals, and Zoo Tycoon was such a fun way to learn about AND play with all these awesome animals! I still play it on my laptop, all these years later as I study animal sciences in the hopes of becoming a veterinarian 🙂

  275. Jennifer Flynn says:

    My favorite gift at Christmas was simply a gift of love given to me by my family many years ago. My father-in-law was killed on Christmas Eve when my daughter was a baby. All Christmas plans had to be put on hold because of the circumstances surrounding that death. My parents, upon hearing of the tragedy, drove 2 hours to be with us. They knew that in coming there, they were not going to have Christmas with my dad’s grandparents. Instead, they did not hesitate, but got in the car and came. As it turned out, they brought my little one home with them to keep her until we could have the funeral service. It was a truly unselfish thing for them to do and something I will never forger because it was one of the last Christmas Eves they could have spent with my grandparents.

  276. Emily Miller says:

    My favorite gift was when my husband gave me the iPod Touch last year! I think I have used it more consistently than anything else! 🙂

  277. I am 37 years young and my favorite by far, Christmas present was given when i was a small girl. I got a Strawberry Shortcake doll from my parents. I remember her hat smelling like strawberries and how excited i was. I think i even started crying when i opened it up

  278. Ooo, I’ve always wanted a Keurig! 🙂

    My favorite Christmas gift was my engagement ring. Technically it was a day after Christmas gift, but he proposed the day after because he knows I am always depressed that day when the holiday fun is over!

  279. My favorite “gift” was my baby girl, born 8 yrs ago today, after two boys. 😉

  280. jen gersch says:

    I received a photo album of memories (old ticket stubs, photos written past memories from a dear friend

  281. Angela Addis says:

    My best Christmas gift ever was the Hershey’s chocolate bar my husband gave me two weeks before Christmas when he asked me out on our first date.

  282. My favorite had to be a hand me down from family. When my grandmother passed away a few years ago at 95 she left her wedding ring to my father. My grandma played a huge role in my life and she spent many hours instilling me with her wisdom of gardening, cooking, sewing, canning, and life. I think of her every day and cannot thank her enough for raising me to use my common sense and to appreciate the simple things in life. I know how strong her love for grandpa was and how important that ring is to my father. Money was hard to come by when my grandparents were married and I know it took a lot to buy the ring. I will forever cherish that ring and the love that it stood for. I only hope that I can be half the woman that she was. Remember the reason for the season, God Bless and Happy Holidays!

  283. The best gift I’ve received is a gorgeous diamond heart necklace from my cousins.

  284. Danielle Barker says:

    I have received many great Christmas presents over the years. However, my favorite present of all time would have to be on Easter. Funny day for a present, I know. My family does a big Easter egg hunt for the kids and the girls in the family. A couple of years ago I decided to take my then-boyfriend to meet everyone. He had already met my parents. He was the first man I ever took to a family gathering. I have a very large extended family, and around thirty people were there. When it was time for the Easter egg hunt, a few minutes into it, my mom pointed out an egg that I had missed. When I picked it up, it had a clue for me to go inside the house to a certain room. In that room, there were roses, candles, music, and lots of notes for me to follow, each one telling me how much David loved me. The last note was for me to go outside so he could tell me in person. There, he got down on one knee and proposed. We had been dating for a month and a half. We have been married a year and a half and have a baby on the way! That was the best present I have ever gotten.

  285. a kitchenaid stand mixer would probably be one of my favorites

  286. My favorite Christmas gift is a baby doll I received when I was 6 or 7 years old. I loved it because it sneezed. Lol

  287. Hi!! Ohmygosh, I would love one of these!!!
    My most favorite Christmas present is when my brother, who’s in the military gets to come home from from wherever he’s currently serving in (this year is England).
    Tears of joy***

  288. When I was little I had the book series “Little House on the Prairie” I read them so many times that I wore the covers off the books to the point that the pages were also coming apart. Then 7 Christmas’ ago (yes, I was an adult by that point) My mom got them for me in hard back. I cried like a little kid….even more than when I got my engagement ring from my now husband (and it was the same Christmas, yikes! LOL) Hands down, it was the best Christmas present to date.

  289. My favorite present was from Santa when I was five. I received a play kitchen. I played with that thing until there were holes in it. I remember dragging it into the kitchen every day and pretend to cook while my mom made breakfast or supper. I recently discovered that my parents still have the plastic life size kitchen in their basement after all these years. I was promised I can have it back if I one day bless them with a granddaughter (=
    Merry Christmas!

  290. are giving away your Keurig? You are too generous girl!!

    My fave Christmas gift has to be from my husband from our first year of dating when we were boyfriend and girlfriend in college. He usually doesn’t do gifts with his family, but he knew that I’m a sucker for anything wrapped. He got a beautiful pink eyedrop stone necklace that I absolutely adore, and I made him a photo collage of our first year dating and some sweaters. I loved that I got him into the Christmas spirit of gift-giving. hehe.

    • haha! I’m not giving away MY Keurig, but a new one that I’ll order on Amazon for the winner. 🙂 Gotta keep mine, I’m addicted to it already! 🙂

  291. Liz Miller says:

    I’m pretty sure my favorite Christmas gift must have been the sewing machine I got last year. I’d been wanting one for so long, so it was perfect. Though I’m pretty sure whatever I get each year ends up being my favorite.

  292. A doll I had wanted when I was little. It was the only gift I received from my mom that year because she was a single parent and finances were very tight. It was special and the memory still is special too. Thank you for the giveaway.

  293. Mine was a set of spinners (similar to dominos) that my dad made. It must have taken him forever to do so, and it’s something I still cherish now (and use!).

  294. My favorite Christmas present was a trip to Oregon–my first time ever to the PNW! It was awesome!!!!

  295. My favorite present was a bike when I was about 7. I rode that bike in the snow I was so excited.

  296. Kristi Stapler says:

    Oooohhhhh. I just found this blog and LOVE it already! I’m not likely to ever get any kind of coffee machine that is over $20, so I’m excited to have this chance to try to win one!

    Favorite Christmas gift EVER? My puppy, Trixie. I had wanted one for almost 40 years—-1st my parents said NO, then my hubby did. FINALLY he agreed!

  297. My engagement ring =D

  298. My favorite present I ever got was (believe it or not) a toaster oven for my first college house. I love kitchen gadgets!

  299. When I was about 5 years old, Santa gave me a Billy Joel CD in my stocking because “Uptown Girl” was my favorite song. To this day I smile every time I think about that.

  300. My favorite? Probably my Labrador puppy!

  301. Our family is not a gift-giving type of family. But I always treasure the “present” of just being able to spend the holidays (not just Christmas) with my family. I know not everyone does that. But I’m always looking forward to our yearly parties!

  302. My fiance proposed to me last year during my family’s Christmas celebration. I got two amazing presents that night: a beautiful diamond and (more importantly!)the man of my dreams.

  303. My favorite Christmas present was a 13in tv that I received when I was in high school. I loved that it came with a remote AND sleep timer, since our main tv didn’t have either. Would be so excited to win the Keurig!!!

  304. My favorite present ever was a large paper cutter. I love the size of it and it is sooo practical.

    I have six sons, coffee and such a cool coffee maker would be darling on my counter. Seriously, it would!!

  305. My husband took me on a trip to Gatlinburg and proposed to me for Christmas in 2008!

  306. Oooh, what a great giveaway! I’d love to win 🙂

    My favorite gift ever… hmmm… probably the discman I got circa 1990.

  307. The best Christmas present for me was when I was little and I received an Easy Bake Oven. (Well, it was passed on, but I got new mixes to use.) It was the happiest time for me.

  308. My favorite Christmas present was when I was 9 years old. My mother made me an adoption doll. I know she spent alot of time making all the details on the doll.

  309. My favorite present would be my first digital camera (and all new ones since then!). I’ve always been one to take lots of pictures and being able to take tons and put them right on the computer was amazing!!

  310. A beginners pottery class from my hubby one year when I was really struggling and needed a creative outlet.

  311. My favorite Christmas gift was my Kitchenaid mixer from my mom last year. It’s awesome!

  312. Hermes scarf from my husband

  313. Teresa Fanning says:

    My favorite present ever was a Barbie house my Dad built me. We didnt have a lot of money but he was, and still is, a wonderful craftsman. He built me a fabulous dream house complete with working garage door! It was wonderful and Ill remember it forever <3 Thanks so much for the wonderful giveaway! Ive wanted a Keurig machine for a while as well.

  314. My favorite all-time Christmas present was the American Girl Doll Molly when I was 8! Hands down best Christmas ever!

  315. Michelle Janes says:

    My favorite Christmas present by far would have to be… a deck of cards my husband gave me when we were dating! It had 52 things I love about you written on the box, and then one thing written on each card. I love those kinds of gifts! coupon books, scrapbooks… anything homemade is perfection for me!

  316. Best present ever was my promise ring from my husband. It was our first Christmas together and it was just really romantic.

  317. Trina Coley says:

    My favorite Christmas present ever was a motorcycle. I was 10 years old and I had begged my parents all year to get me one.

  318. My favorite gift from the holidays was a digital camera I got 5 years ago! It was pretty hip to have the one that I had, but now it looks like a kid’s toy. I still use it from time to time… trying to save up for a DSLR.

  319. Anne Nyman says:

    I really can’t pinpoint one – but I know it sounds super corny – but the best gift I get is seeing my kids happy and opening up and appreciate their Christmas gifts on Christmas morning. So – I guess that my gift is gratitude that we have money to do that for them.

  320. Edwina Ulmer says:

    My favorite Christmas gift was last year when my daughters gave me framed photos of my 3 grandchildren. They are the joys of my life and I can’t think of a better gift.

  321. Barbie clothes made by my grandma!

  322. My favorite/most memorable gift ever was the play kitchen I received when I was just 3 years old. The little kitchen provided hours of make-believe and play!

  323. Catherine VP says:

    My favorite Christmas gift is the new oven my husband bought me this year! It makes the holiday baking so much more enjoyable!

  324. Last year my parents totally surprised me with a Canon Rebel – I had no idea it was coming! 🙂

  325. Since I got engaged just before Christmas, I’m going to consider that my best Christmas present.

  326. My favorite Christmas gift was a little toy dog that did back-flips that my parents gave me when I was 3 or 4 years old!

  327. Alie Easterwood says:

    My favorite Christmas present ever given to me was a ring given to me by my mom. The reason is was so special was because it belonged to my grandmother. Growing up, I always loved her turquoise ring. I always wanted one just like it. After my grandmother passed away, my mom saved it for me. My grandmother was, and still is, so special to me. And I smile every time I wear her ring!

  328. When I was two my grandmother gave me a long, floppy, silky white stuffed cat which I named Key Cat. I still have Key Cat almost 30 years later. She is all matted and grey now but sometimes I pull one of her ears inside out because there’s a little bit of fur in there that is still silky and it makes me remember what she was like all over before she got old.

  329. Linda Schaefer says:

    I would love to win the Keurig…been eyeballing them for about a year now. And Starbucks…love it!!!!

  330. My favorite gift I received last year and it was this laptop I’m using to submit this post! I can’t live without it’!!

  331. My dad is cancer free for the 2nd Christmas in a row…best present ever!

  332. I can’t really decide on a “favorite” – so I will tell you the gift that is most memorable to me. Mr. Bubble Bubble Bath when I was four years old – that was almost 30 years ago, so it must have been a pretty special gift!

  333. My favorite would have to be last years Christmas gift from my fiancé, a cannon rebel! I was totally caught off guard but have always wanted one!

  334. My favorite Christmas present will be this year because my Husband will get to come home from Kuwait for Christmas! Can’t Wait!!

  335. My favorite Christmas gift is the same each year. As I get older, I treasure getting together with my family. It is such a gift to all come together from around the country and celebrate Christmas together under one roof.

  336. Ya know…the gifts, some cherished, some long forgotten, pale in comparison to the family time. My grandmother, my parents, my only sibling, all have passed on now and I so cherish the holiday times I spent with each of them. Now spending holidays with my own children and grandchildren is the only gift I need. But, if I am so fortunate as to win the Kurig…well, that would just be “icing on the cake”. Merry Christmas to you and best wishes for the coming year!

  337. a opal ring given to my by my father when i was 13 years old. I still have this ring and it brings back memories of him as he passed 15 years ago. Daddy always picked a special gift for me and Santa did the rest 🙂

  338. One of my favorite gifts was from my husband, a necklace with the Chinese symbol for Happiness. We don’t exchange big gifts with each other. This was just the perfect gift for that time in our lives.

  339. Crystal Riezinger says:

    Our second Christmas married my husband SHOCKED me with a diamond band to go with my wedding set. I am a simple girl and only had a plain white gold band. I was shocked and that is the best part b/c I am so hard to surprise. It was the best Christmas ever.

  340. My favorite Christmas gift would be the traditions my parents passed down to us. I love having that piece of my childhood to carry into my own family’s celebration.

  341. My favorite Christmas gift ever was a early 1990’s casio keyboard…I loved that thing. It had a super annoying demo song that I played ALL the time. 🙂

  342. My kitchen aid mixer!

  343. Marsha Cooper says:

    My favorite gift was a pair of roller skates…I wore them out!!!

  344. I feel fortunate that I have so many wonderful gifts and memories to choose from! I’ll go with last year, my husband shocked me with a Nikon DSLR as a gift. He claims it is the only time he has ever seen me speechless!

  345. mary fanara coleman says:

    I believe my best Christmas present ever will be this Christmas.I cannot buy any presents this year for my family and it’s helping me see the real meaning of Christmas and why I should be celebrating.I am getting closer to God and just wish nothing but Love for my family, parents and my four sisters and their families.God Bless.

  346. Bethany C. says:

    One of my most memorable christmas gifts was a puppy when I was 8 or 9 years old. He was in a big box all wrapped up!

  347. Victoria Bowers says:

    My best Christmas gift would be this Christmas. We are a military family with two kids ages 3 and 4. Our 4 year old is Autistic. My husband is currently deployed and he will be able to be home for 15 days but he will be leaving to go back on Christmas Day. It is going to be extremely hard for him to leave on Christmas but at least he gets to come home and he is safe. It is going to be so nice to have our family together even if it isn’t but for 2 weeks. Merry Christmas to all.

  348. My favorite christmas present was my doll house when I was younger.

  349. My favorite Christmas ever was when I was 8 . . . that was the year my family got our dog that I grew up with (we got her as a puppy). She has since passed on, but I will never forget that Christmas.
    = )

  350. Almost 11 years ago now, I got an early Christmas gift– my first son! He was born 9 days before Christmas and was five weeks early!

  351. Ashley Palmer says:

    My favorite gift was for my wedding…my grandmother got me a KitchenAid mixer and said it was a dream of hers to give me that to use in my home with my own family and she was proud of me 🙂

  352. I think that my best gift will be the helicopter ride that my parents got for my husband and me to go on during our upcoming honeymoon in Hawaii.

  353. The first thing that came to mind was a sterling silver ring with a black and white photo of my two kids. It was a gift from my Mom. I had lost my ‘traditional’ mother’s ring earlier in the year and was just sick over it–this was her replacement mother’s ring for me as my Christmas present that year! I will cherish it and get tons of compliments on it.

  354. The best Christmas present I ever got was in 1st grade. I woke up and found Santa footprints to the playroom and there in all its glory was a Little House on the Prairie Log Cabin!
    INSIDE my house. INSIDE my plaroom!
    My mom, dad, and a sneaky neighbor helped assemble the cabin and maneuver it into my playroom.
    The cabin did not get to stay inside forever. But there were leaves on the trees once more when it went outside. 🙂

  355. A cruise…on which my husband asked me to marry him!!

  356. My most favorite gift I have received was not a special occasion gift. The first year I was divorced an old friend of mine, who had heard of my recent situation contacted me and offered her services as an accountant for my tax preparations. She knew the potential difficulties and although I had not seen this dear friend for more than 15 years she did something for me that will forever mean the world.

  357. Sara Moore says:

    I love to knit and crochet gifts for people. When I was a kid, my mom was able to crochet and knit sweaters, hats, scarves, etc. for my sisters and me and spend less than she would have on these items in the store. Now, yarn, needles, hooks, and other necessary items are so expensive! I was thrilled speechless last year when my father-in-law gave me a $100 gift card to my favorite local yarn shop! I was able to stretch my gift-giving budget all the more! Have a great Christmas.

  358. My favorite gift is probably my Kitchen-Aid mixer. I use that thing all the time and I just love it! I’ve really been wanting a Keurig, though. So this would be a super cool gift too.

  359. My favorite gift was from my sister who hand-made me a comforter made out of old jeans.

  360. My favorite Christmas present ever is my beagle, Nutmeg, that my husband gave to me.

  361. My favorite gift ever was my Green Bay Packers coat. That was 15+ years ago and I still have it!

  362. My favorite present ever was a Tickle Me Elmo that my mom – no lie – met in the parking lot of a K-Mart in the middle of the night to buy from a worker who grabbed one before they sold out. It wasn’t that I wanted the tickle me elmo, it was the effort she put into getting it that makes it my favorite!

  363. My favorite present was a car the Christmas after I turned 16. Completely unexpected and quite thrilling!

  364. My favorite gift was being snowed in on Christmas Eve with my family – We had a
    wonderful Christmas together.

  365. Jordan Nerison says:

    I dont know if i ever had a favorite christmas present, but the most memorable year was when i was 4 and asked for only two things for christmas; a cupcake, and an umbrella (keeping in mind, I was still an only child at this point and this would have been my year to be spoiled by my parents for christmas). Needless to say, it was the best cupcake and umbrella I had ever gotten.

  366. Mine is just getting to spend time with my family!

  367. My favorite Xmas gift ever was a bike I got when I was 10.

  368. Becca Pittman says:

    My most favorite Christmas present ever was when I got the Cut-N-Style Barbie. I wasn’t allowed to play with scissors often because I like to cut my hair, my sister’s hair, clothes, paper…you name it, I probably went scissor happy on it! When I got this Barbie, a new page turned in my little life. And yes, she had the best, butchered hair on the block! And I STILL have that Barbie, and her hair is STILL butchered…I guess the velcro hair got lost in all the other accessories 🙂

  369. My favorite Christmas present was a new bike “Santa” brought me when I was a little girl!! : )

  370. My favorite present ever was just last year, all my kids were able to come home for Christmas. Those little old ladies in the check out line that used to tell me to savor the moments with my kids were right….the days are long, but the years are short. The kids will be gone before you know it!

  371. Kayliehg Pipe says:

    My favorite christmas gift was given to me by my grandparents when I was somewhere between 6-8. It was a my size barbie that I had been wanting forever! My cousin & I got matching ones & loved them so much! Thank you for the chance, Merry Christmas!

  372. Kristen Bankard says:

    My favorite present was my pink Barbie corvette that I was able to ride/drive in. I wore that battery out! It was so much fun washing it and pretending to pull my older brother and his friends over. I wonder if it’s still in my parents garage….Thanks for the chance to win!

  373. Amanda Thompson says:

    My husband gave me a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer for Christmas a few years ago ~ best gift ever!

  374. My fave Christmas present was my Kitchen Aid mixer!

  375. Probably our trampoline when I was younger! 🙂

  376. My favorite gift ever was a lucky lottery scratch off ticket my husband got me while leaving the grocery store. I won $5,000. I had been wanting an i-pad but couldn’t affor it on a teacher’s salary. Well, I got my i-pad and a few more goodies.

  377. My favorite gift was my wedding ring–which meant I was married to the man of my dreams!

  378. One Christmas when I was around middle school age, my parents surprised my brothers and I with tickets for a trip to Disney World, which included a few days on the Disney cruise ship. That was a really fun gift. 🙂

  379. My favorite present is a necklace my husband (then boyfriend) gave me after he was away on family vacation after we’d been dating just six months. It meant so much that he was thinking of me while on away on a Carribbean cruise!

  380. I am really enjoying your blog and recipes. You asked what about a favorite gift, and I must tell you that the “diamond earrings” that my 2 sons gave me when they were little was a favorite, I keep them near the macaroni necklace in my drawer, they give “bling” a whole new meaning and are at least 1 1/2 carats.They pooled their money and got them on sale for $10.99 however I am SURE they are worth alot more…well to me they are…because they chose them and thought me worthy of these beauties.The boys are 2 of my 6 children and although I have received many beautiful gifts through the years,none that I know were selected with such love…they are grown men with children of their own now ….and I can say without hesitation that I am sure that both of their wives hope to get some just like them!
    Thank you for letting me tell you about my favorite gift.

  381. My favorite all time Christmas present was my engagement ring from my husband. He gave it to me in December of 1992 when he asked me to marry him. Best present ever! Thank you for a great giveaway. 🙂

  382. Such a fun Christmas giveaway, Nikki! My mouth is salivating thinking about a nice Starbucks coffee. We just got a Starbucks in a nearby town, so some day I will go there and have a cup! But for now I will wish for this!!

    I can’t just think of 1 favorite gift:

    My favorite childhood gift was when I was around 11, I received a brand new red 10 speed bike!!!

    When I was a little younger I received a homemade Cabbage Patch doll from my Grandma. I thought she was the cat’s meow—and the doll wasn’t too shabby either.

    As an adult, I would have to say hands down being pregnant with our first child at Christmas time. Couldn’t help but think of Mary with child.


  383. The sewing machine, table, and all the accessories I use daily in the business that I just started. I love it!!!!

  384. My Empire Red Kitchen Aid Mixer. I love her!!

  385. Stephanie Wiese says:

    While I looove getting presents I can honestly say that I don’t really remember what gifts I got for Christmas. I remember the experience of the holiday traditions, the parties and just being surrounded by friends and family. I love the month of December!!

  386. My most recent favorite present-I’m typing on it! My husband bought me a laptop last Christmas. Now I can follow all of my favorite food bloggers!

  387. Kellie Hogg says:

    I was going to say my favorite Christmas present was the game “To Grandmother’s House We Go” that I got when I was five. Then I remembered that my husband proposed to me on Christmas and gave me my engagement ring then. 🙂 Guess that is my favorite present.

  388. I really had to think hard about this. I think my favorite Christmas present ever was my karaoke machine when I was in middle school. I brought it to a million sleepovers and wore out tons of cassette tapes (yes, cassette tapes) with my friends. Great memories.

  389. Super excited to see our oldest look when she opens her Santa present. She’s starting to show a strong interest in cooking and helping in the kitchen. Have an apron being made and picked out a children’s cookbook. Probably will pair those with some pint sized utensils if we can find something affordable.

  390. Theresa Hayes says:

    Thanks for making this contest so simple!! My favorite Christmas present was a birthstone ring from my Grandfather.

  391. My favorite Christmas present ever is hard to beat. My daughter was born 3 days before Christmas 3 years ago and we got to bring her home on Christmas day. Best ever!

  392. One of my favorite Christmas present was not one I have received but one my family gave to someone else. 11 years ago younger brother was diagnosed with leukemia and passed away in November.. So that year we decided to give christmas to a family we had meet in the hospital. This family had 3 kids and were staying at the Ronald McDonald house. We got the kids gifts, had a friend dress up as Santa and brought a home cooked meal. The joy from those kids made that Christmas a little less hard and to this day my parents still receives a Christmas card from this family.

  393. Jeanne Westbrook says:

    One Christmas when I was in 9th grade all I wanted was a Bach Trumpet. My Dad kept asking what I wanted for Christmas and I would say Bach and he would reply humbug. I heard my mom talking to him one night and he said she is doing fine on the one she has. I cried myself to sleep and when Christmas morning came he presented me with a super cool stereo. I was happy. Mom asked him when he got that? He said he had it for a while. We were getting ready to go in for breakfast and mom said well it looks like Santa left you something under the tree. I turned around and looked at the size of the box – ran over – ripped off the paper and immediately burst into tears because there was my beloved Bach Stradivarius Trumpet. My dad asked her when she got that and her reply was “Oh I’ve had it for a while”. I still play that trumpet over 35 years later. Best Christmas present ever!

  394. Its kind of cheesy but my mother in law gave me a cupcake container a few years ago that I absolutely adore. It’s so handy and so Martha Stewarty.

  395. Time spent with family and loved ones is the best Christmas present I could ever receive.

  396. Nicole Mary says:

    My favorite gift was my sewing machine I got last year for Christmas 🙂

  397. My favorite Christmas gift was my Nook that my husband and son surprised me with. I have so many books, that this was a gift for them too in that I won’t be buying as many books anymore!

  398. I’m hoping to receive the best present I ever received this Christmas… a DSLR camera and a Keurig for the late nights spent editing pictures. 🙂

  399. Amy Martinez says:

    I have to give a back story as to why this was my favorite gift. I started dating my husband when I was 15, 16 years ago. Our first Christmas together he asked what I wanted. As a 15 year old who had not been dating her guy for very long I of course did not feel right asking for anything. So I simply said, just get me a popcorn tin. You know those tins that have the 3 different types of popcorn that cost about 5 bucks! So come Christmas morning, guess what I got, a popcorn tin! And that was all!! I tried to act happy about it but I’m sure he could tell by the look on my face it was obviously wrong. So fast forward a few years…. Christmas morning my husband tells me to open his gift. I notice the shape of it and think “here we go again”. When I open it, it is once again a popcorn tin!! I smiled and said thank you. He tells me to open it and make sure that its the kind of popcorn I like. When I open it, there is a jewelery box in there. As I am in shock and I pull it, he is on his knees and takes the box from my hand. He pulls out this amazing ring and asks me to marry him again!! So, I would have to say that my best gift EVER was a 5 dollar popcorn tin!!

  400. My favorite Christmas present was 27 years ago when our first child was born.
    She was supposed to be a Thanksgiving baby and ended being a Christmas baby. She brings me joy and happiness every day.Thsnk you.

  401. My favorite Christmas presents are always new clothes!

  402. Susan Tuma says:

    I love giving gifts at Christmas especially to my kiddos. My best memories are them opening the gift they really wanted and seeing their face and excitement!

  403. My engagement ring on christmas eve 1995.

  404. Kathleen Thompson says:

    My best Christmas present was the birth of my son. He was born the beginning of December, but was 3 weeks early. Having family come to visit and stay made the holiday so homey, comfortable, and so memorable.

  405. I made flavored vinegars and salad dressing last year bc everyone I know are foodies:) this year I’m giving everyone free half hr massages:)

  406. My favorite Christmas present was my blue Huffy Puppy Love Bike… I was so excited to learn how to ride on that thing!

  407. ooh fun giveaway!

    my best present ever was my DSLR camera two Christmases ago! a TOTAL surprise!

  408. favorite xmas present was my very first Shun chefs knife. I was complaining to my in-laws that we didnt get any good knives for wedding presents and that I saw a really awesome knife on a cooking show I would love but could never afford. Thats all i said. They went behind my back to find out what knife it was and found it nearby. I used it to chop veggies xmas morning for dinner – love that knife!

  409. My favorite Christmas present ever had to be last year when I found out I was pregnant with our first child! Four Days before Christmas I saw the little plus sign on the EPT. I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl this past August. She is absolutely AMAZING!!! 🙂

  410. Brian Davis says:


  411. Christina Murphy says:

    For my 30th birthday, my family gave me the opportunity to encounter a beluga whale at our local aquarium. I was in the tank, just me, the whale, and the trainer for over one hour. It was one of the most amazing experiences ever. I think about it often, and how I felt at peace. I had a hard time turning 30, and this gift made me feel so special.

    Thank you,

  412. My favorite Chritmas present was from my best friend the year I graduated. I moved from TN to KS and she gave me a giant bag when I came home for Thanksgiving. It was full of small presents. One to open every day from Thanksgiving until Christmas. It was so special since I knew very few people in KS.

  413. Probably the most thrilling present for me still, was when I was about 9, and Cabbage Patch Kids were all the rage- I got one! They were sold out everywhere and it was on the news nightly about how people were mauling each other trying to get them. My Uncle was a long range truck driver, and in all his travels, happened to find me one. Best Christmas ever.

  414. Kristie Parkins says:

    My mom for a Keurig for Christmas last year, and I’ve had Keurig envy since! The best gift that I’ve ever received is my Kitchen Aid mixer. It’s something that I use frequently, but I would have never bought for myself.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  415. My favorite Christmas present arrived last Monday, our son who came to us through adoption!

  416. My favorite Christmas present ever was a keyboard I got from my parents when I was in elementary school. I loved that thing! Today, my niece and nephew still play it, so it turned out to be a great gift for everyone!

  417. Any type of candles.

  418. I remember when I was 10 my parents got me a tape recorder for Christmas{I know technology has improved}but I loved it. Also my husband for our tenth anniversary gave me a diamond ring and a trip to Washington DC.I was so surprised and the ring was beautiful.

  419. Ashley Dunn says:

    My favorite gift ever was a trip to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday! My parents surprised me and I have to say it was one of my most memorable vacations ever 🙂 I went with my Mom and we shopped til we dropped! It was an awesome time and I can’t wait to go back someday!! 🙂

  420. My hubby got me a KitchenAid Stand Mixer for my birthday this year! I’m so in love with it.

    Merry Christmas!

  421. Each year for christmas my husband gets me a new pair of uggs and while I love christmas each year and any gift I receive, I look forward to new uggs the most. A lot of people hate them but they are the most comfortable things ever, I don’t know if I could make it through fall/winter without them!

  422. A trip to Rome!

  423. My favorite memory of a Christmas gift is receiving my first bicycle, which had training wheels on it. My parents had set it up in the basement for me, and led me down there after I had opened up my other presents. I was so excited to see that pink bike with streamers coming out of the handles, a white basket with a big daisy on the front, and the little silver bell on the right side. I must have ridden the bike around the basement for hours that Christmas and then endlessly for years after, until I eventually received a ten-speed bike for an older birthday. But the memory of that first pink bicycle will stick with me forever. I just hope we can someday give our daughter a similar memory that will stick with her!

  424. My favorite Christmas was when I received my engagement ring. It was totally unexpected and in a box that I thought held pearl earrings (which I had asked for!) Just before I opened the box, I looked at my daughter and she started to cry and I remember thinking “this is not my earrings”…it was awesome and we have now been married for almost 12 years! Merry Christmas!

  425. My first western show saddle. My parents decided I was committed enough to horses, and let me pick one out. I treasured that saddle, and still have so many good memories in it.

  426. Blair Bostrom says:

    My favorite gift I ever got for Christmas was my Easy Bake Oven!!

  427. amanda schwartz says:

    magic makeup doll when I was a little girl

  428. fran hitchcock says:

    best gift ever was a wind up clock my honey gave me when we really had no $, but I love it to this day

  429. Kate Felton says:

    My favorite Christmas present was a vintage vanity that I received when I was thirteen. I’m nineteen now and still love it!

  430. Silly, but it would probably be the Super Nintendo I received for one year when I was little. I STILL have it and it still works. Not going to lie, hubs and I pop it in and play some Super Mario Bros every once in a while 🙂

  431. The best Christmas gift I ever received was a pink Huffy bike! Unfortunately the summer after I got it someone broke into our garage and stole it!

  432. My favorite Christmas gift was from my brother-in-law a few years ago. It was a gift certificate to a local spa. I went and had a massage and loved it!

  433. My favorite and most precious gift will come this year. The gift of my mother. She was recently dignosed with breast cancer this year and it has been an eye opening experience for me. She is the world to me, and to have her healthy and enjoying life means more to me than any material object could. She has taught me everything I know, and I will be cherishing every moment I have with her, as I always have. Merry Christmas!

  434. My kitchenaid mixer I’m finally getting this year!

  435. My favorite gift ever would have to be when my husband picks out jewelry…Of course it’s nothing fancy or expensive. But I know he picked it out himself.

  436. I am hoping for the new version of Project Life. I love taking pictures and documenting our life. I also love the thought of a big book that my kids and I can contribute to weekly and work on together.

  437. a trip to mexico!

  438. My favorite Christmas Present ever was when my husband showed up on Christmas day when I was visiting family and proposed!

  439. christi gallup says:

    I would have to say the greatest gift was when my husband and i
    got married, we married dec 20 so that we would have a “family Christmas” 3 yrs later on the 22nd of dec we welcomed a daughter, and 2 yrs after that on the dec 23 a son. Have to say that family is the greatest gift one can recieve!

  440. My favorite gift would be a trip to disney with my family when i was little! it was amazing! Thanks!

  441. Lynne Beattie says:

    A trip to Italy from my children and grandchildren! A wonderful time was had by all!

  442. My favorite gift ever was a Cabbage Patch doll as a child.

  443. Andrea Schultz says:

    While I would love to tell about my favorite gift, probably my ipad, it is my LEAST favorite gift that is a hoot. When I was about 12-14 years old, I kept telling my parents what items I wanted for Christmas. Finally, in an effort to make me STOP, they told me my present had already been purchased and it was a great one!! You can imagine the many things I hoped and dreamed were waiting for me on Christmas morning… when Christmas finally arrived, they brought out THE GIFT. It was an accordian. Yep. Evidently I had once mentioned that I thought it would be pretty fun to learn the accordian. The accordian was donated to our church-wide garage sale a few years ago.

  444. My favorite Christmas gift ever has to be the year my brother and I were given the original Nintendo system. Since it was such a nice gift it was our only gift from Santa that year but boy were we happy!

  445. The best gift I ever got for Christmas came last year…My brother gave me 2 telephones, one was a rotary dial and the other was a push button. They were both SNOOPY phones!! I LOVE Snoopy and it came as a total surprise as we no longer exchange gifts at Christmas. I also had never told him that I had always wanted one. I have the best brother ever!

  446. Jenelle Boo says:

    What an awesome blog! My favorite Christmas present is always my stocking; my mom has such a knack of filling it with tiny, thoughtful gifts that she knows I’ll love. Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  447. Valerie Akbar says:

    wow….favorite present ever? that is a tough one…but I really enjoyed going on a cruise for my honeymoon 2 years ago…it was right at Christmas time and my now husband surprised me with the trip!

  448. My favorite Christmas present was given to me 7 years ago. I’d been dating Michael for 5 weeks, but already knew he was “the one.” On Christmas night, he gave me a red velvet bag. Inside was a small heart-shaped ring. It was my promise ring. We were married a year later, and on Saturday, we’ll celebrate 6 happy years of marriage together!

  449. I dont remember a Christmas gift in particular but for my husbands and my first Valentine’s Day married he cleaned the house for me, made me dinner and heart shaped cookies. I also got a dozen roses and some other small gifts and a lovely card. Very Romantic!

  450. Naomi Dice says:

    My best present ever was a fire topaz ring.

  451. Andrea Garner says:

    My favorite present was a pair of ice skates that I begged my parents for. My parents only took my to use them once but I loved just having them!

  452. My favorite Christmas gift was the year we received a dog! Not sure how we convinced my parents to do it… 🙂

  453. Alexandra H says:

    Best present was the leather jacket my hubby got me. I had hinted at it but never expected he would “get it”.

  454. Stephanie Chacon-Quita says:

    I can’t really remember a christmas gift in general that was the best christmas ever, but I would have to say that on Valentines Day I found out that I was pregnant with my 3rd child. I would have to say that was the best gift that my husband could ever give me!!

  455. My best present was my cat, Lucky, that I got around 6th grade. My mom had said I’d be “lucky” to get a cat, but I had already named her and made her a bed beforehand! 🙂

  456. Dessure Hutchins says:

    My favorite present was my grandmothers wedding ring.

  457. A few years ago my husband gave me a camera and I haven’t stopped capturing the wonderful events in our (and now with our little one) lives! I think a great gift for him (and me!) this year would be a Keurig!! Happy holidays to all!!

  458. My favorite Christmas gift was my family pitching in to send my mother on a MUCH deserved vacation this year. Instead of giving each other gifts, we all pitched in and bought my mom her ticket! Glory to God!

  459. My favorite Christmas gift was when my parents surprised me with a trumpet. IT WAS AMAZING!

  460. Teresa Ward says:

    My favorite gift EVER is my Salvation!!!! ALL I had to do is BELIEVE to receive it and now it blesses me every day of my life!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

  461. My iPod touch a few year ago — best present ever!!

  462. The best Christmas gift I’ve ever gotten is actually one I get this year. My husband is in the United States Marine Corps and was in Afghanistan on a 7 month deployment. During the middle of October with only less than a month left to go they gave us bad news, that they would be extending until January. I was crushed thinking about how I’d be spending the holidays without him. But a week later they changed their minds. My husband is home now and it’s the best present I could ever wish for!

  463. My favorite Christmas present? A print of a map of Germany with a heart in place of the town in which I lived. So personal and meaningful!

  464. Mary-Elizabeth Atkins says:

    My favorite Christmas present EVER was when my then boyfriend proposed to me on Christmas Eve! It was perfect 🙂 The ring was Gorgeous too!!! 😉

  465. My favorite gift ever…that is a tough one…when I was 6 Santa brought me a big Fivel Mousekewitz stuffed animal that I had been wanting and brought our family a VCR:)

  466. My favorite Christmas gift was pearl earrings from my brother when I was 21 years old. (Quite a while ago.) My brother passed away a few years later so they are very precious to me.

  467. My favorite Christmas present was my sewing machine I had been hinting at for quite sometime 🙂 it’s since made a lot of gifts!

  468. What an amazing giveaway!! I love some coffee.. my favorite gift would probably be the nook I got 2 years ago.. I love to read and now I can take all of my books w/ me! As a kid it would probably be the remote control car I always wanted!! 🙂

  469. Janet Vickers says:

    my favorite present was an easy bake oven

  470. Loved the carrot cheese cake. The best present I ever received was the gift of the knowledge of Jesus Christ as given of God to be my Lord and Savior. This gift gave me life.

  471. Email correction

  472. My favorite Christmas gift ever is my husband! We were married at Christmas time 5 years ago.

  473. My favorite gift was a keurig for Christmas a few years ago. Unfortunately, I think mine is dying slowly, so I would love to win this one!

  474. Vicky Blackwell says:

    My favorite Christmas present was my Kindle last year as a total surprise from my husband and kiddos. I was not expecting it at all, and was later “grounded” from it only days after Christmas. My family said I was spending too much time with “IT” and not enough time with them! I LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee and would LOVE to win this prize. Did I say I also LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog & recipes. Thanks.

  475. My favorite Christmas present was a motorcycle. My little brother and I both got motorcycles one year for Christmas. We rode those things for miles and miles every day!

  476. My favorite Christmas gift was given to me last year by my grandmother. It was a recipe book she had put together with a collection of all the secret family recipes.

  477. A Barbie DREAM HOUSE 🙂

  478. My favorite Christmas gift was the morning my husband gave me loan papers, so we could start house hunting!

  479. My favorite Christmas present? A necklace from my husband right before we were married. Second up? She-Ra castle when I was 7:-D

  480. My favorite Christmas gift was an easy bake oven when I was 5 years old. I wanted to be able to bake just like my Momma 🙂

  481. My favorite Christmas gift was having my grandparents come up from Florida every year when I was younger since it was the only time I ever got to see them, and having the whole family together!

  482. Stephanie P says:

    I have been blessed with wonderful Christmas’s…but as a parent…the challenge grows to bless our children….My husband and I agree that they best Christmas Gift ever has been the ‘Loving Family Dollhouse!” It has honestly provided HUNDREDS OF HOURS of entertainment for all 3 of our DAUGHTERS!!!! And thus blissful peace for the hubby and I 🙂 Merry Christmas everyone!

  483. The first year my husband and I were dating he gave me a jewelry box with homemade “coupons” and a beautiful necklace. The coupons included things like one back rub, one engagement ring and one wedding! So thoughtful.

  484. My best gift was my second son due 12/23 but was born early on 12/4, just two years ago. My baby just turned two!!

  485. The best Christmas present I ever received was a video made by my kids. They are all grown with children of their own and they got together and made a video with their thoughts about me in “three words”. They got the idea from Good Morning American and they had all of my grandchildren take part. I watch it throughout the year and love it! It’s a keepsake I’ll cherish forever. Merry Christmas!

  486. Heather Gladd says:

    My favorite Christmas gift was a pair of roller blades in elementary school! Of course they were too small, so I couldn’t use them on Christmas day and had to wait for the stores to re-open so I could get a bigger size…LOL!

  487. Clayton Gladd says:

    The one that sticks out to me is the race car track my dad got me when I was in elementary school!

  488. My favorite Christmas present was the doll house my dad made for me. I still don’t know how he kept it hidden from me since he built it in our basement,

  489. Crystal Petty says:

    My favorite Christmas present I actually got a little early this year. My husband bought me a Canon Rebel T3 SLR camera. I love taking pictures of my precious babies and our family. I have a 2 year old and a 5 month old. Both boys!!! I never pass up a chance to take their pictures. I am a stay-at-home mom, so we have ALL day to take pictures…HAHA.

  490. When I was 13 I got a set of mini perfumes for Christmas. Each bottle was shaped differently and they were so pretty. It’s a Christmas present I’ll always remember getting from my mom~~or was that from Santa? 🙂 🙂

  491. Best Christmas present ever? Me! I was born 3 days before Christmas and my siblings (to this day) tell me that I ruined that Christmas because Mom and Dad said that I was their only Christmas present. That was totally not true, as my parents made SURE they got enough gifts. I love knowing that I got to be a thorn in their side first (they sure paid me for it for years and years after…brothers and sisters…psh!) Merry Christmas!

  492. This may sound silly, but my favorite present was an Angel Tree Kid. My husband picked a girl off the Salvation Army Angel Tree, and gave me money to buy gifts for her. I had so much fun.

  493. My favorite present ever was from my husband who surprised me with a piece of original art from a local artist. It was painted layered strips of canvas with images of our daughters doing their favorites activities with our dog in tow. It makes me smile every time I see it!

  494. Dani England says:

    My favorite gift was probably when my mom made me my own room (it was a craft room before that) and my grandpa made me my own bunk bed. I was 10.

  495. I have two favorites, is that allowed? I hope so! Four years ago, my oldest sister gave me a pink vacuum for Christmas. I had NO idea I was getting it, and I cried when I opened it. This also showed me that I was truly an adult…who cries with joy over a vacuum? The next one was two years ago. My mom went black Friday shopping and got me my kitchen aid mixer. I use that sucker more than any frying pan or pot in my house.

  496. My favorite christmas gift would be when we got my black lab on christmas!

  497. My fave Xmas present is actually the presents I picked out for my hubby this year. He has been dying for tools (any kind… he’s a man lol) since we first started dating and this year I finally braved the home improvement store and picked out exactly what he wanted. So excited to give them to him and make him ridiculously happy!

  498. Johanna Littleton says:

    My favorite Christmas gift was 3 years ago when we found out we were able to adopt our son.

  499. Keren Turner says:

    Wow, this was hard but one of my very favorite gifts was a baby doll I got when I was about 5 years old. My parents were missionaries in a small village above the arctic circle in Alaska. My dad had a little general store at the mission where he sold or traded goods to the local people. My sister and I would help our dad in the store, stocking the shelves and pricing stuff. I specifically remember one Christmas where my dad got in these two beautiful baby dolls to sell. We didn’t have much in the way of toys and I wanted one of those dolls so badly. Whenever someone would come into the store I would go and stand in front of the doll thinking that if people couldn’t see it then they couldn’t buy it. I wished so hard for that doll and one day it was gone and my dad told me someone bought it. To my joy and surprise it was my dad because on Christmas morning my sister and I got those dolls under our scraggly little tree (that my dad had chopped down). You would have thought I got a million dollars, I was so happy! Not long after that my mom took us to visit a family in the village. My mom asked my sister and I to each choose a toy to take to the little girls in the family because they didn’t have much. We didn’t have much but it was a lot compared to most of these children. She told us to think about giving something special that we would want ourselves and I knew what she meant…I gave my doll to that little girl that day. I was sad then but somehow it also made me happy. The lesson I learned and the joy in my heart is a gift that has lasted much longer than that doll. Merry Christmas!

  500. Teresa Hargrave says:

    My favorite Christmas was when I was about 6 or 7 years old. My dad was always trying to get us to drink milk so one Christmas he decided to bribe us. He promised us a really special present if we would drink a glass of milk each night the month before Christmas. My sister and I were determined to get that special present. One day when we came home there was a mysterious present under the tree. We were drinking the milk each day but I’m sure my poor parents had to endure plenty whinning while we drank our glass of milk each night. The week of Christmas the present grew! We couldn’t figure out how the package grew. We knew it was the same package because it was in the same spot and the wrapping paper was the same and no other present was wrapped the same way. You can imagine our anticipation for the big day to arrive. On Christmas morning we wanted to open the “special” gift first. When we did it was a portable organ. I loved it and played it for years. I can still remember playing “Little Brown Jug” and just a singing! My dad was so proud of himself, I can just see him smiling. This will be my first Christmas without him so it is really going to be difficult. I am so thankful for memories like this so hopefully it will help me and my sisters and mom get through the difficult days. Thanks for the post to recall a fond memory. Merry Christmas!

  501. Teresa Hargrave says:

    Sorry, this is Teresa, My email is

  502. Gennifer Birk says:

    My favorite gift was a cross necklace from my Pa!

  503. my favorite Christmas present was a trip to disney world the year my father passed away. my mom paid for our entire family to go and celebrate with one another in a different way than our usual yearly routine. We made lots of new memories and made the first year without my father a wonderful time to remember instead of a time mourning his passing. thanks for giving during this Christmas season!

  504. My favorite Christmas present is my diamond earrings. My hubby can’t keep a secret for anything, especially when it comes to gifts he is proud of. Well…this one he kept a secret. The earrings are beautiful,but my favorite part is that he was able to keep his lips closed about them.

  505. Carrie Crabtree says:

    My favorite Christmas present EVER was our baby girl getting to come home from the NICU for the holidays in 2010!

  506. angie finnegan says:

    Favorite Christmas gift ever was our dog. What a loving addition to our family…..she is 8 now and can’t imagine life without her….

  507. My favorite Christmas gift was probably the parakeet my grandfather got me. It wasn’t the kitten I wanted, but it was super thoughtful of him.

  508. My favorite Christmas gift ever was having my husband come home early from a deployment. He was a submariner in the Navy and they were doing trial runs to prepare for the long deployment that would take place in the New Year. We were told they wouldn’t be back until sometime between Christmas and New Year’s. I was newly pregnant with our first child and we planned on having my parents come to Connecticut to join me for this first Christmas with my husband away. Our gift to them was to be able to share the news of the first grandchild, but I was going to have to wait until he returned….talk about excruciating….

    But Christmas Eve, just before dinner he walked in. He wanted to surprise us, so he didn’t even call. Was the best Christmas gift ever (AND I barely could say Hello to him before I had to tell my parents the good news – I just couldn’t wait any longer!)


  509. Jennifer O says:

    I love this contest and the question! I know this is cheesy but my favorite gift was the birth of my son December 20, 10 years ago. He was just perfect and made the best gift I ever received. He still such a wonderful present. 🙂

  510. I know this sounds crazy, but my favorite present was my Dyson vacuum. I was sick of having crappy ones and when the last one finally died, I swore that I would never vacuum again unless someone got me a Dyson. I still love it to this day.

  511. Probably my American Girl doll. Yes, it was years and years ago but it was totally unexpected (it was *way* out of my parents price range) and so it was a wonderful Christmas surprise to receive! I only fully realized the love behind the gift as I grew older, which makes the memory all the more special.

  512. My best Christmas–or Christmases were when I was little and we’d make the 14 hour drive to my parents’ hometown where all of my Grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles lived.

    I remember Christmas morning under the tree and the door bursting open with the loud greetings and hellos of my relatives and their families. I don’t remember the presents, but I remember all of us being there–the smell of my Granny’s little house, the smiles, the loud, happy voices, and the warm hugs and kisses we exchanged with extended family. We loved our cousins like sisters and brothers–so much so, that it physically hurt my heart when we had to leave, as well as throughout the year whenever I thought of them and missed them. We could hardly contain our anticipation in seeing them again.

    To this day, I literally dream of this. We’re all there at my Granny’s house. I’m little and am watching the door open with one family after another exclaim their hellos as they come in (no one knocked)–and the joy and and love that we all shared is still there.

  513. My favorite Christmas present is the Willow Tree Nativity my husband gave me. I *LOVE* my nativity!

  514. My favorite presents are the trips my S.O. takes me on for my birthday. For my 21st, he took my to Vegas. We’ve also been to Chicago, Florida, Memphis, and others.

  515. My favorite ever Christmas present was the promise ring I received from my boyfriend (now husband of 12 years). <3

  516. My most memorable Xmas gift was the Barbie Dreamhouse Santa brought my sisters and I when we were little. He set it up, put it all together, and even put our Barbies in it!

    BTW – my boyfriend and I ar talking about getting each other a Keurig for Xmas, we are both major coffee drinkers – so I have my fingers crossed for this!

    Thanks & Merry Christmas!

  517. Favorite christmas present was when I was young and got my favorite toy of the season, a playstation. Yes it was a while back, but it was very awesome to get that present. 🙂

  518. Angela Park says:

    My favorite Christmas was the one where my mama decided not to cook the traditional meal and we had a fiesta for Christmas. She asked everyone in the fam to bring a mexican or south american dish – it was such a refreshing change after getting together for Thanksgiving! We ate tons! And it gave us all a chance to try out new dishes that each other made at home.

    I love coffee and I, too, am the only one who drinks it.

    Merry Christmas!! 🙂

  519. Every year for Christmas my husband buy me a new pair of the Victoria Secret flannel pjs. Its def my favorite and most used gift.

  520. Natalie Salvadodr says:

    Who doesn’t love coffee! What an awesome giveaway! Fav Christmas gift would be my PINK newton running shoes and Garmin watch- don’t know what i would have done without them this past year! Thanks for an awesome chance to win! love your blog!

  521. Tammie Carl says:

    My favorite Christmas gift ever was a Beautiful baby doll from my neighbor.She was a German lady who lived next door to our house in town.She wanted to teach me a old German carol to sing to her daughter when she visited.I think I was 7years old and we practiced for a couple months.She wanted me to sing it in German,and I did and she gave me this doll.Happy Times :o)

  522. My favorite Christmas present might have actually been a doll house that my grandfather built me. It is 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide. It is pink and it had the cutest blue windows. It put the Barbie dream house to shame. I love it and I hope to one day be able to give it to my daughter.

  523. My best Christmas present so far was my Kitchenaid Stand Mixer from my husband. I use it everyday to do something and it has helped cut down cooking/baking time too. The past few years though, we have started making handmade gifts instead and they are so meaningful and special.

    bamagv at aol dot com

  524. I’m a 38 year old wife and mommy of 2. I have had so many wonderful Christmas presents that to pick one would take me hours and hours of thinking. However, I have to tell you that one thought keeps popping up in my head – and they say go with your gut, so, here goes. 3 years ago I lost my job, my husband lost ALL overtime and, 6 months later, we lost our house. Our little, adorable and much loved house of 10 years. Gone. Since that day, we have lived with my in-laws. Yes. I said that. Which depending on the mood of the day in the house, requires Large amounts of alcohol or coffee. Which brings me to my point. The coffee. It sucks. We have one pot, of which my father-in-law has proclaimed himself king, including the purchase of the coffee. We hate it – with the fire of 100 suns. However, saving and paying off bills to get another house and our sanity comes first,therefore that faboo coffee maker that will make us happy and blissful in one lovely cup is not in the budget. Hopefully, this time next year I can say that my best Christmas is right around the corner with the best Christmas present ever – a new house 🙂

  525. I enjoy giving rather than receiving… Yeah I am one of those weird people. I would have to say the best gift I have given yet was to my brother and new sister-in-law. I got them matching onesies monogrammede with their names. It was the funniest best christmas gift ever! Now every year we all wear our matching onesies and it makes for a great warm christmas and awesome pictures!

  526. Best gift…running out to the living room to discover a homemade doll house that was taller than me! I can’t recall my age at the time, but the dear memory is there. I still own my dollhouse, but I now use it as a bookshelf.

  527. Kristen Ivaldi says:

    My favorite Christmas present was a Mighty’s Duck jacket that I finally got when I was in middle school after asking Santa for it for many years. I was obsessed with those movies. My birthday is December 17th so if I win, this would not only be a wonderful Christmas present but birthday present as well!

  528. Last Christmas eve, my husband felt his son move in my pregnant belly for the first time! Doesn’t get any better than that!

  529. Without a doubt the best Christmas present ever was one I received last year. Due to the realities of life, I was faced with a Christmas without my son home and with my boyfriend tied up with last minute out-of-control work issues. Ugg. For Christmas Eve I decided to join a couple of casual friends who were in similar situations; we were comrades banding together to keep the loneliness at bay. Imagine how it felt to walk in to my friend’s apartment to find my boyfriend there waiting to surprise me. He couldn’t stay long but he made the huge effort to let me know I matter to him. Better than any material thing I’ve ever received!

  530. My most memorable Christmas gift was a toy store that my grandmother gave me when I was about 9. It’s a beautiful wood structure with a red & white checked awning across the front and came with little boxes and bottles of play food (some with real ingredients inside), a tiny cash register, a shopkeepers apron, and little muslin shopping bags. I loved it for years. When I outgrew the store, it became a shelving unit in my bedroom. Now it’s in my daughters room, getting a chance to spark her imagination!

  531. I would have to say my favorite Christmas present is a jewelry my mother gave me a few years ago.

  532. The best Christmas present I ever received was a photo book that my boyfriend made for me after a trip we took through Europe. It was so beautiful and thoughful and I look at it at least once a week!

  533. My favorite Christmas gift ever is coming this year when my husband and I take a trip to Denver to see great friends and relax on the slopes. It’s going to be a great break!

  534. Becky Patt says:

    My favorite gift was a Holly Hobbie Sewing. I got it when I was about 10 years old. It was such a neat gift. I would spend hours cutting and sewing. I still love to sew to this day!!! I have “up graded” to a little better machine…..:)

  535. My favorite Christmas gift was given to me by my mother. My father passed away from cancer when I was 16 so several years later for Christmas my mom gave me a journal from my dad to me. It was a precious gift that meant the world to me.

  536. What an awesome giveaway!!!!
    My fav Christmas git would be a cabbage patch doll when i was little 🙂

  537. Best Christmas present ever was a Starbucks gift card with $20 a month automatically credited each month. Greatness!

  538. Favorite Christmas gift…a blue Schwinn bike with a white banana seat and streamers on the handlebars! So 70’s!

  539. Elaina Hubbard says:

    While I can’t recall a favorite christmas present I have a present that was the most special to me for my wedding. I had struggled with coming up with a beautiful wedding that I could enjoy because my parents were in no position to help me out nor were anyone else. My husband, fiance’ at the time, and I were doing our best with what we had. I was worried that we wouldn’t have a photographer because they were too expensive and the few cheap ones I found were already booked for the day. My father had a pretty nice camera he thought would work out that he could take pictures just for us to have some memory of it. The day of our wedding my dad pulled his camera out and shockingly enough, it was broke and wouldn’t work. I was almost in tears. I had planned for everything to be perfect and now I wouldn’t have these memories to look at down the road. Right before the wedding started a woman came in and said she had been sent over by my now mother and father-in-law and they had paid for her to come take pictures for our wedding. I was floored and then the tears of joy wouldn’t stop! That was the best gift and most grateful I have ever been! 🙂 We took alot of great pictures and now have them to cherish forever!

  540. I would love a chance!

  541. My hubby just bought me a computer as a baby shower gift… not very traditional, but I love it!!

  542. Thank you for this chance, great giveaway! My favorite gift was when I was 12 and still a huge tomboy, I got a Dallas Cowboys sweatsuit from Sears. Still a big Cowboys fan at 42, I have the patch that came on the top!

  543. My favorite Christmas present is an afghan my Aunt Betsy made for me. She has Diabetes and has gone blind from the disease. She had made all of her nieces and nephews an afghan when they graduated from high school. I was one of the younger ones, and by the time I graduated high school she was nearly blind. She had started a quilt for me in my favorite color, a light purple, but she was unable to see it anymore. I gave up on getting one. But for Christmas, she gave me a beautiful corrugated blue quilt. She could see the blue colors more easily and worked hard to finish for me for Christmas!

  544. My favorite gift was the cartoon version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas from my husband. There was a major snowstorm over the holiday, so we weren’t able to travel to see either of our families. It was difficult, but we made the best of it by watching the movie and building a snowman. Our neighbors thought we were completely insane! It was amazing!

  545. My favorite Christmas present ever was probably when I was five or six years old, and I got the best present ever “Hampstie” my pet hamster. Hampstie came in a cage that included a bottle, a food dish, and a hamster wheel. It was love at first site.

    If only hamsters lived longer :o(

  546. My fiance got me this cute porcelain pig. It’s my favorite.

  547. I have also wanted one for so long. My husband is a black coffee drinker and while I appreciate flavored creamers, it is not the same as a roasted specialty coffee. I think the creamers weaken the coffee too much, so I often just drink the plain black coffee (boo) because who has time to make two pots of coffee?! I am glad to here the Starbucks tastes authentic.

  548. I love the 1/4 carat each earring princess cut diamond earrings that I got as my early (we always do it early, too much waiting as kids) Christmas gift this year. I have only recently discovered that the princess cut is my favorite, and with a sale that was going on, the earrings were suddenly within our budget 🙂 woo hoo 🙂 Happy Holidays! Thanks for the giveaway!

  549. My favorite gift was my Nook Color, I use it all the time and just love it.

    I have some friends that have a Keurig machine and love it, I have been wanting one for some time.

  550. Honestly, my favorite gift that I have gotten would have to be the KitchenAid stand mixer my cousins got for me. It has been a real trooper with all my baking and cooking urges. So much less work for me!

  551. My favorite christmas present was the year I only asked for an apron. I was maybe 14 and had just started getting into cooking. And I did get that apron and two boxes filled with small mugs/spoons and tiny dishes. I spent all day making tiny hot chocolates with mini marshmellows and chocolate grated on a baby grater for my extended family. 😀

  552. My favorite gift was when I was 14 and asked for an apron (I was really getting into cooking). I did get an apron and two big boxes of tiny dishes. I spent the entire day making tiny hot chocolates in small mugs with mini marshmellows and chocolate grated on a baby grater. 😀

  553. One of my recent favorite Christmas gifts was when my husband and I were dating and my parents bought us both annual passes to Disneyland. 🙂

    Hope to win this!!!! 🙂

  554. My favorite gift given to me was my iPad…an early present from my parents! =)

  555. My best Christmas present ever was the year my husband coordinated items and helped my very young children shop. Each of them chose one red item for me. I got red slippers, a red bottle of lotion, a red shirt, red socks, and ruby earrings. I felt so honored…they obviously planned and shopped together, and we don’t usually do much in the way of presents, so it was a huge treat.

  556. Don’t usually celebrate Christmas with gifts, but the best present I’ve ever gotten was my husband on my birthday this year 🙂 I married my best friend on my birthday in a pink dress. What else is better??? 🙂

  557. I think the best Christmas gift I received was the happiness on a family’s faces that were less fortunate than us. When our girls were very young, my husband & I found out about a single Mom with 2 children in a not-so-good situation. We took them a Christmas tree with lights and decorations for them to put up in their one room house. We also bought each of the children toys and brought them some gently used clothing. It was the best Christmas ever!

  558. My most favorite gift was Sweet Cream ice cream from Marble Slab & a big Calvin & Hobbs collection book my husband gifted me while recovering from a surgery. How sweet was that??! :))

  559. RaeAnn Fahey says:

    My favorite Christmas present was a sterling silver bracelet that says “mom” in different languages around a twisted band. It is simple, understated but since so much of my life revolves around being a mom, it is perfect! Completely unexpected from my husband who usually shops to a Santa list to the T, fun!

  560. an ice cream maker! i LOVE it!

  561. My first Christmas with my husband he got me a beautiful pair of earrings that he had agonized and obsessed over picking out. They make me smile.

  562. It may sound cheesy, but the best Christmas present I ever received was my engagement ring. We were so financially tight that we didn’t buy each other any presents that year, so I KNEW there was no way he would propose! When he told me he had a gift for me, and then pulled out that ring and dropped to his knee… sheer bliss!

  563. The best Christmas present EVER was a Diamondback mountain bike… Money was tight for my parents and they knew how much I wanted one, but I never expected they would buy me one. I hoarded biking magazine and plotted out a business plan to save money so I could buy the coveted bike. Well, Christmas morning after all the gifts had been opened, I was told that there was one last present for me on the back deck. It was my bike! I cried and cried and cried! I was so surprised! Nothing to this day has ever surprised me like my beloved bike. 22 years later, I still have it 🙂

  564. My favorite gift ever was the homemade ornaments given to me by my children–they go on the tree year after year and make my smile every time I see them. I gift from the heart!

  565. My favorite Christmas present ever was the year I received my first ‘big kid’ 10-speed bicycle; along with a lot of skinned knees that year 🙂

  566. Kelly Justice says:

    I remember being so excited to get a 10 Speed Bike one Christmas. My older siblings had them already and I wanted one SO BAD! My bike was grey and pink and I loved it so much!

  567. The best Christmas present I ever received was a dirt bike. My brother and I both got one. Turns out, he wrecked on Christmas morning and needed stitches, so the majority of the morning was spent in the ER, but it turned out great! Also, my parents gave me a trip to New York that was pretty amazing too. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  568. My favorite Christmas Present ever…always hard to decide, I still have a couple dolls my grandma got for me when I was a kid. Lately my hubby has been feeding my passion for photography, and last year he got me an upgrade model camera, new lens, bag etc. It was a total surprise, but he’s good at that too. I have so much fun with it, make a little money with it, but also documenting life with my kids, dogs and all the other little things in life.
    Wonderful blog you have going here!

  569. I think my favorite present ever was the diamond earrings my parents gave me on my 16th birthday and the 4th generation hand-me-down string of pearls that my mom gave me. They meant so much to me.

  570. The best christmas present I’ve gotten sounds silly. It was a tie and a bunch of action figures from my girlfriend when we first started dating.

  571. What an awesome giveaway!!
    My favorite Christmas present ever was the year before I got married my little brother, with the help of my mom, put together a movie basket. It was a basket I could reuse around the house, a really soft blanket that matched our living room colors, movies he knew my husband (fiance at the time) and I loved and candy.

  572. My camera was my best Christmas gift ever. I use it all the time!

  573. Meghan Stapleton says:

    I don’t know about favorite, but the only present I still remember receiving (over my many yeasr) was a My Little Pony ballerina stage and stable. I used to pretend I was Megan in the cartoons and these were my ponies. To this day, I can’t bear to seperate from the toys. (And I throw everything away!).

    Merry Christmas to your family.

  574. Jeanette L. says:

    My favorite Christmas present ever was a diamond tennis bracelet my husband gave me the first year we were married. He sacrificed so much because he knew I loved it, but would have never asked for it.

  575. Rachel Johnson says:

    My favorite christmas present I recieved is I found out that I was having a baby boy! Nothing will ever top that christmas gift or this Christmas that I get to spend the first time as a mommy..

  576. I don’t know that it was my favorite gift, but one that I really remember was a Mattel handheld electronic basketball game that I got in elementary school. I was the envy of all the boys at school – they only had the football games.

    I’m glad I came across a link to your blog on Pinterest. I’m really enjoying it.

  577. My favorite Christmas gift is actually going to be gifted to me this year (I got in on the surprise a little early…), my boyfriend is getting me Kitchenaid stand mixer! I have been an avid baker for many years and have never owned one, so that will be an extremely exciting addition to my kitchen! This would be too 🙂

  578. Michelle P. says:

    A few years ago my hubby gave me a mall gift card he won at work so that I could go buy myself the KitchenAid mixer I wanted from Williams Sonoma. I have LOVED it!

  579. My favorite christmas gift was from my fiance the year before we got married – he gave me a DSLR camera! Not just because it was an incredible camera… but because he was trying to encourage my hobby!

  580. My favorite gift has to be my iPad from my husband. He totally surprised me and it has been so much fun using it.

  581. Best Christmas present ever was having one more Christmas with my dad before losing him in January ’08…will cherish it more than anything!

  582. My favorite Christmas gift happened a few years ago. My youngest brother had just enlisted in the Air Force and left for boot camp one week after Thanksgiving. My oldest brother (a Marine) and his family were stationed in CA but he was on his second deployment to Iraq. Although, distance may separate us, we all very close. Our mother was having a hard time dealing with Christmas coming up and neither of her boys being home. My older brother returned from his deployment, 2 weeks before Christmas. I told him I would be there to spend Christmas with his family no matter what. Even though he was excited to see me, I could tell he was disappointed our parents weren’t coming. Keep in mind, our family hadn’t had a Christmas together in 16 years. With much planning on mine and my sister in laws part, we were able to surprise my brother. When my plane from AR landed, my brother turned around to find our mom and dad had secretly been on the plane the whole trip. While my youngest brother wasn’t there, he did get to make a Christmas phone call from bootcamp. There is only one gift that would top that special Christmas and it will be when ALL of us can celebrate Christmas together under one roof, and what better accessory to have on hand than a Keurig full of Starbucks K-cups!

  583. My favorite Christmas gift ever is this years present – we are going to Vegas! 🙂

    rachelnsimpson at gmail dot com

  584. My favorite Christmas gift was a Nikon DSLR!

  585. Katelyn Rose says:

    My favorite present was the mattress set my autistic brother purchased for me last year. He doesn’t have a lot of expenses, so he saves his money and makes big purchases for his siblings. I just moved across the country for my first real job, was tight on money, and purchased my mattress on credit. I got a card from him on Christmas that said he wanted to pay for my mattress. I bawled, and I never cry!!

  586. 2 years ago, 3 days before Christmas, I gave birth to another awesome and sweet boy! Probably the best gift, I’ll let you know in about 15 years, LOL!

  587. My favorite gift was something I gave, rather than received. When I was 12, I used my hard-earned baby-sitting money to buy my little brother a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume set. To this day, I remember the absolute and utter thrill it gave him. It was great 🙂

  588. My favorite Christmas gift was when my husband proposed two years ago.

  589. I don’t have a particularly memorable Christmas gift, but I will always remember what my husband gave me for my 23rd birthday: my engagement ring. I’ll always remember that birthday 🙂

  590. Hands down, my favorite Christmas gift ever was my Barbie Dream House! I still get little butterflies in my stomach when I think about it, holy cow did I love that thing! Even wrote about it in my college entrance essays 🙂 Thanks for the chance, I want one of these awesome machines so bad, I would be over the moon to win! Andrea

  591. Megan Desormeaux says:

    My best Christmas present was given to me last Christmas. It was m&m’s with my face on them.

  592. My favorite Christmas present was a “just my size Barbie” that I got when i was 6 years old. I walked downstairs on Christmas morning and she was sitting on the couch waiting for me! She was also the Rapunzel edition, so I walked around all Christmas with blond hair extensions… I am the classic olive skin tone girl with dark brown hair, eyebrows, and eyes…I’m sure I was quite a site! But it still remains my favorite Christmas present to this day!

  593. Racheal F. says:

    The best Christmas gift I received was from my mom the Christmas after I got engaged. It was a super cute and trendy recipe book that contained all of my childhood favorite recipes, some new recipes my mom tried out, and recipes from my Grandma, Great Grandma, and Great Great Grandma (all whom were still alive during my lifetime). My husband and I refer to the recipe book all the time. The best part to me was that each recipe was still hand written!

  594. My favorite Christmas gift ever was a trip to visit my parents in Seattle (I live in Texas) for Christmas. Seeing them was the best gift 🙂

  595. I would love to win this and it would be a fantastic Christmas present but not the best I have ever been given. Almost 7yrs ago, Christmas of 2004, I was given the absolute best gift ever…my son Micah was born! A few years ago I ran across a t-shirt that said “Mommy’s Favorite Christmas Present” and it became his favorite shirt. He insisted that he wear it even when the sleeves were too short and his belly would show. I now have that shirt safely tucked away in my keepsake box and my favorite Christmas present is safely tucked away in bed!

  596. Renee Morgan says:

    The greatest gift I ever received, as simple as it is, was my hot glue gun! Something so simple has had a HUGE impact on my family! All within the past year, I got married, took on three stepdaughters (whom we have joint custody of), and had a daughter of my own! Being frugal is a must as a stay-at-home mom with a houseful of kids, and as silly as it sounds, my hot glue gun helps me do it! I make everything for our children from hair bows to cake trays for birthday parties…all with the help of my…dun dunna dun…hot glue gun! 🙂

  597. What a fabulous and generous giveaway!

    It’s pretty hard to choose just one favorite Christmas present. I’ve been given so many things that I love, especially the homemade things my boys have given me over the years. I have to pick my laptop computer, though. I use–and appreciate–it every day. Thanks!

    sharonjo at gwtc dot net

  598. I got a giant stuffed teddy bear when I was about six. He was almost as big as I was. I named him Honey and insisted on taking him with me on trips. I kept him for many years and was sad to let him go many years later.

  599. My favorite Christmas present was a one I received last year. My mother put together a photo album for each of her children – spanning the life of each of us – from birth until now. Each photo brought back a wonderful memory.

  600. Finding out the gender of our first baby. 🙂

  601. My favorite Christmas present ever wasn’t even a present. It was watching my (step)Son whom I’ve raised since birth get to spend unexpected time at Christmas last year with his half sister who is now in foster care :(. We tried to go through the process of adopting her but since she is not my husband’s daughter we were unsucessful. I would give anything for them to see each other again so I just keep praying for another unexpected holiday suprize or even a permanent one….

  602. The best present I got was a Kitchen Aid mixer right before I moved out on my own!

  603. probably my favorite Christmas present ever was when I was in middle school and my parents bought me a snare drum. I had played snare for school band since 4th grade and always wanted a drum and was always told, “no” until I opened it for Christmas in 7th grade. 🙂

  604. Michelle Jacobi says:

    My favorite Christmas present ever was the My Little Pony Ranch Palace when I was a kid. It came with 2 ponies, but I had approximately 1 zillion already. So they could all hang out together at the ranch. It was awesome. I spent hours upon hours playing with it.
    Yes, I do still have it tucked safely away in my parents attic with all 1 zillion of my MLP’s waiting on the day I have a daughter to pass them down to. Or the day I get them back out and spend the weekend at MLP Ranch. 😉

  605. hmmm…my favorite gift as I can remember is an EASY BAKE OVEN as a kid because ever since then, I LOVE to bake! This is an awesome giveaway!!!

  606. My favorite chritmas present is my son who was born on christmas 2001

  607. Courtney Mislan says:

    One of my favorite holiday gifts is actually for St. Nicholas day, which is on Dec. 6th. Every year my husband gets me cook’s illustrated Holiday Baking issue. I look forward to pouring through the pages and picking out a new holiday treat to make for Christmas!

  608. I’ll do two since I celebrate two holidays 🙂

    My favorite Christmas gift was from Christmas 2 years ago, my husband gave me a baby book from our yet to be born baby. It was the first baby-item I got and it was really special and a very sweet gift!

    My favorite Hanukkah gift from when I was growing up was one year when my parents got my sister and I a fish tank! To a 5 and 9 year old this is like the greatest gift ever! It was really exciting to go pick out fish!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  609. Wow, thinking of the best gift brought back good memories… to boil it down, I had to pick an ice cream maker I received as a little girl. How cool to make my own ice cream 🙂

  610. My favorite Christmas presents were the school-made gifts my sons made at school. They were always so proud of these handmade gifts and I knew they were made with love. My sons are 18 and 21 now, but I still have many of those wonderful gifts!

  611. Tina Griffin says:

    my favorite Christmas present was a trip to Cape Cod to spend with my mother, aunt, sister and my grandmother. I received the gift shortly after my grandmother was re-diagnosed with breast cancer. She was told she only had 5 years left to live. She lived 7. She passed away this October. Not from cancer but from complications of a fall and the hip surgery that followed. I will treasure the time I was able to spend with her. So really it’s the memory that was the best gift.

  612. My favorite Christmas gift was when my husband found signed books from my favorite author and gave them to me!

  613. We are getting a popcorn maker for a family gift this year instead of a bunch of little gifts!! 8 cups at a time will be nice for my family and the coffee to keep up with my boys! Thanks you!!! Just found your blog and really have enjoyed a few recipes!! 🙂

  614. The best Christmas gift I ever got was a (Very nice) CoffeeMate espresso machine to feed my caffeine addiction… Unfortunately it is now moved to the pile with other unusable household items I just don’t have the heart to get rid of..On my college budget I’m not really in a place to purchase a new one…Mornings aren’t quite as easy with out a nice latte.

  615. I’m having a hard time deciding, but in recent times, when my niece was two, she drew me a picture of “everything I have wanted- ever” … who can argue with that? So giving for a two year old! 😛

  616. Hands down my best Christmas gift ever was my niece 13 years ago. She is true blessing!

    Happy holidays, Nikki, and thank you for the chance to win such a nice gift.

  617. I have to say my brother p touch was a great gift one Christmas! what can I say? I love organization 🙂

  618. When I was 16, I had gotten a job and needed a car. My parents borrowed me $700 to get a 1971 Plymouth Duster. I paid them $50/month for eight months and for Christmast, they gifted me the last $300. What a present! This was 1984 and it represented quite a freedom.

  619. The best christmas I ever received was when I was 10. My Dad took my Mom’s old play barn from when she was a kid and redid it (all on Christmas Eve) and added a second story to it and little stalls for all my horses. My mom made little blankets and all kinds of “clothes” for the horses by hand for me. It was so meaningful and sweet and they did it all on Christmas Eve and I had no idea till I went downstairs 🙂
    jenreinhart09 at

  620. My favorite Christmas gift would be the honor to provide stockings and gifts for some of the girls at a local children’s home a few years back. The girls were so excited that someone thought about them in ways that others had not in the past. It was a better gift than anything I could ever receive materially.

  621. What a great giveaway! I think my favorite gift would have to be one I received over 60 years ago — my first bicycle. Not only did it give me hours and hours of fun, but the way I found it was pretty neat as well.

    We heard sleigh bells on our front porch. Even though I was the only child young enough to still believe in Santa, my sister and brother ran to the door with me. Our porch light was on, and there were three gifts from “Santa.” To add to our wonderment, we saw porch lights going on all down our street, one right after another, as other kids found their gifts. I never heard how the parents pulled that off, but it was very impressive.

  622. My favorite Christmas gift as a kid was an Easy Bake Oven. I had so much fun baking mini cakes with my younger siblings.

  623. My favorite gifts are every year my hubby and I do the traditional anniversary gifts… this is the only time he typically buys/makes anything for me. So far he has outdone himself every year.

  624. My favorite Christmas present was a big blanket my mom gave me a couple of years ago. I had just moved out and had no warm blankets and she knew I loved the kind she has at home. So, she bought me one and it’s honestly the best present I’ve ever received since it keeps me so warm ^_^

  625. My favorite gift to date has been my KitchenAid stand mixer! I barely get through my day to day without it!

  626. Heidi Cooley says:

    My favorite Christmas present ever was a late Christmas present and it was my sweet little girl Ava who was born in the beginning of January. Priceless!

  627. Megan Lytton says:

    My favorite Christmas present ever was probably the necklace I got from my daddy when I was about 12. It is still special to me bc he died 3 years later.

  628. My Favorite Christmas present was a stereo when I was 13 ! It had a Double tape player – recorder. The newest thing at the time 🙂

  629. My favorite gift for my birthday was when my fiance proposed to me. My favorite gift for Christmas was last year mom flew out to visit as a surprise. I loved spending time with her. I think this Keurig would be a great present to her.

  630. Family came for Christmas after birth of child

  631. Stephanie K says:

    My all time favorite gift was my Kitchen Aid mixer. My husband got it for our first year together. 8 years later and I still use it almost everyday.

  632. A cabbage patch doll. I dressed like her too!

  633. I would have to say my Kitchenaid stand mixer is the best Christmas present ever. I don’t know what I would do without it.

  634. My favorite christmas present was the year I received my remote control car I had been dreaming of!

  635. Lauren Lemen says:

    My favorite Christmas present ever was when my parents surprised my sister and I with a new puppy!

  636. Melissa Austin says:

    The best Christmas present I have ever received is right around the corner. In the past month, my beloved grandmother has had to go through a colostomy in addition to having other organs removed that were damaged from radiation years ago. She now will be spending Christmas with us as a resident for the first time ever. Her condition has reaffirmed my dream of becoming an Occupational Therapist by understanding the help and aid women and men like her need in the recovery and comfort process. I love her dearly and am so anxious to share Christmas morning with her in a way that my twenty years has never experienced before, and it inspires me that much more to do well in my courses to be accepted into Occupational Therapy school next Spring. This Keurig has been on my wish-list for a while and it (the coffee) would help me stay up when I don’t think I can stay up any longer!! Thank you for this opportunity, I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog!

    Merry Christmas,
    Melissa Austin

  637. Kelly Bultman says:

    My favorite Christmas gift ever was when I was a kid and I got my Honey Comb Doll! (as an adult, my favorite christmas gift was finding out I was pregnant with my first born)

  638. Seeing my Mom cry (tears of joy) the first Christmas after I moved across the country. I took a red-eye flight home and knocked on her door at 9am Christmas morning. I may have been the best Christmas gift SHE ever received but seeing her that happy was mine.

  639. One of my fave gifts was my DSLR I got for Christmas last year!

  640. My favorite Christmas gift was a pink barbie jeep that my sisters and I were given when i was about 8. They hadnt been out long, so we were really excited to get this! What made it even more exciting was that after we opened our little presents (like pajamas, socks or little things) she led us to our “big christmas present” with a scavenger hunt. She would give us our first clue, which would lead us to other clues, that would eventually lead us to “the big surprise”. For example, the first clue would say “I am where you pop your favorite popcorn for movie time”, and in the microwave, would be another clue for the next place we would run to. Eventually we made it to the pink barbie jeep, and it was the most fun, creative christmas we had ever had!! Happy Holidays : )

  641. Tanda Jolley says:

    My favorite gift was a ring that my husband gave me the Christmas following the birth of our first chid. He pretended that it was from her!

  642. I love homemade gifts! They seem to mean so much more!

  643. Favorite Christmas present I got was my engagement ring 4 years ago!!

  644. My favorite gift was my iPad!

  645. Kelsey Hobson says:

    My brother and I got an air hockey table for Christmas when we were little! We played with it so endlessly until it finally broke down from all the wear and tear. 🙂

    What a thoughtful and amazing giveaway btw! I love my keurig, but after brewing once and sometimes twice a day for 2 years it’s motor isn’t sounding so hot lol.

  646. Rene Branson says:

    My very favorite christmas present ever was a beautiful antique halltree that reminded me of the one at my grandmothers house. The most amazing thing that is that he hauled the entire hall tree 5 hours from home (with me riding with him) and kept it all a big surprise just so that he could give it to me on Christmas Day. I never knew that he had it.

  647. The best Christmas present I have ever recieved was something from my boyfriend last year. We have been dating three years now and our anniversary is only four days before Christmas. So last year he gave me this gorgeous necklace. It is a gold chain with a pink stone (I don’t know the actual name) in the middle shaped as a heart. Off to the side yet connected to the stone is a diamond also shaped like a heart. This necklace means everything to me and I wear and cherish it daily. He truly could not have picked anything better or more meaningful for me. I love my boy and hope to spend the rest of my life with him. 🙂

  648. Robert RItter says:

    I would have to say the best gift that I ever recieved for Christmas is the joy from my two boys. Sitting there on Christmas morning watching them as they open their gifts with the biggest smiles in world.

  649. A watch my husband picked out for me all by himself!

  650. This is an awesome giveaway! My mom and I have been wanting a Keurig! My best Christmas gift has to be my horse that my parents gave me about 9 years ago, he’s very special to me especially now that my father has passed away.

  651. My favorite Christmas present was a little 3-wheeler that my brother and I received as a joint gift from Santa one year. I have wonderful memories because of the 3-wheeler and the fun times we all shared while riding it!

  652. The best Christmas present I ever received was my son!

  653. When I was a little girl, Santa brought me a dollhouse made to look like the house I grew up in. Thirty years later I still have it and my boys love to play with it!

  654. My most recent favorite gift is my kitchenAid mixer! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  655. Christy Breitweiser says:

    My favorite Christmas gift is one I get every year. I get to sit next to my son in church. We are stuffed into the pew with all the family members we can fit. All of the lights are off, we all are holding candles, and the congregation sings Silent Night. I always cry through the first verse. Thank goodness my son always does a Kleenex check before we go into the service!

  656. mary jane s. says:

    The first year we were married we were able to get the day off my hubby worked retail grocery and we went to Vail Colorado and drank hot chocolates walked around to the fancy schmancy stores, my hubby got me a big cup for cocoa and some neat cocoa and some tea, I got some tea cookies and a mug never knowing he was getting me the cup, cocoa, everything was almost 75 percent off and when we went to a neat little place for dinner a couple who owned the place made us a lovely dinner and would not take a dime for it.oh,my goodness what a Christmas/Hanukkah that was, we visited Vail all thru the times we lived in colorful Colorado the next 6 years, liking it more than Apsen..what a wonderful day and evening that was..I can still remember the dishes the couple made for us, steak, mashed spuds, a gravy like no other I have ever eaten, with porcini mushrooms and burgundy reduction, home made bread, a little salad with fresh vegetables, and for dessert a pudding cake with whipped cream..oh, my! I got to know Colorado by that entire day and evening..fantastic! Have a most lovely yummy Holiday, Hanukkah & Christmas too..

  657. My best Christmas gift ever was my bed!

  658. Trina Hemmerling says:

    I remember winning a Cabbage Patch kid for Christmas. It was when they first came out. I still have it!

  659. my all time favorite Christmas Gift was in 1970 when my father surprised us on Christmas Eve by coming home from Vietnam.

  660. Alex Taylor says:

    My favorite Christmas present was a TV my parents gave me for my room when I was around 10. I loved having my own TV!

  661. Kate Lyster says:

    My favorite present was a positive pregnancy test on Christmas morning! We were having some trouble getting pregnant a 2nd time, and after a fertility procedure, Dec 25th was the day I could check to see if it worked. I love material Christmas gifts as well 😉 – but that one really changed my life for sure!

    Happy Holidays!

  662. Finding out we were having another baby! Best Christmas ever =-)

  663. I got the best gift when I was in high school, it was a Coach Wristlet. Love your blog!!:)

  664. My favorite christmas ive ever received was my Moped! That was 4 years ago and i still ride that thing everywhere !

  665. M.J. Jacobsen says:

    My favorite Christmas gift was when I was 7………….I got a farm set with the barn and all the animals, fences, and bales of hay!! I loved that thing, and named all the animals! 🙂

  666. A few years back there was a MasterCard commercial where the people walked through a shop of priceless things and saw cute “laughs”, little “hugs” and “contented sighs.” The hugs looked like little monsters, and everytime the commercial came on I told my husband I wanted a little hug monster.

    Fast forward to Christmas morning… he found an Etsy seller(I didn’t even know what Etsy was at the time!) who knitted the hugs from the commercial. Best husband (and best present) ever.

  667. Evie McLarty says:

    My favorite gift ever was my Kitchenaid. My husband got it for me one Christmas. Since I asked for it he filled a big box with bricks and a small gift. I opened it thinking it was a kitchenaid and it was not. I was thankful for the very small gift but felt he was being mean. Then he came around the corner with the real gift. It was the best gift ever. That was 11 Christmases ago and I used it again today.

  668. Amber Saylors says:

    The best Christmas present i ever got was an Engagement Ring from my wonderfully amazing husband of three years. Im truley blessed to have a man like him in my life. =)

  669. My%20favorite%20christmas%20ive%20ever%20received%20was%20my%20Moped!%20That%20was%204%20years%20ago%20and%20i%20still%20ride%20that%20thing%20everywhere%20!%20

  670. Nikki Bryant says:

    My favorite Christmas present was a mustang the Christmas before I turned 16 in January. It was over the top and not brand new, but my dad worked hard to get it for me. Now that I have children, I can’t imagine how proud my dad must have been! I love keurig!! We have one at work and I would love one at home. Can’t wait to try the Starbucks coffee!!

  671. Diana Bullock says:

    I absolutely love Christmas…the smell of coffee brewing is one of my favorite memories. However, I digress, my favorite Christmas gift was not a real gift but an opportunity. My parents decided that we needed to learn how blessed we were so Christmas morning at 4:30 we piled into our station wagon and headed downtown to deliver sacks of groceries and gifts to families that had been chosen by Salvation Army. We received gifts for 4 families and headed out to deliver them. The first was a family of 5 children, all under the age of 8. The 8 year old met us on the street at 5:00 and was waiting for the delivery…he said it was the only thing his siblings were receiving. We were humbled and my 15 year old brother emptied his pockets of his money and gave it to the boy. Each family had a similar story, one family having only a sheet for the front door and no furniture in the house. As we finished and returned home to a wonderful, warm, blessed home, we realized that we did not need anything at all and each gift we did recieve became a prized treasure. I love Christmas and treasure each moment with my own family now.

  672. My favorite Christmas present was from my grandparents last year. They had taken over 700 pictures they had developed over the past 50 years and burned them on to a DVD. They sent one to everyone in the family and it was so fun being able to see my mom, aunts, and uncles as they grew up. The best part was laughing at their hair do’s and clothing choices.

  673. My kitchenaid mixer!

  674. My favorite christmas present has to be the homemade ones that my girls make me. I can’t choose just one they are all perfect. 🙂

  675. My cat named “Monkey”!!!!!!!

  676. A surprise trip home to see my family after living overseas for two years!

  677. My favorite Christmas gift was from my best girfriend who gave me a sunflower ring that was hers. She went to look for me one for Christmas and wasnt able to find one so she gave me hers. It was our last Christmas together be Jeannie got killed by a drunk driver the next summer, I wore the sunflower ring until it got stolen by a drug addict at my house! That made me super sad because it was a special gift from Jeannie! Thanks for considering me!


  678. Favorite Christmas gift was the Dancerina doll I got when I was five years old. I’m almost 50 and I still have her!

  679. Hey Nikki,

    My name is Corinne. I would not mind trying for the Keurg
    coffee machine and the Starbuck’s-cups! Let’s see.. Way
    back in 1969 my great aunt gave me a lovely ruby ring
    for Christmas.It was a bit large. My mom wanted to have
    it sized for my finger.I put up such a ruckus that mom
    gave in and let me wear the ring without it being fixed.
    To make a long story short.I lost the ring. Never told
    a soul about my loss. I was talking to mom the other day
    about the ruby ring.Mom went to her room came back with
    the ring. She told me that dad found the ring and thought
    it best to put the ring in a safe please until I was old
    enough to take care of it. I was so glad to see it again.
    Gave her a hug and thanked her.
    I do hope you all have a Merry Christmas !

  680. My favorite Christmas gift was when I was little; it was an art easel, and “Santa” had written me a note on the paper. That thing kept me busy for hours painting, coloring, drawing.

  681. My favorite gift was a quilt my grandmother made for me. I adore it!

  682. I have had so many fabulous Christmas presents it is hard to pick. I have a husband that excels at surprising me. Other than my son who I found out I was pregnant with on 12/24 7 years ago, I would have to say my tivo my husband got me many years ago. I loved that thing!

  683. My favorite christmas gift was when my brother came home from the army! Since he’s been abroad, I’ve really missed being able to chat to someone at night, while watching TV and sipping on hot cocoa. On Christmas morning, I woke up to someone shaking me, only to find that it was my brother 🙂 I started crying like no other and that, was by far the best gift I could ask for – my family.

  684. Kelli Trickey says:

    my favorite Christmas present I ever received was a sewing machine. I learned how to sew as a very young girl and that machine revived my interest in sewing and crafting and I am forever grateful for that (now worn out) sewing machine!

  685. my teal kitchenaid mixer!

  686. One of my favorite Christmas gifts was the TV my husband gave me for my office so I could have a little noise during the day and didn’t have to feel so lonely!

  687. Favorite present was a CD player boombox. My husband got it for me the first year we were married. I used it constantly!

  688. Rachel fields says:

    My favorie gift was from my husband the first year we were married back in 1992. He was still in school, and money was incredibly tight. We only bought what was abolutely necessary, but we managed to come up with $20 each for gifts for each other. On Christmas Eve he took me to WalMart and stood me in front of the paperback books and said pick out four that want. I am a reader and this meant the world to me. Getting to spulrge on myself with books… WOW! Well the tears flowed, and he stood there quite proud of himself. I don’t remember ha books I brought home, but I will never forget the moment.

  689. My cabbage patch doll! My parents stood in line for hours for it.

  690. Sharon Chastine says:

    This is not your typical best Christmas present story. But here goes, the best Christmas present I ever received was when my grandparents took me & my 2 sisters in to live with them when our mom died in November many years ago. We were 4, 5, & 6 & I will be forever grateful to them for their love, not only that 1st Christmas with them but many more. It has been 42 years ago & they are both deceased now but I still reflect on their loving hearts each Christmas!

  691. Sharon Chastine says:

    The best Christmas present I can think of is the love that my grandparents showed to me & my 2 sisters when our mom died when we were 4, 5 & 6. There are no material presents that can compare to the love we were shown. I realize this more each year as my children grow up.

  692. The best Christmas present I ever got was a Barbie doll. Everyone else had one and thought that was a must. Wonder where it is now? Thanks for allowing us to enter you Keurig!

  693. My favorite Christmas present (in recent years) was my sewing machine! I love, love, love it. 🙂

  694. It’s a tie between the Barbie Fold and Fun house, and Sleep N’ Snore Ernie! Those were some seriously awesome gifts that i played with for YEARS!

  695. Robyn Lemay says:

    My favorite gift I’ve ever received is my digital camera. I’m a total photo-nut (esp with the new baby).

  696. My absolute favorite Christmas present was an Easy Bake Oven! It was a little girl’s dream come true!

  697. Hi! The best Christmas gift I’ve ever received was my Italian Greyhound, Kona! Blue & white, six & a half pounds, he is the perfect addition to our little family.

    PS, your son’s monster birthday party is so creative!
    Merry Xmas!


  698. My favorite Hannuka gift ever was a stereo when I was 13. My Mom had always said that i had to wait until 15, like my brother did, but she gave it to me early because of my love of music! Made me feel so special; like she really cared about what made me happy 🙂

  699. Favorite Christams present ever would have to be the precious things I get from my 7 year old. She is so funny and original, and for the past 3 years at school they make little stories about Mom… For example: My mom is beautiful, her favorite food is mac & cheese, fav thing to do is play outside with me. None of those things are true, but she thinks that’s what I love to do because we’re doing them together.

  700. Michelle Jefferson says:

    My Favorite Christmas was in second grade when I got my dollhouse. My big brother and my mom actually built it from scratch. Although that was the year I found out there was really no Santa, it was still the best, because when I found out that my big brother actually made it, that made the doll house that much more special to me! I loved it and cherished it.

  701. Nicole Butler says:

    The best present I think I have ever received was given to me by someone who did not know me and technically it wasn’t for me. Long story short. My father was 10 when his dad died, I never got to meet him, my dad hardly knew him. But dad was always told he was a strong Christian. His sensitivity to the nudging of the Holy Spirit carried a blessing 2 generations. I was born disabled destined to a wheelchair for life. My parents were not people of means, but when given the option of a costly procedure they felt they had no choice but to give me the opportunity to possibly walk.
    After the first of 3 stages, my father went to find out about a payment plan that would get us to the second phase. Upon pulling my file the nursery simply stated, “The entire procedure is paid in full.” “What?!” I could have the entire process complete before I was a year old and could therefore begin walking not long after average children.
    My Grandfather saw a college student looking for work at the Railroad station where he worked, there was no work for him, grandpa felt he should help the boy and offered to find him work in his area, the telegraph office, as much as he could. This boy was working through medical school, and needed the job to pay for school. That boy was the doctor who did my procedure almost 15 years later. He recognized my dad’s name and gave me a gift from my grandpa that he never had the opportunity to give me himself. God is always working! I just pray that the legs God healed through the wisdom of this doctor, that was made possible by the obedience of a Christian grandfather will take me to influence others for the Kingdom!!

  702. Tina Lovett says:

    Hands down, it was the “stick pony” I got when I was about five. It was like a broomstick but had a plush head, a felt mane and when you pulled a string it sounded like a real horse and also made galloping sounds! I got it because I used to ride around on a rake … I even have a picture of me all dressed as a cowgirl on the rake. What memories!

  703. I received my son (just turned 3 yesterday) two weeks before Christmas. Best present ever!

  704. Michelle Jefferson says:

    My Favorite Christmas was in second grade when I got my dollhouse. My big brother and my mom actually built it from scratch. Although that was the year I found out there was really no Santa it was still the best because when I found out that my big brother actually made it, that made the dollhouse that much more special to me! I loved it and cherished it.

  705. My best ever Christmas gift was a Barbie Dreamhouse. I played with that toy forever!

  706. For my one year wedding anniversary I was blindfolded and brought to a restaurant where on the table was a beautiful floral arrangement and when our drink order came there was a present on the tray that the server brought that had a ring and card on the tray. Of course I cried.

  707. My favorite Christmas present ever was actually two full sets of Corelle plates/bowls. With two toddlers, having glass just wasn’t working out for me. 🙂

  708. Hi. My favorite Christmas present was a wooden jewelry box given to me by my Dad when I was about 10. I decorated it with these funky hippie stickers my Mom gave ne that year. I kept that jewelry box all these (35) years and then gave it to my daughter for her last birthday – stickers and all. I put candy and little things in all the drawers and even though she just turned 20 she really liked it.

  709. Dillon Eberle says:

    Last Christmas I received the most precious present of all, the last Christmas in my grandfather’s presence. Pawpaw got to spend the holidays at home with all of us after struggling with melanoma cancer. I am always telling stories and jokes of Pawpaw’s, spreading his faith and joy around to friends and family. This first Christmas will be difficult without him, but he has become a part of of us all and it will be so comforting to be together as a family. This Keurig machine reminds me of him even more because he drank coffee every morning habitually! I’d love to enjoy a Keurig and share it with my roommates in our college days! Thank you for the opportunity and God bless.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours,
    Dillon Eberle

  710. My favorite gift? My new camera! I’ve been wanting it for at least a year, and my husband surprised me with it on our anniversary last month. Super excited!!!

  711. My best christmas present was when my husband and kids got me my family ring. i had been wanting one for a long time. I was so happy to get my ring. I never take it off due to it means so much to me.

  712. My favorite Christmas gift…. a toss up between two gifts. Last year my hubby made me a cake pop stand out of a very thick cutting board that he drilled holes in. I love it!
    And the most excitement over a gift would be my record player when i was in third grade!!
    Thank you for offering a chance to win a Keurig! that would be an awesome present! 🙂

  713. A play kitchen set when I was a little girl! I got so much playtime out of that thing. My hubby and I can’t wait for Christmas this year because we are getting my boys one!

  714. Rachel Edington says:

    My favorite Christmas present was my very first dog. She had a ribbon on her and everything!We did not expect it at all! She grew up with me from 5th grade until graduate school. She was such a great dog!

  715. My most favorite Christmas gift was the year my husband and I did not have much money to spend. We decided to spend the little we had on Angel Tree children. Oh the fun we had looking for those gifts and the happiness I felt that Christmas morning knowing that a child had presents to open.

  716. I love all my Christmas presents..!

    stacey at staceybarney dot com

  717. Cathy Truman says:

    My favorite Christmas gift is a small diamond necklace
    by Mother gave me in 1983. My Mother passed away in March
    of 1984. It was the last Christmas gift from her. I wear the
    necklace every day. It means the world to me.

  718. my favorite christmas present ever was one of those NEW Cricket Cake machines that can cut out fondant and gum paste and sugar sheets into just about any design that you want to decorate your cakes or cupcakes!!! i was so shocked to find that and it has been amazing to work with!
    by the way! ur blog is awesome!!! 🙂

  719. My favorite Christmas present I veer got was my Kitchenaid mixer I got last year. I’d been wanting one for ages and my grandpa left me one in his will when he passed. It was the most meaningful present I’ve ever gotten. <3

  720. My favorite Christmas gift was an Atari 2600 video game system that my brother, sister and I received together. We wore that poor thing out…it was maybe 1979? 30+ years later, my sister STILL hates it when we bring up the Combat game and tease her about always beating her 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win the coffee maker! 🙂

  721. Sarah Bastyr says:

    The best Christmas present I have ever gotten was given to me four years ago. We spent Christmas with my then boyfriend’s aunt about 5 hours from our house. After getting a speeding ticket on the way there (oops!) my bf talked to his aunt and uncle about wanting to propose to me on Christmas Day. He had searched all over the city where we lived for the perfect ring and couldn’t find it. They told him exactly where he needed to go in Savannah to get it. They came up with this elaborate plan to get me to go out shopping with his aunt, while he went out shopping with his uncle to get the ring. I thought it was a little weird, but thought nothing more of it.
    Christmas morning comes around a few days later and we are opening presents (me and my bf still in pjs). I decide to put this somewhat hideous Christmas bow on my head to “dress up” my pjs. LOL
    We all got done opening our presents and I noticed that there was one more big box under the tree. I thought that it was the presents that we had gotten for the “boys” – our dogs. Then Aunt Liz says that she thinks it is for me. I start opening it and there is a box with in a box within a box. I was clueless! Didn’t notice that his uncle had the video going on his camera or that his aunt was starting to tear up. I get to the final little box and inside is a ring box. I look over at Adam and he has tears in his eyes (the boy doesn’t cry!) and I open the box. Inside was the VERY ring that I had randomly found on the internet and had sent to my best girl friend weeks before just because I thought it was beautiful. What I didn’t know what that she had sent it to Adam for him to save for future reference. Little did she know that he was already shopping for it!
    Between the tears, somehow a “well, will you marry me?” came out. But he already knew the answer and I knew that after waiting 4 years of patiently waiting, that I had been given the best gift. Not just a beautiful ring, but a promise that I would spend the rest of my life with my best friend.
    Merry Christmas!

  722. Julie Simmerman says:

    Easy bake oven when I was like 8! Was SUPER EXCITED!!

  723. My favorite Christmas present would be having a two month old baby to celebrate Christmas with, that baby is now 18 !

  724. Best Christmas present ever? The old Hamms beer bar sign my dad passed down to me. I remember it so well as a kid!

  725. Julia Murphy says:

    My very best (and my most memorable ever) Christmas “gift” was my son. He was due Christmas Day, 1986. He was born that evening at 6:27pm! What an amazing Christmas for my husband and I.

  726. My favorite Christmas gift that I can remember from childhood was a barbie dollhouse 🙂

  727. Molly Schachner says:

    The best gift I ever received was just this past weekend for my birthday. It is my first birthday married and my wonderful husband “feels the pressure” this time of year since he has my birthday and Christmas so soon together. I had mentioned that I would like a Keurig coffee maker for my classroom since it’s so easy to make and I wouldn’t have to mess with the filters, coffee grounds and mess that my other one makes. Sweet husband takes me to the Smoky mountains for my birthday and gives me my presents, so delicately wrapped (where previously he did the “stick it in a bag” method that my younger brother and dad have been doing for years), and the first one I opened was the coffee maker. It wasn’t “the” kind I had asked for, but I knew he had spend so much time researching the coffee maker! He told me all the reviews he read, the water capacity and warranty he got on the gift….in the midst of him telling me all of this, he was able to read my face and guessed that he had gotten the wrong kind of coffee maker. I told him it didn’t matter and it was the thought that counts, but I knew he, too, was sad that it wasn’t the one. Here’s the thing: after opening the gift, he hands me a card. A card that he specifically picked out in the card aisle, and I can imagine him reading over all the cards to choose the right one. He nailed it. The card he chose brought tears to my eyes as I sat next to him, my amazing husband, my first birthday as his wife, and I knew I had the greatest gift I could ever have asked for. After sobering up emotionally, I turned the card over and saw that this man of mine paid $4.49 for the card!! Now we are not rich folks and that kind of money goes a long way!! I knew then, and always, that there are no wrong gifts, and the important aspects of giving gifts are being with the ones you love, and saying what you mean, from the heart.

  728. My favorite Christmas gift was a stuffed bunny. She wears a bonnet, a long dress with apron, and carries a basket of twigs, like she’s been out collecting for the stove. Let me add that I got her when I was 35! She was made by a lady in upstate NY.

  729. My favorite Christmas gift was a piccolo I received in high school. My dad kept telling me he couldn’t afford it or I didn’t need it or something…and then, there it was!
    Hope I win the Keurig!

  730. Favorite gift was a Big Wheel when I was just a kid. Loved it because we lived on a hill and used to fly down it as fast as we could….ahhhhh the good old days.

  731. My favorite Christmas gift would be my puppy Lilly. I was 15 when I received her and I had been saving up since 2nd grade in order to get a pomeranian so as a gift my parents helped me pay the rest to get my dog! As I am 19 now she is no longer really a puppy 🙂

  732. My favorite Christmas gift ever was probably the Bath & Body Works gift basket my dad gave me probably 20 years ago. My dad had never really gotten into the Christmas spirit and just sat back and let my mom do all of the shopping. My dad and I also had a very strained relationship. On this Christmas, though, he actually went out shopping alone and really put thought into a nice gift that he knew I would love. My dad, who had trouble showing love, totally made my Christmas that year – because I knew he was trying really hard to let me know that yes, he really did love me.

  733. Lindsay Bagley says:

    My favorite gift was my daughter born last year… She was due on Christmas day, but born on the 18th 🙂 Couldn’t ask for a better gift!!

  734. Nicole Paige says:

    My favorite Christmas gift will be this year – My whole family and my husband’s whole family are all contributing to get me an ipad. So exciting!

  735. Opening a VHS (old school) with a note that said “You can watch this on the way to Disney World!”

  736. My favorite Christmas gift was a Barbie Dream House when I was little. I was so excited about it!

  737. My favorite Christmas gift was the year we were given cell phones for Christmas. My parents orchestrated it in such a way that it was a huge surprise!!

  738. My favorite Christmas present was a glow worm I received from my parents when I was five. It sits on my shelf today. So many memories with that gift!

  739. my favorite gift was my granddaughter and grandson even thought they werent born on christmas they were the BEST gifts that i could ever receive…..

  740. The Keurig coffee maker is to die for! It makes the perfect cup of coffee, hot, fresh – YUM O! I also like the variety of K-cups that you can now buy. If you have coffee on a regular basis with a Keurig, you are sooo spoiled. Thanks for a great giveaway and a chance to win a great coffeemaker.

  741. My favorite present was a pillowcase that had lace sewn on the edges. The lace was from my grandmothers wedding dress.

  742. My favorite Christmas present was this incredible Keurig coffee machine that was given to me by a fantastic blogger on It came with amazing Starbucks K-Cups and everything! It was a dream come true. 🙂

  743. Jennifer C. says:

    My favorite present I ever received was a set of stuffed Fraggles my then boyfriend (now husband) found on ebay for my birthday. He knew that was my favorite show as child, and I have always been a huge Jim Henson fan. It took him awhile to find them all, and one even came from Germany. It really meant a lot to me.

  744. My most favorite ever christmas gift was a BLIP hand held game… when I was about 8 or 9. I was soooo incredibly excited about that thing! It was by far the best gift because, growing up in the 70’s, as number 10 out of 12 kids, expensive christmas gifts were non-existent! I would liken it to my kids getting an Ipod touch… or me getting a keurig. 🙂
    thanks for the chance.

  745. Kelly Vanasse says:

    My fave and most cherished gift I have ever received would have to be something unexpectantly given to me this year just before Thanksgiving. My Grandmothers wedding ring! My cousin passed it down to me as she said she just had an overwhelming feeling that it was the right thing to do… see, I spent ALOT of time with my Grandma I loved her so much!! I was so surprised by this gift, I still feel very overwhelmed!! My Grandparents were married in 1918. This ring is almost 100 years old and it is just beautiful!! 🙂

  746. Abigail Morrow says:

    The best present I ever got was in 2005. The week before I had been feeling sick and since I teach, just thought I was getting a stomach virus. We had been trying for a baby for about 9 months and the thought never even crossed my mind that I might be pregnant. Well Christmas morning my mom convinced me to take a pregnancy test and it was positive! I was ecstatic!!! Nothing will ever top that present! 9 months later we were blessed with a precious baby boy 🙂

  747. My favorite gift was when I was 12. My parents had divorced 4 years earlier. This was my dad’s year to have us for Christmas. My brother and I did not want to go. My dad got us gifts but they were small and not anything we wanted. We were young and didn’t understand. We did not see our dad much and felt very uncomfortable the whole week we were there. When we got back home my mom and step-dad had our Christmas gifts waiting. Brand new 10 speed bikes! We were so excited.

  748. My favorite Christmas present ever was in 2005 when my hubby and I closed on our very first home together as newlyweds shortly before Christmas! 🙂

  749. The best Christmas present I ever received was my Easy Bake Oven!

  750. My best present was from my mom after my dad died from cancer in 1991. I was newly married. My mom gave me his Purple Heart from WWII. Best present ever. He was a proud veteran. May he RIP.


  751. Good Evening,
    To tell you about my favorite gift received, I do need to tell you a little bit about me. To say I’m a bit creative and a bit impulsive is just scratching the surface. To tell you about my “now” husband I should just best tell you he is a 20 year retired Marine. Sooooo my impulsiveness does clash with his very structured brain and vice versa. When we moved in with one another I was a door slammer, we’d have a difference of opinion and I’d slam the door yet if it didn’t slam loud enough I’d slam it again. We don’t often buy gifty gifts for one another normally if he needs a tool for the house or I want a new window, I’m sure you get the idea. One year I was at my parents and when I returned my husband had replaced all the doors in the house we have been working on. The old hollow core doors were now beautiful 6 panel doors that he had sanded and refinished and installed all on his own. He was so excited to show me the new doors. He did talk to me and said that with the new hardware and jams I was no longer to be slamming the new doors. I swallowed and knew I’d have to be good as I was overwhelmed by all the work he put in. Then he said, but here is your present. He had left the pantry door that no one can see.. The same ugly hollow core door with a red ribbon on it … he said he left me a door for slamming. I will admit I was so upset at something one day that I went to slam the door but broke into tears laughing as I went through the house to find the pantry door knowing I couldn’t slam any of the other ones. That’s my favorite gift… My old pantry door for slamming, that hasn’t been slammed, but it brings smiles to me even as I type this. I hope you have a Happy Holiday!


  752. My favorite gift ever had to be when I was a little girl, I loved to write and draw and the only thing I asked for was pretty notebooks and stickers. Well under that tree in a huge package was notebooks of every shape, size and color! I still remember the excitement I had seeing all those notebooks and dancing around!

  753. Mikki Billingsley says:

    My favorite present for Christmas i have ever recieved was the most beautiful pair of boots i have ever seen!!! Merry Christmas!

  754. My husband doesn’t give gifts. so this one really meant something to me. When he was in the desert he wrote a poem for me. one xmas he typed it up for me and framed it. It was the sweetest thing he has done! We have it hanging in our bedroom.

  755. Anna Hardin says:

    My kitchen aid mixer 🙂

  756. mandy mccoy says:

    The best gift I’ve been given were homemade truffles from my husband. He lovingly made me several varieties of delicious truffles the first valentine’s day we spent as a married couple. As we didn’t have much money at the time, all the time and energy spent to make them by hand was much appreciated 🙂

  757. The best Christmas gift I received was eight years ago when I was told I was going to be a Grandmother!

  758. Michelle Lysaght says:

    My favorite gift was when my dad gave me what use to be his mom’s jewelry box, I don’t ever see my dad cry but I did when he gave me that! Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year! I think having one of these would be awesome, Thanks so much for the giveaway


  759. Kelly Kouba says:

    My favorite Christmas present from when I was a kid was when my parents got a Nintendo for me and my brother. It was totally unexpected as we usually didn’t get presents that expensive. It was really memorable because it was the last present to open and we had to go on a scavenger hunt to find it!

  760. Last year, i got a great vintage-styled dress!

  761. My favorite Christmas gift ever was a hand carved rooster. My daddy had it carved especially for me. It is about 3 ft tall and it sets in my kitchen right next to the doorway. It was a perfect accent to my french country kitchen. 🙂

  762. This is so awesome! I have always wanted a Keurig brewer (I LOVE me some coffee!), and I think this is such an awesome idea. I’ve really enjoyed reading some of these…hearing about all the things that are so special to people 🙂 My favorite part of the season is serving others, spreading the love of Christ, and spending time with my family. One of the most meaningful, unique, and special gifts I’ve received was my first Christmas gift from my boyfriend, last year…he bought me a star (one in the sky) and named it after me. I’ve heard of people doing that, but I never dreamed I’d have one. And now star gazing is even more special 🙂


  763. when i was about 11….my parents put wrapping paper around a tree in our way back yard. for christmas they had purchased and adjacent piece of land and had plans drawn up to build a horse barn….so in a sense…..i got a pony for christmas : )

  764. Michelle Cheronecook says:

    I think my best Christmas present every is watching my grandkids open the presents. There is nothing like the happiness of a child and the excitement that Christmas brings to them.

  765. My favorite present was from my sister-in-law – she gave me a throw blanket with a picture of us blown up on it. Our four foot tall faces always make me laugh!

  766. I have to say that I have 2 favorites…one from when I was a child…my parents spent 2 months making me a dollhouse for christmas. It was made from real wood, had cedar shingles and felt as carpet. I played with it for years. My 2nd Christmas with my husband he got me a Christmas moose for outside! Seems like such an odd present, but I love it, the moose lights up and his head moves. I still have him however he was accidently dropped when we moved and his head no longer moves back and forth :), its ok tho because I dont think I’ll ever be able to part with him! Every Christmas I think of those gifts and I hope me and my hubby can bring a couple memorible gifts to our boys that will mean the same to them that my dollhouse and moose mean to me 🙂

  767. Donna in SC says:

    My favorite Christmas gift was having all of my children and grandchildren gather together at one time on Christmas. Nothing can top that.

  768. My very best Christmas was when I was five, and Santa brought me a Teddy Ruxpin. I loved that storytelling bear. His eyes and mouth moved while he read, and I was so excited when I opened the gift.

  769. Danielle Sommer says:

    My favorite Christmas present ever is every year, Our family spending time together! It is great to watch our family grow through marriage and babies!I would love to win the Keurig!I have wanted a Keurig since they came out. I am the only coffe drinker in the house so a whole pot gets wasted if I make it!

  770. Best present so far is this year I get to spend Christmas with my family! I have not been able to in five years!

  771. My absolute favorite Christmas gift was 2 years ago, when my husband unexpectedly returned early from his deployment on Christmas Eve!! I still get butterflies thinking about it! Thanks for the chance to win a Keurig. How fun!

  772. Ashley Jackson says:

    My favorite and most special Christmas gift was given to me last Christmas. I was 19 years old and at our family Christmas dinner my Aunt handed me a little white box with a purple ribbon. When I opened it it contained a note from her and a diamond and sapphire ring. Her note said “Merry Christmas Ashley. This ring was given to me on my 16th Birthday from Granny Louise. Now I am passing it on to you. Granny wanted the ring to stay in the family. Now it’s in your care to pass on maybe to your daughter when she turns 16. I won’t be here to see that, but I know you will honor me by keeping in our family and each other know it belonged to our grandmother. Louise Bailey Orme. Love Always Your Aunt Angie.” It was very special to me and I hold it dear to my heart. As I go into my last semester of school to become a Registered Nurse whenever I feel discouraged or worn out I look at that ring and note and I want to make my family proud. I am the first in my entire family to successfully complete high school and go to college. I also work 12 hour shifts at a hospital along with school. I want to finish what I started which means many late nights and tons of caffeine to get me through the next 4 months that I have left!!

  773. My best Christmas present ever was the Kitchen Aid stand mixer I received last year. I had been coveting one for years and finally received one last year. Ironically both my husband and parents gifted me the exact same mixer (model and color!) for Christmas last year.

  774. My favorite Christmas present ever was a journal from my husband where he had written stories from every month we had been dating at the time.

  775. My favorite gift of all time was my Cabbage Patch twin boy dolls. LOVED those things and can still remember their ridiculous yellow outfits….funny thing is, I ended up having my own twin boys 20 months ago….(and, I guess I should really consider THEM the best gift ever!)

  776. My *2* best gifts were in 1999 and in 2002 when 2 of my daughters were born healthy in December. It puts a little stress on this time of year, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!!

    Becky P.

  777. This year for my 50th Birthday and Christmas… husband is buying me a RED Mini Cooper. I guarantee this is going to be my best present ever.

  778. Money… So i can buy my amazon kindle fire that i want so bad.. Really wanted a tablet but bc red plum screwed me out of that i am disappointed and can never afford a tablet let along an ipad so the kindle is going to have to do good. I am trying to save for a kuring coffee machine to my aunt has one and when i go there i make ice coffee all the time lol there are so many diffrent types and flavors of coffee

  779. This may sound lame but I think I’d have to say my favorite Christmas present was my automatic car starter, I don’t know what I’d do without it in the winter!

  780. When I was 8 years old, I came home crying before Christmas break because I was told Santa didn’t exist. My Dad assured me he was real and he was sure Santa would prove it that Christmas. Christmas morning I woke up and my Dad told me, I think I heard Santa on the roof last night – lets go see if we find his footprints! Sure enough, Santas footprints were all over the roof! It was the best Christmas ever and I’ll never forget what my Dad did to make it that way 🙂 if I win, I would love to give this gift to my Dad – I owe it to Him!

  781. First, I want to say that I live reading your blog. I am new to the whole cooking thing, and I am always inspired to try your recipes! They always look delish! My fave so far was your homemade mac & cheese. 🙂

    Anyway… My favorite Christmas gift ever would have to be a pair of earrings given to me by my boyfriend, now husband, 4 years ago. They were the first piece of real jewelry he’d ever bought me and I still wear them all the time. 🙂

    P.S. Love the DIY camera bag!

  782. Carissa Benton says:

    My favorite gift ever was the gift my husband gave me on the first night he said that he loved me. He got down on his knee and put something small and shiny in my hand. It was one of his US Army dog tags. He explained that the dog tags are never supposed to separate unless a soldier dies–and now, nearly 15 years later we are still together.

  783. My favorite present was a baby stroller.

  784. favorite gift ever… my kitchen aid mixer! make cooking way more fun!

  785. The best Christmas present ever was when I was 6 years old. My uncle Fermin said, “kids go to the car I have Christmas presents for you all”. My dad who was in the Air Force stationed in Korea opened the door and came out and I jumped into his arms and cried, I was so happy because I was missing him. I had started to bite my nails and not eat that I had to be hospitalized for a week. My dad passed away when he retired from the Air Force when he was 42 years old but I will always remember the gift he gave was himself. Christmas has always been sad and good memories for me. No Christmas gift has ever been like that one!! The year was 1957.

  786. My favorite gift would have to be the Nancy Nurse doll I got when I was little. I wanted that doll so bad!! LOL

  787. I love each year when my parents put a card in each of our stockings. In this card was statement saying a donation had been made on our behalf to families in third world countries through Compassion International. What a great way to start Christmas and keep things in perspective before opening our gifts!!

  788. My favorite gift was a new range! I had an old ugly one and needed one

  789. My favorite gifts of all time were my kids: Ben, Daniel and Jack. I was an older mom and I never thought I’d be able to have kids, so when I was blessed with those 3 little powerhouses, I knew I’d never need another gift again. (But a Keurig would still be nice.) 🙂