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Gladd Family Beach Trip 2014 [Wilmington, NC]



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If you missed it last week, check out Part 1 to this two-post series about our recent trip to North Carolina.  In the first post, I shared with you all of our favorites around our beach house in Wrightsville Beach.  This second post will highlight things to do and eat in the neighboring Wilmington area.  There’s a lot to find in this city, and below are some things I think you should do during your trip to Wilmington.

Boombalatti's Ice Cream Shop - Wilmington, NC - Amazing homemade ice cream, fresh every day!Eat Ice Cream: When you’re on a summer trip, you must treat yourself to ice cream…at least twice.  We found this amazing homemade ice cream parlor not too removed from the beach, called Boombalatti’s.  If you can choose only one place to indulge on vacation, choose Boombalatti’s.  The ice cream is probably the best I’ve had…ever.  Seriously.  My favorite ice cream shop by far.  The flavors are super interesting, the consistency is spot on, and it’s all fresh, fresh, fresh!  I’m going to have a separate post detailing more on Boombalatti’s later, because it’s definitely worthy of it’s own mention.  But, here me now: YOU.MUST.GO!  (Order the sampler.)

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Cannoli Ice Cream - No Ice Cream Maker!

Cannoli Ice Cream [No Ice Cream Maker!]



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You do not need a machine to transform a cannoli into ice cream. Every ingredient of this favorite Italian dessert will appear in each frozen scoop! Remember when I shared this OREO Cheesecake Ice Cream recipe that … [Read More...]

Greek Village Salad #recipe

Greek Village Salad + Cookbook Giveaway



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This lettuce-free Greek Village Salad is a staple of nearly every Greek lunch and dinner.  Packed with vegetables and light on dressing, it is a healthy and wholesome dish that anyone can feel good about. Today I am … [Read More...]

Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Cold Brew Iced Coffee



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Enjoy your summer cups of iced coffee in the comfort of your own home using this easy cold brew method, and save money during each sip!I can't even count how many cups of iced coffee Ben and I have drank this summer. … [Read More...]

Family name in the sand at Wrightsville Beach, NC

Gladd Family Beach Trip 2014 [Wrightsville Beach, NC]




Every other year, we travel to Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina for a beach trip with Ben's side of the family.  I wanted to share some of our favorite things to do and places to eat in the Wilmington area, in case … [Read More...]

Caramel Banana Ice Cream Cake with Chocolate Pretzel Magic Shell

Caramel Banana Ice Cream Cake with Chocolate Pretzel Magic Shell



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Caramel ice cream is spread over top a freshly baked banana cake, then covered with Chocolate Pretzel Magic Shell.  Slice into squares and see the magical layers that create this delicious frozen … [Read More...]

Skinny Chocolate Spread

Skinny Chocolate Spread with #SilkAlmondBlends



Use Silk Almondmilk instead of heavy cream and butter for a skinnier protein-packed version of chocolate spread. Enjoy on graham crackers for a guiltless treat, or a fun snack for your kids. My in-laws first … [Read More...]

Zoobean Expert

Zoobean Expert: Helping Parents Educate Their Kids



Summer learning loss. It's a thing. Most kids have summer break from school and are not spending much time reading and learning. In a day where parents are busier than ever, it's hard to keep up with educational … [Read More...]

Philly Cheese Chicken Sandwiches

Open-Faced Philly Cheese Chicken Sandwiches + Giveaway!



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A chicken version of the Philly cheesesteak favorite, this sandwich is served open-faced, hot, and perfect for a filling lunch or quick weeknight dinner.  This recipe comes straight out of singing star, Alan Jackson's, … [Read More...]

Stonyfield Car Game Gif

Saturday Seeds



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It is hot here in Mississippi!  We had a few days that were nicer, not so humid, and luckily those fell during the holiday weekend while my parents were visiting.  Well, lucky for them, at least.  :) My parents … [Read More...]

Starbucks Pike Place Roast K-Cup Packs

Complement Your Summer Coffee Moments with Starbucks® Pike Place® Roast K-Cup® Packs [Giveaway!]



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I've said it time and again, how much we love our Keurig® machine.  We're going on having the same machine for THREE years now.  Kinda crazy.  During these three years, we've tested many types of K-Cup® Packs and … [Read More...]

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