Dark Chocolate Ice Cream


We hosted an ice cream social tonight.  Usually when I think of ice cream socials, I think of small towns and Baptist churches.  It may be because I grew up in a small town and attended a Baptist church…you know, just a hunch.  🙂 This ice cream social was combined with a game night with […]

Make-Ahead Meals for Busy Moms – We Have a Winner!


Thank you for all of your “hello’s!” this weekend.  I’ve enjoyed reading your comments and reasons why you would love to have this cookbook.  I wish I could give one to each of you!  Remember, even if you didn’t win, you can still pick up a copy on Amazon and get started with your make-ahead […]

Mini Pecan Pie Muffins and a Cookbook Giveaway! – CLOSED


Wow, these muffins are hands down the easiest I’ve ever made!  With only 5 basic ingredients, you can quickly whip up a batch of these.  Freeze the rest for up to two months and you will always have a snack on hand. All you have to do is microwave them for 30 seconds, and voila!  […]

Freezable Lemon Bars


Remember how I returned to work a few weeks ago, after 12 weeks of maternity leave?  This new cookbook and blog, Make Ahead Meals for Busy Moms, has made my dreaded return to work a whole lot easier.  It is stocked full of meals that can be prepped ahead of time and kept in the […]

Garlic & Herb Potato Salad


Potato salad is a favorite in this household.  Ben talks about how he hated it as a kid, but presently can not get enough of it.  He mentioned he would just think of warm creamy potatoes and spoiled mayonnaise, which told me that he only tried potato salad at summer picnics, where it’s left out […]

Irish Soda Bread


Saint Patrick’s Day is tomorrow and this is the only St. Patty’s Day themed recipe I got around to making.  Not surprising since this takes literally 5 minutes to whip up and only 40 minutes to bake.  It’s probably the easiest quick bread I’ve made. Soda breads can include extra add ins such as raisins, […]

Split Pea Soup


Definitely not a fan of split pea soup.  Then why am I posting it?  Because Ben loves it and you might love it.  Me?  I do not like the texture.  I tried this in good faith, hoping I would enjoy it, but I just couldn’t eat more than two spoonfuls.  Ben gobbled up two bowls […]

Italian Meatloaf


Aside from any of my negative thoughts when it came to meatloaf, I grew to love it after finding this version.  Before Michael Chiarello opened my eyes to this recipe, I only experienced the kind that was slathered with ketchup and who knows what kind of meat or mix ins.  It was usually served at […]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes


Wow… these cupcakes really are unforgettable, but somehow they managed to slip my mind. It wasn’t until I was grazing through my iPhoto that I scrolled past the pictures of these.  I had to scroll back again, then searched through my blog and couldn’t believe I never shared this recipe with you! I made these […]

Polka Dot Cheesecake


This polka dot cheesecake was fun to make.  It’s surprisingly easy, as well.  Using a simple piping method to insert the dotted chocolate, you will impress  your guests with the festive looking results. The original recipe does not call for a complete graham cracker crust, but I think cheesecakes are remiss without.  That said, I […]

Behind the Scenes


If you are anything like me, you love to learn more about the author behind the blog.  Today, I’m giving you just that. (By the way, my bestie bought me that apron.  I love it and love her for giving it to me!!) Meet my family: My husband, Ben, is the person I adore most […]

BBQ Beef Casserole


Casserole?!  Yes, a casserole.  Sorry, this one just has to be shared.  I know a few people who have quite the aversion to casseroles.  I really do not understand why as casseroles are usually easy to throw together (plus!) and they typically are big enough to feed a small crowd (double plus!).  However, there are […]

Cheese Bagels


Cheese is something that I can add to just about any food, and it will bring it to a whole new level for me.  Think about it… I’ll add melted cheese to salsa, top a cracker with a slice of cheese, nibble some cheese with my wine, sprinkle Parmesan cheese on my pasta, dip my […]

Coffee Ice Cream


I’ve been wanting to make coffee ice cream for a long time.  Finally, a few weeks ago I made it and boy do I wish I would’ve made this sooner!  Store bought coffee ice cream can be hit or miss for me. For instance, I love Starbucks Coffee Ice Cream, but do not like another […]

BBQ Chicken Pizza


My college cafeteria first introduced me to BBQ chicken pizza. At first I didn’t understand.  BBQ sauce and chicken on my pizza?  What was this?? Why were so many of my peers so excited to see it on the menu? You see, I must have lived a sheltered life when it came to pizza. It […]