Easter Nest Sugar Cookies

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Easter Nest Sugar Cookies 3Happy Friday!  I’m leaving you this weekend with a fun little project you can do with your kids, or your friends’ kids, or just your friends.  (I have a wide demographic of readers, so you know where you fit in.)  😉
Easter Nest Sugar Cookies 2The other day I baked up the miniature soft frosted sugar cookies and decorated them into Easter egg nests.  They turned out pretty cute if I say so myself!  The only change I had to make in the original recipe was to thicken the icing up (just by adding more powdered sugar) so that it was at a better piping consistency and not so runny.  This way, I could use the star icing tip to create the grass.
Easter Nest Sugar Cookies 6Another tip?  If you want to be more cost-effective with these, use the jelly eggs found at Walmart (pictured above) for only $1.00 instead of the chocolate eggs (pictured below) that are close to $3.00 (or more than $3.00 at Target).  The batch makes a large amount of cookies, and I ran out of the chocolate eggs.  When I made a quick run to Walmart, I discovered the cheaper jelly eggs and found they were just as adorable!
Easter Nest Sugar Cookies 5Living in a tightly knit neighborhood with a GAH-zillion kids is fun for me right now.  These kids are perfect for sharing fun projects like this.
Easter Nest Sugar Cookies KidsThey love their cookies!  I may or may not be bribing them for the title of favorite mom on the block.  😉  I also brought some to the child care workers at my gym.  Yep, I might also be the favorite gym mom, too…

Easter Nest Sugar Cookies 4I can never end a photo shoot without taking a big bite!

Click here for the recipe.



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  1. I love how easy and adorable these are!!

  2. this just moved to the top of my easter baking list! my nieces and nephews are going to love these!

  3. So cute! I made cupcakes like this once but the frosting I used was way to soft and my grass started to slide off the cupcake. Haha. I love the idea of using cookies instead!!

  4. Adorable! I like the bolder colors of the jelly bean eggs, and you can’t beat $1.

  5. Sweetsugarbelle says:

    You know I love these!!!

  6. These are gorgeous! My family are visiting over Easter and I’ve been looking for an Easter treat without chocolate as my sister has given it up for Lent. These are perfect and the children will love them!

  7. What a cute idea! I’ve been wanting to make more soft frosted sugar cookies, and this might just be the perfect excuse to do that!

  8. Made these today, but haven’t made the frosting yet. I tested one and it tasted really good! Can’t wait to get the frosting and eggs on there!!!

  9. These are gorgeous too! I wish I’d come across this earlier today …. I would have DEFINITELY made these!

  10. I made these tonight- so cute! I ended up using a different tip , Wilton#233, so the frosting was like strings of grass- quick too! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Can anyone recommend what size star tip they used

  12. I have been making these for a few years and everyone LOVES them! Thank you for sharing!

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