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The Lovebirds

Ben and I had a photo session done because we never had engagement pictures and we didn’t really get many good photos of us at our wedding. So, some friends of ours gave us a photo session as a gift.

Nancy Beale was the photographer…right out of Chicago. She and her fiance, David Wittig, do amazing wedding photography. Check out their blog here.

In the meantime, here are some of our photos. Click here to see more.

Meat Packing District, Chicago
Union Station, ChicagoBen is on his iPhone… I think many iPhone users’ wives can relate… :)

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  1. What great pics!!

  2. LOVE the pics! They are so cute!

  3. ben does your iphone tell you your standing in the middle of the street with traffic heading your way?

  4. Your pictures are so cute! I’m a MotoQ wife so I can also relate!!

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