7 Tips for Daily Wellness

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Our schedule has been very busy lately with work, traveling, church, soccer and school back in session. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up a healthy lifestyle when you’re juggling so many things. We want to skip our work outs, go to bed late, eat whatever is convenient and make our kids watch a bit more TV so we can finish just one more project.

Here are SEVEN tips for daily wellness:

1) Earlier this year, with inspiration from my sister-in-law, I started running about three times a week. This is my only work out right now, but it has changed my life and my dress size! I get up early before the kids wake up so I can fit it in before Ben has to leave from work. I listed this first because it’s the best jump-start to my day!

2) I’m a praying lady and a woman of faith. During my runs, I pray. I also pray through-out the day each and every day. Maybe this isn’t something you do, or it doesn’t align with your faith, but it is an essential mark of my wellness. Praying is a privilege and I am very thankful for it.

3) Whether you’re a career-driven person, a stay-at-home parent, a work-from-home parent, an artist, or a student, it is super important to do your best when it comes to working. That presentation due tomorrow? Give it your best! The kids need a bath? Splash them and have fun! A couple booked you to take photos of their wedding today? Be energized and seek out the most compelling shots! You have a 25-page paper due next week? Get started on it now! Work hard around the house, too. Clean up the yard, mop your floors, teach your kids to pick up their rooms. Hard work pays off, friends!

4) My best days are when I leave my work, computer, phone and TV behind me and focus on my kids and PLAY. As a work-from-home mom, this can be very challenging. I try to limit my work days to when the kids are at their Moms Day Out program twice a week, but I’m also guilty of letting them watch a little extra TV when I have upcoming deadlines, only to find out it could’ve waited until a work day or nap time. If your kids are grown and out of the house, then “play” takes on a whole new meaning for you. Treat yourself every day to something. Maybe this means flipping through your favorite magazine, shooting hoops in your driveway, shopping with your girlfriends! Whatever it is, ENJOY IT!

5) “Love is like oxygen – love is a many splendored thing – love lifts us up where we belong! All you need is love!” Name that movie – one of my favorites! I completely agree with this quote. When we love, our days are brightened. Compare a day to when you’re upset with someone to a day when you just forgive and love that person instead. Big difference, right? Remember to love those around you and serve those around you. Like the quote says, it is like oxygen and you’ll breathe easier!

6) Do not deprive yourself of good sleep! Go to bed on time, or even early sometimes! Skip that Netflix show you’ve been binge-watching and get some more rest instead. Take a power nap during the day, if possible. If you work in an office, go to your car at break time and just close your eyes. If you’re home with littles, send them to their room for quiet time and rest on your sofa for 20 minutes. Find the time!

7) Eat well. This is the hardest one for me. Heck, I have a food blog so food is in my face all day every day! 🙂 This doesn’t mean I can’t make healthy choices. If I bake cookies, I share them with the neighbors to avoid eating too many of them. I try to make meals that include a variety of nutritional ingredients. When we eat out, we limit to sharing a meal or at least planning to take home leftovers. We are also very open to trying substitutions in recipes to create a lighter version. Like using Silk in my skinny chocolate spread. All in all, my motto is everything in moderation. I believe it’s unhealthy to eat large amounts of whatever you want, but it’s also unhealthy to be overly paranoid about it. It’s okay to enjoy the food you love. Just don’t over-do it.

Did I miss any of your favorite ways to enjoy healthy living? What tips do you have for a healthier daily lifestyle?

This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

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