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Miss Shirley’s Cafe [Baltimore, MD]

Looking for an award-winning spot for breakfast, brunch and lunch?  Look no further than Miss Shirley’s Cafe.

Miss Shirley's Cafe, Baltimore, MD - AMAZING breakfast!

Eating breakfast out at a restaurant is one of my favorite things to do, especially when we’re traveling.  During one of our recent trips to Baltimore (where Ben is from) we were kid-free for a few days as Ben attended a conference.  There was only one morning where Ben was actually free from meetings, so I made sure we spent that time having a nice breakfast together.  I researched the area on Yelp (we were staying in the Inner Harbor) and found high ratings for this Miss Shirley’s Cafe.

Miss Shirley's Cafe, Baltimore, MD - AMAZING breakfast!

After we left our hotel and were walking for a while in the cold, all I could think was “This restaurant better be worth it!” because poor Ben didn’t even have a scarf so he definitely was freezing.  But, worth it, it was!  In fact, I’m hoping we find ourselves in Baltimore again someday soon because I can’t wait to go to Miss Shirley’s again!

Miss Shirley's Cafe, Baltimore, MD - AMAZING breakfast!

We were welcomed with a very friendly greeting and seated right away.  I can’t say that being seated right away is typical here, as we were there at an “off” time and “off” day.  My guess is they get pretty busy and probably have a bit of a wait on the weekends.

Miss Shirley's Cafe, Baltimore, MD - AMAZING breakfast!

I eyed other guests’ food as they received their orders at their tables, and everything was so beautifully presented!  If you take a look at their menu, you’ll understand when I tell you it was VERY hard for us to choose.  From Funky Monkey Bread and Chicken ‘n Waffles to Sunny Garden Omelet and Breakfast Banana Split, we had a hard choice to make!  We decided on splitting Amy’s Bagel that came with a side of greens.

OH.MY.WORD. Can you believe that’s a bagel!?  I almost thought they brought us the wrong order.  This thing was massive but it was DELICIOUS.  We scarfed it down, and it filled us up.

Miss Shirley's Cafe, Baltimore, MD - AMAZING breakfast!

But, we couldn’t leave without satisfying our sweet tooth.  So we also ordered a cinnamon roll topped with smoked bacon.  YUM!

Miss Shirley's Cafe, Baltimore, MD - AMAZING breakfast!I also need to note that the coffee was incredible.  At many breakfast places, I don’t really expect amazing coffee.  But this WAS amazing.  After asking the waitress about it, she enthusiastically shared that they get organic and fair trade coffee from a local roaster (Rise Up Coffee).  SO good!  I could tell the difference and I’m no coffee connoisseur.

Miss Shirley's Cafe, Baltimore, MD - AMAZING breakfast!

If you’re in the Baltimore, MD area, you MUST try Miss Shirley’s Cafe for breakfast, brunch or lunch.  There are two other locations (Annapolis and Roland Park), but here is the address of the location we tried:

Miss Shirley’s Cafe
750 E. Pratt Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
Map It!

(This is not a paid promotion.  The owners of Miss Shirley’s Cafe do not even know about me.  I just enjoy sharing the restaurants I love and hope you like reading about them!)

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    Ooo la la…we must try the Annapolis location!!!!!!

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