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3 year birthday

It’s August.  August is my birthday month, and although it’s not happening for another 23 days (yes, I’m counting) I am still in disbelief that I’m turning 33 years old and my next milestone is 40.  Where has the time gone?

Ben and I were just discussing our age the other day.  He’s two years older and will hit 35 in October.  We were chuckling that although we are nearing 40, some of our closest friends are approaching 50!  When I think of people in their 50’s, I think of my parents, who are grandparents.  What the heck!?  Does this mean we are going to be grandparents in just a matter of time?  In the blink of an eye??

What does all of this mean?!?!?

Should we watch out for a mid-life crisis soon??

Is Ben going to come home with a sports car any day now??

Am I going to make an appointment with a plastic surgeon??

Will Ben and I go and get matching tattoos??

Fortunately, I’m pretty confident that none of the above will ever happen.  But, still… 33 people!  33!!

In all honesty, I’m loving my 30’s.  It’s been the best years of my life so far.  We have two adorable sons, Ben is working his dream job, I’m loving my stay-at-home job(s) and we are finally settled in a home that we’ll live in for a while.  No plans to move anytime in our near future.  Life is good!

In other news, August also means it’s HOT HOT HOT here in Mississippi.  The last week or two we’ve been drenched in sweat from our 90’s temperatures and high humidity levels.  So, the kids and I have been staying inside. It’s even too hot to go to the pool.  For real.

Mississippi Children's Museum

Fortunately, we have things we can do inside.  We have a membership to the Mississippi Children’s Museum that is only 15 minutes away.

kids movies

Our local movie theater hosts $2 kids movies during the summer, with $2 popcorn/drink combos!


We joined some friends and visited the assisted living home this week, where we made crafts and played games with the residents there.

preschool storytime ice cream

Our library had preschool storytime with free ice cream from ColdStone Creamery.

So, as long as there are activities like this going on, we can stand the heat.  If you’re dealing with the same, check your local area and see what’s going on for kids.  Of course, now school is starting for most of you anyway.  But, maybe there’s still time to fit in a few activities.

Recently On Seeded at the Table:

This section highlights the recipes posted recently on Seeded at the Table and other updates to the blog, if any.

Lime Curd

Lime Curd – Lime curd can be used for layering in the middle of cakes, filling in pastries, spreading on toast and muffins, filling for tarts, or whatever you please!

Hawaiian Haystacks

Hawaiian Haystacks – You may call these Hawaiian Haystacks, Chinese Sundaes. Whatever the case, the ingredient list is strange, but don’t let it scare you away. This dish is a mound of sweet, salty, tangy and crunch!

Loving Lately:
Here I will share with you my favorite things of late, along with other snippets that have caught my eye from some of my favorite blogs and websites.


Activate Drinks – I had an opportunity to sample a few flavors of this innovative drink not too long ago.  The concept here is clever.  Vitamins dilute in water over time, so the goal with these drinks is to preserve the freshness of the vitamins.  They do this by storing the vitamin powders in the cap and then provide a twisting mechanism where you can release the vitamins into the water right before you drink it.   Just twist, shake and drink!  Watch these fun videos to learn more.

Meal Ideas from 25 Top Family Friendly Food Bloggers

Pinterest Board: Meals Ideas from 25 Top Family-Friendly Food Bloggers – Are you on Pinterest?  So am I!  In fact, I’m hosting a Pinterest Party at my house later this month, where all guests are encouraged to bring a dish from a recipe they pinned but have never tried.  Should be fun!

If you are regularly searching for recipes to feed your family, you must check out this group board on Pinterest.  Twenty-five top family-friendly food bloggers have joined together to share their favorite recipes all in one place.  Come see what it’s all about!  New recipes are added through out the day, so make sure you visit often. There are some great ideas in there!

honeywell air purifier

Honeywell Enviracaire HEPA Air Purifier – When we moved into our house in January, Ben all of a sudden started snoring (loudly) every night.  Weird!  It kept me up to the point that my sleep was seriously suffering.  Ben started taking allergy pills, which helped, but he did some more research because he didn’t want to pop a pill every day.  He read that an air purifier in our room might help.  So, we purchased this one (again, after much research) and it has been a miracle for us!  The first night we used it, Ben stopped snoring, and he hasn’t since!  (Except for an occasional night or two when he’s super tired, but it’s not nearly as loud as it was before.)  So, lesson learned here is, if you are a snorer or tired of listening to your spouse snore during the night, maybe try using an air purifier!  🙂

That’s it for this week, folks!  How are you staying cool this weekend?

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  1. Whoa lady…you still have a ways to go before 40 lol! What is it with guys buying sports cars as they get older, my wife always uses that analogy too 🙂 Hey I’m 42, maybe i should go buy a Porsche this weekend?

  2. I smiled as I read your age concerns as I have children who are older than you .Relax and enjoy each day. It is true that time flies and our days on earth are short, but each age brings new blessings and experiences. Never feel bad about growing old as many are denied the privilege.

  3. I’ll be 41 on Tuesday. I remember turning 21 like it was last year. Yes, it goes by in a blink of an eye! Not to mention, my tiny little newborn starts Kindergarten in a couple of weeks. How is it possible!?

  4. Could you be any cuter as a kid? I love that I can totally see your little face!!! PS: Now I want popcorn.

  5. Oh wow, such fun activities for the little ones. I love the photo of the little ones in the theatre, too cute!!

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