Saturday Seeds + Pregnancy Update (32 Weeks!)

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I think baby is sticking his booty out! 28 weeks! #thirdtrimester #babyjokester

Happy Saturday, everyone!  We are having some great weather right now in Mississippi.  Not too hot, not too cold.  But, I am a bit jealous of all of those snow shower photos I’m seeing on Facebook and Instagram.  This Michigan girl misses a little bit of wintery white, as long as it’s not 6 months worth! 🙂  Anyway, let’s get started with Saturday Seeds by updating you a little on pregnancy #2!

Pregnancy Update:

Ho–leeee–cow.  Only EIGHT weeks to go!  If this baby is anything like Judah, then we’re looking at just SIX more weeks.  WHAT!?   I’m feeling pretty good, except for the many grumpy moments that poor Ben has to endure, especially when baby is pushing constantly on my bladder, or sliding his fist from one side of my belly to another.  He’s very active, all day.  But, even more so during the night so that my sleep is very interrupted.  That, along with leg cramps and getting up to pee every two hours (TMI, sorry!).

The photo above is actually at 28 weeks.  Here’s what I’m looking like now at 32:

32 weeks today!

With less than two months to go, here’s what I need to accomplish in the next few weeks:

  • Finish the nursery.  Ben painted the walls and hung the curtains.  I got the crib ready (attached the bumper, lined the skirt).  Now, we have to finish installing the decorations.  Did I ever show you pictures of Judah’s nursery?  Can’t remember if I did!  My best friend and her sewing-Queen friend made EVERYTHING. So when I found out I was having another boy, I was ecstatic I could re-use it all.  And, for those of you thinking “Well, you don’t have to have the nursery done right away since the baby will sleep in your room the first few months.”  Think again!  Judah was out of our room within the first week.  He drove us crazy with all the little snorting noises he made.  That said, I won’t be surprised if Baby #2 will be evicted from the master bedroom right away, as well.  😉
  • Order a new stroller and possibly infant carrier.  Judah’s is a bit beaten up from our last three moves across the country.  Have one you recommend?  It would be great if I could use it with the Graco infant carrier we already have.  If not, then something that is smaller, easy to fold, sleek looking and a readily accessible basket.   A place for a 3-year old to sit or stand would be awesome, too.  I’ve been eying this or this.
  • Find a pediatrician!  I need to get the ball rollin’!  Yes, I have one for Judah, but since we recently moved to a different town, I’m considering changing to someone closer.
  • Buy something special for the little guy.  Can you believe we have not bought one thing for this baby?  It’s hard for me to confess this and really dawned on me lately!  I think it’s because it’s the second boy, and we just don’t need much this time around.  But, I feel like we should still get something for him that’s special.  Not clothes (I have plenty since my sister and I both have boys and swap their clothes), but maybe something unique and fun? Suggestions??
  • Finish Judah’s room.  If you remember, we recently bought a house.  The entire house is painted yellow, which went well with the previous owners’ decor, but not so much with ours.  Every room will eventually be repainted.  I wanted to get the nursery done first, then do Judah’s room, so that he would forget about all the attention we were giving the baby’s room and hopefully avoid any jealousy.  But, it has happened that we are doing both simultaneously.  Not sure why, it just ended up that way.  So, instead of having either room complete, they are both half finished.  🙂  We painted Judah’s room, built a loft bed, and next we’ll build book shelves and hang a few new decorations I ordered from Etsy.  I’m hoping we’ll get it all done next weekend.  And, yes, I’ll post photos!

I’m sure there’s more we need to do, but that’s what comes to mind right now.  Yesterday I updated my Amazon Mom subscription for baby diapers to start delivering next month.  That felt weird, but I got to check it off the list as DONE.  Now, let’s see if I can do the same for the list above. 🙂

This Week On Seeded at the Table:
This section highlights the recipes posted recently on Seeded at the Table and other updates to the blog, if any.

Well, we definitely had changes to the blog, huh?  If you’ve been with me for more than two weeks, you know that this little space of mine on the Internet started out as Pennies on a Platter.  Two weeks ago, I re-branded and now here we are as Seeded at the Table!  The transition went very well, with only one minor hiccup that’s not even worth mentioning.  Not too shabby!!  All thanks to my marvelous web developer (who also designed this lovely blog).  If you’re looking for a web designer and/or developer, I highly recommend him!  More on that in a future post, and more on the new site and its features later, too.

Here’s what we made since the last Saturday Seeds post:

Semi-Homemade Chicken Pot Pie 2

Semi-Homemade Chicken Pot Pie – Use refrigerated pie crusts to quicken this otherwise all-homemade version of pot pie.

New Orleans Beignets

New Orleans Beignets – These snowy pillows of sugar and dough are claimed as Louisiana’s state doughnut.

Cinnamon Chip Scones

Cinnamon Chip Scones – These cinnamon chip scones are soft and airy on the inside, and packed full of flavor with a crispy edge. Simple ingredients, simple steps, incredible taste.

15-Minute Black Bean Patties

15-Minute Black Bean Patties – These black bean patties come together in minutes and are a perfect solution to those days when you’re running low on fresh ingredients and can’t make it to the store before dinner.

Sliced Pretzel Bread

Sliced Pretzel Bread – The only thing better than sliced bread, is sliced PRETZEL bread!

Loving Lately:
Here I will share with you my favorite things of late, along with other snippets that have caught my eye from some of my favorite blogs and websites.

Tweets by Nathan Fillion – Are you a Castle fan?  It’s one of our favorite TV shows.  The main character, Richard Castle, is a murder mystery author who tags along with the NYPD to help solve murder crimes while getting inspiration for his novels.  Richard Castle is played by actor, Nathan Fillion.  You may know him from his cult following in Firefly, back in the day.  Anyway, he has a huge following on Twitter (Ben and I being two of them) and although I’m not super active in following his tweets, I did notice last week that he was taking random questions from his 1.6 million (yes, MILLION) followers and choosing ones here and there to answer.  Let me first mention how hysterical he is on Twitter in the first place.  Funny guy.  So, naturally, his answers followed suit and were a crack up.

I was late in the game, but decided to throw a question out there to him anyway to see if he’d answer.  About three minutes later he responded!  Yes, I was geeked, and hubs was jealous as his question didn’t get a response.  😉  Here’s our Twitter convo:

Nathan Fillion Tweet

(No, Nathan, I’m not naming our baby Quinter!)  😉  Unfortunately, since I wrote that tweet and received his response right before bed, I was awaken all night by many of his other followers who decided to respond with their name ideas, as well.  In the morning,, I figured out that many of those people thought my tweet meant that Nathan Fillion and I were having a baby and asking his followers what we should name him!  Oh boy!

RecipeGirl Cookbook

The RecipeGirl Cookbook – I can not WAIT for this cookbook release.  Only a little over a month to wait!  This cookbook comes from food blogger, photographer, and recipe developer extraordinaire, Lori Lange.  Lori always posts recipes that I want to make because they are do-able meals using everyday ingredients.  Not only that, I love her personality!  Not sure how that makes me want to eat her food, but it always helps knowing that a cookbook author is a sweet wonderful person! 🙂 Who knows, after it releases, maybe I’ll even host a giveaway so one of you can win one!  Would you like that?  You can also pre-order it here.

Target Shoes Ballet Flats

Target’s Ona Scrunch Ballet Flat Shoes by Mossimo – Being 32 weeks pregnant, I literally can’t bend over and zip up my boots anymore!  Lucky for me, we are in the warmer climate of the country so sandal season is just around the corner.  Until then, I love wearing slip-on flats.  My favorite TOMS recently wore a hole in the toe, so I ventured out to find some new neutral flats and found these.  I bought these shoes at our local Target store and love them!  Super comfy and I think super cute, at a very inexpensive price.  Let’s see how long these last!  Surely longer than the TOMS I bought that were three times the price!  (I’m tempted to get the black pair, too.)

My Life as a Professor’s Wife, Mom, Christian and Food Blogger:
Want more insight into my life as a Professor’s wife, mom, Christian, friend, relative and food blogger?  Then, read on!  If not, ignore this section. 🙂 This is a place for me to write what is on my mind and journal some of the crowning moments of my week.

I love the First Lady's bangs!

Last week I had one of the most amazing opportunities of a lifetime.  It pretty much tops anything I’ll ever do again, so I guess the rest of my life will be pretty boring.  ha!  I got to meet AND interview the First Lady Michelle Obama!  These photos were taken with my old-school iPhone, so unfortunately they aren’t so great.  The White House is supposed to send me a better one with me and Mrs. Obama in the next couple of weeks, though!  Squeeeeee!!!

Anyway, Michelle Obama was in our town during her quick 2-day national tour to celebrate the third year anniversary of the Let’s Move! campaign.  Without going into too many details…yet (coming another day) I will give you the short of the story.  The White House contacted my blogging network,, and asked if they had a blogger in the area who could interview the First Lady during her visit, regarding the Let’s Move initiative.  To my delight, BlogHer called ME and the next day I was sitting face to face with the First Lady having a delightful conversation!

She certainly is as sweet as can be and has a genuine passion for raising awareness for childhood obesity.  I’ll be able to post the full interview, share more photos and tell my story soon, but for now you can read the interview on BlogHer’s website.

Food Network Chefs

Not only did I get to meet Mrs. Obama, but I also had a quick photo op with celebrity chefs Rachael Ray, Ryan Scott and Sunny Anderson!  All three were a part of the Let’s Move event held at the Clinton, MS elementary schools.  Rachael Ray hosted a cooking competition between two of the school’s chefs with a couple hundred of elementary students in the audience.  The event is going to air on the Rachael Ray show this Monday, March 11th, so tune in!  Get a sneak peak here!

So that’s the highlight from the last two weeks.  On the way home from the interview, still floating around on cloud 9,  I called my sister and said “The Good Lord’s gonna take me home, because I just reached my peak!”

Happy weekend y’all!

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  1. I don’t know you, personally, but I feel like we have a lot in common! I, too, have a preschool-aged son, a hubby who’s a pastor, and a baby on the way! (In addition to my almost-4-year-old son, I have a 2-and-a-half-year-old son, though. And my baby girl isn’t due until June.) We, too, have moved cross-country more than once, in our 7 years of marriage (Michigan-Oregon-Wisconsin-Pennsylvania). Hard on the nesting, isn’t it?!

    You’ve really helped me “think outside the box” with my cooking and make things myself I never thought of trying. Thank you so much!

    Anyhow, I wanted to suggest a gift for baby boy! Since Judah is old enough, it might be fun for him to be part of it, too. Since our BB1 was only 18 mos. old when BB2 was born, we didn’t get to share that kind of fun anticiaption with him, but we are eating it up this time around. Of course, I am enjoying buying girl stuff this time around, but we’re also planning to go to Build-a-Bear and let the boys “make” their baby sister a stuffed toy. We really don’t need more stuffed animals around here, but we thought that would be a fun gift for the boys to bring to the hospital!

    P.S. If you get a chance, I’d love for you to visit my little blog. I plan to resurrect my mommy blog soon, as well, complete with toddler- and preschooler-friendly ideas I know you’ll love! I’ve also thought about writing about my baby steps toward better cooking and eating. (I’m guessing the word “seeded” in your re-branding hints at more natural, whole-foods emphasis?)

    • Hi Tammy! Thanks for the great gift idea. I love it! You’re right, I definitely should get Judah involved. What a fantastic way to teach him about giving, as well. 🙂

      The word “seeded” in my re-brand is actually more about the growth aspect of being together as a family, or friends, by gathering together at the “table”. Like talking over a meal, visiting at the coffee table, playing games at the game table, or even doing homework at the desk table. These are all opportunities for us to nurture our kids and others, while also being nurtured and growing in our faith and relationships. Make sense? 🙂 My goal is to share more about how we experience joy and community in our lives (not necessarily always at a table) by spending time with family and friends through food, games, crafts, homework, travel etc.

      Now I”m off to check out and visit your blog! Thanks!!

      • I totally second the Build A Bear idea! I used to work there and there were some families who came and did adorable things for new baby sibs. If you let Judah pick it out and do most of the work (depending on how he likes the terrifying machines), that makes it even more special!

  2. My husband and I love Nathan Fillion too (I watch Castle, Shane loved Firefly) – so cool that he tweeted you!!

  3. I follow Nathan Fillion too (and live in his home town) I saw his answer to your question, not cluing into the fact that it was you. Wondered if whoever it was would follow his advice….

    In terms of getting your new little person something special i thought i would share what we did for our second and third boys (and now continue to do for any other babies born to special people in our lives) We go to Build a Bear and make the baby a new bear from all of us. I started this with my almost three year old when we were expecting his little brother and it was a hit. It’s a way for older siblings to be involved in something fun for the baby and provides many great memories for years to come. Our older two frequently tell our 4 1/2 year old the story of making his bear. and now all three (12, 9 and 4 1/2) love to go make a bear for any new babies. We also got each child his own “coming home from the hospital” outfit. This is as much for the memory box as anything else.

    • Thank you, Frances! I definitely need to do the Build a Bear thing as another reader just commented the same thing! (You didn’t see it because I hadn’t moderated the comments yet to appear to public.) I really love the idea of getting Judah involved!

      And, how funny that you saw Nathan’s tweet! Thank goodness we already have a name picked out and I just asked him for fun, huh? 😉

  4. I just love your blog! I can’t help but comment today on the stroller recommendations as we just went through the same thing. I ended up actually buying two (first time mom) after test driving what seemed like an endless amount, and even asking other parents using ones I was considering their thoughts (while out and about)!

    We bought the Baby Jogger City Mini 2012 (quite a bit different from prior versions) and love it! However, to clip the Graco Snugride 35 carseat (or any) onto it we needed a $65 conversion bar. He also was too small to ride without a carseat the first few months. This isn’t a jogging stroller, but I really loved it because it has a one hand fold feature, fits in a large piece of luggage for air travel, has a higher handle for more comfort for me as well as my tall husband, and a large basket underneath. Several reviewers and moms told me they love that you can actually change diapers on the flat bed of it, that it fully reclines and the HUGE basket and sun shade compared to others.

    Instead of buying the $65 bar for the City Mini we bought a MacLaren Easy Traveller which is a snap and go style stroller. Huge basket under, taller, more comfortable handles than the other options on the market. I believe this one is discontinued but we were able to get one from Albee Baby out of NYC and I believe even got free shipping on it. For nearly the same price as the bar we figured we could pass this along when we were done using it. It also was awesome for air travel, and it drives so smooth and easy even one handed. Highly recommended!

    I did try the BOB brand, and for me they were just way too big and clunky. I love shopping stores like Gymboree and I knew with the tight racks I could never get the BOB in the store. I also didn’t need the running feature, and didn’t like the large bike style wheels (compared to the Mini having rubber coated, good sized but not so big wheels).

    I looked at the Joovy’s as well and they just didn’t seem as well made as some of the other brands and on Amazon many of the reviewers said the handles were very uncomfortable. I have however seen the Joovy brand strollers go SUPER low in price on Albee in the past though..

    The other one I considered was the Britax B-Agile. However, for just a little more cost I found the City Mini to be nicer and justified it with I would likely use the stroller several years and didn’t want to skimp for a small difference.

    Good luck with the new baby!

  5. Loving this post!! So many fun things going on for you!

  6. oh my gosh, you are so incredibly sweet!! Thank you thank you thank you for mentioning my book. I’d be happy to get you a copy!

  7. Congratulations on your soon-to-be-born baby! You are looking good…hang in there! 🙂

  8. Lots of fantastic things happening in this post. I have nothing but love and smiles for you guys!! Can’t wait to see your nursery…I’m waiting a bit after cupcake is born to decorate ours. I have two rooms to decorate, Elena’s and cupcakes. Two new themes is hard work!!

  9. Nikki!!!
    I love the new brand!

  10. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I can understand how you must feel right now! I thought I would let you know about the stroller bit. The joovy is a really nice stroller, but if your first is still young and naps in the afternoon, it`s not ideal, since the stroller seats don`t recline so much. And it`s not ideal at all for your new born, it doesnt recline much and it would be uncomfortable for a wee little one. I agree with another reader who says the City Mini, I have the 2011 model for my first and I still use it for my second, when my older one wants to want or I use a super cheap stroller for my older one. Or there is a city select by baby jogger that has a few different features than the city mini. But really check the baby jogger line out!

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