Blendtec Blender Giveaway!

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UPDATE:  The winner was chosen by  Congratulations to Lee, who said:  “I plan on making hummus! And smoothies!”  Thank you to everyone who entered.  Lee, please check your email for instructions on claiming your prize.  Another winner will be chosen if prize is unclaimed.  🙂

Blendtec Blender and Jar GiveawayHappy Thursday before Thanksgiving, everyone!  I can not tell you how excited I am to host this giveaway for you today.  On Monday, we put up our Christmas tree and stockings because, as you are reading this, we are on the road and won’t be home again until two days after Thanksgiving.  This way, we can walk into our house and have our Christmas decorations already up and ready to be in full swing for the holidays!

Waking up to our Christmas tree lights for the last three days has really put me in the mood for Christmas shopping!  But, since I have no time or even money (hello, saving up for house down payment!) to do that right now, this giveaway is the next best thing.  Consider this my Christmas present to you.  🙂  My friends at Blendtec are sponsoring one very lucky Pennies reader to win a factory restored Total Blender Classic Wildside plus a brand new Twister Jar to go along with it!  This is over a $500 value, people! Score! 🙂

This blender is seriously the real deal.  It replaces many of your other kitchen appliances and does it all for you.  It can make dips, ice cream, nut butters, smoothies, soups, etc.  And, it all blends so evenly with an operating brain of its own, you don’t even understand how you got that perfect consistency!  I know I would get pretty frustrated with my old blender, having to always stop it, scrape down the sides, shake it and whatever else in order to get it to blend just right.  No longer do I need to do this now that I have a Blendtec!

And, you better believe I’ll be putting this to full time use once this new baby comes along and starts eating baby food.  🙂

Here are a few other recipes you can make in Blendtec blenders:

Pimiento Cheese
Baba Ghanoush
Green Monster Smoothie
Banana Ice Cream

Giveaway rules:

  • To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment attached to this post telling me what you plan to make in your Blendtec blender. (If you are reading this through email, you must visit the blog to leave your comment.)
  • One extra entry if you follow Pennies on a Platter (@penniesonaplatt) on Twitter.  Leave a separate comment telling me you do.
  • One extra entry if you follow Blendtec (@Blendtec) on Twitter.  Leave a separate comment telling me you do.
  • A total of two (2) extra entries allowed.
  • Giveaway open to U.S. residents only.
  • Contest closes Saturday, November 17th at 10:00PM EST.
  • Winner will be announced next week at the top of this post.  Winner will also be notified by email.  If a response is not received within 1 week of being notified, a new winner will be chosen.
  • This giveaway is sponsored by Blendtec. The blender is factory restored, just like the one I was provided, however, the jars are brand new.

Good luck, everyone!!  If you do not see your comment(s) right away, be patient as it is a little more difficult to moderate the comments from my phone, as I’ll be doing while I’m on the roast. 🙂  Although I’m traveling, rest assured I’m coming back tomorrow with a recipe.  🙂

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  1. Smoothies, obviously! 😉

  2. I owuld love to make butternut squash soup and protein shakes in this BlendTec Blender 🙂

  3. I dream of having one of these for smoothies baby food sauces everything!!

  4. Rhonda Darbro says:

    I will definitelly be making baby food and pimento cheese!

  5. I would love to win this, as my old blender is on it’s last leg. My daughter and I make smoothies every day, so this would be a much appreciated win.

  6. I follow you on Twitter. @AngelsHomestead

  7. Barbara Garrett says:

    I have recently been diagnosed with Mal Absorption syndrome and I have to try to up my protein intake in a form that my body will accept. If I had this blender I would be able to supplement my diet with healthy protein rich smoothies. I have several recipes from my nutritionist, but unable to buy a blender at this time due to being laid off from work. This blender would be an answer to my prayers.

  8. Barbara Garrett says:

    In order to submit 2 extra blender give a way entrees I have signed up to follow both penniesonaplatt and blendtec on twitter

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  9. I would love to win this Blendtec blender so I could make some breakfast smoothies

  10. I’d make lots of smoothies!

  11. Suzze Tiernan says:

    I’d make my family’s traditional cranberry sauce. Simple ingredients: cranberries, sugar, crushed pineapple.

  12. I’d use it to make tomato soup. Yum!

  13. I would make smoothies!

  14. follow you on twitter- WeeShare

  15. follow Blendtec on twitter- WeeShare

  16. Kristina williams says:

    If I would to win this Blentec the first thing I would do would be to thank God! Then I would use it to make the filling for a Pumpkin pie ( from fresh pumpkin! 🙂 ) that I could / would be sharing on Thanksgiving …. If I won & received it after Thanksgiving…. Well, I’d make my morning “green & fruit” smoothie! The nectar of life ! 🙂 thank you for considering me!

  17. This is rated one of the best blenders. I would make green smoothies everyday.


  18. Spinach smoothies! I need a good blender to break down that spinach.

  19. I would be whipping up batches of my Raspberry salad dressing in this baby and trying out some of the ones you linked above 🙂

  20. I didn’t realize you could make hummus with this. Amazing!

  21. Carlina Orris says:

    Soup and smoothies! Maybe I would be brave and try making baby food!

  22. I would make ice cream!

  23. I would make ice cream!

  24. Megan Stengel says:

    I would love to whip up some soup or a great smoothie– my blender doesn’t do a great job of either of those!

  25. This would be a great way to kick start my desire to start drinking green smoothies in the morning.

  26. Megan Stengel says:

    I follow you on Twitter! (@mnstengel)

  27. I have been on such a smoothie kick, so smoothies!!!

  28. I am following Blendtec!

  29. I am following you now on twitter!!!

  30. I would make dressings, pestos, pupmkin soup and the list would go on and on. Thank you very much for the giveaway, I hope I win!

  31. I follow Pennies on a Platter (@penniesonaplatt) on Twitter and tweeted this post.

  32. I follow Blendtec (@Blendtec) on Twitter and tweeted this post.

  33. I’d love to have one to grind chickpeas to make gluten-free flour and to make dairy-free ice cream. Yum!

  34. Following @penniesonaplatt on twitter 🙂

  35. Also following @blendtec on twitter.

    Thank you!

  36. Soups galore!

  37. I notice a lot of Smoothies that will be made….well, me….MILKSHAKES!!! I would make so many milkshakes! And then I would find other things to try…maybe even my moms chilli!

  38. I would love to make smoothies!

  39. I would make smoothies or milkshakes.

  40. I follow you on Twitter.

  41. I follow Blendtec on Twitter.

  42. Would love to make smoothies for my son.. I can get some extra veggies in the smoothies and he wont even notice.

    Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  43. I am following Pennies on a Platter (@penniesonaplatt) and Blendtec (@Blendtec) on Twitter.

  44. I would love to make flours from popcorn or quinoa; but making coconut butter would be awesome!
    Great giveaway and I need to decorate to get into Christmas spirit!

  45. Wow! What a giveaway! I would first make Acorn Squash and Apricot soup topped with creme fraiche. My mom and I had it a few weeks ago at a restaurant and I would love to surprise her with my own homemade batch!

  46. I follow you on Twitter (@missle)

  47. I will be making some kind of soup.

  48. I started following you on Twitter 🙂 My twitter name is @shes_so_sushi

  49. My husband and I make protein shakes and our Magic Bullet bit the dust a while back so this sounds perfect.

  50. I follow Blendtec on Twitter (@missle)

  51. I started following @Blendtec on Twitter 🙂 My twitter name is @shes_so_sushi

    Thanks Miss Pennies!

  52. Marlene Anderson says:

    My mom was just diagnosed with Diabetes and a week later Breast Cancer, now that she lives with me I would love to use this blender to make her some healthy smoothies and snacks. Not sure what this journey has ahead for us but we could definatly have some fun whipping up some nutritious things in this blender 🙂

  53. The blendtec is amazing! I’ve wanted one for years now! I’d use it for everything!

  54. I follow you on twitter – akrae

  55. I will be making a ton of smoothies!

  56. I follow blendtec on twitter – akrae

  57. Lisa Colmus says:

    My family loves smoothies, soups, salsa, cheesecake and so many things that I plan to try with this blender, but I would be most excited to see what it could do with bread recipes as I haven’t had much luck in that department with my current appliances. Thanks to blendtec and to you Nikki for your great blog!

  58. Sheila Torres says:

    Blendtec looks awesome! I’d be making smoothies for breakfast!

  59. I have never made ice cream in a blender before but I would love to try it

  60. I follow you on Twitter

  61. I follow Blendtec on Twitter

  62. Maybe everything? I may miss crunchy food though, so maybe just 90%.

  63. Kale Shakes

  64. Baby food for my new granddaughter! Our first!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  65. I would love to finally have a blender so I can make pesto.

  66. Jeanne ODonnell says:

    I would start with a smoothie!

  67. I would totally make some sort of pumpkin smoothie. Mmmm.

  68. If I win I would make a big batch of cranberry margaritas. I bet they would be super smooth and yummy 🙂

  69. I follow you on twitter.

  70. I follow Blendtec on twitter.

  71. Brittany Michelle says:

    Glowing Green smoothies and hummus!

  72. Jonathan Holmes says:

    I would love to make hummus in the Blendtec blender since we love such an easy healthy snack as a family!

  73. What an exciting giveaway! I would be most excited about making whole food smoothies. Pretty sad that my current blender cant even get spinach smooth. Of course id use it for lots of other cooking needs as I love to cook!

  74. Jonathan Holmes says:

    Just followed you on Twitter

  75. This is an awesome give away Nikki! Lets see….I would make lots of smoothies for sure and probably also puree baby food for our next little one!

  76. Jill Thomas says:

    Smoothies, soups, even truffles! Yay!!!

  77. We are a smoothie family! My Oster tries…but sometimes just can’t get the job done!

  78. Jill Thomas says:

    Followed @penniesonaplatt

  79. Jill Thomas says:

    Followed @blended

  80. i love making crepes in my blender!!

  81. Smoothies, salsa, everything!!

  82. Breakfast smoothie! NOM NOM NOM!!

  83. peanut butter, chocolate and pumpkin smoothies, to start.

  84. I’d make soup in my blender!

  85. And I follow you on Twitter 🙂

  86. I would make chocolate malts and creamy avocado, cilantro, garlic dressing.

  87. If I won, the first thing I would try is making my own almond butter. Followed quickly by ice cream, of course 🙂

  88. I follow you on Twitter


  89. I would love to make smoothies with this blender!

  90. I follow Blendtec on Twitter.


  91. I plan to make honey roasted peanut butter to turn into cookies, cakes, frost english muffins after they are broiled in the oven, and just eat by the spoonful, and dip apples into it. Wow would I love to have this blendtec!

  92. Smoothies and ice cream!

  93. I follow you on Twitter: j_rich57

  94. I follow Blendtec on twitter – j_rich57

  95. My husband makes awesome hummus and salsa but I broke our blender a few months back. EEEK! He has been wanting to get a new one but it is not in the budget. He would treat me like a queen forever if I won a BlendTec for him!!!!

  96. Taleena Kranz says:

    I would make smoothies mostly in the Blendtec. Thanks for the giveaway!

  97. I follow Pennies on a Platter!

  98. Protein shakes and soup! I would love this because I don’t currently have a blender

  99. What a phenomenal giveaway! I broke my blender a while ago, and have been missing it terribly. I’d make a batch of German pancakes with it… the food processor just doesn’t do the trick!

  100. I followed on Twitter

  101. I follow you on twitter 🙂

  102. I followed Blendtec on Twitter

  103. And now I follow @Blendtec

  104. I LOVE making smoothies! I would also use it to make Peanut Butter sauce for noodles – These require creativity these days with no blender.

  105. Thanks for the chance to win. I would make smoothies, smoothies, and more smoothies with some hummus thrown in as well.

  106. Smoothies for my son and baby purees when my new niece or nephew comes to visit. 🙂 oh And I do like to use a blender for some dinner recipes.

  107. I’m following Pennies on a Platter on Twitter (@bethanyfagan)

  108. Green smoothies!!

  109. I follow you on twitter

  110. Charity White says:

    Awesome giveaway! I would try some Baba Ganoush and Falafel!

  111. I would love to make butternut squash apple soup!

  112. I would love to make smoothies in the blender! Yum!

  113. Smoothies and juices all the way!

  114. Kristi Bass says:

    I would make my own gluten free flours!

  115. i’m one week shy of starting the baby on solids – so baby food would be on the list! i also have a lentil spaghetti sauce recipe that requires a blender – yum! and of course, smoothies, as everyone else has said!

  116. HUMMM… I am thinking Ice Cream……. but I will not stop there….

  117. I’ve wanted to try making green smoothies, but I don’t think my current blender is up to the challenge!

  118. I actually just found a recipe for broccoli and white bean soup that I would love to try. Also, I have never made hummus in the blender but look forward to doing it!

  119. I would make smoothies!

  120. Kristin Thomas says:

    I would love to try making hummus in the Blendtec Blender that I plan to win 😉

  121. Kristin Thomas says:

    I follow you on twitter

  122. Kristin Thomas says:

    I follow Blendtec on twitter

  123. I would make smoothies with this blender.

  124. Diane Foughty says:


  125. I’d love a powerful blender to finally make successful banana ice cream!

  126. I’d be making potato soup

  127. follow you on twitter – rwagner1026

  128. Make salsa and hummus and guac!

  129. follow Blendtec on twitter – rwagner1026

  130. Strawberry yogurt smoothies!!!

  131. Smoothies and milkshakes. I don’t care how cold it is outside!

  132. I would make Salsa! 🙂

  133. I follow you on twitter! 🙂


  134. I follow Blendtec on Twitter too! 🙂


  135. I would be making banana ice cream!

  136. soup soup soup!

  137. i followed you

  138. i followed blendtec

  139. i would make milk shakes!

  140. Andrea Jones says:

    I would make strawberry smoothies!!! yummo!

  141. Smoothies, German pancakes, and laundry detergent top my list:)

  142. I would be making frozen coffee drinks!!! YUMMY!

  143. Arryn Parker says:

    I love to make any kind of smoothie, but i have always wanted to make Hummus so i would definitely make that and I like to try lots of different things, I am an adventures eater.

  144. My husband and I are expecting our first baby in June 2013. I would make lots and lots of baby food with this!

  145. Our blender is dying – it literally smokes every time we use it. I’d love make smoothies in a Blendtec and try some awesome new recipes too! Merry Christmas early and God Bless!

  146. I follow you on Twitter

  147. I follow Blendtec on Twitter

  148. I would make hummus first. I have been obsessed with hummus lately and it’d be nice to make it at home!

  149. I’d lots and lots of homemade salad dressing.

  150. I would make my special garlic soup that only makes an appearance during the holidays… Delicious!

  151. This blender sounds amazeballs! ice cream? smoothies? pimento cheese?! i am so in love. i’d make everthing in it!

  152. I would love to win this Blendtec blender so I could make some breakfast smoothies

  153. i also follow pennies on the twitpiece (@ascheps)

  154. Soup! And mango lassi for dessert!

  155. Lisa Bryant says:

    smoothies, creamy soups and hummus, among other things.

  156. Lisa Bryant says:

    I followed @penniesonaplatt

  157. I’m a hummus fanatic and would make numerous varieties! What a great giveaway! Have a blessed day!

  158. Lisa Bryant says:

    I followed @Blendtec

  159. I would love to try the green smoothies everyone loves but my blender can’t handle! And baby food someday…

  160. I plan to make smoothies and homemade nutella!

  161. Warm creamy soups to ward off winter

  162. would love to win this to make homemade baby food for my little girl~

  163. Cassie Llerenas says:

    I use my blender all of the time. The drawback, it’s a cheap one that is 10 years old. I have wanted to make some smoothies that my mom drinks everyday loaded with spinach,kale and several other greens but my blender can’t break it down enough. She has a Blendtec and raves about it! I would defenitely put it to good use!

  164. would love to make my own nut butters, since I’ve never had a blender that could accomplish that. Lump free smoothies and slushies would be a real treat as well.

  165. New BlendTec Blender means new salsa recipes!!!!!!!!!! Double score!

  166. Kathie Lampkin says:

    WOW!!! This blender would be the bomb!!! Every summer I make Salsa with veggies from our garden. It would be so much easier to use this. Also, to make Tarter Sauce, cocktail sauce, apple sauces and much more. I love making this stuff instead of buying in store as then I know what is in it. Hope I win. Would make things easier and fast.

  167. following pennies on a platter on twitter

  168. following blendtec on twitter

  169. Soup and smoothies and margaritas!!!

  170. Smoothies and pots de creme!

  171. I follow Pennies on a Platter on twitter!

  172. I am following Blendtec on Twitter!

  173. Following you on Twitter!

  174. Following Blendtec on Twitter!

  175. Applesauce, butternut squash with maple sugar, pumpkin pie protein smoothie!

  176. I’d use it to make–just about everything! Might start with margaritas though. Thanks so much for the chance.

  177. Following you on Twitter

  178. I follow you on twitter @sharonjo2

  179. I follow Blendtec on twitter @sharonjo2

  180. Homemade pumpkin puree!

  181. I would love to win one of these! I would make a butternut squash soup if I win the blender.

  182. i’ve been dying to make my own hummus and smoothies!

  183. I’d love to make my own peanut butter at home. We go through a ton of it for me and my son, and being able to experiment with it would be amazing!

  184. Following you on Twitter. 🙂

  185. Also following Blendtec on Twitter.

  186. Hummus for sure…yummy!!!! I love hummus!!!

  187. Hummus for sure!!! I love hummus!!!

  188. I follow you on twitter!

  189. i follow blendtec on twitter!

  190. Green smoothie! My blender is not high tech enough to make the kale quite smooth enough.

  191. Margaritas!

  192. Soup and smoothies and shakes.

  193. Selena Jijina says:

    I would love to win a good blender. I grind ginger and garlic often to make a paste for all my indian cooking. Ginger always gets stuck in the blades and it’s always quite the challenge to blend it. I look forward to winning this quality blender to make this less of a chore every week!

  194. Baby food as soon as our baby is old enough!

  195. Strawberry smoothie and chocolate milkshakes!

  196. I would make breakfast smoothies!

  197. Following you on Twitter @cdm5899

  198. Hello! I happened upon your website recently from a posting of one of your recipes on pinterest. Great site! I will be back!

    I would make smoothies daily and probably soups, ice cream and of course Margarita’s. 🙂

  199. Following Blendtec on Twitter. @cdm5899

  200. I would use it to make some yummy soup. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  201. I would love to win this Blendtec blender, mine is 25 years old! I would make smoothies and hummus! Thanks for the great giveaway! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  202. Salsa!

  203. I would make chocolate banana smoothies… And poblano cream chicken

  204. I follow you on twitter

  205. I want to make salsa. I’ve never tried making it in a blender (since I don’t own one!)

  206. I follow you on Twitter (@tasteofhomecook)

  207. I follow Blendtec on Twitter (@tasteofhomecook)

  208. I would love to try to make homemade salsa!!

  209. Smoothies. And salsa. And soup. Lots and lots of yummy food!

  210. I follow you on twitter!!

  211. I would make baby food for my 5-month old, who is just starting to eat solids.

  212. I have always wanted to try making my own almond butter or cashew butter.

  213. I am now following @penniesonaplatt on twitter 🙂

  214. I already follow @Blendtec on twitter.

  215. I think I would start with smoothies and then maybe try some homemade salsa this summer. 🙂

  216. I would use this to make a peanut sauce for pasta. Yum!

  217. I would love to make smoothies (real blended ones not like the one I make in my “blender” that are chunky or watery – no happy medium!) and cream soups.

    I am following you and Blendtec on twitter! @AmyBReed

  218. I’d make fruit smoothies.

  219. follow Blendtec (@Blendtec) on Twitter.

  220. Everything! I could make soooo many things. Smoothies, pesto, nut butter mmmmmmm

  221. Definately more green smoothies!!

  222. twitterised you Nikki!

  223. followed @blendtec too 🙂 Thanks for all th behind the scenes work on such a great giveaway wow! 🙂

  224. Since my current blender smells like burning rubber every time I start it, I need this for ALL my blending needs. But I’d especially love to be able to make my own nut butters- specifically almond chocolate! Yum!

  225. I can imagine making tons of things in this, including my favorite salsa and pesto. But one thing I would love to use it for is salad dressings. I don’t currently have anything that allows me to drizzle in olive oil while its blending, so I usually have to do this by hand (which is fine, but this would be so much better :))!

  226. I follow you on Twitter.

  227. Following on twitter!

  228. I follow Blendtec on Twitter.

  229. Since I’m pregnant I’d love the blender to eventually make some homemade baby food for the little cub!

  230. I would make café rio cilantro dressing.. that is good stuff!

  231. I’d definitely make salsa.

  232. Some good fresh salsa sounds good. So many things I would make with it! 🙂

  233. Megan Artherton says:

    I would make banana ice cream, its something I have been wanting to try for awhile.

  234. I follow you on Twitter.

  235. I follow Blendtec on Twitter.

  236. Smoothies…I want a blender that I can make a smoothie with lots of ice and I don’t have to keep turning it on and off to stir it up..I think this would do the trick!!

  237. Smoothies for sure!!

  238. I follow you on Twitter!

  239. Ice cream and smoothies. Two of my favorite treats. Thanks – this is awesome!

  240. I follow you on twitter.

  241. I follow Blendtec on Twitter!

  242. I follow blendtec on twitter.

  243. I would love to make smoothies for my ultra picky eater in this blender! Also, pureed soups, ice creams…you name it.

  244. This blender looks fantastic! Since I’m trying to get in shape and lose weight, I’d make lots of spinach smoothies and banana ice cream! 🙂

  245. If I was so lucky to win this blender that I’ve wanted from the start, I would first make peanut butter! Then I would make almond flour to make a delicious dessert! Yum!

  246. While I would love to say that I’d be drinking fabulous green smoothies every day, I have a hunch it would also be well used for my peanut butter & banana smoothies.

  247. I would definitely make either homemade peanut butter or nutella!

  248. I would make peanut butter nutella shakes…oh the possibilities with that blender! sigh*

  249. I would make a smoothie

  250. Hummus, I have always wanted to try homemade!

  251. I would use this to puree pumpkin, cooked sweet potatoes, and tomatoes for all the yummy soups this season brings. I will also be using it to make smoothies and hide all the supplements I need to get into my child with challenges.

  252. I follow you on Twitter

  253. I follow Blendtec on Twitter

  254. Banana smoothies, blueberry smoothies and soups!

  255. I am now following Blendtec and penniesonaplatt on Twitter for a second entry!

  256. Definitely want to try green smoothies with a nice blender. Never works quite right with my regular blender.

  257. I follow Pennies on a Platter on Twitter!

  258. Milkshakes and malts!!

  259. I hadn’t thought of it, but making pimento cheese would be so easy!

  260. Oh my gosh! I would love this. I have been holding out on buying a new blender after our last one died. I can’t wait to make velvety smooth roasted vegatable soups!

  261. Karen Chaffin says:

    I just discovered hummus & love it!! I would use the Blendtec to make hummus!! 🙂

  262. Boring but I would make smoothies. I would love to put more whole foods in there and would feel like I could do this in this blender.

  263. Karen Chaffin says:

    I follow penniesonaplatter on twitter.

  264. Karen Chaffin says:

    I am following Blendtec on twitter.

  265. Smoothies! I have one nearly every morning and my blender just kicked the bucket!

  266. I’d make green monster smoothies!

  267. Everything! mostly fruit milk shakes

  268. I would make lots and lots of smoothies!! I also want to start making my own peanut butter but I’ll need a Blendtec for it! 🙂

  269. Smoothies would be my favorite but would love to do more with such an awesome blender!!

  270. I am following Blendtec on Twitter!

  271. I would LOVE this blender to make protein shakes for my husband, baby food for my little one and ice cream for me 🙂

  272. What would I make with this amazing blender? Let’s see… Smoothies, smoothies everywhere! Pumpkin soup, banana ice cream (and other soft fruit ice creams too?). The fiancé loves his homemade habanero salsa, which would be even more awesome made in this.

  273. I would make smoothies!

  274. Following @penniesonaplatt! 🙂

  275. Also following @Blendtec! 😉

    Thanks for the opportunity at a super awesome giveaway! 😀

  276. Smoothies..:)

  277. Smoothies!!!

  278. I would try all the above recipes you recommended…yumm!!

  279. Follow Belndtech!

  280. i would make cream of broccoli soup!

  281. Follow you!

  282. i follow blendtec on twitter!

  283. i follow you on twitter!!

  284. I use my current blender almost every day, so I know I would get tons of use out of one of these! We make smoothies a lot!

  285. Following you on Twitter

  286. Following Blendtec on Twitter.

  287. I am now following you on twitter 🙂

  288. I plan on making hummus! And smoothies!

  289. You already have your decorations up? Ack. I’m hoping to get a headstart, but not until after Thanksgiving. Good luck with the home down payment, too. So, yeah. I’ve been wishing to own a blender like this. I make a lot of homemade cream soups, so would love to have a blender that can handle that job.

  290. I followed Blendtec on Twitter!

  291. I’d definitely start out with a great smoothie, but I can imagine lots of fun things to use it for!

  292. I follow Pennies on a Platter on Twitter.

  293. I would love to make smoothies and try making some of the nut butters. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  294. smoothies, smoothies, smoothies! 🙂

  295. pumpkin oatmeal smoothie!

  296. Cream of broccoli soup!

  297. Smoothies! Delicious blueberry smoothies! I’ll be able to add some raspberries too, since the Blendtec pulvarizes those seeds.

  298. Shakes, smoothies, and soups!

  299. Excited to make green smoothies!

  300. Following you on Twitter!

  301. Following Blendtec on Twitter!

  302. Katrina Ryefield says:

    I would make some green smoothies, because I’ve read that is great for your health! I’d also make soups, and ice creams and so many dips and pestos! I’ve seen amazing recipes the last few months made with a blendtec – it has made this product hit the top of my must have devices lol! 🙂

  303. I would make smoothies with it my girls love when we make them

  304. I follow @penniesonaplatt on twitter love reading your stuff

  305. I follow @Blendtec on twitter 🙂

  306. Jessica Tomberlin says:

    I haven’t been able to make my homemade garlic sauce since my blender quit working, and I’m missing it!

  307. I want a power blender so bad! I write cookbooks for folks with food allergies and a power blender would make testing recipes so much easier. I have a cuisenart blender that doesn’t even like to make mayo.

    I would would make nut butters, coconut butter, mayo and loads more with my new Blendtec Blender.


  308. I would love to win this Bledtec blender to make baby food, smoothies, ice cream, salsa… and the sorts. My husband broke our other one.

  309. Can’t wait to make salsa!

  310. So exciting! I would use a blend tech to make power smoothies for my swimmer…oh the possibilities!

    Great idea coming home to a decorated house!

  311. I would make milk shakes!

  312. A yummy soup!

  313. guacamole for chips and cheese

  314. Guacamole sounds really yummy right now

  315. Homemade applesauce!

  316. I so want to jump on the green drink/smoothie bandwagon!

  317. Smoothies…..fresh fruit smoothies….

  318. Katrina Ryefield says:

    I follow Pennies on a Platter on Twitter as trnlina

  319. following Pennies on a Platter on Twitter (@frogribbit44)

  320. Katrina Ryefield says:

    I follow Blendtec on Twitter as trnlina

  321. following Blendtec on Twitter (@frogribbit44)

  322. I make a protein smoothie every morning, and my current blender is about to give out 🙁

  323. Wow, what an awesome giveaway!!

    Also, I’m slightly jealous that your tree is up. As much as I am a firm believer in “respecting the turkey”, I am also a sucker for Christmas lights! Enjoy your travels and time with family!!

  324. I’m following you on twitter (@amfflores)

  325. Wow, what an awesome giveaway!! I would make smoothies (or probably more realistically milkshakes, ha!)

    Also, I’m slightly jealous that your tree is up. As much as I am a firm believer in “respecting the turkey”, I am also a sucker for Christmas lights! Enjoy your travels and time with family!!

  326. This would be so great! There are so many things I’ve been planning to make, but couldn’t because I don’t have a blender. I guess the first thing I’d do would start making dips-which I make with a handblender every week-with the blender. No more splatters all over the kitchen lol

  327. We love to make green smoothies and banana ice cream is always a hit with a toddler!

  328. Hummus is by far my favorite blender project!

  329. Soups, milk shakes, smoothies….the list is endless!

  330. Margaritas!

  331. I follow POP on twitter!

  332. I’d make hummus, peanut butter and lots of smoothies!

  333. I’d start with smoothies, and move onto some nut butters

  334. I now follow you on twitter! @FantasticFind

  335. I follow Blendtec on twitter!

  336. I follow Blendtec on twitter

  337. I follow you on twitter

  338. I will make everything possible with this blender! Ice cream, smoothies, sauces, dips… Everything our dairy- and gluten-free household needs to make!

  339. I would love to make home made baby food. I just seems healthier and cheaper than store bought.

  340. Since my 5 week old baby girl is intolerant of milk protein (and I nurse), I am having to go dairy free. Since I seem to put milk, cheese, etc in just about EVERYTHING I cook I am having to learn to use other things (tofu to make things “creamy”, etc). (We just found out this week so I have been researching and experimenting like crazy!) This blender would be AWESOME for helping the transition to being dairy free! 🙂

  341. I would make smoothies with it for sure, but also I’m interested in trying other recipes with it!

  342. I follow Blendtec on Twitter!

  343. I would make green smoothies, definitely.

  344. I follow Pennies of a Platter on twitter (housewifewannab)

  345. I follow Blendtec on twitter.

  346. Now following both penniesonaplatt and blendtec! 🙂

  347. What a timely giveaway!
    I think it would be a shorter list what wouldn’t I do with this! I cook from scratch and can see making my own nut butters, nut meals, grinding flours, making mayo, mustard and custom smoothies as a bonus!

  348. Cynthia McConniel says:

    What wouldnt I make with Blendtec? I do daycare in my home. This would be great for making homemade babyfood for my babies, nut butters for my children with peanut allergies,amoothies for everyone else. It would be Chirstmas come early that if for sure.

  349. I would make some awesome smoothies!

  350. Donolyn Richardson says:

    I would LOVE to win this to make smoothies for my family! Thank you for this opportunity!

  351. Donolyn Richardson says:

    I follow you on Twitter 🙂

  352. Donolyn Richardson says:

    I follow Blendtec on Twitter 🙂 @donolyn

  353. Definitely hummus – it’s a staple in our house!

  354. Darcy Panak says:

    I want to make my own Pimiento Cheese! Yum! Please pick me ♥

  355. Elizabeth m says:

    I would love to make some yummy soups for dinner or smoothies for breakfast!

  356. If I had a Blendtec, the first thing I would make is hummus! I LOVE hummus!

  357. If I won the Blendtec blender, I would make a tropical smoothie with frozen strawberries, mango, fresh lilikoi juice, yogurt, and ice cubes. Sweetened with honey.

  358. MMMMM I think a milkshake sounds good to start with. Sadly i don’t tweet so i hope this is a lucky entry.

  359. I will be making hummus.

  360. I subscribe via email.

  361. I am an email subscriber.

  362. Green Lemonade, so much kale so little time to drink it. 🙂

  363. I would totally make ice cream! I had no idea a Blendtec could do that!

  364. I would make more raw recipes like soups and spreads! Thanks for the chance and have an awesome holiday 🙂

  365. I follow you on twitter 🙂

  366. I think the first thing I would try would be a coffee shake. Congratulations on getting your Christmas lights up and enjoying them.

  367. I would make milkshakes!

  368. Smoothies

  369. Leslie Ross says:

    Oh my gosh – what WOULDN’T I make in a blendtec? Margaritas and homemade salsa would probably be first though!

  370. I’m going to make – what else? – smoooooooooooothies!

  371. I have been wanting a food processor for a really long time. I use a blender every day for protein shakes so to have something that would do both would be such a space saver! In addition to my protein shakes I would make hummus regularly. Mmmmm. 🙂

  372. I also follow you on Twitter. @sparker031

  373. Smoothies!

  374. I’m following you on Twitter!

  375. smoothies and baby food… but more for the smoothies.. 🙂

  376. What WON’T I make in my blender would be more like it.

  377. Following POP on Twitter.

  378. Following Blendtec on Twitter

  379. I follow BlendTec on Twitter!

  380. what wouldn’t I make with a BlendTec? I’m sure it would come in handy for baby food and making almond flour!

  381. My current blender is such a piece of junk! I would love to blend up some smoothies in this one!

  382. I’m boring. I would love to make smoothies in mine.

  383. I follow you on twitter!

  384. I follow blendtec on twitter!

  385. I would first be making pesto yum it’s my favorite!

  386. I would make falafel.

  387. I would be making a lot of soups in the Blendtec!!

  388. Salsa!

  389. Smoothies and SOUP!

  390. Laurie Van Pelt says:

    I’m going to make some hummus!

  391. i would love to make smoothies and try my hand at the variety of nut butters. Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  392. Our kids love smoothies!

  393. Will be making lots of “good for you” smoothies for my entire family!

  394. smoothies

  395. Smoothies!!!

  396. I will make lots and lots of smoothies. My kids and I love them!!

  397. mary fanara coleman says:

    Smoothies and juice.

  398. mary fanara coleman says:

    I follow you on twitter.@ciaomjc

  399. Baby food, marinara, smoothies, oh my!

  400. mary fanara coleman says:

    I follow blentec on twitter @ciaomjc

  401. I’ve been dying to get my hands on one of these to make soups with nearly whole fresh vegetables!

  402. I would love to make a kale shake in a Blendtec! Or smoothie, or soup, or pesto etc etc 🙂

  403. I am following Blendtec on twitter

  404. I am following pennies on a platter on twitter.

  405. smoothies are always a favorite – might be fun to try making something like hummus in a blender instead of a food processor!

  406. CRanberry relish, and tomatillo salsa, and creamy avocado dressing, and…..

  407. What a wonderful give away, and how I would LOVE to own one. Thanks so much, for all you do.

  408. I’ll be making smoothies & baby food!

  409. Shakes, margaritas, and smoothies. Yum.

  410. Following @penniesonaplatt and @Blendtec on Twitter.

  411. Lots of smoothies!

  412. Lots of smoothies and milkshakes!!

  413. I would do anything from snow cones to grinding wheat and then make dough for fresh homemade bread!

  414. I follow Pennis on a Platter on Twitter

  415. I follow Blendtec on Twitter

  416. Valerie Wilson says:

    I will be making raw milk chocolate peanut butter icecream shakes! Please let me win! Please let me win!!

  417. Roasted tomato salsa…YUM!!!

  418. I would make soup, lots of soup, especially now that the weather is getting colder 🙂

  419. I will first make CHEESECAKE! then breakfast smoothies, then
    whatever my little heart desires!

  420. first i will make cheesecakes! then i will make smoothies, then whatever i can find to make!

  421. Kelly @ livelovepasta says:

    Anything and Everything. Especially smoothies. I need a blender!! 🙂

  422. Lindsay Ann says:

    I would make fruit smoothies and green smoothies to start!

  423. Lindsay Ann says:

    I follow you on Twitter

  424. Lindsay Ann says:

    I follow Blendtec on twitter

  425. Oooh!! If I win, I fully intend on celebrating by making margaritas!

  426. Chicken nuggets! Soup! Malts!

  427. I would love to win this for my friend who has food allergies. He would love it!

  428. Holy cow! Awesome giveaway! What WOULDN’T I make? I love the pimento cheese idea but definitely smoothies and sauces too. This reminds me that I should ask for a blender for Christmas since mine cost about $12 from Target many years ago (unless I win this one, of course 😉 )

  429. Catherine Robinson says:

    We would make lots of smoothies!!!

  430. Kale pineapple coconut smoothies with a whey base! -k

  431. Wow…would love this. So many ideas…smoothies, milkshakes, fraps and more including soups!

  432. Dulce de Leche ice cream…umm!

  433. The banana ice cream you suggested sounds like it would make a great first dish to make!

  434. Heather Smith says:

    I have 2 young daughters who would love for me to make them smoothies of all different flavors. I’ll admit that I’m not the best cook and limited to what I can make. But I’m trying to learn and expand my abilities. The blender would definitely help pave the way. 🙂

  435. Were I lucky enough to win this, you can bet I’d be making some spiked chai milkshakes. Yum!

  436. I would make SO much stuff out of my 50×50 garden. Fresh Pestos, Sauces and Soups and of course smoothies! Also blend up my herbs and horseradish…Praying for an early Christmas!

  437. Waffles, Soup, salsa… a bunch of stuff!

  438. Salsa. I have been craving something not from a can and simply can’t shop everything well enough!

  439. I follow POP in twitter.

  440. I follow BlendTec on twitter.

  441. i’d love to make frozen chai lattes!

  442. following blendtec

  443. My family loves smoothies, so that is probably the first thing I would make. Thank you!

  444. I would use it to make smoothies, trying to eat more breakfast and smoothies are an quick and easy breakfast

  445. Follow Pennies on a Platter on Twitter

  446. Follow Blendtec on Twitter

  447. Smoothies! And definitely, definitely, definitely pesto!!!

  448. I would make some banana smoothies.

  449. I would make some smoothies with that bad boy!

  450. Followed on Twitter!

  451. Followed Blendtec on Twitter!

  452. I would definitely make smoothies – my blender does a poor job and I’m sure this one would rock it!

  453. This looks like an awesome blender! I would use it to make pesto…my favorite!

  454. The thing I will be making the most in my wonderful Blendtec would be smoothies. I am starting back on my Body by Vi Smoothies and I really really need and want a Blendtec. It would be a wonderful early Christmas present.

  455. soup in the winter, and mojitos in the summer!

  456. I would mostly make smoothies and “ice cream”! yum! my current blender can barely handle frozen fruit anymore 🙁


  457. I follow you on Twitter. @singsweetkt

  458. I follow Blendtec on Twitter. @singsweetkt

  459. Ooohhh I would probably make smoothies for my young kiddos and myself first. Then a million other things shortly afterwords 🙂

  460. Amanda K. B. says:

    Smoothies! My kids love Smoothies!

  461. I would make a green moster smoothie

  462. I follow Pennies on a Platter on Twitter

  463. I follow Blendtec on Twitter

  464. love to try Smoothies.

  465. Now following Pennies of a Platter and still loving Green Lemonade.

  466. Follow Blendtec!

  467. Follow Pennies on a Platter too!

  468. Ok, I now also follow Blendtec. I am now officially following my first appliance.

  469. I don’t have a food processor so I would use it to puree and make resipces that require a food processor.

  470. Green smoothies! yum!

  471. I would love to try to make hummus! Thanks for the opportunity!

  472. Baby food!! How awesome! I tried using our older-clearly-not-as-amazing blender when my first daughter was a baby, but the blender didn’t cooperate. I need this Blendtec one! I have heard wonderful things about it.

  473. I would make a berry smoothie!

  474. I would love to try to make scmoothies!

  475. I would make blueberry/strawberry/banana smoothies

  476. I follow you on twitter

  477. I follow Blendtec on twitter

  478. Doris Johnson says:

    Smoothies is the obvious answer! It’d be so nice to make a real one– my current blender can hardly “blend” and so my smoothies are usually too liquidy and filled with a million chunks of things. 🙂

  479. Doris Johnson says:

    I’m already a follower of yours on Twitter 🙂

  480. Doris Johnson says:

    And I now follow BlendTec on Twitter!

  481. I’d make milkshakes!

  482. I would make smoothies and margaritas!

  483. I follow you on Twitter.

  484. I follow Blendtec on Twitter.

  485. I’ve been wanting to attempt some homemade Nutella, and this blender would be perfect for that!

  486. I thought it would be fun to make homemade peanut butter.

  487. Homemade Peanut Butter!!!

  488. Definitely almond butter and smoothies! Not together, of course 🙂

  489. Dorothy Figg says:

    I make my stuffing in a blender. Everything goes in and comes out so smooth.

  490. Green smoothies! Mmmm

  491. Jolene Bezzant says:

    I would love to make healthy smoothies that are actually smooth and not grainy.

  492. Now following you on twitter!

  493. Now following Blendtec on twitter!

  494. This would be perfect since my blender broke a few weeks ago! I’d make hummus and smoothies for sure!!

  495. Almond butter!! It’s my new favorite thing.

  496. It would surely make perfect creamy cashew nut butter and great morning veggie shakes.

  497. I have read such rave reviews about this blender, can only imagine
    there would be a BUNCH of things to make with it. Thank you, have
    a great trip.

  498. I imagine making a BUNCH of things with this blender, have read rave reviews about it. Thank you, have a great trip.

  499. A smoothie everyday!

  500. I would make some fresh mushroom soup!

  501. Rachael Harris says:

    I would make fruit smoothies and banana ice cream!

  502. I would make my fave hummus and some protein fruit smoothies for my hubby.

  503. I follow Pennies on a Platter on twitter

  504. I follow Blendtec (@Blendtec) on Twitter

  505. I just found out I am expecting and my other kids are 9 and 7 so I don’t have my baby food make anymore. I would love to use this for healthy smoothies, ice cream and yummy soups for now and baby food in the near future.

  506. Followed you (@Cal-Q-L8)

  507. And I followed Blendtec (@Cal_Q_L8)
    Thanks for your awesome blog!

  508. I would love to make butternut squash soup!

  509. Smoothies!

  510. Smoothies, soup, and I’d love to try almond butter.

  511. Smoothies, soup, and I’d love to try almond butter.

  512. I would make smoothies and soup.

  513. What would I make? What wouldn’t I make?? Smoothies, cream sauces, hummus, nut butters…pretty much everything!

  514. Smoothies!

  515. Smoothies,soups cocktails.I suppose I learn what it can do and put it to the test. Sure would like to win it. Thanks,Blendtec!

  516. Smoothies-soups-cocktails.I suppose I would learn new uses for it.I sure would like to try.

  517. Green smoothies, yummy green smoothies!!

  518. I follow Blendtec on Google+, does that count? 🙂

  519. Smoothies

  520. I’d use it for pureeing soups and making smoothies.

  521. oooh this would be awesome! i make a green smoothie almost daily, and my $29 blender from Target just doesn’t quite cut it.
    my staple staple smoothie:
    -spinach, kale, or swiss chard (or an assortment of the 3)
    -4 to 8oz water (sometimes i’ll use unsweetened almond milk)
    -frozen blueberries, mixed berries, and/or mango
    -1/2 frozen banana
    -1 tbsp hemp seed
    -1 tsp maca powder
    -all natural protein powder (following a workout)

  522. I would start out with salsa.

  523. Teri Pastorino says:

    i follow blendtech on twitter and fb and pinterest!

  524. Teri Pastorino says:

    i would use it to make hummus, smoothies and nut butters

    i would love it for making some butternut squash soup for thanksgiving! nice and creamy

    my food processor just doesn’t cut it for any of these things!

  525. Teri Pastorino says:

    i am now following you on twitter

  526. We have been wanting to get a Blendtec for years, most specifically to make houmus, which often binds up lesser quality blenders. We also would like to make fresh salsa from our backyard garden yield in the Blendtec. It’s an expensive appliance, so the give-away would be a blessing.

  527. Smoothies for sure…and Pina Coladas…and margarita’s. And salad dressing too!

  528. and I already follow you on Twitter
    (I’m @ mikki522)

  529. Amy Thompon says:

    I would definitely make smoothies! I’ve also always wanted to try and make hummus, so that would happen for sure. 🙂 Thanks for such an awesome opportunity!

  530. I love to make smoothies, milk shakes and protein shakes!

  531. I’d make your avocado chocolate pudding! So delicious!

  532. I would love to use this to make homemade hummus and salsa, which we all love around here!!

  533. I follow you on twitter!!

  534. Smoothies would probably be the most common use – but I’d also love to try pureeing tomatoes for preserving juice/sauce!

  535. smoothies- but also using to prep tomato sauce/juice for preserving!

  536. So many choices! I think the FIRST thing I’d make is a smoothie!

  537. Smoothies!

  538. I follow you on twitter

  539. I follow Blendtec on twitter (and pinterest and facebook, too)

  540. You name it soups, shakes, hummus I saw a video the other day of a man grinding chicken burger in one!!!!!

  541. I’d love to make some soups this winter in this incredible blender!

  542. Homemade salad dressings, smoothies, milkshakes, adult beverages

  543. I would make salsa, sofrito, hummus as well as shred carrots for carrot cake and make cookie dough. So many uses!

  544. I follow you on Twitter (@AneesaLewis1)

  545. I follow Blendtec on Twitter (@AneesaLewis1)

  546. I would love to make smoothies and my own nut butter!! MMMMmmmm!!!

  547. I am a twitter follower of @penniesonaplatt !!

  548. I am a twitter follower of @Blendtec !!!

  549. Wow! What an awesome giveaway. I have seen nothing but great reviews of the Blendtec and would love to have my own.

    In our home it would be used to make fresh fruit smoothies I’m sure. I love the Strawberry Banana Smoothies at McDonalds but don’t like getting those too often because they take something that should be somewhat healthy and add all sorts of stuff which boosts calories and fat.

    And it would be used as well to make homemade baby foods for our Granddaughter who is currently living with us temporarily along with her parents. That would be such a money saver for them.

  550. Lots of blended stuff? 😉 Blender Icecream and sorbets ?

  551. Smoothies for the kids first

  552. I would make smoothies and hummus!

  553. I follow you on Twitter.

  554. I would like to make squash soup, and then ice cream for dessert

  555. Hi! I would love to make my own hummus! Thanks for the great recipes! Happy Thanksgiving!

  556. Frank Miller says:

    I’m going to make smoothies! My daughter says you gotta drink em and the Blendtec is the only way to make them.

  557. We really need a blender! I can never make my crepe recipe smooth enough by hand!

  558. I’d love to make pesto.

  559. following you on twitter brandylwilson

  560. following blendtec on twitter as well brandylwilson

  561. Jeanne Zaks says:

    If I have entered the contest in time, the Blendtec giveaway, I plan to make a smoothy with fresh orange juice and a frozen banana and peaches and a spoonful of flax. I tried one at jamba juice and was so good I wished I could make them at home for my family, it would be lots more economical to make it at home and I could use other berries instead of peaches, I could use frozen fruit and have a Blentec party making fruit smoothies, yay!

  562. 100% s
    Fruit and veggie smoothies. Let the blending begin!

  563. I follow @blendtec!

  564. The very first thing I’d make is a raw carrot ginger soup. I saw a demonstrator at Whole Foods make it once and gave us all little samples. It was delis! I tried to make it at home with my regular blender, but it was gritty, gritty, gritty!

  565. I follow you on twitter!

  566. I follow Blendtec on twitter!

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